Friday, 7 January 2011

Exploring Latin America : Colombia

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FuFu Travel - Exploring Latin America
The Brief Preview Paraguay

The fifth destination is Colombia. Colombia has suffered from a terrible reputation as a dangerous and violent country but the situation has since improved a lot in recent times. Despite of the rumours of marijuana, robbery, insecurity, etc, I still would like to leave my footprint in Colombia. My secondary purpose is to see the well-known beautiful Colombian girls. Of course the primary purpose is to check out the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in Bogota. The city has interesting urban planning that specially integrated with land use planning and transportation system. Definitely want to learn more about the concept of the planning, hopefully this study trip could give me some ideas for my master thesis.

Besides this study trip, I also have several friends living in Bogota. Two of them are my seniors (from Fachhochschule Frankfurt). Juan would host me in Bogota (the capital city) and if i go to Medelin (the second biggest city) Susana and Luisa will take care of me there. I am fortunate enough to be able to mix with the local again. Have to figure out how the people kill time usually then. As a global citizen, I will do my best to be the real local spending my quality time there. Very soon, I would need to get ready heading down to the South.

" Having a pair of comfy shoes is like driving a luxurious car. Why? Because as a backpacker, i usually move around by foot. This pair of Puma Brasil is also bought in Hong Kong when i was there in Dec. 2008. Hope i could walk around like a real wild puma here in Latin America. Roar~ "




Akira 思胜 said...

Have fun at there! Take care too! :)

[SK] said...

哈哈, 對哦, 哥倫比亞一邊是毒梟, 一邊是美女~~ :p

bluedreamer27 said...

hey love that cap of yours
happy trip

Kenny Mah said...

It's cool how battered that pair of Puma Brasil you have - shows you've been doing some serious walking and backpacking since you bought it. Bravo! :)

Rafael Lam said...

我都好想對南美旅遊, 但是美國對我來講實在太遙遠...

micki said...

wow, can't wait to see all these countries photos you took!

Ayie said...

A pair of comfy shoes is a must! Good points there fu! Take care on your travels!

Ayie said...

happy new year to you fufu!