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Journey to Brazil - From Paris to Rio de Janeiro

FuFu Journey to Brazil - Part Three
From Paris to Rio de Janeiro | 22nd - 23rd July 2010

Heading to aircraft Boeing 747 - 400.

The boarding was delayed 20 minutes. My seat was 51L (row 51, window seat L) at the back of the plane so i could get onto the plane first. Because the passengers sitting in front won't block the corridors putting their hand-carry luggages into the compartment. Lucky enough, i managed to took a video of the entrance to the upper deck for the pilots as well as both First and Business Class passengers. Really wish could be upgraded to at least, Business Class in the future. The safety demo was not conducted by the flight attendants but was airing with funny animation.

The flight to Rio de Janerio, Brazil was alright. But shamely this long-haul (11hrs) flight didn't provide any in-flight entertainment. It's a night flight, so after the dinner, i was sleeping until breakfast was served approximately three hours before landing. Because of the time zone, it's 5:30am when the captain was getting ready for landing. As usual, a very smooth and steady landing from Air France. Overall, it's a pleasant journey. I managed to recharge with seven hours of sleep.

The whole journey was delayed nearly 40minutes. I had only two hours left to catch my next flight (TAM Airlines) to Curitiba after i got my huge baggage. I didn't have much time left exploring the airport because the line going through the immigration counter was too long. After that, i quickly rush to Terminal Two and checked-in for the domestic flight to my destination. I did a short and quick check of the airport. Old airport but neat and clean.

Goodbye Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

Wonder when could FuFu enjoy the luxurious seat on the upper deck!

Airbus 747-400 (Flight AF442 - Voyageur).

FuFu was one of the earliest passengers got to the back rows of seat.

The in-flight dinner.

Quite tasty chicken rice with cheese.

A very special salad.

The berry tart was yummy.

Typical Western breakfast.

Cheese, beef and pork.

Liked this butter bread!

A smooth landing at Rio de Janerio International Airport, 5:40am.

If the landing could be an hour later, the city could be seen better.

Waiting for the baggage.

The toilet at the airport was clean!

If compared to the toilet at CDG Int'l Airport in Paris...

This is totally nothing worth to mention!

Gotta head to the immigration counter for the domestic flight.

Nothing to declare yet the line was very long.

FuFu's arrival to Rio de Janeiro International Airport.

Like the airport scene when FuFu was in Manila three years ago.

Infraero, the government corporation managing all Brazilian airports.

Rest of the passengers were busy shopping for duty-free stuff.

So the arrival hall looked very quiet.

Went up to second floor - the check-in counters.

Heading to Terminal Two.

FuFu was gonna fly with TAM Airlines.

GOL is the only Brazilian low-cost airlines.

Will definitely fly with GOL when travelling around Latin America.

TAM Airlines, Brazil's largest airline, also a member of Star Alliances.

Arrived Terminal Two five minutes later.

TAM Airlines allowed FuFu to checked-in two baggages. Good!

While waiting for the boarding pass.

Terminal Two, Rio de Janerio International Airport.

Looking for the entrance for domestic departure.

Last call for my flight's boarding.

Damn! Had no time to walk around.

Anyway a very nice and neat domestic departure hall still.

FuFu was one of the several last passengers to board!

The bus was waiting for me! lol

On the bus, heading to the plane.

TAM Airlines, Airbus A319.

Stuck here!

See, the exterior of the international airport. Amazing.

Five minutes passed. Still stuck here.

Finally, seated!

Gotta wait for the crew to load the baggages into the plane.

Finally the baggages were sent and about to be loaded.

FuFu's baggage were the purple one and a black backpack bag.

See how the crew load the baggages.

The captain started the engine.

Heading to the take-off lane.

Goodbye Rio de Janerio Int'l Airport. FuFu will be back!

Ready to take-off!

To be continued.


micki said...

I thought it would have needed more than 11 hours to fly to Brazil from Paris. The only good thing having no entertainment is to catch up some sleep! Thank you for taking us on this flight too :)~~

rainfield61 said...

From Paris to Rio de Janeiro...

The title itself is admiring.

I have gone there in my dream.

fufu said...

micki : haha yeah it's considered a long haul flight though :) ops and you thought it should be longer?? i dont want!! lol well yeah had a good rest :)

rainfield61 : hahaa good!! anyway i will show you more about both paris and rio more in the near future :)

[SK] said...

actually i do enjoy the meals on flight, because there's nothing to do and eating is one of the most looking forward to things to do.. hahaha!!

