Tuesday, 8 October 2013

FuFu Travel | Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2013

Many thanks to Sham from Gaya Travel Magazine who invited me to join this Malaysia Tourism Hunt (started last year). 

Under the group of media (blogger), I was given a chance to take part this year with local media representatives and more than 15 ASEAN participants from Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. 

Registration of this tourism hunt was at The Everly Hotel in Putrajaya. I checked-in at 5pm. Got the goodie bag, with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 t-shirts & polo tees, participant's handbook, tumbler, Media tag, goodie from Tourism Malaysia, etc. 

The welcome dinner was at 7pm. I spent an hour walking around the hotel. To the wetland park, to the lake, and to the shopping mall. Dinner started at 7.30pm. I saw several friends I met during the previous trip to Terengganu. Food was alright. Briefing of the tourism hunt (explanation of the itinerary, safety, etc) started at 8.30pm. 

Called it a day at 11pm after a hot shower. 

Taken by iPhone 4S. 22/09/2013

The Everly Hotel Putrajaya by the lake. 

Breathtaking landscape at the park just beside the hotel

You must cycle or walk around - highly recommended

Alamanda Shopping Mall

Sunset before the welcome dinner

7:30pm - Waiting to be seated

Chicken, Beef and veggie

Yummy cakes

Sago Peach with Gula Melaka (Brown Sugar)

Second bowl with strawberry :)

Briefing of the tourism hunt

Goodies from Tourism Malaysia


kc said...

alive! not dead :)

renaye said...

how interesting! did u try out the food hunt too recently?

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Hi Fufu, how's life so far back at home? Hope all is well with you! Oh, not to forget, a very Happy New Year 2014 to you!

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TZ said...

hehehe... what goodie does Starbie gave you?

Travel Blog said...

Nice photos you got there. =)

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checking out this blog for updates! woah.. hmmm so many things have come! :) update more haha :) what's up fufu!

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