Saturday, 29 March 2008

Graduation Trip
New York City
26 February - 2 March 2007, Part One

Being successfully obtained the visa and a cheap ticket from Tokyo(Narita International Airport) to New York(Newark International Airport), i was so looking forwards to my trip to the United States. So i had came to the city that never sleeps. New York City, US`s most populous city and among the largest metropolitan areas in the world. NYC is also rated as an alpha world city for its global influences in media, politics, education, entertainment, arts and fashion.

Pier 17, New York City.

I was picked up by Ziggy from Penn Station and brought to Ludlow Street, Chinatown. I was staying with my cousin and her family. First night was welcomed by a luxury dinner together with my cousin and her friends. The following day, after exploring Chinatown with my cousin, i walked to Pier 17 myself and passed Ziggy my souvenir that brought from Japan.

Taken from Pier 17.

The skyline of Brooklyn Borough from Pier 17.

Like Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Times Square has achieved the status of an iconic world landmark and has become a symbol of its city. I was crazily fascinated by the huge number of animated neon and LED signs or advertisements that have long made it one of its iconic images.

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Me at the junction of Broadway and Seven Avenue.

There i met up Ziggy and her sister, Sze Wan who i watched a broadway show, Les Miserables together with after dinner at an Italian restaurant. I had a great night at Times Square. Need to mention, before i forget, there was a black guy requesting to take a picture with me. `Perhaps he thought that you are one of the Korean or Japanese stars.`, Sze Wan said. LMAO

Sze Wan and Ziggy in front of Planet Hollywood.

Les Miserables, a good broadway show.

Empire State Building.

Empire State Building, one of the world first skyscrapers and the tallest building in NYC after the destruction of World Trade Center in 2001. The bird`s eyes view at the observation deck was very impressive. The word appeared on my mind is only buildings, buildings and still buildings. Phew, what a concrete jungle.

East, south, west, north view of NYC from the observation deck.

Later Ziggy showed me around the Midtown and Uptown. Thanks God. She was a nice guide! She brought me to the popular tourist spots such as Central Park, Washington Square Park, Lincoln Center, New York State Theater, Rockefeller Center, etc and explained every little thing to me. I found the right person to meet up. She too bring me to a nice club and i had a fun time there with her friends.

The Statue of Liberty.

Next destinations on the next day were Ellis Island, the first stop for most immigrants from Europe, and Statue of Liberty, presented by France in 1886. Departed from Liberty State Park, we were enjoying the view of Downtown Manhattan and the cool wind at the deck on the ferry.

The Skyline of Downtown Manhattan.

After that, we headed to Atlantic City where famous for its broadwalk, casino gambling and as the inspiration for the board game Monopoly and most importantly also Ziggy`s hometown. Spent couple of nights there with her family before i went to Washington, DC.