Life for Beginners said...

Man, and I thought I see a lot of airports when I travel frequently for work... You win hands down, bro! :P

fufu said...

SK : haha only for night long haul flight ---> and in-flight magazine too if there's no in-flight entertainment ya :)

Life for Beginners : hahaa yeah travelling around the world definitely give the numerous chance to see the airports since i gotta fly here and there =p

迷迭香 said...

this time around the toilet looks too plain compared to the previous one u took... :p

fufu said...

迷迭香 : hahaha now you see the difference :) well i miss CDG airport and will be back only next year april >< hehe

Twilight said...

I normally enjoy the food on Western planes. Your Berry Tart is my favourite too!
Hey the Rio's airport ceiling looks like an old warehouse design. Beijing's old airport looked like this too. Thanks for sharing your photos FuFuChiao!

fufu said...

Twilight : i have only been to the new beijing airport...didnt know how the old one looks like... but well i heart the berry tart!!! lol i love Emirates Airline's in-flight meals... :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

wan me to stay on plane must make sure foods is thr! mwahaha the foods looook so nice!

fufu said...

Caroline Ng May Ling : hahaha yeah you can always ask for snacks and drinks whenever you are hungry :)

levian said...

oh gosh, i swallowed so hard when i was looking at the inflight meal! bet you enjoyed it a lot.

fufu said...

levian : hahaa those in-flight meals really that nice huuh? lol but anyway i was damn hungry at that time...so everything was yummy to me!! lol

Che-Cheh said...

Woo plane with upper deck? Me ulu la. Never seen one before. Haha

uLi.佑莉 said...

This is cool man :)

海市蜃樓 said...


Akira 思胜 said...

I like the washroom! Super clean look! ;)

Sasa said...


bluecloud said...

the aeroplane's meal look nice too...night flight without scenery outside flight's window, just hv a condusive seat to recharge human' battery....hehe...

MKL said...

No in-flight entertainment? Wow... I would die of boredom. Usually I can't sleep on flights, so I watch movies. I happy that so far I didn't have this problems when flying to Asia.

Sebastian Workshop said...

wow, i love in flight meals..But meals without entertainment is kinda boring..
One question, did you hold your slr all the way in the flight? or you put it back to your bag when you were on your seat?

单身汉 said...


London Caller said...

That's really a long haul flight.
I thought you didn't have to get out of the airport to do a domestic change.

So which airport do you think is the best airport in the world?

Personally, I like Singapore Changi Airport.
They got free foot massage machine... ;) Ha ha

fufu said...

Che-Cheh : haha ulu? it's my first time also :) but would like to go up there and have a look... lol

uLi.佑莉 : what is cool?? lol a boring post ever i think...

海市蜃樓 : 一天的時間罷了 :) 但是可以看到那麽多的事物+風景+機場+飛機...已足夠了 :)

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : yeah!! very important ya the toilet has to be clean because it would give an image of the country to the tourists because the first place they go is toilet after landing

Sasa : 什麽好爽的?? haha

fufu said...

bluecloud : yeah the in-flight meal was nice!!! too bad the lighting was bad hence bad quality of pictures >< hahaha but even they have in-flight entertainment, i would sleep after the first movie... lol because it's a long day for me from frankfurt to paris then rio...then curitiba :)

MKL : yeah the flight to asia and from asia are always better... the european and USA flights quite suckssssss >< anyway it's not a bad idea to recharge myself ya :) lol

Sebastian Workshop : yeah i am having my cameras (both slr and digital) with me all times :) hahhaa wont leave them alone on the compartment =p

fufu said...

单身汉 : 有什麽好羡慕的?? 各有各精彩 =p

London Caller : yeah a long haul flight but luckily i know how to kill the time wisely =p

well the best airport? i would recommend KLIA and HKIA :) havent been to Changi so i dont know, i heard Incheon and Beijing ones are good also =p didnt have time to explore Beijing Int'l airport because was travelling with groups of people... will do so again in the future ya =p

yeah from international flight to domestic... also because i am traveling with different airlines...

.pOot! said...

Wow, that's awesome. You're such a lucky dude. Lol. I dream of visiting Rio, too. Uhm, maybe in time of the 2016 Olympics. Haha.

fufu said...

pOot! : yeah Rio is a nice city what my friends always tell me...will share my life there with you guys here when i am there next year march-april :)

William said...

