Monday, 13 May 2013

FuFu Travel | PACABA - The 13th General Election

I am sharing what I had written on my Facebook right after completing my volunteer as a polling agent on the 5th May 2013. Here it goes,

" I'm feeling so proud of myself being a polling agent at Behrang Ulu, Tanjung Malim. I'm here to make sure the election is clean and fair. I am doing my job as a polling agent, checking the name and ID Card of every voter.

However, I am very disappointed. Two unknown buses came to my polling centre. The PACABA volunteers suspected they are hantus (phantom voters) and disallowed them to enter. Now the gate is closed, strictly for valid Malaysians only.

It's very important to have volunteers to be there at every polling centre. Again, I feel damn so proud of myself, preventing fraud voting to be happened, at least at my polling centre. Ini Kali Lah. We deserve a better, clean and fair government. UBAH! "

And I really encourage everyone to be a volunteer for the coming elections. Do what you can for your country, please. Action speaks louder than words, prove it!

當我正在履行我選舉監督員的工作的時候, 我聽到外面發生爭執, 很吵鬧! 後來我的工作崗位被代替之後, 其他自願的選舉監督員告訴我剛才有兩輛巴士載著幽靈投票者. 我們自願隊不讓他們進來投票! 媽的, 你們盡然玩到這樣骯髒, 都已經是21世紀了, 我們全部都有智能電話, 可以很快把這些消息散布出去, 你們等著受法律的制裁吧!

最後, 我感到很驕傲. 很自豪因為我參與和監督了這一次選舉神聖的一個崗位. 可以為更好的馬來西亞出一份綿力, 我真的為我自己的行為感到自豪, 因爲多一張幽靈選票就是等於少了一份改朝換代的力量. 在此, 我真的和希望大家, 如果可以的話, 日後的選舉勇敢地站出來做選舉監督員! 不要光著講, 請用行動來證明. 謝謝.