Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Dream Destination | Egypt - Part 1

The Dream Destination | Egypt - Part 1

The Dream Destination | Egypt - Part 1

"Who doesn't want to come to Egypt?"

I bet no one would raise the hand up! Long and rich chronicle of almost 7000 years, i was looking forward to explore and witness the impressive history and culture of ancient Egypt. However, i had my first sigh right after getting my passport from the immigration officer. Several touts approached me and kept asking what's my plan in Cairo while i was waiting for the baggage. (Imagine how easy the touts can get in and out the airport as they want.)

"Konnichiwa my friend, where are you from?" - If you wanna start the sentence in Japanese, please continue with "are you from Japan?", not "where are you from?"!

"Oh, good country! Good people." - You don't even know where is Malaysia located.

"I am teaching history. I like history. The museum is closed now, why not you come to my father's gallery?" - First, you don't look like a teacher apparently. Second, the opening hour of museum is until 6pm. Third, you are 100% one annoying tout.

Touts are standing at every corner of streets, waiting to bait fish from all over the world. Strongly advise you to ignore those who trying to approach you. They have hundreds of different patterns of ways to start a conversation with you. Keep walking or indirectly you are giving the tout a chance to waste your time.

I was told that Egyptians concern for social ethics that is evident by the soul of "I don't steal", "I don't rob". On the other hand, the touts have their own way to get your money. Dishonesty. They will never tell you the real story. Tourism is the most important sector in Egypt's economy. Cheating tourists is the common way to have the cash flowing into their pockets from you without any dispute. (You won't see them again after the trip) Since the tourism in the country has no proper system, and you will need to take the tour package to visit some attractions (it's also difficult for the Egyptians to travel around). You can't do anything after the tour but to complain to your friends and wish the situation will be improved sooner.

There's both bad and good people everywhere in this planet. You may feel uneasy being stared, flirted, honked and etc. Honestly speaking, Egyptians are nice and friendly. They are happy to have foreigners visiting their country. Proud to be Egyptians, they surely want you to bring good memory back home and visit the country again. I was greeted "Hallo, welcome to Egypt.", "Enjoy, my friend.", "Have a nice day., etc by the passers-by in Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor and a village near white desert. Egyptians are willing to help anyone, anytime and anywhere. But after all these unrosy moments happened in Egypt, you will start to ignore until don't trust everyone (policemen included), except your travel companion and other backpackers. Also, eventually, you will know who is reliable to lean on or how to seek help from the correct local around you.

The naive smiles from the kids had somehow mystically brought me back to pH-7 (the neutral level). After seeing their sincere and funny reactions, there's hope for the country actually. The point is whether the recent revolution could afford to properly offer appropriate education to the young generation for better Egypt in the future.

Cairo, Egypt, 16/10/2011









Florence said...

我只知道那里的一切以前流下来的奇迹都很漂亮 :)

TZ said...

Egypt is still save to visit now?

三吉 said...

好像有点危险。。不过, 可以去到那里, 让人很像一睹金字塔的风采。。

Kenny Mah said...

I guess one can't avoid touts in many, many places, as you say. Still... that makes certain tout-free countries (like say Japan) such joy to visit. :)

ladyviral said...

"I teach history" erm.. then why are you touting? D:

hha this people are just weird :3

foongpc said...

Wow! Going Egypt now? Nice! : )

lock said...

有沒有看到埃及妖后? haha!

Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...


This is a funny post. Like this one. Thanks for sharing the insights of being there in Egypt. This makes me pause and think how I would react if I were in your shoes and approached by these touts the moment I touch down at the airport.

But, oh, I recall something. I guess I should consider myself experienced too as here in NZ, I've been approached many times(most times youths) for a dollar or 2 or "Do you have spare change?"

Travel safe, Fufu!

mytravellicious said...


Leon Koh said...

wow nice .. you are still at it .. to travel to many places.. thats lovely

new blog

Twilight Man said...

I am glad that you are sharing this honest reviews! I will never dare to go on my own and take your advice to join a tour group!