Cold cuts! Nice. Wow, you actually spotted your luggage!

fufu said...

William : yeah i even took videos when they loading and unloading the baggages :) so if mine is damaged, can really show them the video and get a new one from the airlines company :)

Bengbeng said...

if only more toilets r like that in our country

fufu said...

Bengbeng : KLIA and LCCT ones are not bad.. lol dont know how those in Sibu and Kuching airports? but i willl check them out myself later =p

Winnt said...

Wei, U can become the airport journalist lol.... damn crazy to shot here and there including video too...keep it up, seriously you can write a book call "world airport introduction" haha....the best things to do while on the plane is use e eyes to see the cloud and stare blanky, when getting tired then sleep and start to dream, this is what i do hahah

fufu said...

Winnt : yeah i have a plan to have a series of posts about the aviation :) i have been taking pictures of the airport i have been to...and also the toilet :) and i would get them organised once i am back home :) hihihi about the book...will think of it too =p

Casendra said...

Walau, the in flight meal looks delicious, its really something!

嘿嘿 said...

You are now a Toilet Lover! However, I always do the same thing!Taken quite a numbers of the toilet pics。


ah_man said...

haha, i saw your kiss kiss video~XD

Lily Riani said...

did you realise you have touch the ground of all continent in the world. proud proud proud! go fufu go!

嘿嘿 said...

No! 还没上南极!

Can we wait for this?


pusang kalye said...

the tiolets also caught my attention.lol, but other tahn that---the airports, I think the airports are the soul of any country. too bad we have ugly airports in the Philippines which doesn't justify the beauty of our country. Some foreigners wanna back out and go back to their country of origin as soon as they see our airports. too bad.. Brazil is different.....

edward said...



fufu said...

Casendra : air france is not bad :) good!!

嘿嘿 : 對呀 我時常拍廁所的

ah_man : you should leave comment there lol

fufu said...

Lily Riani : yeah still havent touched down africa >< will do so sooner ya :)

嘿嘿 : yeah 南極+北極 :) 還有月球 :)

pusang kalye : erm well i think the security of the airport also one of the reasons :) just like those airports in Indonesia >< sigh... but wish the condition will change sooner :) i wanna visit philippines again sooner!!

fufu said...

edward : 我最喜歡的就是Emirates Airline :) MAS還不錯 :) 時差?? 根本不是問題對我來講 :) 因爲我是不平凡的旅遊傢 :) hahaha 還有屁股不會痛呀 =p

Sendo said...

you know what? I love airports~!!!! and i just dream of traveling the world!!! nyaha...whew...keep positng more..looking at your pictures really makes me wanna fly far far far away....and..again..i love airports!!!! and airplanes of course ^^ hehe

fufu said...

Sendo : yeah wish you could travel around the world too...wanna see the pictures through your lens :) must be interesting ya :) hihihi

夏娃公主 said...

I means旅行的经验啦~哈哈

fufu said...

夏娃公主 : 你不需要有我一半的旅遊經驗的咯 :) 你也可以在馬來西亞好好的晚翻天 :) 雖然視野沒有世界那麽大但是對自己的國家至少有深入的了解 =p 希望你可以成功+享受當地的文化 =p 遲到沒關係 :) 知道來我部落的網址就可以了 =p

London Caller said...

You haven't been to Changi Airport?!
Because I come from Johor, I normally fly from Singapore. It's closer than KLIA. ;)

In Changi Airport, if the flight (any airline company) has been delayed, they will give you $5 food voucher to eat at their food courts. Ha ha... Not at not of money, but you can at least eat something while wait for the next flight. ;)

嘿嘿 said...

London Caller,
哈哈哈~ Now is $7! I just had one recently due to the 2 hours delay of Air Asia flight.

fufu said...

London Caller : oic...well so strict ya the airport/aviation authority...surely give a lot of pressure to all airlines but it's good :)

嘿嘿 : wow but can $7 buy a sandwich?

嘿嘿 said...

$7 is just for a meal and a drink (not beer)! 嘿嘿嘿~

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : more than enough i must say!!

Ayie said...

i hate the ins and outs of the airport...looks like you're all used with it so it doesn't really matter for you anymore.

fufu said...

Ayie : hahahaha yeah i know some of my friends who hate airport too!! lol anyway i am totally alright because i always fly here and there...

Harumi said...

A comprehensive virtual tour Fufu. And thanks to you we're getting familiar with all the airports across the globe! =D

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