Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Frankfurt Dragon Boat Festival

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty Three
29th May 2010 | Frankfurt Dragon Boat Festival

As one of Europe's major business cities, Frankfurt is home to some of the largest international festivals in Europe, one of them is the yearly Dragon Boat Festival. Also due to the 15% of foreign population are from Asia, Frankfurt has supported and encouraged the dragon boat fascination since 1991. The aim of this festival is to forge links between Frankfurt's international partner cities and the great dragon boat festivals like those in London, Penang, Toronto, Hongkong and New York.

The Dragon Boat Festival, now in its 19 years, is an annual tradition for many Frankfurter. With over 100 Dragon Boat teams and over tens of thousands attendees who train for the races with colleagues, friends and family, the festival is a big happening. It will always be held around end of May along the Main river where everyone could enjoy the free festivities include watching the regatta, live music in the evening, and plenty of food vendors.

Sore before really getting myself busy with assignments, i took the opportunity to take part in this festival since the weather was great. Well, was just physically giving my support to the participants snapping pictures here and there. It was indeed a fun filled event that brings sports, team spirit, community spirit and the Chinese culture to everyone. I was absolutely impressed as this culture is truly promoted and appreciated by the German and other foreigners.

The next international event.

To get a feel for the event, check out these videos.

Walking from the ending point till the starting point.

Attention~ Go!

Yeah, check out which team did it!