Tuesday, 7 June 2011

FuFu Kitchen 2011 - Part Eight

FuFu Kitchen 2011 之家庭煮富

Today's Breakfast - Baguette (French bread), two half-boiled eggs, Danish cream cheese, German white sausage and hot coffee with milk.

Yay, finally! Here is my perfect half-boiled eggs! :) Happy! Happy Friday.




FuFu High Tea - Pain au lait (literally milk bread in French), Teh Tarik (popular milk tea in Malaysia) and banana.

Teh tarik (literally "pulled tea" or 拉茶 in Chinese) is a hot Malaysian tea beverage which can be commonly found in restaurants, outdoor stalls and kopi tiams in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Its name is derived from the pouring process of "pulling" the drink during preparation. It is made from black tea and condensed milk. (Source : Wikipedia)

Living in Germany, it's impossible to enjoy good teh tarik (my favourite). Bought a packet of tea and bar of condensed milk, i tried to 'pull' my ever first teh tarik back and forth repeatedly giving it a thick frothy top. According to Wikipedia, this process cools the process fluid (tea) to optimal drinking temperatures, and helps to thoroughly mix the tea with the condensed milk. It is also done to give the tea a better flavour. So, now onwards, i can also have teh tarik for breakfast. Hooray!


Today's Lunch - FuFu Hearty ABC Soup. Oh a huge chicken drumstick, yummy!

ABC Soup - Carrot, potato, tomato, onion, chicken drumstick.

Wondering why this soup is being named as ABC? It's all because of the ingredient. Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A that essential in keeping the membranes which line all the cavities of the body in a healthy condition. Tomatoes are good source of vitamin B6 that convert dangerous homocysteine into more benign compounds. Potatoes are rich vitamin C that helps the body to produce collagen and prevent cell damage. On top of these, carrots are a real delight for the eyes, tomatoes help to reduce the risk of heart disease and potatoes are rich in several micronutrients providing 1/3 the vitamin C recommended daily for an average adult.

That's all the reasons why i often make this soup. To always keep yourself healthy, i highly recommend this soup. It's as simple as ABC to prepare it. Wash, peel, cut and dump everything (ingredient mentioned above) into the pot, then simmer the with either skinless chicken, chicken drumstick or lean pork for about two to three hours. And it can be then served on the table after a dash of salt and pepper. Very easy!



lock said...

我最討厭吃不熟的蛋, 尤其是蛋黃不熟!


Twilight Man said...

Your meals looked so Yum Yum!

Twilight Man said...

How come the yolk is so orange coloured compared to ours? must be more delicious and better protein! LOL

Jovial said...

Pain au lait is it delicious?

i love your half boiled egg..

and your food is very yummy yummy

Twilight Man said...

Did you bake that Pain au lait? Gimme your recipe, share share laaa.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hahaha, i believe ur future wife will be very 幸福!and healthy!!!^^

JeNs 阿慧 said...

haha nice :)

Ying Ying Dai Tao Har said...

hi hopping over here. you have a nice blog. therefore i'm following it. keep posting :)

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Kenny Mah said...

I'm starting to look forward to see how your smiley-face meals are gonna be created from post to post - and this time with half-boiled eggs some more! Champion lah you, bro! :D