Monday, 26 September 2011

A boat and a bird

假設你有一艘船, 正在獨自環游大西洋.
當你遇到一個對的避風港, 不要猶豫了.
立刻把引擎関掉, 上岸探險吧.
真的, 你不用漂泊整個大西洋.

假設你是一只小鳥, 自由自在的飛翔中.
當你看到你要的綠洲, 不要三心兩意了.
趕緊把你的雙腳展開, 準備降落吧.
你必須感受大地的實在, 留下腳印.

As if you have a boat and sailing on Atlantic Ocean.
When you have come to a perfect haven, don't hesitate.
Immediately turn off the engine, set your foot on the mainland.
You certainly don't need to wander the entire ocean.

Imagine you are a bird, flying high in the sky.
Once you have found the correct oasis, don't be shilly-shally.
Spread your feet wide, get ready for landing.
You have to tread a path on this planet.

Slottsberget, Gothenburg, Sweden, 13/08/2011

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Happy Malaysia Day

"Nothing's gonna change my love for you" was playing after "As long as you love me", totally enjoyed the bus ride from Riga, Latvia to Vilnius, Lithuania even though it was raining. (Didn't expect the radio in Baltic countries play nice old English songs.)

As long as the love is there, there's a hope. Never simply change your love.

Happy Malaysia Day.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 16 September 2011, Sunny

p.s. : Yes, i am currently touring around Europe, since 19th July.