Tuesday, 30 March 2010

FuFu Restaurant

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Part Thirteen
27th - 28th March 2010

Since it's now still in the beginning of the summer semester, i am laying back and enjoying the weekend cooking in the kitchen. It's so much fun making the food i want to eat here in Germany. For your information, i have been cooking since 2002 when i was studying in Japan. So i already have eight years of cooking experience. Instead of a coffee shop, i once a while am thinking to open my own restaurant after my retirement.

A restaurant that will serve the dishes i can cook pretty good or the best i had tried during my travels all around the world. It's gonna be named as FuFu Restaurant that broadening one's culinary horizons with international dishes as if "you name it, you will get it" while highlighting the local food and promoting FuFu secret recipe as well. I will design a special combination for the menu or set meal that caters everyone's preference.

I love fine food while spending time with friends and sharing my adventures, so the only thing better than going to other restaurant is owning my very own down-to-earth restaurant. FuFu restaurant will also symbolise a more cultures side of humanity. It provides a place where people may gather to discuss my travelogues, flip through the photo albums, get travel information or tips plus all of my adventures will be shared.

In the cuisine culture, food is accepted as social, affluent, and downright hip. It's also a highly lucrative business since we need to eat and drink everyday in order to survive. And i wish to set the price rather reasonable than profitable or pricey. If i couldn't get a better job once i have completed my studies, i would like to set up a restaurant that not only serves different styles of food, also to share all of my travel adventures with the customers.

Imagine enjoying a plate of spaghetti after a bowl of hearty herbal soup, or sipping a cup of teh tarik (Malaysian milk tea) while having a plate of yummy Turkish pilaf (fried rice) while looking at the pictures, watching the video or reading the travelogues. With a dash of FuFu authentic worldwide adventures added that will definitely elevate the status of the restaurant. Also a chance to catch up with the world traveller - FuFu. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

Panang Curry Paste and the ingredients for FuFu Curry.

FuFu Curry = Potato + Tomato + Curry Past + Carrot + Chicken.

FuFu Salad = Lettuce + Cucumber + Tomato + Olive Oil + Vinegar.

FuFu Curry Rice (Malaysia) and FuFu salad (Italian).

Very HOT? No worries, salad (cucumber and lettuce) helps!

The set lunch on last Saturday was really yummy. Having half of the curry left and didn't want to have the same style of curry for dinner, i therefore simmered it as thicker as Japanese curry. At the meantime, i was making another simple dish for dinner with two eggs - Chawan Mushi ( 茶碗蒸し, Japanese-style egg custard). It's a nice set dinner that came out naturally with what left in the shelf. To make it a luxurious dinner, i indulged myself with a fruit yoghurt.

Simmer the curry longer to make it thicker = Japanese Curry Rice.

FuFu Homemade Chawan Mushi (Japanese-style Egg Custard).

Japanese-style curry rice.

Smooth + aromatic = yummy.

Fruit Yoghurt as the dessert of the day.

I had an important appointment in the toilet the next day. It was so smoothly done! To get my body recharged for the coming hectic week, i decided to make a hearty herbal soup i got from the Asian Market on the lazy gloomy Sunday. Chinese herbal soup, a distinctive feature of Chinese soup, is one of the easiest ways to cook and the herbs have gentle tonics and also renowned for curative functions. This palatable chinese herbal soup nourished the body and quenched the throat.

FuFu Hearty Herbal Soup.

Ingredient : Seven Chinese Herbs (Pearl Barley, Lotus Seeds, Dioscores, Lily Bulb, Fox Nuts, Poly Gonatum, Longan.)

Directions : Wash the herbs well before cooking. Boil all ingredients with skinless chicken or lean pork with 10 bowl of water. Simmer for three hours. Add salt for seasoning.

富富愛 心靓湯

藥材 : 苡米, 蓮子, 濰山, 百合, 肇實, 玉竹, 元肉

煮法 : 將所有藥材加入瘦肉或去皮雞肉以及清水十碗, 以文火煲約三個小時, 略加鹽調味即可享用富富愛心靓湯

It's a palatable + healthy soup.

FuFu drank all the soup, bowl bottoms up. *slurp*

Apart from the FuFu restaurant, i still have many stuff planning to be done. I wanna publish my first photo book/album, documenting my travelogues and get it published. Also to continue the second part of my world trip. Crazy? Impossible? Never laugh at anyone's dreams, because dreams can come true. Hey folks, dare to dream big! Impossible? Make it "I'm possible"! Remember, a good dream takes us one step closer to the goal.

