Tuesday 31 August 2010

FuFu Malaysia Project - I am from Malaysia

FuFu Malaysia Project
24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 4

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 4 : I am from Malaysia

A month after my graduation, i pursued what i was not expected to pursue. A job at a civil and construction company (or something) after getting a master degree from one of the top and prestigious universities in Japan, a steady income and life, in my head, that was what supposed to be eventually laid out in a golden platter for me.

FuFu Round-the-world trip, May 2007 - April 2008.

Fast rewind, approximately three years ago, i had ticked off my plan to further my research from that list i made in university. So neither did i start working. Of course i did know what life meant and what i wanted in it. I was instead on a new list to fulfill - travel around the world.

Thus, without having any commitment, i decided to jet off on my own to far far away. Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Macao, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Spain), UK, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, from May 2007 till April 2008.

Frankfurt Gay Pride Parade, 17 July 2010.

Had been working in Singapore for half a year later. I then decided to continue pursuing my dream which i didn't get it fulfilled in Japan. I applied for a master course in Urban Agglomerations (better understood as Urban Planning) after visiting a Postgraduate Fair in Kuala Lumpur. Four months before flying to Germany, i touched down Tianjin, China and started my solo two-month-backpacking journey to Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shan'xi, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau. And now i am doing my exchange semester in Brazil, Latin America.

Botanic Garden of Curitiba, Brazil, 07 August 2010.

There's no stranger in my wonderFu and beautiFu (FuFu) world but the person i have not met yet. So during all these travels i have done so far, i have been meeting a lot of travellers and passers-by, from all walks of life and all over the globe. The common language we used to communicate is of course English. While moving from one place to another, or when we sit down do the talking, we can't avoid touching the topic of our countries. And i am proud to show them my Malaysia passport.

"Where are you from?", a common question they would definitely ask.

"I'm from Malaysia", proudly i said.

Rewind back to 2002, when i first talked to group of Japanese and my friends, they had no idea where was Malaysia located and how the country looked like. But i found out later, they all knew the "whereabouts" of Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Singapore is well known of its cosmopolitan world city, a leading financial centre and has business-friendly economy system. Whereas Thailand has well established the country as one of the world's popular tourist destinations with its authentic and colourful culture. Indonesia, an Islamic country with world's largest population of Muslims but successfully articulates and promotes the diversity (culture, ethnicity, food, natural resources) that shapes the country.

Malaysia, the Truly Asia. What could i tell them? How should i promote my beloved country? Quota system? Bumiputra privileges? Racial discrimination? The rising temperature of the political scenario? Recent ethnic tensions? No kidding. I am not going to make thing worst. Instead, i would tell them how we, Malaysians have been working together moving the country forward to the world's arena. For examples, Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers (world's tallest twin buildings), Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Serpang F1 Circuit, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-racial country, biodiversity, beaches, Mount Kinabalu, etc.

Probably you may say our achievement could be more than this. But sincerely ask yourself. How much have you been contributing to this country? How often do you or your parents attend PTA (Parents-Teacher Association) meeting? Do you know the height of our highest and World Heritage's Mount Kinabalu? How tall is Petronas Twin Towers? Can you still now fluently sing our national anthem, Negaraku*? Do you able to tell or describe your friends what our flag means? Can you answer all these question correctly? Are you really from Malaysia? Stop complaining and criticizing ! Go study all these from the beginning. Learn how to be a truly Malaysian before telling people that you are from MALAYSIA.

I believe Malaysia has several peacemakers. I am not trying to be one of them (still far away to be a peacemaker). I have many close Malay and Indian friends when i was studying in Japan. We used to hang out together. Especially during the festive seasons, we celebrated Hari Raya Puasa*, Deepavali* and Chinese New Year together happily. We even had a small booth at Hiroshima University Festival, promoting and selling Malaysian food. Day before the festival, we all gathered together, preparing the food. During winter break, we went snowboarding together. Throughout the year, we organised picnic and some sightseeing tours in Japan. They never fail to invite me to join any activity. We care, love, respect and think of each other at anytime. This is what we all Malaysians should do! I am still keeping in touch with them now.

