Saturday, 1 October 2011

Like and Dislike

喜歡和不喜歡 | Like and Dislike.

喜歡凴感覺就會很簡單 | Like = Simple + Feeling.
不喜歡很容易但要事實 | Dislike = Easy + Tangible.

感覺永遠都不需要理由 | Reasons don't chase after Feeling.
事實往往必須解釋清楚 | Tangible needs to be clearly explained.

感覺難以言談誰都喜歡 | Feeling is lovely and hard to describe.
實事句句有刺不被喜歡 | Tangible is ugly and it hurts.

喜歡要慢慢欣賞後陶醉 | Like = slowly appreciate before falling into it happily.
不喜歡要快刀斬後忘記 | Dislike = kill it immediately and then forget thoroughly.

Stockholm, Sweden, 15/08/2011


瑜珺 said...

有意思! :)

lock said...

有嚴爵那首"我喜歡, 不我愛"的感覺!

Matt said...

Fufu - I haven't visited your blog in awhile. I hope you're doing well.

三吉 said...


Harshi said...

Working with formulas now? =D Nice one.