Wednesday, 29 September 2010

FuFu Love Story 之一年後的情書

FuFu Love Story - Second Half
Love Letter

Dear Love-hackers,

As difficult as love is to define, its first flickers apparently begin in the section of your brain that enables you to anticipate the joy of being with a particular person, even one you ever met online in Facebook. If the love is powerful enough, phenylethylamine (PEA) then engages the “love and be loved” in the lower brain. Perhaps it's best known for creating a blissful sense of calm in long distance runners. It leaves lovers feeling similarly tranquil, but not in the early going. In the boot camp of romance, PEA plays the role of the drill sergeant. It barks at the brain to select a plan of action, any plan.

On Valentines day many people receive a box of chocolate from the man or woman (in Japan) in their life. Is this only a gesture of love or do they know the secret of chocolate? Chocolate is one of several romantic foods that consist PEA, yes that is correct. But don't think that you fall in love when you eat it. Small amounts of chocolate makes you feel happy but the molecule of love is often quickly broken down by our bodies so that it doesn't even reach the blood. If you eat pounds of chocolate you only get a headache so please don't run away to the chocolate box and eat it up. Save the box for those times when you feel down and take a piece of chocolate. Other food with PEA present are strawberries and spicy food.

FuFuism successfully took over PEA and conquered the heart.

So, what is love after all? Even Bill Clinton, the former US President, couldn't avoid from getting involved in the sex scandal which is so far the biggest in American history. Love just couldn't be calculated or explained scientifically both. When love comes, who could actually pull on the brakes, stop loving and to be loved?

But that's not what i had ordered! I asked for a "Backpacking Trip around Latin America" to be served on the table once i have finished the appetizer of "Assignment of the Semester". Then i would like to enjoy my dessert of "Master Thesis in Germany". Entertainment of the night would be singing the song named "Travelling around Eastern Europe" and if possible also "Waka Waka This Time for Africa - Egypt". My dear waitress, got it?

Frankly speaking, FuFu is an ordinary guy as you could imagine. Please allow him to have what he wants and not without his permission, messing up his plan. He already planned to unfreeze his heart once he has settled down in Malaysia. However, currently the smoke of the unpredictable love clouding the sun from view! Prayers have been sending out so the wind will blow the smoke away sooner. Please follow the order and get the food cooked. Never ever try to change the menu of the day again!

Security system has enhanced and upgraded. What a relief! Tired.

"Follow the heart.". Thanks for the advice. Nevertheless, the organised and systematic cells in the inner part of me successfully took over PEA and conquered the heart. I would not allow anyone to block my way, interfere my feeling, disturb my lifestyle, interrupt my conversation with my wonderFu and beautiFu (FuFu) visions and dreams. If it's mine, it will be mine. No matter where am i, what am i, when and how things have changed.

Though you may say life would not be completed without love, for the time being, i seriously don't need it. I am enjoying my single life very much. You will never know the excitement of freedom i am spending everyday now here. Of course i know what i want. And you may wanna say i am stubborn. If that's not a long distance relationship, without a single thought, i will open the door and let all my loves flying freely and occupying your heart. Who doesn't like to love and be loved?

Little FuFu will be the new guardian of FuFu's heart. ROAR~

There's several angels once silently guarding and calling me couple of times, but i was psychologically too young to pick up the phone few years ago. You have to lose something in order to obtain something. If not fully concentrating on my studies in Japan, i wouldn't be able to be awarded few certificates and graduated from Hiroshima University. Or does anyone here know how could i enjoy having both at the same time? Advise please!

Next, is virginity important to a man, also? Honestly, i really don't mind if you laugh at me. I always look for Quality. Be it family, friends, lifestyle, food, education, travelling, etc. Quantity is in the lowest rank of my dictionary. Once you have met the correct person, to love once is more than enough. "How if the timing is wrong?" Well, no worries, it will still be yours later, if not now.

Sorry for being selfish. I am not a multi-task person. I just wanna get things done one after one. I have decided and planned what to achieve in every little single stage of my life. Disorder, please leave me alone! Don't hack my heart anymore! I beg you. If both of us are still available by the time my heart has automatically been unfrozen, i will shower you all the loves i can give. Though i might be a poor guy at that moment, starting and building everything from zero like our relationship, i promise i will never fail to give you the simple and essential happiness you need.

Till then, take care.

Your Love,

p.s. 1 : Reference for first two paragraphs - Phenylalanine - Wikipedia & Medical Center, University of Maryland

p.s. 2 : Yes, FuFu is expressive. He want to put down his feeling in words. He just can't hide or more accurately he doesn't want to keep all the feelings inside.

富富愛情故事之一年後的情書 (下半場)















Sunday, 26 September 2010

FuFu Love Story 之苯氨基丙酸

FuFu Love Story - First Half
- The Love because of Phenylalanine -

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you have a difficult time staying in a committed romantic relationship? Do you seek out new lover because you are addicted to the feeling of falling in love, again and again and again? Recently FuFu is addicted to the feeling of falling in love. Seriously? Wait a second, he is a man too. He needs love. Definitely FuFu is not a hopeless jerk out there.

