Sunday, 10 July 2011

FuFu Kitchen 2011 - Part Eighteen

FuFu Kitchen 2011 之家庭煮富

Today's Breakfast : Angry Birds Meal - four types of hams, salad (lettuce, carrot and cream cheese), eggs and Malaysian teh tarik.

Eggs are not in the nest, oh no... my happy birds have morphed to Angry Birds >< How to get their eggs back the nest? I am still thinking. lol



Today's Lunch : FuFu Creamy Pasta - Chinese udon (noodle), Danish cream cheese, champignons and carrot+orange juice. Very FuFulicious!


Today's Lunch : Grilled pork with fufulicious champignons (mushroom) sauce, salad, potato, Danish cream cheese, rice and sparkling mineral water.

Spot the flower please!

I ♥ rice. No matter what, will definitely eat rice everyday, at least one meal per day. lol By the way, i have submitted my master thesis! It's time to party and travel. :)



rainfield61 said...

Travel AGAIN!!!!???

Life is great.

Sasa said...

hey fufu
how long you will spend for preparing your meal actually??
It looks like spending a lot time...
but,'r great!!

[SK] said...

i love the pork, looks so yummy.. haha, the angry birds are cute..

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

you have put in so much effort for the angry bird breakfast.. great job.. congrats on your thesis submission.. have a great blast and enjoy ur travel :)

ladyviral said...

omg fufu! Such nice beautiful meals xD

You made them yourself?

edward said...


I AM A BLOGGER said...

aaaaaaaa, angry bird^^~~~

Casendra said...

I made the right decision that only visit your blog after meal! Ahahaha, nice angry bird! But the potato flowers also not bad :p

pusangkalye said...

is that right? angry birds in the menu?????hahaha

海市蜃樓 said...


Twilight Man said...

I am still addicted to Angry Birds games and like your 1st photo. It looks more realistic than your latest post. LOL.... Well done FuFu Chef!

foongpc said...

Finally!! The Angry Birds which I have been waiting for!! Yay!! : D

Randal said...

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