Monday, 15 September 2008

Date with my blog-reader

Meeting online buddy or blog-reader is actually a very common dating nowadays. So before officially starting my new job, i managed to meet up one of my readers in Singapore. I have been meeting numerous of cyber friends, but this doesnt mean that i am a random playboy, i dont simply meet a stranger by the way. Take note, i do care of couples of elements and everything counts including the weather before i head out. Anyhow, here is the entry written by Rose, the person i had met couple of months ago.


i knew him through blog-hopping. and he is the last person that i expect to hang out with during my stay. seriously. why would he bother to meet up? we only knew each other for less than a week. he has his life too. anyway, cut the crap. we met up finally.
the first time i met him, i was 5-10 min late. sweaty, smelly, dragging my tired feet, smeared mascara or was it the black eye-bags. Anyway, i am pretty sure i left bad first impression.

based on his description in text, "i'm wearing green+black specs+exit 4+burger king"..i was chanting, okay, green shirt green green black specs, all the way up to the exit. i saw Burger King and there he was, squatting and reading newspaper.

i somehow knew right then he is nice. and no, fyi, i dont judge by the cover. most of my books had bad covers yet they provide the best read around :)

he called me "Roses" so that, i gotta set right. my name is Rose.
(yeah, that bud with red petals which u guys, love to give up to ur gals as an appreciation of love. need i say more, for crying out loud)

the life that he had been through sounds impossible to me before.
like how a young child would look up to elder sibling, i asked him thousand and one questions. traveling and back-packing etc
basically, there were alot of first time for me when i was w him.

i had my joss-sticks burnt, fortune/fate read, first ever mango desserts, and of course, first ever person that i knew through cyber that meet up. it was everything that i had.
he took everything seriously even blogging. he gives a damn about what his readers think of his entries. i think he might be the next KennySia
i enjoyed his companionship so much so that we met up again on the second day.

we separated when i got on the bus home to my aunt's.
he will be starting off with his official job next monday, tomorrow la duh~~
give him lotsa love, shower him with lucks. :)

i never wanted to see his back before leaving, i know i will cry if i had done so

I believe every journey ends off with something and embark with something new and better, always.

a friendship that perhaps might uphold itself few decades down the lane. it is usually too early to assume. in the above picture, i am trying to pout so that my face appears much smaller

I truly has faith that whatever history/background a person might had been through, it is to be proud of and well-respected. a man with history is a man well-molded.

everybody has their own story to tell. life is to be respected.
to live is to be a student forever.


Allow me to add some of the other shots we had taken. Undoubtedly, it was unaccustomed and uncomfortable for both of us at first but soon or later we slowly break the wall and after a while we seems like have known each other for ages though we were growing up from different places, education background, families, etc. But who really care these? As long as we are clicked, we dont need adequate constant conversation like what friends really require, what really matter is the bond that tie us together.

After a marathon talk, we decided to have a drink.

The next day, we had dessert at Bugis Street.

Before eating our desserts...

Oh, i swear i wont try ginger milk curd again.

She looks so cute.

It was my pleasure to have a chance to meet up you Rose. Wish our cyber-friendship could last forever. Also, i would like to meet up more of my readers as i believe it must be fun communicating with readers from all walks of life.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Smiles / 笑容

My ever first name card.

In physiology, a smile is a a facial expression formed by flexing those muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth. Among humans, it is customarily an expression denoting pleasure, happiness or amusement, and can also be an involuntary expression of anxiety. Besides that, i found another few more types of smile in my working atmosphere that containing different meanings.

A smile with expectation can always found from your superior or senior when they pass or ask you to handle a little tiny task. Once you have successfully done your jobs, a smile that showing a grateful expression can also be found from them. I think superiors wish their subordinates could help and lessen them the burden. A smile from your superior after a completed task could real push you forwards and achieve higher.

I bet no one like the smile that hidden a sword behind (literally translated from Chinese, 笑里藏刀). Mind you, dont be so naive until you thoroughly trust and appreciate what your co-worker have nicely done everything for you. He/she may have done so with another purposes. This is the biggest lesson i have ever learned so far. Also, apart of doing your own stuff correctly, you have to watch out and make sure you wont fall into the trap in front of you. Even a small mistake may simply spoil your name. Anyhow, even if you are in trouble, dont be panic-stricken but admit your mistake (even it is a trap) directly to your superior. You may get scolded but at least it is worth to see the picture clearly after that.

It is not easy to earn a smile that denoting respect from your workers. They would always have complaints towards their works. Unless you are a good leader having a good interpersonal skill, your workers will willingly follow your command and complete the work for you. The smile of respect can also be found around the eyes. Thus, eyes contact is also one very important element. It is nothing but motivation, no matter how tired i am, whenever i see them smile at me happily after a task has completed, it boosts me up just like the caffeine of cup of coffee. I appreciate their priceless smiles that real make my days.

To be frank, this is only my first month working in this company, in the construction field. I dont mind living up the 8am to 8pm lifestyle temporarily. I am still learning hard at the job site while attending the construction safety course at night. I give myself couples of months to get to know the job, see whether if i could get used to it. Meanwhile, i have to value the current working lifestyle despite the average high salary compared with others. All work and no play makes FuFu a dull boy, so i chase for a balance between my career and life. I miss the days i used to spend on blogging, sorry for not being able to write more often, pardon me for a while ok? I will make the right decision very soon. Just give let me consider every aspect thoroughly.