When we fall in love, it seems like our brain don't work in the usual way. We get sweaty palms, heavy breathing or feeling breathless, we can't think clearly, heart beating incredibly fast, and it feels like we have butterflies in our stomach. Nevertheless, this feeling is wonderful. It can be triggered by something as simple as the meeting of eyes, touching of hands, conversations or reading a book.

Addicted to love? A biochemical reaction may be the cause.

Let Professor FuFu explain what is phenylethylamine - 苯氨基丙酸.

Anyway according to Wikipedia and University of Maryland, there is a biochemical explanation how this love molecule works. for such galavanting to go about with members of the opposite sex. A specific chemical in our brains called molecule phenylethylamine (PEA) is responsible for granting us euphoria when we are newly in love. The effects of this chemical wear off within six months to three years. If you haven't fostered your new love into a committed relationship by that time, you will more than likely feel the need to scratch that itch of PEA withdrawal by seeking out new sexual conquests. This is very similar to substance addiction.

Indeed, there's a whole series of biochemical pathways that are triggered when two people meet and are attracted to each other. We are all familiar with the rush of falling head over heels in love. It's intoxicating. And when PEA levels are high, adrenaline is pumping overtime and love is blind.

"Hands up!" Arrested. FuFu is now manipulated by PEA.

PEA is a neurotransmitter released in the region of our brains known as the limbic system that speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells. The limbic system controls our basic needs, emotions, and desires such as hunger, thirst, sleep, joy, sadness, and sex. It is the most primal and animalistic part of our psyche. When that part of our brain kicks in, it is usually futile to disregard its directions.

A different set of molecules, known as endorphins, is called into action when we experience true love. Endorphins are our bodies natural pain killers, and they produce feelings of calmness, warmth, intimacy, and dependability. Endorphins, which have the most positive effect among any hormone produced in the brain, work to make our bodies healthier also.

PEA is being released and circulated in the body. In trouble!

Endorphins enhance our immune system. Under stress, our immunity is compromised remarkably. Endorphins block the lesion of blood vessels, kill defective cells, also have the ability to kill cancer cells. As the Endorphins are secreted more and more, shrunken blood vessels return to a normal state allowing blood to flow in a normal manner, improving the circulation of blood. Endorphins have anti-aging effects. Endorphins are even steadier and more addicting than PEA. In fact, the longer two people are in love, the stronger the endorphins become which makes all lovers happier. Now you know why those in relationships are happier than anyone.

Adrenaline-based love is all about ourselves. We like being in love. With endorphins, we like loving. Bottom line is "Learn to love yourself, the joy of loving will follow". And if all else fails, snort a line of cocoa powder since chocolate is jam packed with PEA that gives elated feeling in love effect.

One hand is off from the trap. How about right hand? Back up! SOS

So, the phenylethylamine (PEA) is now being released and circulated in my body. I just couldn't stop it from producing by the brain. In trouble now! I have been freezing my heart in nowhere with a very good security system. Somehow a hacker managed to find the location and hack for the password. The heart is started to melt now. The itch of love had successfully sweet talked my heart! What should i do now? I don't want to have a long distance relationship because it's just so hard to maintain. I used to be decisive but when it comes to love, things just can't be done correctly! I promised myself not to involve in any love affair until i have obtained my master degree. Sadly, the hacker is really powerful! What shall i do? Back off and enhance the security system are what i can only do now. Or just follow my heart? Stay tuned for the second half.

p.s. 1 : Source | Wikipedia & Medical Center, University of Maryland
p.s. 2 : Enlightened by HKTVB Series, The Mysteries Of Love

"FuFu can be a porn star probably!", said a friend of FuFu. LOL





注 1 : 還有下半場, 敬請守候富富的部落
注 2 : 資料 - 苯氨基丙酸, 百科-百度
注 3 : 啓發 - 2010 無綫節目巡禮劇集之談情說案

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

FuFu Mooncake Festival
22/09/2010 | Curitiba, Brazil

I would like to wish all my readers a merry Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Mooncake Festival). Enjoy eating as much as mooncake as you can on behalf of FuFu please. I don't celebrate here because it's Spring now in Brazil. LOL

Quite a number of people tagged me on those nicely drawn festive pictures. And i don't wanna use any same picture again. So here i gave my ever first trial drawing by using "Paint". I know some of the kiddos may draw better. But so what? I am not good at drawing and i am loving it very much. Wish you guys would like it! I have seven lucky stars, my dream house, garden and a happy family. Does anyone here know to analyse or discover my Psychology side by the drawing? What does it indicate actually?