Some of you might argue why FuFu is not staying at Malaysia since he is so patriotic. Well, i was offered to study in Japan. After that, i decided to travel around the world. I always am feeling ashamed because i have been to many countries but not really been exploring Malaysia. You may say it's a lame excuse. But i seriously wanna explore the world as much as i could before i critic Malaysia. Also only with the experiences from everywhere in the world, i could voice out my opinions to improve and push the country forward. By the way, i am going to finish my master degree by next year July. Look forward my return and i will guide you all back to the correct path.

One Malaysia, One FuFu. Raise the national flag. Show your love to Malaysia.

Negaraku* : My country.
Hari Raya Puasa* : Muslims celebrate this festival, marking the culmination of Ramadhan, the holy month of fasting.
Deepavali* : Festival of Lights, this celebration marks the triumph of good over evil celebrated by Hindu community.

p.s. 1 : The union or canton of dark blue represents the unity of the peoples of Malaysia.

p.s. 2 : Hari Raya is just around the corner, remember to deliver the greetings to our Muslim friends.

p.s. 3 : It's 31st August today. Happy Merdeka everyone!

--------- | 我是從馬來西亞來的 | ---------



Saturday 28 August 2010

FuFu Malaysia Project - Malaysian Boleh

FuFu Malaysia Project

24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 3

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 3 : Malaysian Boleh* (FuFu Boleh)

After a year of studying Japanese at the language centre, i started my college life in spring 2003. I was the first and only Malaysian studying in Syusei Technical College. My professor always giving me pressure that i had to study harder because i was the representative from Malaysia. I love my country so i wanted to proudly prove that FuFu as a Malaysian can achieve well in other countries because without Malaysia i wouldn't be able to go that far.

"Lam Ching Fu from Malaysia."

I was calling out up to the stage to receive the awards, so did Malaysia being mentioned three times. I was feeling extremely proud but with a dash of disappointment because Malaysian flag couldn't be raising up together with our national anthem playing along. Fortunately, two years later, my mother, god mother and sisters came to my graduation ceremony of Hiroshima University. It's really good to have them there sharing my little achievement. Malaysian Boleh. FuFu Boleh.

Malaysia Boleh is a good slogan. But i would much-super-rather prefer to say Malaysian Boleh. Because we seriously need to have citizens who are totally open minded, diligent, rational-thinking, anti-racism, respect the diversity and good team players. Without these groups of people, how could we successfully make Malaysia Boleh? Too hard to get my point? Alright, for an example, to make a good wine that would be internationally famous of, below which is the most appropriate?

A. Find a suitable location for the grape you are trying to grow.
B. Cultivate vinifera grapes which are known as the best grapes.
C. Add excellent yeast to ferment the wine.
D. Ensure the fermentation process is good.
E. Store the wine in appropriate barrels.

All options sound alright but which would you choose for the question?

No earthquake, no volcano eruptions, no typhoon or hurricane but bad flooding during monsoon period, no severe drought but sometimes can be torching, no twister and so on. Malaysia is free from natural disasters, it's a safe, ideal and fertile land to grow the grapes. Then, we have also several type of good vinifera grapes' seeds. Brown, yellow and black.

Following steps for grape cultivation are very important. Don't give too much shade because grapes should enjoy sunbathing. Too much fertilizer can irreparably damage a grape. Do balance the watering so the sweetness would not be fading away. If this cultivation process is not handled well, grapes will be susceptible to certain elements that are hazardous to its growth and maturation. You can't make good wine if you don't have good grapes.

Yeast? We have been investing a lot of money in it though yeast is just a supporting role actor, we just need a small amount of it in the fermentation process in the oak aging barrels. But forget it, because it can still somehow help enhancing the quality of wine after all. Storing is also another wisdom. Because wine will react with the wood of the barrel and undergo changes that develop its character, hence keep the barrels in a cool ventilated location. Never ever let other people brainwash the barrels. Enhance the security system! Also, all barrels need a way for the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast to escape. Otherwise, when a certain amount of carbon dioxide is collected and powerful enough to explode, the land will be all RED, spilled with wine. Think twice! Remember to put the "Be Cautious", "No Fire" and other safety signboards. Never ever let the moron-made disaster happen again!

