Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Skydiving in New Zealand

** Since FuFu is still trying hard to settle down in Frankfurt, Germany, adapting a totally different new living and studying environment in Europe and also while waiting for a new laptop, he would like to share some of the previous posts. Here is the old entry written in Taupo after the thrilling skydiving and exciting bungy jumping. Wish you guys would like it. **

FuFu Skydiving
16th - 17th January 2008 | Taupo, New Zealand |

Just right after jumping off the plane.

Hey folks, skydiving is very exciting! Love it very much. Just simply can't put the feeling in words now. It really is unexplainable. You have to come here and do it yourself to feel the real excitement! It's though worth to pay NZ$ 409 (RM1000) for the diving with a video for the whole process till landing and pictures in DVDs plus a tee shirt.


Have nearly spent all the money i hard earned from strawberry picking on transportation, accommodation, tour, skydiving, bungy jumping, food, etc. Only little left for Australia, nevertheless, i must have fun first. Well i am just back from bungy jumping. It was very awesome either! Anyway, i will let the pictures below explain everything for the skydiving! Bungy jumping later. Have a nice day my friends. I need to catch the bus for Wellington in half an hour. Ciao.

Hi Mum, 16/01/08. FuFu.

Believe me, Earth is really ROUND.

Here is the video of FuFu's Skydiving.

It's 10 minutes long, wish you guys would be patient for the loading.

Hohoho... one more, here is FuFu's Bungy Jumping.

Make sure your heart is in good condition before watching this clip.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Strawberry Picking in New Zealand

** Since FuFu was busy for the preparation to Germany and couldn't get the Europe World Tour updated, hence he would like to share some of the previous posts. Here is the old entry written in New Zealand while FuFu was working parttime picking strawberry in Albany almost two years ago. Wish you guys would still like it. He is now waiting the flight off to Frankfurt, Germany at Bandaranaye International Airport, Colombo, Sri Lanka. **

FuFu Working Holiday
Albany, Aukland, New Zealand
27 December 2007 - 22 January 2008

Gerelja Bros Strawberry Orchard.

Strawberries. Huge, juicy, and sweet.

Yeah, the strawberries FuFu had nicely picked.

Friends were busy picking while FuFu was busy taking pictures.

Strawberry picking buddy, Syu Jin (Korea).

Strawberry picking buddies, Yumi and Miyuki (Japan).

Strawberry packing that going to be exported to Australia.

Strawberry picking buddy, Kimmy (Malaysia).

Strawberry Jam Washing Team.

Off for sightseeing on Sunday - Sky Tower, Aukland.

In front of National Musuem, Aukland, New Zealand.

Mount Eden, Joey, Joe, Jack and FuFu.