Thursday, 17 January 2008

Skydiving in New Zealand

Taupo, New Zealand
16th - 17th January 2008

Hey folks, skydiving is very exciting! I love skydiving very much. Just simply cant put the feeling in words now. It really is unexplainable. You have to come here and do it yourself to feel the real excitement! Yet it's worth to pay NZ$ 409 for the diving with the video plus pictures in DVDs and a tee shirt. I have nearly spent all the money i hard earned from strawberry picking on transportation, accomodation, tour, skydiving bungy jump, etc. Only little left for Australia, damn! Okay no worries, i must have fun first. Anyway i just came back from bungy jump. It was very awesome too! Well, i will let the pictures below explain everything for skydiving! Bungy jump later. Have a nice day my friends. Ciao.


Hi Mum, 16/01/08. FuFu.

Just right after jumping off the plane.

Believe me, Earth is really ROUND.