While most of us would just pick up and pay for a bottle of wine, some people make their own wine. If you have got good quality of grapes could be growing in your fertile yard, you may have wondered how to make wine. Therefore, above are the steps to take to turn grape juice into a fine alcoholic beverage.

Back to the question, so the ideal answer would be B. Since we already have the ideal land, yeast, fermentation knowledge and good oak barrels, we just need to cultivate the grapes properly, give them adequate love, proper care as well as equal amount of water, sun, fertilizer. Conclusion, the wine can't be considered as Boleh until you have cultivated the capable and caliber grapes for the wine making.

Don't tell me you still can't get what i am trying to mean! READ it again. Anyway hope you enjoy reading this article. One Malaysia? One FuFu is better. lol Raise the national flag. Show your love to Malaysia.

Boleh* : Can
Malaysian Boleh* : (loosely translated means) Malaysian Can Do It

p.s. 1 : The red (7) and white (7) stripes stand for equal status in the federation of the member states (13) and the federal government (1).

p.s. 2 : Decided not to put more of my pictures. Instead enjoy reading my short story please.

p.s. 3 : If you find it offensive reading my show-off, please get lost! Because it's my own true short story.

p.s. 4 : Courtesy of How To Make Good Wine.

27/08/2010 | Curitiba, Brazil

-- | 因爲你 馬來西亞人可以做得到 | --




Thursday 26 August 2010

FuFu Malaysia Project - Bahasa Malaysia

FuFu Malaysia Project
24th August - 16th September 2010 | Episode 2

FuFu Malaysia Project - Episode 2 : Bahasa Malaysia

I was sent to a vernacular Chinese kindergarten and primary school which all subjects were taught in Mandarin except English and Bahasa Malaysia. I completed my primary studies with 2As, 2Bs and 2Cs. Because I had a C for Bahasa Malaysia*, i needed to study the language at the preparatory class so i could catch up all the subjects that would be taught in Bahasa Malaysia for the next five years.

After SPM (O-level) i decided to study Form 6 (A-level or pre-university studies) instead of going to college or private university. The reason i couldn't enter local/public university at that moment was i failed my Bahasa Malaysia. (I used to score at least B3 though) On one fine day, nearly 6 months before STPM (Malaysia Higher Education Examination), i bumped into a small advertisement of the scholarship application by Japanese Government when reading newspaper.

Curiously, i requested for the application form. Sent it out. Sat for the exam (in English). Passed! Called for second screening. Interview passed. Sent out the letter of recommendation and document of extra curricular. Body check-up done. Got the air ticket to Japan from the Japanese Ambassador. Flew to Japan on the 1st April, 2002. Even though i failed Bahasa Malaysia, i still could get the scholarship from Japanese Government. (I retook the subject and got myself B4)

Conclusion, (not to mention those top schools like Chungling, Samtet, etc) even a small town like Tanjung Malim in Perak has good quality of both primary and secondary schools. A very nice compound and environment for the pupils to study. 90% of my teachers were all very capable. Without them, a small school in a small village wouldn't be able to breed several scholars who currently studying abroad under scholarships and elites who actively working in multi-national companies.

No doubt Malaysia is still a developing country. And also i don't dare to say that our education system is the best, at least, as far as i know there's several brilliant scholars and successful people from both my primary and secondary schools. I am glad that i completed both my primary and secondary studies and Pre-university studies in Malaysia. If not i think i won't be to get the scholarship from Japanese Government for the five year course (1year of Japanese and 4years of Bachelor Degree). Thank you, Malayisa. Without you i won't be able to go that far.

