Wednesday, 29 April 2009

FuFu Travel - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah -
18 - 24 April 2009 + Episode One + Hallo Kota Kinabalu +

Again, i came back to KLIA.

I came to the rooftop of the car park for the pictures.

One of my favourite airports.

KLIA real deserves to be one of the World's Best Airport.

The sky was perfectly fine and pretty.

Simply love the architecture.

Wow... just like a new airport.

Thumb up for the great maintenance.

Do walk around KLIA if you have time.

Figure out the nice part of KLIA yourself.

I was flying with MAS again. Gonna support MAS.

Gonna check-in earlier to get my window seat.

Still had an hour for me to hang around.

KLIA is 11 years old now.

The history and gallery of the airport.

I thought there's more partners using KLIA.

Then i proceeded to the observation area.

I spotted few couples there.

A quiet dating place? *It's way to far man*

I was going to jet off with MAS to Kota Kinabalu.

I was ready to fly off.

Here is the domestic departures shopping area.

It's very quiet since Airasia started flying to most of the cities.

I was one of the earliest passengers waiting at the lounge.

I was going to take this jet to Kota Kinabalu.

The colourful seats - loving it!

The captain was ready to take off.

We're on the right track.

Sayonara KLIA, KKIA here i came.

Why i chosed MAS, you might ask.

Well, MAS has promotion too from time to time.

Not always Airasia is the cheapest.

Do check other airlines before you plan your travel itinerary.

One way to KK only cost me RM62 with MAS.

And i got the FOC's in-flight yummilicious chicken satay rice.

With mango pudding and Ferrero Rocher as a luxurious dessert.

The sky at dusk after the luxurious in flight meal.

Wish to see you again, MAS.

Arrived Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Terminal 1.

Don't forget to get those useful brochures at the airport.

Must not miss Mt. Kinabalu when you go to Kota Kinabalu.

Island and water rafting are great also.

Waiting Peggy flying with Airasia.

We came to Tian Tian Reastaurant (天天茶室) for dinner.

It was recommended by my reader. Thanks Wois!

The tender and juicy ginger venison.

The highly recommended curry laksa by Wois. Yummy.

The Sabahan paku pakis belacan. Another awesome plate!

The chicken dry noodle. Very different with those in the west.

The Teppanyaki chicken noodle. A bit plain the taste.

The gate of Jalan Gaya.

Met some of them for the first time, but we just clicked easily.

The gang - Parry, Pui, Issac, FuFu, Peggy, Yan, Virus & Honey.

We tried KFC's Jom Jimat for the second round.

The little cultural exchange session took place in KFC.

After the shower, we started planning our itinerary for tomorrow.

We decided to visit the most beautiful mosque in Kota Kinabalu.

Wanted to play UNO, but it's time to go to the bed.

Until.... Oh my gosh, this was so scandalous.

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