Friday, 25 November 2011

From Dr. Phyo to Brain Drain Crisis

From Dr. Phyo to brain drain crisis.

Dr. Phyo, from Myanmar, speaks fluent English. He knows some useful words in Bahasa Malaysia as well, such as ada baik? (feeling good?), sakit (pain), ingat makan ubat (remember to take the medicine), rehat banyak (rest more), etc.

You may ask why i know Dr. Phyo? Actually i went to a clinic, it's apparently operated by Malaysian, however i was told by a nurse when she was handing me a medical card that the locum doctor of the evening was Dr. Phyo. The surname Phyo, sounds like Burmese, i knew it because most of my ex-workers at a construction site in Singapore were Burmese and Thais. So it was not a shock until i talked to Dr. Phyo and knew his nationality.

Disappointed to know that Malaysia has reached such a level that both foreign labours and expats are needed in the country. Disappointed? Why?? How come??? This is not a fact worth to be proud of. Instead, it's a shame. Shame because we have hundreds of brilliant students scored straight As every year but their ambitions to be a doctor smashed by the quota system set by the government. Most of them either couldn't get a place in any Malaysian university to study medicine or given other choices (engineering, bio-science, pharmacy, etc), have no choice but to accept other offers to study abroad. Many of these overseas qualified doctors are reluctant to come back serving the country. Eventually, the problem - shortage of doctors is getting worse until we have to import qualified doctors from our neighboring country, Myanmar. Sigh...

I am pretty sure the affected profession is not doctor only, we are, in fact, facing a severe brain drain crisis at the moment in all professional positions because i was just informed that few Malaysian teachers had decided to teach in Singapore next year. What's wrong? We can't close one eye letting this problem becoming worst. We really need a change!

p.s. : No worry i am 90% recovered. :)



*大馬 = 馬來西亞

Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia, 24/11/2011


海市蜃樓 said...

到處楊梅一樣花; 其實你睇我好,我睇你好啫。

Kenny Mah said...

Agree with you about the brain drain, but alas, not much is being done about it, is there?

P.S. Hope the last 10% recovery comes soon! :)

Pete said...

Ahh, brain drain problem....takes really long time still not resolve...

Welcome back to Malaysia, Bro!

Hope you recover soon! Have a nice weekend!

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : "到處楊梅一樣花"? 不明白...haha

Kenny : yeah another 10% to go and i can eat till i drop again lol yeah i read some article to solve brain drain problem... but not really very good ><

Pete : sigh wish after next election, such problem ca be solved :) hehe thanks! finally i am back~

[SK] said...

and because our dear government never appreciate talents but quota and specific group of people, that's why we have the same amount of "exports" as the "imports"..

Rad Sujanto said...

i wanna learn how to speak and write Mandarin or Japanese so that I can also have two different versions of language every time I make a blog post. lol

this comment was totally unrelated to the blog post, indeed. forgimme fufu

Anonymous said...

what kind of sickness did you get?

海市蜃樓 said...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Frying fried rice over again and again without solving the problem. Should nip it in the bud than rather trying to lure them back into the country after they have left. Must not allow them to 'escape' the country with better incentives and fairness.

三吉 said...

富富读完书后,回来马来西亚就好了, 那么就多了一个人才。

Aaron said...

顺旗帜然吧, 朋友。


Tan said...