We have already built up a very good and strong basement, though now the Civil Engineers and Architects are arguing over the cost versus fancy design, also Electrical Engineer has detected some errors, just we all need to sit down together, sipping over a glass of teh tarik (Malaysia national milk tea) each while reviewing, discussing and planning the blue print again by using 3Rs. Rational. Respect. Reunited. No matter what main stream language (English or Bahasa Malaysia) we are gonna use in our education system (subject only to secondary school), we still manage to inject the knowledge thoroughly to everyone in these twenty years! What are you waiting for? Go back now and send you kids to the schools in Malaysia. We have good education system! You guys have to agree with me, because without Malaysia, would you be able to achieve that great?

We don't need to be the best. Good is more than enough. One Malaysia, One FuFu. Raise the national flag. Show your love to Malaysia.

Terima Kasih* : Thank you
Bahasa Malaysia* : Malaysia Language

p.s. 1 : I don't wanna touch the quota system and funding for the Chinese schools here because i am talking about the quality of the education system. Just wanna let you guys know Malaysia does provide good quality educational system.

p.s. 2 : Yes, FuFu was a truly book worm. Yes, he looked very nerdy. And also very serious when it comes to study. Yes, he rarely played hard when he was young.

p.s. 3 : Wanna extend many thanks to my parents for sending fufu to Chinese primary school.

p.s. 4 : Yellow is the royal colour of the Malay rulers.

25/08/2010 | Curitiba, Brazil

------------------------- | Bahasa Malaysia | -------------------------

FuFu Merdeka Project - Episode 2 : Bahasa Malaysia

Tahukah anda tentang asal-usul bahasa kebangsaan kita?

Selepas kita mencapai kemerdekaan daripada Inggeris, Bahasa Inggeris masih satu bahasa perantaraan yang penting di tanah air kita. Pada pertengahan 80an, Bahasa Melayu telah ditukarkan kepada Bahasa Malaysia dan digunakan secara peleluasan di peringkat penyelarasan kerajaan mahupun di semua tahap sistem pembelajaran sekolah. Dengan laungan Bahasa Baku sempena pembaharuan dalam system pendidikan kita. Saranan ini diharapkan agar kesemua kaum dapat berkomunikasi dalam satu aliran budaya, satu bahasa bagi menyatupadukan semua bangsa rakyat di Malaysia yakni kaum Melayu, Cina dan India.

Sesungguhnya begitu, ramai rakyat bersependapat bahawa Bahasa Inggeris sepatutnya dilanjutkan sebagai media pengajaran dan pembelajaran sekurang-kurangnya di peringkat Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan. Tetapi, saya masih bepegang teguh dan yakin akan Bahasa Malaysia juga dapat mencapai matlamat yang sama atau lebih baik daripada yang kita mampu jangkakan. Cuba kita lihat dan telitikan negara-negara asing seperti Jepun, Perancis, Hongkong dan Jerman misalan. Negara-negara ini tidak pernah menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa pertuturan and pengajaran utama dari peringkat sekolah rendah mahupun institusi pengajian tinggi awam. Namun begitu, pencapaian dan kemajuan negara tersebut dari segi politik, ekonomi dan sosial amat membanggakan serta menakjubkan. Justeru itu, rakyat seharusnya berbangga dengan negara kita, Malaysia kerana kita mempunyai Bahasa tersendiri yang tunggal.

Khabar berita yang berkenaan dengan ungkitan bahawa Sekolah Rendah Cina and Tamil akan disuraikan. Wahai kedua-dua Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan, bukankah sekolah-sekolah aliran Cina dan Tamil ada mengajar Bahasa Malaysia? Aku sebagai anak Malaysia berdoa agar pihak kerajaan yang berkenan dapat mempertimbangkan bahasa asli (Jenis Kebangsaan) dapat terus diamalkan and dilanjutkan demi kepentingan masyarakat sejagat. Di sini, bukannya aku hendak mempertikaikan perancangan pendidikan kerajaan atau membuat perbandingan, tetapi ingin menyuarakan kata hati aku. Kaum Cina dan India juga boleh menguasai Bahasa Malaysia walaupun mereka berasal dari Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. Bahasa jiwa bangsa. Jom cintailah bahasa masing-masing.

