Thursday, 30 December 2010

Exploring Latin America : Bolivia

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FuFu Travel - Exploring Latin America
The Brief Preview Bolivia

Our second destination will be one of the highlights of the journey. It's the majestic and heavenly-liked Bolivia. Hedy may join my adventure since she would have a long Christmas and New Year's vacation. Otherwise, i will enjoy the picturesque scenery with little FuFu. Truly touching the rich folklore Bolivia has. Deeply breathing the fresh yet mysterious air. Quietly listening to the heart-beating of the mother nature. What a life.

Bolivia is one of the least developed countries in South America with almost two-thirds of its people, many of whom are subsistence farmers and miners, live in poverty. However, I am anticipating to meet friendly and passionate people. I would like to thoroughly observe their charisma, communicate with their holy hearts, and taste their colourful cultures. Without any disturbance from money and benefit. Lazily enjoying the carefree lifestyle. Get myself completely hanged on the rainbow. Chasing around with angels in the picturesque scenery.

" I will bring these Japanese Yen to travel around Latin America! Should be enough i guess. Don't ask me how much Yen i still have. Just wanna let you guys know, i was once a millionaire (nothing to be proud of because the currency is in Japanese Yen). And very soon Miss Bankruptcy will knock my door because of all these travelling. "



Monday, 27 December 2010

FuFu Travel - Exploring Latin America

** Hey guys, FuFu is now travelling around Latin America, if you wanna see his latest updates more often, go to his Facebook --> Search Lam Ching Fu. Or click the badge below. Thank you. **


FuFu Travel - Exploring Latin America

Boys and Girls, welcome on board the world's marvelous (BeautiFu and WonderFu) FuFu Royal Airways. This is FuFu speaking, your captain of this 2-month-plus-long-haul journey. Gladly, all of my lucky stars have been properly seated. FuFu Travel - Exploring Around Latin America will be started shortly. Kindly stick your ass on the chair in front of the screen, access to internet and come to FuFu's Facebook. Leisurely get ready and soon i will bring your eyes with me exploring this exotic continent. I wish you will enjoy all these adventures. Thank you.

This journey will not include even one luxurious buffet meal. But, no worry, because i love having nutritious cereal and bread with milk every morning at the hostel as well as home cooked dishes after meeting up my friends and their families. Can't afford for the expensive travel package? Calm down, i have already well-prepared my very own budget itinerary. Noteworthy that it's never a shame if i have to dine myself throughout the journey. Because, i still have my little FuFu and, who knows, new acquaintances will be arranged to accompany me. Anyhow, no matter what, i will appreciate every meal, be it just a piece of plain bread or packet of cookies.

Stay tuned for Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay or probably Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. Thank you.

p.s. : No DSLR? You can't stop me from taking pictures. Luckily my old DC is still functioning.




注 : 沒有單眼相機? 你阻止不了我拍照的! 我還可以用傻瓜相機拍照, 吹呀! LOL

Friday, 24 December 2010

Exploring Latin America : Paraguay

** Hey guys, FuFu is now travelling around Latin America, if you wanna see his latest updates more often, go to his Facebook --> Search Lam Ching Fu. Or click the badge below. Thank you. **


FuFu Travel - Exploring Latin America
The Brief Preview | Paraguay

" I don't change much. Do i? LOL "

The first destination is Paraguay. I have a friend living in Asuncion, Paraguay. She actually was my classmate when we were studying Japanese together in Osaka, Japan. We had been living under one same roof for a year (April 2002- March 2003). After that, she moved to the East (Tokyo), while I was staying in Osaka and then shifted to the West (Hiroshima). It’s been seven years since we both last met. Wondering if she could still recognise me?