I used to light up lanterns with my siblings and cousins when i was a kid. I always enjoyed playing masak-masak (kiddo's kitchen) with candles. Leaves, flowers and worms were the ingredient. Now i knew why i like cooking. What a lame reason! Wonder if nowadays, the kids still light the lanterns?

Full moon, Botanic Garden, Curitiba, Brazil.

Just wanna make thing clear that the moon here in Brazil is as bright and round as you guys would be seen in Malaysia, or anywhere you are. We have only one moon after all! I don't have both lantern and mooncake but was lucky to be able to see the full moon here when i was passing by Botanic Garden from my university.





Tuesday, 21 September 2010

FIFA World Cup - 1

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty Eight
11th June - 12th July 2010 | FIFA World Cup I

I know i should have posted this two months ago because it's so last-year and beeper* but i just wanna share the pictures and videos of 2010 FIFA World Cup taken in Frankfurt, Germany, complete FuFu Life in Frankfurt before continuing FuFu Life in Curitiba, Brazil.

beeper* : an adjective used to convey and share an idea or something that becoming outdated or old (Source : Urban Dictionary)

Germany 4 vs 0 Australia | 20:30, 13th June 2010

I didn't watch all matches. Selectively, i always went to KIA Arena at Goethe Square supporting my favourite teams (Brazil and Argentine) and Germany (because i was there pursuing my master). So the first match Germany had to play with was Australia. Germany had played a brilliant match. After class on one fine afternoon, several of the coursemates decided to watch the group match of Germany vs Serbia at a cafe. Surprisingly, Germany would allow Serbia kick one ball in!

Germany 0 vs 1 Serbia | 13:30, 18th June 2010

Serbian supporters were celebrating around the square.

The whole city (basically Germans) became silent.

Waka waka, this time for Africa!

Germany and Ghana managed to kick Australia and Serbia away, proceeding to Round 16. Germany had to played with England.

Everyone's heading to the square.

The real supporters!

Sports really would enhance patriotism.

A good chance to make extra money too.

Supporters spending money buying flags, caps, wigs, etc.

The most economical way to support the team!

Finally came to KIA Arena, Goethe Square for the thrilling match.

It's a GIANT screen sponsored by KIA Motors.

Germany 2 vs 1 England for the first half.

Supporters kept cheering up the team by vuvuzela-ing.

Taking pictures while waiting for the second half.

Soccer's cheerleading in Germany - flying the flags!

Throughout the match, supporters kept shouting and flying flags.

It's packed with people. 90% of them are Germany's fans. It's extremely high screaming together with the crowd. Sports really get everyone together. I was totally feeling that i was a part of Germany. I supported Germany. I ♥ Germany. After the match, people were drinking beer, dancing, flying the flags, shouting, singing, vuvuzela-ing, honking, etc. It's insane and the city was so chaotic! But i liked it. I was exhausted after basking in the sun for more than two hours. But anyway i really enjoyed it.The next match, Germany vs Argentina would be a tough match though. Aber, alles gut Deutschland (all the best Germany).

Germany 4 : 1 England | 16:00, 27th June 2010

Yeah, let's party!

The square was full with jubilance.

Cheers! Wonder why people always drink beers for all celebrations.

Finally Germany was in the Quarter-finals vs Argentina!

Later, a man with the fake World Cup popped up from nowhere!

Supporters took the cup for pictures!

They kept saying that Germany would bring the real cup back home!

It might possible if the Octopus didn't exist. LOL

The square was full of excitement.

Actually the whole city was hype including the subway station!

On the 2nd July, we didn't have class in the afternoon. So the few of us decided to go to a Brazilian bar for a drink while watching the match Brazil vs Netherlands with other Brazilian supporters.

FuFu supported (Brazil) and Sinidu went to (Ghana).

Heading to the Brazilian bar.

Cycling is really a leisure activity in European countries.

Ops! This is something extraordinary. lol

Ying-han was a small fan of Brazil (KaKa, honestly)!

Brazilians are all happy-go-lucky!

Already started drinking, dancing ans singing before the kick-off.

First goal for Brazil in 10 minutes!

Yeah. (But my hair was such a mess!)

People were dancing and singing when the music was playing!

Everyone was so happy, thinking that Brazil would kick Holland out!

Girls were dancing samba!

World Cup really gets us closer. Love to spend quality time with them all. The first half was really fun. We sang and danced samba a little bit. Second half was relatively quiet. We were all praying hard for the team after Netherlands kicked in one goal.

The musicians played samba to cheer the supporters up.

Silently praying for Brazil!

The atmosphere was very tension.

Everyone was hoping that Brazil could have one more goal!

And ready to watch the penalty.

However, Wesley kicked his second goal in and Brazil lost to Netherlands! That's so unbelievable. But ball is round. Anything is possible. Anyway Brazil is still the team i love the best. They are still young and need more experiences. I heard they are packing home earlier because they wanna do the preparation for the next 2014 World Cup in Rio, Brazil. They gonna be the champion.

Regardless to the lost, we still had fun watching the match together.