Aku tidak layak atau mampu katakan Malaysia ada sistem pendidikan yang paling baik. Tetapi di dalam mata dunia aku, dengan sistem yang kita amalkan sejak merdeka, bukankah telah kita mendidik banyak mahasiswa, mahasiswi dan elit-elit yang berjaya dalam arena masing-masing. Aku barasa amat bangga dan besyukur kerana aku dapat mempelajari di Malaysia, pernah menikmati dan merasai betapa indahnya zaman persekolahan saya di Malaysia. Terima Kasih, Malaysia. Kerana kamuu, Malaysia, aku berjaya memperolehi biasiswa daripada Kerajaan Jepun,menjejaki segala nikmat dunia dan hasrat aku. Kamu yang menjiwai batin aku dan mewarnakan hidup aku.

Aku juga terharu kerana kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum mampu bertutur dalam bahasa ibonda kita and berkongsi budaya di bawah sebuah atap yang berwarna-warni. Marilah kita bersama-sama menyorak keunikan sistem pembelajaran ini bagi meningkatkan prestasi sistem pendidikan Malaysia di samping melahirkan generasi baru yang berkalibar dan insan yang berdekad yang akan berjasa terhadap negara pada masa akan datang supaya kita boleh duduk sama rendah diri sama tinggi dengan negara-negara lain.

Cintailah Malaysia. Satu Malaysia? Satu FuFu lebih mantap lah. Jangan binggung lagi, kibarkan Jalur Gemilang sekarang!

Wednesday 25 August 2010

FuFu Malaysia Project - Introduction & Episode 1

FuFu's giant heart is always there for Malaysia.

FuFu Malaysia Project
24th August - 16th September 2010 | Introduction and Episode 1

In conjunction with our 53th National Day and 47th Malaysia Day, i decided to carry out a FuFu Merdeka* and Malaysia Project, stuff all about how FuFu loves his country since he was born until 2010. One more week to go until all Malaysians celebrating Independence Day. Hence i would like to share a picture with a short story every day until 31st August. If you like this, please share it on your Facebook. Telling everyone that FuFu is loving Malaysia even though he has been away from the country since eight years ago. Also a full report will be posted here sooner. Stay tuned!

Let's show our patriotism to our beloved motherland! Never ever pissed of with the recent scandals please, instead we should be unity to shape the country better. We can't live without any party. Just like Umno, MCA and MIC* walked together hand in hand until we could finally claim our independence from the British. One Malaysia, One FuFu.

Merdeka* = Independent in Malaysia Language
Umno, MCA and MIC* = Initially the three major ruling parties represent ethnic Malay, Chinese and Indian respectively, forming Barisan National with other parties. Now Barisan National is the major political coalition in Malaysia.

p.s. 1 : FuFu just wanna let you guys know he loves his country very much.

p.s. 2 : No matter where he goes, FuFu will still carry his Malaysian passport and proudly tell people from other part of the world that he is from Malaysia.

p.s. 3 : Please don't give up because of the current pictures we are showing the world. We are still young and need a perfect timing to get the train back on track. Trust me, the captain will soon lead everyone to a better arena.

23/08/2010 | Curitiba, Brazil |






------------------------ | FuFu Malaysia Project | ------------------------

Episode 1 : "Aku Anak Malaysia" (I am a child of Malaysia)

It was a dark, cold and stormy night......
"Wah~wah~wah~wah...". (Benn pulling out. The air is fresh.)
"Congratulation madam, boy!". (Huuh, you, you dare looking at my little birdie!)
"Wah, wah, wah, wah...". (Mummy, she is looking at my...)

Ok ok, it wasn't really cold or stormy. I guess it was in fact, hot and sticky. But it was dark, alright nights are always dark. LOL Also I added those dialogue just to make the whole opening sounds nicer.

