Friday, 30 July 2010

Parade of Cultures - Part II

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty Six
26th June 2010 | Parade der Kulturen II

One of the climaxes of the parade was the large Bolivian dance group. As they entered the square jumping under the beats of the tribal drums, the audience was hypnotized by their energy and colours! Bolivia presented the ancient folk dance - Tobas. The people of Toba used to perform it on religious parties dressed in wilderness costumes. Nowadays it is danced at different times and in very long streets in Frankfurt.

Need to mention the feather of Parihuanas (water bird) used as the main element made the costume absolutely outstanding Bolivians worn for the Tobas. This is definitely a jewelery of the whole culture in its metaphorical and also literary sense. It's going to be a triumph. Also Tobas is a dance that not easy to perform. It is danced on the foot toes and almost on the knees which produces cramps to the dancer. I was simply impressed and convinced. Can't wait to explore the beautiful country myself sooner!

It's Bolivia's turn!

Look, it's the feathers of Parihuanas!

Check out the video for the wild Bolivian dance!

The next was Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa.

Nothing much to see, just showing their existence in Frankfurt.

Ops, also their special costumes!

Hoohuuu, Madagascar!

The Singh community took part too!

Next was the representatives from Slovakia.

Their costumes are very unique!

Check out the video for Slovakian dance!

Ecuador! The country FuFu will explore sooner too!

Check out the video for the dance from Ecuador!

Turkey! The country FuFu first started off his World Tour.

See how cute Turkish costume is!

It's very odd to have this popped up in the middle of the parade!

Finally, it's Asia's turn!

Most of the Filipinos dressed up extremely gorgeously.

The lady is showing off her BRANDED bag.

FuFu has no idea about this!

But the girls are pretty hot!


The parade traveled through Frankfurt's downtown. Spectators were first drawn by the authentic costumes, wild yet true dancing and joyous drum troupe before several "lotus fairies" sitting on a awesomely decorated float that demonstrating the Fa Lun Gong showing up. Behind the float were fan dance and lotus dance teams and its practitioners.

The banner calling for an end to the persecution.

The first part from Fa Lun Gong was perfectly stunning!

Personally i was pretty shocked as i didn't expect Fa Lun Gong will take part. Well, they may probably wanna promote its Fa Lun Gong. But then its practitioners distributed flyers about not only Fa Lun Gong exercises, also the reenactment of the Chinese Communist regime's prisons. The second part of it section, a piece of white cloth formed the shape of a symbolic forced labor camp where practitioners held display boards on which were photos depicting torture methods employed in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Shit! This is nothing to do with cultural parade ok?

At the end of the contingent was a group of women practitioners dressed in white. They held wreaths in their hands, on which were portraits of practitioners who have died as a result of the persecution. I strongly disagree why the relevant staff would allow Fa Lun Gong snaking through the city. It's a cultural parade and not to show how the brutality of the persecution. Please check the definition of cultural parade properly!

Damn it!

FuFu felt extremely not comfortable for this part!

Stop abusing the meaningful cultural parade!

Check out the ugly side of Fa Lun Gong

Well, switch the mood for Morocco!

Wow! Morocco is an Islamic country right?

Who cares? Everyone like to see sexy girls and hot dance!

Ouch, she is looking at FuFu!

Next to Colombia!

Check out the Colombian dance!

The representatives from the Republic of Dominica.

Aww, banana leaves!

The last video from the Republic of Dominica.

Brazil again!!!

The representatives of the Samba club in Frankfurt!

FuFu will be learning Samba soon in Curitiba!

See how attractive the parade was! The cyclist stopped and watched!

Streets were packed with spectators.

Totally enjoyed the two hours long parade snaking through the city!