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FuFu Travel - Xiqiao Mountain, Foshan
Tuesday - 30 . December . 2008

The bus fare is RMB 5 to Xiqiao from Foshan downtown.

Besides the Chinese temples and other examples of ancient architecture, the downtown of Foshan has many other sights too. Half an hour of the journey by bus from the downtown, we finally came to the outskirts of the city.

Xiqiao Mountain National Scenic Forest Park.

With stunning natural beauty, 72 queer peaks and 42 serene caves, Xiqiao Mountain (西樵山) is star-studded by lakes, waterfalls, springs, riffles, rocks, cliffs, ponds and terraces, where lush and verdant greens and thick mosses distribute densely and abundant water reserves treasure. It is a national forest park after all, one of the most famous mountains in Guangdong Province and the people loud it as the Pearl of South China .

西樵山 - 國家級風景名勝區.

The useful signboard courtesy by the scenic spot community.

Entrance fee is RMB50 for an adult and RMB25 for kids.

Once we got the ticket, we started hiking up to the mountain. There will be group of motorbike taxi drivers offer to take you up to the attractions at the entrance or even the place you alight from the bus. If you think the price is alright, go ahead and you will be brought to all famous attractions. Or just leisurely hike up at your own pace, breathe the fresh air, hear the birds cry and you would get lots of fun and excitement exploring the nature.

Xiqiao Mountain welcomes you.

The one-hundred-step stairs (百步梯).

The Chinese pavilion.

While hiking around Xiqiao Mountain, you will find many of these beautifully designed small Chinese pavilions called Teng (亭). They are a great place to stop and relax, escape the heat on a sunny day or escape the rain on a stormy day.

The hill-ascending path (上山步道).

The granny is selling sweet potatoes, vegetable, etc from her farm.

More than an hour later, we came to the first attraction.

The Baofeng Temple (寳峰寺).

I was amazed by the engraved stone wall.

Closed-up of the engraved stone wall.

It's just absolutely impressive.

Baofeng Temple (寳峰寺), with over 600 years history is one of the four well-known temples in South China, serves as an ideal tourist destination for praying blessings. Since the introduction of Buddhism, a great number of monks and priests had set temples and preached on Xiqiao Mountain.

Walking up to Baofeng Temple.

Side view of Baofeng Temple.

It's very quite and only few visitors

The Tianwang Palace (天王殿).

Buddha Maitreya and Bodhisattva Weituo.

Tianwang Palace (天王殿), is the first palace of Baofeng Temple. Upon entering the palace, you may see the Buddha statues escorted statuses of the Four Guardian Kings (四大天王) on both sides representing smoothness and safety like other famous temple.

The Puxian Palace (普賢殿).

Dizang Palace (地藏殿).

We kept going up and up.

Gotta take a break first - we all looked tired.

Like this shot! As like taken in Beijing.

I wanna be inside as well, phew.

There are also very old small villages on the hill.

I wished to walk in this village leisurely and experience the lifestyle of local people but unfortunately time didn't allow us to do so.

The main gate to the cultural center of the South Sea Guanyin.

Apart from the gorgeous natural wonders, the primary tourist attraction of Xiqiao Mountain is a gigantic statue of Guan Yin, reminiscent of Hong Kong's famous Lantau Island Big Buddha. Sitting atop one of the highest points of Xiqiao Shan, Big Guanyin is bronze plated and surrounded by a moat.

The lofty and magnificent Guanyin, (大慈大悲觀世音菩薩).

So our next stop was the cultural center of the South Sea Guanyin (南海觀音文化苑), situated on the sublime of Daxian Hill (大仙峰), where it is home to the world's highest and biggest Guanyin statue (观音法相). The Statue itself, is 292m above sea level, it is cast in bronze plate. The Whole Statue is designed to be 61.9m high (the birthday of Guanyin is June, the 19th).

What a humongous Guanyin statue.

Deeply amazed and slowly appreciating the statue.

Tired but it worth everything once i see the Guanyin.

It's real gorgeous and impressive.

The world's largest sitting Guanyin statue.

It's just perfectly built up on Daxian peak of Xiqiao Mountain.

The surrounding was simply awesome, clean and neat.

It's time to camwhore, buddies!

It's very windy.

Heard that Guanyin offers us three wishes each.

'Money', ''Career'', '''Studies''', ''''Family'''', etc.

Amitabha, wish our wishes would come true soon.

Guanyin will really bring us happiness.

The 283 broad and neat stone steps lead directly to the lotus base of the statue, ushering tranquility and solemnness. In resent years, this scenic spot has become the destination for tourists who are interested in culture of the Guanyin from Southeast Asia, Hongkong, Macao and the mainland China, and become a hot tourist destination along the South Sea.

The closed-up of the Guanyin statue.

It felt so good standing on the peak.

The view from the foot of the statue.

It's become very windy.

The wishing tree.

The wishing tree overlaid with red and yellow ribbons in the spot poses another peculiar sight for Xiqiao Mountain. It is said that the wish made under the tree will come true. So, you shall not forget to buy a wishing canister, put your wishes in it and your name on the outside, and hang it on the tree so that your long-cherished wishes would be realized.

Nanhai Guanyin Temple.

The lantern written with Nanhai Guanyin.

We proceeded to another attraction.

The view of Xiqiao Town from Daxian hill.

We had a short break again.

Found this cute bench supported by two turtles.

And these two cutie doggies.

Like the trees and Chinese pavilion.

We were heading to Baiyun Cave Scenery Zone.

Couldn't imagine i could snap this shot in Xiqiao Mountain!

View of the Xiqiao Town from Baiyun cave scenery zone.