I was born on the 22nd March, 1981. The first son of the family. My mother is a very typical woman. She always wanted to have boy, thus i was the best gift from the god after my sister. My grandfather wanted me to be strong and rich, hence he named me as Ching Fu (振富). Chinese believes that name is very important to a person. Believe it or not, it will indirectly influence your personality and shape your life eventually. I dare to say i am stronger than anyone. I dare flying to a complete different country to do my Bachelor Degree, meeting my ever first online friend in NYC, travelling around the world alone, facing any challenge positively. I am also rich! Rich doesn't need to be in monetary. (Well i was rich, was a millionaire). But rather freedom, wisdom, family, friends, innovations, dreams etc. I am glad that i am rich and gifted with all these stuff.

So, my paternal side is originated from Fujian Province, China. Hence Hokkien (福建話) was rung a familiar tone in my ears since the day i was born until i learn to speak the dialect. I speak Hokkien with my family, paternal grandparents side family and relatives. My maternal side is originated from Guangdong Province, south of China where Hakka (客家話) is commonly spoken. Therefore i speak Hakka with my maternal side relatives. Cantonese is the language mainly spoken among the Chinese in the village. Also Hong Kong serial dramas are popular in Malaysia. Not only Taiwanese dramas we like to watch but also Cantonese series. I studied Mandarin at the local vernacular Chinese Primary School for six years. These are the reasons why i can speak so many languages and dialects besides English and Malaysia Language.

Conclusion, i am proud to be a Malaysian. My Japanese Professor once asking me if i ever given another chance to reborn, what nationality would i choose. Frankly, without pausing a second, i answered Malaysia! I am glad that i was growing up in Malaysia. With the unique diversity of people, as you can see how many languages and dialects i speak, there's no second doubt for me not to choose Malaysia as the place i wanna settle down and raise up my kids (if God allows) in the future. Malaysia Truly Asia, the only perfect place that we can produce multi-lingual people. What are you pondering now? Go back to Malaysia and raise up your kids there!

You can share this story on your Facebook. Let's spread the Merdeka mood. One Malaysia, One FuFu.

Aku = I in Malaysia Language
Anak = Kid/boy/girl in Malaysia Language

24/08/2010 | Curitiba, Brazil |

--------- A different Cantonese Version | 不一樣的粵語版本 ---------

話説三四百年前 中國南方一帯既中國人受騙 
被買猪仔到東南亜 从此拒地就在当地生活
落地生根 生児育女 傳中接代 一代又一代
我老豆原籍福建 老媽子就係客家人 
我地郷下係講廣東話既 咁lee個就係我識講廣東話的理由囉
我又自小睇周星馳大 廣東話一定無問題啦
小學我返華語學校 所以我的華語都講得幾流利架
中學我返國語學校 國語係馬来西亜話同埋英語 
係學校就同華人講廣東話 馬来人同埋印度人就講馬来西亞話
雖然係華人 有時我地一班朋友仔都会講下馬来西亞話英文福建話客家話 
都幾搞笑架 仲幾得意添 因為我地見到吾同既人  
就会好自然咁講吾同既語言 頭脳真係要轉得好快架
真係見人講人話見鬼講鬼話 問你死未
去到日本 又多左一個日文 無法子啦
又要再从頭来過 學過一個完全吾識既語言囉
開頭都幾辛苦架 好彩識少少漢字 日文都有漢字架嗎 
不過英文就有少少麻煩 好多字我都忘記左嚕
以前係用英日辞典 架下就用日英辞典 死啦 点算好啊
英文寫就有少少問題 但係講就多多問題囉
吾似以前講得咁流利順暢囉 講下停下 仲要諗返忘記左既字添
希望返到大馬 可以補一補 講返一口流利既英文呀
我吾係什麼語言天才 只係由小講到大 慣左姐
仲有呀 細老仔学野好快架 超不可思議呀
記得以後送你地D仔仔女女 去学琴舞書画啦
由小就慢慢栽培拒地做未来之星啦 然後再搵我lee個金牌経理人啦

我又入銭你袋啦 記住呀 我D讀者朋友叔伯兄弟們 

Friday 20 August 2010

Frankfurt Gay Pride Parade II

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Twenty Seven
17th July 2010 | Frankfurt Gay Pride Parade II

So we had a quick lunch break at Thai Express before catching up with the parade later. I paid almost Euro 10 (RM42) for a plate of spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetable and glass of lime juice. The level of spicy here in Germany is nothing thus i added few spoons of chili sauce. It's good to have spicy food when the weather is cold! After that, we were so hotly ready for the parade! LOL

Rushing to the street where the parade would travel through.

