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FuFu World Tour - From Prague to Vienna

FuFu Wourld Tour - Europe
7th - 10th August 2007 | Vienna - Austria |

FuFu was waiting the tram to Prague Train Station.

The smartest and most beneficial way to get from place to place is using the Eurail railways. It's the most efficient and popular way to travel throughout Europe that allows unlimited and consecutive day train travel all over 20 European countries. Demanding the best flexibility to travel on any day within the Eurorail pass dates that had planned, i bought the one month ticket that cost Euro 822 (RM 4100).

Eurorail ticket with the timetable of the trains in Europe.

FuFu took the ten ten train to Vienna.

Waiting the train bound for Vienna to come.

FuFu only carried a small baggage for his 7 weeks Europe trip.

The first rail ride in Europe definitely an unforgettable experience of my life ever! Not only the speed and convenience but i comfortably enjoyed the good conversation with a couple of Brazilian sitting opposite (that made the four hour plus journey to Vienna not a boring one). Travelling by trains definitely offers an unending excitement that never fails to allure a world traveler like FuFu. Fabulous.

Chatted with a Brazilian couple and decided to meet up the next day.

Since it's the first time for the couple in Vienna and Janette was going to show me around Vienna, we decided to explore the city together the next day. Meet-up point was at St. Stephen's Cathedral. I was looking forward to travel with the Brazilian couple.

The Vienna main train station.

So approximately four hours later, we arrived Vienna Train Station. There, we made a seat reservation to Zurich, Switzerland before heading back to Janette's house. Yeah, i settled down at my online buddy's house. So what?! Even though we had just first met in Prague? What should i worry for as she a female was totally not afraid of me, the cute Asian boy. I must say trustworthiness was the key for me to enter her house. And by chatting and reading her personal blog, i knew i would be travelling with the right person.

A street scene of Vienna - very clean!

The vending machine of chewing gum and haribo(?!).

Janette's house is somewhere around this building.

For your information, i have been meeting online friends in New York and Los Angeles (U.S.A), Istanbul (Turkey), Saigon and Cantho (Vietnam), Hongkong and Shenzhen (China) before this Europe World Tour. Despite the status of online friends and never met each other before, we had a great time chilling out together!

After a short rest, FuFu went out to the downtown.

Janette said it's the best 'Eis' Cream in town.

The queue was very long.

Most of the people bought one whole box by selecting few flavours .

FuFu had two scoops of coconut and blueberry for Euro 2 (RM10).

The street performance.

This mozart will entertain you by throwing him Euro 1.

The Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church).

A very nice interior of the church. Stately!

It's the first time FuFu saw such gorgeous stained glass window.

Then FuFu was brought to visit some of the famous museums.

Locals and visitors all lying down the sofas at Museumsquartier.

The centrally located Museumsquartier (Museum Quarter) is one attraction not to miss in Vienna and during summer, this vibrant and appealing area features outdoor bars, complete with a number of adjacent sofas. Janette highly recommended this, so it really had to be experienced to be fully appreciated lying down on the sofa.

Vienna Museum of Modern Art (Museum Moderner Kunst).

Entrance to the gallery, Leopold Museum.

In front of the City Art Gallery.

Amongst the many art galleries and city museums located in this district, the Leopold Museum is a particular highlight and is home to a highly acclaimed collection of paintings by local Austrian artists. Close by, the Vienna Museum of Modern Art (Museum Moderner Kunst) and the City Art Gallery (Kunsthalle Wien) offer plenty for serious art lovers like FuFu to enjoy.

FuFu skipped this as he had seen the real terracotta in Xi'an, China.

And proceeded to the Imperial Palace that opened until 4.30pm.

The Hofburg Imperial Palace is a powerful landmark and for many, synonymous with Vienna. Known all over Austria, the Hofburg was once part of the wealthy and powerful Habsburg family. Over the years, the Hofburg has been added to and updated, this has resulted in a mixture of different architectural styles, which all seem to blend fairly successfully. The Austrian President is now based here, along with many important museums, the treasury and Imperial Library.

One very majestic government offices.

What a gorgeous dome with stately statues.

The famous Heroes' Square of the palace.

The Imperial Library of the palace.

It somehow looked like the government offices of the Prague Castle.

The Old Imperial Palace.

As crossing the Michaelerplatz, i was impressed by the great sweeping curve of the Michaeletrakt, the facade of the Hofburg, with its massive copper dome and classical sculptures flanking either side of the entrance. Behind this facade lies the vast complex of both old and new palaces and chapels, gardens and royal apartments and offices that was the seat of Hapsburg family more than 500 years.

The golden light on Michaelerplatz and the horses drawn carriage.

FuFu slowly checked out the fine architecture of the palace.

Kunsthistorisches Museum at Maria Theresa Square.

The statue on top of the dome caught my attention.

The Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum) was built in 1891 near the Imperial Palace to house the extensive collections of the imperial family. With its vast array of eminent works and the largest Bruegel collection in the world, it is considered one of the most eminent museums in the world.

See the naked Austrian's Statue of Liberty! Fabulous.

Yeah the sun was about to set. See the golden ray of the light?

One of the best museums after Washington DC's National Museum.

FuFu standing in front of his favourite museum.

The Maria Theresa Square and the museum.

The statue of Maria Theresa is a popular with its history. Closed-up.

Janette later brought FuFu to see the magnificent sunset.

The Austrian National Library in Vienna seen at dusk. Stunning.

The lush lawn square was not very crowded.

It's very comfortable to chill out there actually.

Janette then was holding FuFu's camera and focusing him.

While FuFu enjoyed viewing around the historical buildings.

Vienna is rich with quality architecture.

From several different periods in history.

Vienna is a cultural haven with a district full of historical buildings.

That standing for more than hundreds of years.

FuFu knew why both Janette and Maria said he was cute.

FuFu was indeed one cute boy two years ago.

Couldn't believe FuFu was Janette's model of the evening.

Alright, it's the time to catch the sunset shots.

The Rathaus (Vienna City Hall) that can be seen clearly.

Every city has a hero, so does Vienna. Ops, it's the Heroes' Square.

FuFu then continued walking back to the downtown.

And came to Stephansplatz for the awesome cathedral.

St. Stephen's Cathedral has long been one of Vienna's most important and impressive landmarks and stands proudly within the city serving as a historical monument. The cathedral is nothing short of a Gothic masterpiece and dates from the late 13th century. Highlights include ornate, patterned roofs and a tall, latticework spire, which tower 136 metres in height and plays an important part of the city's skyline.

The spire was under restoration work.

Stephansplatz is a popular area where visitors can see an eclectic mix of architectural styles of churches, stretch of shops, boutiques and cafes as well as experience the so-called underground of Vienna and even do some shopping or nightclubbing according to Janette.

Full-screenSt. Peter's church is a true copy of Saint Peter's Church in Rome.

Flare up the light for only Euro 1.

Another gorgeous church FuFu found on the street.

Dinner at a local bakery with three items for Euro 2 (only after 8pm).

The street was still packed with tourists at 9pm.

Gotta go back home and get ready for the next day.

The next entry will be about one day tour in Vienna (Part One) with the Brazilian couple.