Saturday 20 November 2010

Botanical Garden - Part B

FuFu Life in Curitiba - Brazil
7th August 2010 | Part Ten

Continued with the previous post about Botanical Garden. As promised this post will about the lovely sunset with marvelous cloud dancing.

OMG! Totally speechless while FuFu snapping the pictures.

Quickly FuFu tried using other setting!

It turned out not bad!

Out-focus mode!

Had enough shots! Ran to other point for different pictures!

This also not bad!

Part of the skyline of Curitiba!

The sun was about to seriously set! Moved to another point.

Found a nice spot to snap!

Damn, this is simply amazing!


Game over!

Goodbye, Sun!

What a nice sunset ever!

Now you know why FuFu loves sunset!

It's time heading back for dinner!

Ops, wanna highlight this Araucaria tree here again.

Keep in mind that it's only can be found in Curitiba!

Walking back home happily!

I am now a frequent visitor of this botanical garden.

Sunday 14 November 2010

Botanical Garden - Part A

FuFu Life in Curitiba - Brazil
7th August 2010 | Part Nine

The Jardim Botânico or Botanical Garden is one of the major tourist attractions of Curitiba. Botanical Garden was created in the style of French garden which had become the trademark of the city since it was opened to public in 1991. Icon of the garden is the greenhouse that built in an art nouveau style with a modern metallic structure, resembles the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London. The garden has nice paths for strolling but i wish it would not be asphalt, instead wood or stones.

It is situated only 3 minutes away from the my new lodging here. So, i walked to the garden after lunch because it is a sunny day with clear blue sky. As usual, i spent most of the time taking pictures and also sitting on the bench observing every movement happened in the garden while waiting for the sunset. Was able to see how majestically the clouds dancing in the sky. Guess i would be the frequent visitor of the garden from now on!

Love at first sight! FuFu hearts Botanic Garden.

Oh my god!

How could people not going to the park on this super fine day?

Can you guys see the condominium FuFu currently is living in?

FuFu saw the bird only can be found in Latin America!

Cute Southern Lapwing. It's widely known as quero-quero in Brazil.

Anyway, kept walking around the park.

Ops, finally FuFu saw the landmark of the park - greenhouse!

"A Mãe" (The Mother) sculpture.

The Mother cradling her child in silhoutte effect. Nice!

Gonna check out what is planted inside the greenhouse!

The French park!

The show had started. The curtain was being slowly opened.

Get ready?

The clouds started to dance!

Stay tuned for more magnificent sunset shots in the next post!