You could see policemen here and there.

The poster advertising a lesbian club in Frankfurt. Interested?

Gay's stamp! Funny!

Love Rebels.

Sea-sun-girls-holiday!!! Guys, wanna join the tour?

FuFu was forced to take picture with a drag queen @ 0:53!

Also people making money by selling bread in the parade!

A guy gave FuFu a flying kiss @ 0:07.

Pamplets/flyers of the clubs were giving out!

So we were rushing to Kurt-Schumacher Street for the last part of the parade. It was the final section so everyone was taking the chance to enjoy the parade, following the beats of ever flooding loud music and dancing while some of the people took pictures with the participants. The parade was reaching its climax but what pissed me off was a bastard suddenly pinched my right ass softly while i was taking video. I shouted "oh my god". I initially thought of my friend but i later found out it was a "mathafucka". I cursed! #@%X&

Anyway anyway, here i would like to clarify thing clear after reading the comments on my previous post. This Gay Pride Parade is one very international event held yearly here in major European cities. It attracts not only LGBT people, also tourists from all over the world. It's public. I mean to attend this parade, you don't need to be a gay/lesbian/bisexual/tranny. If you wanna give your support to the gay pride equality, you can wear what you want and be as colourful and creative as you dare to increase the acceptance from the people. Again, be open-minded and compassionate because LBGT people have been among us and forming part of our community.

Damn that muthafucka old guy pinched FuFu's ass @ 0:56.

OH MY GOD! Sexual harassment!

This event exudes fun, colour, creativity and energy. Dancing up the streets were groups of representatives from different LGBT communities as well as companies such as Deutsche Bank, CommerzBank, etc. To give yourself a taste of this delightful event tradition, take a look at the below pictures and highly recommend to spend your time watching the videos.

Wow... trannies or lesbians. Could you differentiate?

Wanna get your tilts pierced?

Giving out condoms and lubricants!

Also lollipops and candies!

Giving out gay stickers to increase the acceptance and awareness!

Gay's colour - Wave the flag!

WOW. Oh my Buddha!

Heart her/his pose. AWESOME!

Watch this video for his/her Pose!

This person having this pose during the whole parade? Salute!

On the contrary, these two drag queens are disgusting.

The next Gay Pride Parade will eb held in Kassel on the 21st Aug.

"Hallo Papa, i walk through frankfurt as tranny".

(And i have taken your car.)

They brought their own wine to celebrate.

WOW! o.O

Jesus Christ! lol

This girl striping for FuFu!

Bravo! No underwear! And FuFu was nose-bleeding!

Caught! You naughty FuFu.

Huu.... FuFu, naughty naughty.

Hey, FuFu is already an adult! Take it easy. XD

Yeah~ baby~

Oh... sexy or cute or awful?


"We are happy to be lesbian", judged from their smiles.

"Ops, when and where did you pump up your boobs?"

It's a trap! Damn, he trapped FuFu to do the blow-job! lol

Finally the parade had ended.

The pedestrian area suddenly flocked by people!

Everyone was heading to buy beer.

Everyone started the interaction with their own targets.

Only the few of us enjoying the rest of the time in Frankfurt.

Dismissed after a cup of beer. FuFu is missing his coursemates!

Games! Other spectators could take part too. Awesome right?

Didn't know Erla could jump so good!

Ops, FuFu missed the kissing session of a gay couple!

Wow, there's a pair of rabbits @ 0:37.

Wave the Flag - LGBT people are enjoying the parade very much!

Till next year!