Fortunately, both of us still being in touch. I will be staying there for about a week, quickly and deeply integrating myself as a local while applying the tourist visa to visit Bolivia. Bet we must have lots to catch up from each other. Like the old days we all got together, spending our recess time chatting and talking about our countries, clubbing, dancing and making pizza in the kitchen. Anticipating what new sparkling we would have there in her home country. I am extremely looking forwards to seeing my old friend, Hedy, i will be arriving Asuncion, Paraguay this Saturday, probably at 1:30pm!



Wednesday, 22 December 2010

FuFu Travel Around The World

** Hey guys, FuFu is now travelling around Latin America, if you wanna see his latest updates more often, go to his Facebook --> Search Lam Ching Fu. Or click the badge below. Thank you. **


FuFu Travel Around The World

FuFu has visited 31 countries before turning 30 years old. Horray! Level UP. Next life target is to hit 50 countries by September 2011. Now left only Africa to attack. Then only can officially declare "FuFu has travelled around the WORLD" (Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean).

FuFu has decided to explore Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay end of the year. After going back to Europe, i will visit also Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and other countries in Eastern Europe, as well as going to Egypt (the continent of Africa). Hitting 50 countries is not a big deal to a world traveller FuFu! LOL

Guess FuFu can get his life target easily accomplished. Would definitely exceed 50 countries when he is stepping into the new stage of life, starting everything from zero in his 30s. His life adventures and experiences are worth to be recorded down! Thus he would like to share them all with you guys here and also his personal blog. Please stay tuned for more! Allow FuFu to bring your eyes to see the world! Get Ready!

April 2002 - March 2007 : Japan
March 2005 : Taiwan
September 2006 : Hongkong, Mainland China (Guangdong), Macau
March 2007 : United States of America (NYC, ATC, DC, LA, SF)
May 2007 : Turkey
June 2007 : Vietnam, Cambodia
July 2007 : Macau, Hongkong, Mainland China (Guangdong, Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai)
August - September 2007 : Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Spain, England
October 2007 : Singapore, Thailand, Laos
November 2007 : Philippines
December 2007 : New Zealand
January 2008 : Australia
February 2008 : Indonesia
March 2008 : Laos (Homestay)
December 2008 : Macau, Hongkong
January 2009 : Mainland China (Guangdong)
June - August 2009 : Mainland China (Tianjin, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shan'xi, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong)
October 2009 - July 2010 : Germany
July 2010 - Present : Brazil
October 2010 : Argentina, Paraguay


Monday, 20 December 2010

New Neighbourhood - Rua Oyapock

FuFu Life in Curitiba - Brazil
22nd August 2010 | Part Thirteen

FuFu's first month in Curitiba, Brazil, Latin America

It was a great day on the 22nd of August. So, i took my camera out exploring my new neighbourhood. Later, i walked to Botanical Garden before doing my weekly groceries shopping.

Guess what? I saw a type of flower in her full bloom! Like a kid jumping high and posing V when given candies, i was happily surrounding the plant and snapping pictures of our national flower - bunga raya (hibiscus).

It's nice to be allocated here at Rua Oyapock, Cristo Rei. From the historical downtown (Sao Francisco) to this vertically-densed residential area conglomerated with luxurious condominiums along one of the five main corridors in Curitiba. Need to mention that one of the landmarks of Curitba, Botanical Garden is only 3minutes walking from my apartment.

Just in case if you guys not realised that, it's my fifth month here in Curitiba, Brazil, Latin America. Time flies. Here are some of my flashes back - my ever first touch down in Rio de Janeiro (the new 4th continent i have been to), meeting and staying with my host at Sao Francisco area for a week, attending a Christianity possession, wandering around the city centre, knowing other international exchange students, visiting Botanical Garden, clubbing until 5:30am, visiting Iguacu Falls, first kiss with a Brazilian girl in Blumenau, one day train trip to Merretes, etc.

Still have 4 months left before flying back to Germany (April 2011). But trust me, i will do my best exploring Curitiba thoroughly while doing my project here before i start my backpacking journey in Latin America next week. If not, until i am back here again before heading to Rio de Janeiro for the carnival!