Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Frankfurt Book Fair

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Chapter Three
18th October 2009

Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest trade fair for books in the world which is held in mid of October at the Frankfurt Trade Fair Centre (Frankfurt Messe) annually. It's the hallmark for global publishing companies represented in the field of culture. China as the Guest of Honour this year attracted more than two thousands traders from the mainland participating in this book fair, setting up a new record of the number of publishers.

Though still new in Frankfurt, we certainly didn't want to miss the opportunity to pay the world's largest book fair a visit. It was crowded with visitors and traders on the last day. By the time we got there at 3pm, most of of the pavilions from over 100 countries had already started to pack home though the fair was supposed to be opened until 6pm.

Hoping the publishers would give out some of the books we looking for on the last day, we were however only able to get couple of souvenirs back home. Nonetheless, i had a great time there.

Juan and Claudia, representatives from Latin America.

Ying-han and FuFu representatives from Asia.

China is the Guest of Honour of the book fair this year.

This is for the visitors and traders from China.

The theme of the book fair this year.

China - Tradition and Innovation.

It's not cheap attending this kind of event.

The student ticket costs Euro 7 (RM 36).

Hall 5 - The International Publishers.

Representatives from Chile and Colombia.

The Pavilion of Chile - all in Spanish.

The Pavilion of Mexico - the staff don't speak English.

One of the small pavilions in Hall 5.

The publisher was too lazy to explain.

Guess it's time to proceed to Hall 6.

FuFu spotted Malaysia!

Yeah, that's FuFu homeland.

She found her Taiwan Publishers either.

The book fair hall is HUGE.

The Pavilion of Taiwan Publishers.

The first gift from the Pavilion of Taiwan Publishers.

It was drawn by a Taiwanese Artist in two minutes. Awesome!

The Pavilion of Singapore - boring books.

The Pavilion of Thailand - lack of its identity.

Malaysia Boleh - the pavilion was closed way too early. DAMN.

Anyway, moved to the hall of European countries.

FuFu wanted go to Hall 4. For what?

Closed up. Insane!!

Ouch. Who wanna be the shark?

The Pavilion of Italy - very nice organized.

The Pavilion of Turkey reminds FuFu to visit the country again.

The Turkish massage chairs.

The GIANT books.

The Pavilion of Poland - Guest of the Honour of the fair in 2000.

The Pavilion of Czech Republic.

The VIP Lounge.

Too many books to bring home.

These people distracted the attention of the visitors.

It read as "Freedom for Iran".

"Hallo, young man, let me show you something.", he said.

He's inserting piece of paper into the machine.

He rotated the paper and gave it to FuFu's friend.

FuFu then printed this himself.

Later, moved to calligraphy corner.

Found a greenboard on the ground.

FuFu couldn't wait to proudly write his name.

Honestly speaking, it's not easy to do this type of calligraphy.

Everyone left the book fair at 6pm sharp!

You may ask what normally FuFu does after school?

The answer is watching the live pingpong matches.

Qatar VS Colombia.

FuFu is not good in any sport but has fun playing pingpong.

Out of the expectation, FuFu is digging this invention.

FuFu kicked off the match.

Qatar was way too strong!

Colombia VS Qatar.

Trying hard to GOAL.

Yeah, first GOAL!

"It's the mid of the match now, FuFu gotta work hard."

Well, life has been so far treating me well. I had just back from several field trips. Learned pretty much by watching it myself rather than reading the books. By the way,it's getting cold here in Germany. It was snowing couple of weeks ago when i was heading to Tübingen. Had a little snowball fight with my lovely coursemates. And visited the gorgeous Mecerdes Benz and elegant Porsche Museums in Stuttgart (pictures will be uploaded soon). Ops, my German still has no improvement. Yet i have a German test next Tuesday. Okay, gotta off for the revision. Bye for now.