So, who has the money and wanna to be my partner? It's a golden plate of opportunity. If being a restaurant owner sounds like the career of your dreams, FuFu is a good partner for you. I have been learning how to do business since i was ten years old at the grocery shop and then wet market selling vegetables. Let's work together setting up a successful business without spending a huge fortune but make a fortune. I wanna earn my first bucket of gold and let's succeed in this business venture.




Wednesday, 24 March 2010

FuFu Birthday Part Two

FuFu Live in Frankfurt - Part Twelve
29th Birthday - 22nd March 2010

Officially, FuFu is now twenty nine years old.

After getting up from my comfy bed on the first day of my 29th year, i anticipated kicking off the first trip to Wiesbaden, the capital of the Federal state of Hesse which is located thirty minutes away from Frankfurt by train. Wiesbaden is a historic spa city which has catered to people from countries near and far for many centuries.

Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof (Wiesbaden Main Railway Station).

It was built between 1904 and 1906.

A pocket park situated just in front of Wiesbaden railway station.

Once i had arrived the city, i passed by a pocket park in front of the railway station before heading to the core of the town. I heard birds chirping, saw the squirrels chasing each other, spotted Spring flowers blooming and people enjoying the sun everywhere. Spring is in the air, finally on my birthday.

Spring is in the air! Hehehe

FuFu wanna be the purple flower, standing out among the rest.

Growing stronger, tougher and better.

Several days later, the country will in the blooming season.

The parks in Germany are all very inviting. Gotta visit more often!

Guess what building is this? You have three seconds.

It's a casino, named Kurhaus, situated next to Kurpark.

Wiesbaden was famous for gambling too. The Kurhaus casino has reopened and now rivalled those casinos located throughout the country. It's an imposing building with a massive Ionic portico and behind the Kurhaus extends the well groomed Kurpark.

Not only you, FuFu thought it was museum or city hall or library, etc.

Later FuFu moved on to Kurpark.

FuFu spent some times at the park.

Enjoying the blue sky, cool wind, Spring air, and sun.

After that, FuFu started snapping the flowers.

It's absolutely nice laying on the grass.

Then FuFu headed to the centre of the historical town.

The busy shopping street that packed with people.

The Schloßplatz (Palace Square) at Markstraße (Market Street).

The Schloßplatz (Palace Square) that situated in the center of the city is surrounded by several outstanding buildings - Market Church, City Hall, Ducal Palace, etc. It also a main pedestrian area at the core of the city where shops line the street and alleys, and mostly closed off to cars the whole day. It's pretty comfortable and relaxed to walk around this old town. I didn't really explore the town but rather enjoy strolling around, window shopping and taking pictures.

And saw a magnificent church from the narrow pedestrian street.

The majestic Marktkirche (Market church).

This neo-Gothic steeple dominates the center of Wiesbaden.

An important historical building. (Had forgotten its name.)

The Palace Square.

Typical German square - church, buildings, shops and open space.

Wiesbaden Rathaus (Town Mayor Hall) built in 1886.

The two towers of the Rathaus with nice pinnacles.

It's around six in the evening. Gotta take the train back to Frankfurt.

Happy 29th Birthday to FuFu. Got a muffin from a German bakery.

Also got a 50% off blueberry doughnut at 7.30pm. Lucky!

"... happy birthday to FuFu.... make a wish..."

And dinner was ABC soup (potato + tomato + carrot + chicken).

Yummy yummy. Loved the dessert!

FuFu had prepared the soup in the morning before he left.

It was a very nice birthday feast.

Who said one's birthday has to be celebrated with friends and family? Well franking speaking, it should be. Anyway anyway, i am away from home and will be celebrating my birthday later on Friday with my coursemates, so i decided to have a solo short trip on my 29th birthday. It's not bad celebrating the day which is belong to me quietly. Loved to spend the time alone for pondering, reflecting back things and gratitude to what i have in my life.

A loser? Shut up! You certainly don't know how to enjoy life. It can be fully utilised if you found the correct direction. Used to surrounded by friends and family since 1981, but at least now i know how it tasted like on my 29th. I totally enjoyed it. Again, happy birthday FuFu. Wish you all the best. Dreams come true. Stay healthy. Be happy.

Hey, it's just a number! FuFu doesn't look like 29 years old. Right?

Love the smiles. Be happy always FuFu!

FuFu birthday coincides with spring, a time when all comes alive again, renewed and refreshed for a new year, another four seasons full of hope! What a good omen for the birthday boy FuFu! - from Kenny -