Friday 29 May 2009

Sunset after a Refreshing Cruise

FuFu Travel - Georgetown, Penang
10th - 14th June 2009 + Lap Four +

Okay, what's next after jetty?

Going to Butterworth? Why not!

Hey you, FuFu is leaving to Butterworth.

It's perfectly nice to have a short cruise on this sunny day.

Here, you can see the houses along the jetties over luxury condos.

Wow, the Penang Bridge. Very long indeed.

Komtar, FuFu would be back sooner.

About ten minutes later, the ferry slowly berthing at the terminal.

One ferry carries passengers while the other carries vehicles.

These fishing boats were anchored next to the terminal.

All passengers had left, but FuFu remained inside the ferry.

SIKE. FuFu just wanna kill his time cruising around.

FuFu spotted many brownish (polluted?) giant jelly fish.

Another ferry with vehicles from the island approaching.

Tonnes of people commuting by ferry everyday.

Enough shooting, it's time to get back to the ferry.

Kiss goodbye to Butterworth. "Sayonara."

FuFu misses his previous offshore project in PPT, Singapore.

Butterworth, FuFu will pay you a visit one day!

Never blame the past while reviewing back the history.

Trace back the failures and find out the root of the problems.

March forwards then and never let the problems occur again.

FuFu got inspired on his way back to Georgetown.

Anyway the ferry leaves every 15 minutes.

Linking the people to and fro between Georgetown and Butterworth.

FuFu enjoyed watching the dancing performance by the clouds.

Phew, it's nice to have a free cruising trip along the straits.

Tip : you don't need to pay from Georgetown.

The cars are waiting to be transfered to Butterworth.

Back to Georgetown finally, phew.

Again FuFu was the last one to get off the ferry.

Hopped on the free shuttle bus back to Komtar from Weld Quay.

From Komtar, i took the 304 bus (Penang Rapid) to Gurney Drive for the spectacular sunset which highly recommended by one of my friends. "Penang's evening sky is extremely stunning. The sky got lighted up in a plethora of colours before the darkness descends."

The roundabout that has a sculpture of birds flying.

Came to the right place! FuFu saw his great companions.

Like the birds, FuFu also freely flying high in the sky.

FuFu wanted to have dinner at Gurney Drive hawker food centre.

But he left after he saw the scene a gourmet shouldn't see. >.<
Then, FuFu walked to the Gurney Bay.

Where young and old, boys and girls gather together.

Ops, this uncle too come here enjoying the sunset.

The tide is on the ebb.

So you would see the mud along the bay.

Gurney Drive is real worth you to come over.

It's great to see how the clouds dance in the sky.

As the Sun setting, the sky drastically changed.

Nice recommendation!

While at Gurney Drive on this day, the combination of low tide, sea and sky gave it a great montage. The clouds later came in the play too, dancing with varied styles and decorating up a beautiful sky. It's a great spot for mesmerizing the spectacular view of sunset.

If FuFu come with friends, sure will take romantic pictures here.

Like this in Kota Kinabalu with Peggy.

Or this lovely shot in Pak Nai Village, Hongkong with Jodie.

Or a majestic sunset in Ngong Ping, Hongkong with German.

It's perfectly nice for wedding pictures.

This reminds FuFu his favourite haiku he learnt before.

yuuyake ni kogetsuki souna iwashi gumo
tenba demo parino akizora habatakezu
jyuugoya mo ichiya gagirino haresugata

Coincidentally, it's the fiftenth day of the month the day before.

FuFu wanna write a haiku of the awesome sunset too!

Here shares you guys FuFu's poetic genius.

strands of cloud alight
turning white, blue, red, gold, indigo, black
light fades with the sun

i missed
the sun setting over the ocean
while we were posing

This is the best picture of all sunset pictures taken in Gurney Drive.

The sunset was real splendid.

These vibrant colours gorgeously painted the sky.

Sunset is always quick and it's getting dark.

Unconsciously, FuFu had walked till Pangkor Road.

And he didn't want to walk back to the bus stop.

So FuFu walked all the way back to the downtown from Gurney Drive. Below are series of luxury residential condominiums along the bay i had taken. Just in case you don't know, i love buildings!

Mutiara Villa condo (left) and Grand View condo (right).

Silverton condominium, snapped even the guard stared at FuFu.

Wow, a modern Millennium Tower.

Gurney Beach Resort Condominium.

No.1 Gurney Condominium.

The XX hotel. Sorry FuFu really forgot the name!

Akira texted FuFu. "Go to Presgrave Street for dinner."

Hence, FuFu walked to the street from Komtar.

This stall relatively had more customers. FuFu followed the crowd.

It gives an unique ambience ever than any five star restaurant.

The ais kacang topped with red bean, jelly, longan, ice cream, etc.

FuFu was told later this wantan noodle is famous. Follow the crowd!

RM 2.70 for the noodle and RM2.20 for the ais kacang.

The antique table and chairs that FuFu haven't seen for ages.

Well, FuFu recommends you guys come here for dinner!

After dinner, FuFu walked to the red light district. :)

"From Japan? You want girls? Kawai and wakai (young)!"

No thanks! FuFu didn't want to get the disease back as souvenir.

Akira told FuFu that he would pick him up an hour later.

While waiting Akira, FuFu recharging himself with tonic drinks .

What a long day, phew. FuFu had been walking too much.

Finally he could sit down slowly enjoy the Chulia street at night.

Damn, FuFu saw mice fighting in the longkang. Scary.

Trishaw gotta park properly too in Penang.

Otherwise will be summoned?

Akira picked FuFu up and back home together, finally! XD

Home sweet home. Even though not my house, but i could feel the warmth giving from not only Akira, but also his family. It's good to read the newspapers in the living room after shower. Again, thanks a lot to Akira. I owe him a big hug.