Tuesday 8 May 2012

Happy Vaisakhi 2012 @ Merdeka Square KL

Vaisakhi, a Sikh religious festival, marks the beginning of a new solar year and a new harvest season. It falls on the first day of the Baisakh month in the solar Nanakshahi calendar - http://www.sify.com/

Thousands of Sikhs were joined by tourists at the annual Vasakhi Fest held in Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka) to mark Vaisakhi, the harvesting festival.

This Monday night event is organised by 1Malaysia project. This event included Sikh folk dances like the bhangra and giddha, There was an exhibition on the Sikh community's history, and free Punjabi cuisine. Sikhs came in colourful Punjabi suits, lehengas and kurtas, showcasing their vibrant culture during the five-hour gathering.

I didn't take many pictures once my iPhone died. Instead, i had a great time enjoying Punjadi dance and music. Everyone was staring at me, but i bet they were happy to see me there enjoying their cuisine and culture. I love Malaysia! Love the vibrant culture we have here in Malaysia, Truly Asia. :)

P.S. : Malaysia is home to about 100,000 Sikhs who came from India during the British era. They have now done well in various spheres of life in Malaysia -http://www.sify.com/