Monday, 26 September 2011

A boat and a bird

假設你有一艘船, 正在獨自環游大西洋.
當你遇到一個對的避風港, 不要猶豫了.
立刻把引擎関掉, 上岸探險吧.
真的, 你不用漂泊整個大西洋.

假設你是一只小鳥, 自由自在的飛翔中.
當你看到你要的綠洲, 不要三心兩意了.
趕緊把你的雙腳展開, 準備降落吧.
你必須感受大地的實在, 留下腳印.

As if you have a boat and sailing on Atlantic Ocean.
When you have come to a perfect haven, don't hesitate.
Immediately turn off the engine, set your foot on the mainland.
You certainly don't need to wander the entire ocean.

Imagine you are a bird, flying high in the sky.
Once you have found the correct oasis, don't be shilly-shally.
Spread your feet wide, get ready for landing.
You have to tread a path on this planet.

Slottsberget, Gothenburg, Sweden, 13/08/2011


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当我的手臂一弯, 一个避风港就出现了。

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I AM A BLOGGER said...

I like this post!
It is so free and happy^^~

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do as you wish, as long as you life happily :)

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Nice poem - makes me feel happy! : )