Encounter-God Bridge (遇仙橋).

Zizu Temple, (字祖廟).

The hanging spiral joss sticks.

The beautiful man-made pavilion and pond.

The Kuiguang Tower (奎光樓).

Baiyun Ancient Temple (白雲古寺).

Three Lake Academy (三湖書院).

The gate of the exit of Xiqiao Mountain.

The scenery is very agreeable. From the natural dangerous cliff, high ladders, queer stones, waterfalls and spring, the man-made pavilion, courtyard, ancient tower, stone engraving, world's largest Guanyin statue, sacred Baofeng temple are fabulously condensed in the small world surrounded by green trees. Nonetheless, you can better experience the amazing feeling when you visit to Xiqiao Mountain in spring or autumn for flower blossoms season and red leaves.

Had Mc Donald's as we were damn hungry and ran out of time.

We needed to catch the bus to Zhaoqing (肇慶).

Here we put down our stuff.

And went out for dinner.

The restaurant near our hotel.

We had burnt ton of calories on Xiqiao Mountain.

I heard the three empty stomachs drumming out loud.

The restaurant's meat cake rice (禾田肉餅飯).

The curry rice (咖哩飯).

The pork's lung soup (豬肺上湯).

It's time to fill up the empty stomachs.

Jodie was happy with the local beef noodle.

My pork cake rice came very late.

Sum nearly finished his curry rice.

The gate of Seven Star Crags (七星岩) at night.

We walked around the city before going back to the hotel.

We gonna explore the Seven Star Crags the next day.

The mega Star Lake Mall of Zhaoqing.

Motorcycles are the common mode of transport.

Back to the hotel.

We snapped this while Sum was having his long shower.


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風景是美的 所以不辛苦是看不到的

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impressive and magnificent views of china that you shared to us! thank you!

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hey lcfu...thanks for ur wishes.....really nice china trip pics here

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i really like Baofeng Temple, especially stone wall, they're all nicely craft!

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小雪 : 風景震得很美 辛苦也是值得的哦

even : 可以望梅止渴吖 因爲我帶你的眼睛去旅行 吾使心癢癢自己去旅行 哇哈哈哈

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我們一直吃吃吃 不發福才怪呢
但是我體重沒加到叻 奇怪! =)

lcfu said...

Akira 思胜 : 我已經回來了 下一次吧

vialentino : dont mention it!
anyway yeah i enjoyed the trip so much with my friends =)

that my goal : 真的很棒哦
中國真的很值得去的哦 太多美景了

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靓靓sally : 下一次的行程一定告訴你們哦
我也很喜歡那個雕了刻的牆壁 很美咯

迷迭香 : i didnt count! just only there's a plate stated it's a hundred step stairs =)

it's not the peak season to visit the mountain, good to us though as we could enjoy the nature quietly

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珊姑娘 : 因爲那時是冬天 很少人會去爬山的
我們去的時候只有一些人 感覺還好啦
不用跟其他人擁擠 可以自由自在的拍照
欣賞大自然! 很舒服很寫意的哦

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龍貓 : 寫了又在寫? 不一樣的旅程好不好
我年尾的旅遊記真的去了很多地方 =)

3ugene : 那些廟真的很古色古香
很有味道的耶 真的很想再去中國玩玩

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很大的观音像~ 我的干妈,
点心都是我爱吃的~~ :D

lcfu said...

Serina : 這個是全世界最大的觀音像哦
這一篇有點心嗎?anyway 我也很喜歡吃點心的

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哎哟~不好意思啦,是有黄飞鸿的那篇 :P

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seem every place have a "wishing tree" look like in HongKong drama....

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Deeply amazed and slowly appreciating the statue.-> the pic :) is so not you :)

i like the 'teng' and the pic of the elderly citizen selling vege. Great post. I agree with one of the commentors. The last pic of you looks so different from yr usual pics

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人鱼球球 said...

I always think that China is an impressive country with a unique culture to match and the most diverse scenery of Asia.

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so so so so so beautifull~~
wow~~love it~!!

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silentz_sy : 一定要趁年輕的時候跑完

serina : okokok 知道了

toto : 對 又是两张单人床 hihihihi
男的兩個人一張床 很窄!!

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pui : 真得很美麗 你應該去哦
最後一張罷了?不是張張都好看嗎? lol

HansonLi : 哈哈哈 風景真的很美

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十六夜真人 : 現在就開始哦

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isaiah : yeah probably from the different angle i look very not FuFu ya =) anyway thats good actually, i can have more faces when it comes to dramashooting, can act many characters ya =D

珊姑娘 : 冬天會很冷的 秋天也不錯 紅葉的風景會很美 春天的櫻花也很迷人 夏天的沙灘很清涼 四季都很好~~~ =) happy belated V day

人鱼球球 : yeah i think china, india, south america, europe and africa are worth to go =)

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wois : 猪肉的汉堡在香港和泰國有得買 =)

seazpark : yeah very beautiful =D

jodie : 冬天多人會比較熱鬧

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爱美丽 : 這次的旅游還沒完哦

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i also have one more post on Oslo not written yet...

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ernloy : dont be that lazy ya boy!! should be hardworking... okok i know we sometime gotta pamper ourselves =) erm but remember to post out your oslo trip soon ok? i love china too =D

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海市蜃樓 : 可以看到那麽壯觀的觀音 走多麽的遠 有多麽的累 都是值得的哦 因爲看到觀音媽之後 我們什麽累都不記得了

Anonymous said...

I really really appreciated your blog where i could bring back loads of sweet memory of my hometown - Foshan.

Hope you enjoyed your trip and had a wonderful time here.

Alison in London