Thursday, 30 July 2009

Denizli - Istanbul - Turkey

FuFu World Tour

Breakfast in Denizli.

Turkiye 7th - 22nd May 2007
Denizli, Istanbul
- Turkish Bath - Part Seven

A gorgeous breakfast i had ever had.

Forgot to update the special breakfast ever i had in Denizli with Necla. It may be a simple and common breakfast but to me, a tourist, it was totally an awesome surprise in the morning. The additional great atmosphere at the restaurant with the great table setting and design, it was wholly the best one i ever had. As the first destination of my world tour, undoubtedly, i had ton of great adventures in Turkey. Thanks God, i had Necla, her family and her friends to be with me during the 15 days.

Ceyda (Necla`s younger sister) and Necla.

Well anyway, after coming back from Antalya, we met up Ceyda at the bus terminal. How lucky was FuFu. He had a great dinner with two pretty girls. My last dinner with them in Denizli. I promised Ceyda that i will pay the family a visit again in the near future. Probably will be back in 2010.

We talked until the driver got into the express bus. I went back to Istanbul myself. Alighted at Acvilar and took taxi back home. Sevda and Anne (mother in Turkish) were waving me in front of the balcony. Lunch was prepared. How nice Turkish people are.

I was freaking tired travelling by express bus from Fethiye to Denizli (6hrs) then Istanbul (10hrs). Started writing postcards to my friends after having a good nap.

Turkish postcards.

Then came the dinner time! Today`s menu was spaghetti, fried chicken, yogurt and tomato.

Having cay, Turkish tea after dinner is a must. Our interpreter, Necla was in Denizli busy preparing for her coming test. Fortunately, she left us a good English-Turkish dictionary so communication with Sevda and her mother was not difficult while having tea in the living room.

Cay, Turkish tea.

The next morning, breakfast was served on the table once i had got ready to go out. I was told to finish it. Damn it took me couple of minutes more walking to the bus stop. I was so full!

Local railway station.

Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi is a wellknown atmospheric water pipe place in Beyazit district, Istanbul. The neighbourhood tradesmen and local rest here along with tourists. The leafy courtyard of the Medrese contains an outdoor garden, gift shops old carpet kilim shops. Indoors, small historical buildings stand side by side. Cafes serve various flavour of Turkish water pipe as well as tea and soft drinks. Originally this place was a Medrede, a Muslim theological school.

Turkish Mystic Water Pipe Garden.

Old Carpet Kilims, leather and textile.

A dense Jewish neighbourhood is one of the historical sites of Istanbul that you must not miss out. There you can see how real is the local working life and the architecture of the historical buildings.

I saw the crowd lining up and drinking the water from a machine standing beside a mosque. I thought it must be something special holy water. So i decided to join the local and had a cup to moisture my throat after a long walk around the historical site.

Everyone knows that i am proud to be a Malaysian. But when i saw Proton Gen-2 in Istanbul, my heart smiled! I wanted to tell Turkish people that i am from Malaysia. The car was imported from Malaysia. Well, Proton is the Malaysian national car maker which was established in 1983 under the direction of the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad. When i observed carefully i found that there are quite a number of Proton outlets in Istanbul. I am glad to see Malaysian car running on other country!

Proton Gen-2

Then i walked to Yeni Valide complex. It is a large domed room that houses the graves of Turhan Hatice Sultan, Murad V, Osman III, Mehmed IV, Mustafa II, Ahmed III and Mahmud I, as well as numerous members of the royal family.

Misir Carsisi (Spice Bazzar).

Next i walked to Spice Bazaar. Another bazaar that worth you to pay a visit. Unlike Grand Bazaar, you can get the finest Turkish delights, spices, vegetables, fruits, flowers, pets and cooking utensils, basically everything in Spice Bazaar.

Above are the pictures of the spices and below are the popular Turkish delights that tourists must not miss to bring back as souvenir.

Continued with the pictures taken beside the bazaar.

I was exhausted. Took the train back home earlier. Dinner was a very typical local dish! Mushrooms and green chillis cooked with tomatoes, eaten with bread. The desserts, rice pudding was great! It was served to me both hot and cold.

Yummy turkish rice pudding.