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FuFu Year in Review 2011 - Part 6

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FuFu Year in Review 2011 - Part 6
Colombia (Summer End of Dec 2010 - End of March 2011)

Girls are amazingly pretty at night in Colombia. Or rather, i should say you can see many pretty girls at night in Colombia. I will never forget how many gorgeous ladies i had seen in my life when i was in Andres D. C. a famous pub in Bogota (the capital city) and at a street in Medellin (second largest city). So, i was homestaying in a former Miss Cali's house for three nights. Maria Eugene, a gorgeous and friendly lady, is my friend's mother. I brought back some of her nice recipes back, specially love her tomato tuna rice! :p

Cali, the third largest city in Colombia has nothing to see when i was there, because of the many on-going restoration projects. It was still a mess. Thus, i took the opportunity to examine its well-planned bus rapit transit (BRT) system since i was majoring in City Planning. For such a city, the system simply amazed me. The excitement level increased once i had arrive the capital. Simply like the bus network. Once, i was wondering, how nice if Malaysia has such nice BRT system. The traffic jam is still a nightmare in Colombia, but comparing to the accessibility of public transport, Malaysia is still lagging way behind.

Need to highlight that i was, also homestaying with Juan Carlos and Susana in Bogota and Medellin respectively. They are both my seniors in FH Frankfurt. Seriously, i am glad to have them hosting me when i was in Colombia. Appreciated how nice they treated me. Susana asked her friend bring me around Medellin, Juan Carlos asked her sister show me around the downtown, and mother to bring me out to the city centre. Also, nothing beat having authentic home-cooked meals, yummy local fruits, unique drinks everyday. Not only that, i was given one giant ANT to try, local vodka too keep myself warm, and my day wouldn't be started without a cup of coffee with a small piece of cheese. Colombia is not all about marijuana and drug trafficking. Pretty girls seen, major cities visited, yummy food eaten. I really want to go back to Colombia, pay everyone a visit, tell them how i miss them. And of course, i will not miss the sand, sea, sexy bikini girls, nature, mountains and more yummy food. Need to find a good excuse to fly back to South America. lol

p.s. : A full travelogue about Colombia will be written later.

回顧 2011 (第6集) - 哥倫比亞



~珊姑娘~ said...


Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

wow.. you have a good host there...must b a really memorable trip. ya wei.. no photos of pretty ladies there? :)

fufu said...

珊姑娘 : 哈哈哈 有幾張咯, 沒看到?

Ying Ying : yeah really nice hosts!!! haha explore carefully my picture and you will some few pretty girls! haha

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Ricardo Miñana said...

Hello hello and wish passed
happy weekend.
a hug.

edward said...


~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said...

Every time I visit your blog I get jealous, jealous that you get to visit so many place around the world =P

Rad Sujanto said...

haahah so the girls tend to be pretty at night :p

Ooh bogota is where my childhood favorite telenovelas were taking place! How I wanna visit it too!

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瑜珺 said...

哈哈~ 为什么漂亮的美女都在晚上出现啊~?因为晚上灯光比较暗??:P

London Caller said...

Colombia is famous for cocaine, right? ;p

Matt said...

All those pretty girls must be missing Fufu....