Monday, 29 December 2008

FuFu Travel - Yuen Long and Victoria Harbour, HK

Jodie, Pui, FuFu, Cheong, Even and Carol.

This would be my third time coming to Hong Kong since 2006. Basically i have already been to those major tourist attractions in the past two years. This time i would like to have something special - enjoy the rural Hong Kong. So, i joined my friends and had a great sunny day cycling down to Pak Nai village.

Lunch at Tin Shui Wai.

Jodie, the nice buddy i havent met for one and a half year.

One of the fishing ponds in Pak Nai Village.

We had three stops for the cycling route. The first two were a local convenience store and fishing pond. The last stop was for the main purpose of this trip - see the sunset over a wetland.

The turtle we found in a convenience store.

The turtle shouted 'Let me go, please'.

Oh no, everyone wanna take pictures with you.

The turtle got upset and ignored us.

Yeah, all of us with the turtle.

Finally we came to the wetland.

Yooo soooo rooooomantic.

Yoooo sooooo sweeeeet.

Okay, after spending a day in the rural area of Hongkong, i met up another group of friends at Victoria Harbour for a dinner. Long famous for its spectacular view, the harbour is the one i would never miss every time i come to Hongkong. There, we posed for random pictures as well.

The Christmas deco in Harbour City Mall.

Dinner at DanRyan`s with German and Ivan.

After dinner we walked to the harbour.

We looked so gorgeous with Victoria Harbour as the background.

Model photoshooting started.

Movie poster of Victoria Harbour`s Love.

I could be an awesome model, dont you think so?

German, that star represents our long lasting friendship.

Alright, i am heading to Guangzhou in couples of hours with Jodie. Will be celebrating new year in China. Guess i wont be able to get online there, so i would like to wish all of my friends here a happy new year ahead.

Only few days left to 2009.

Oxen are coming to kick 2008 away...

Thursday, 25 December 2008

FuFu Christmas

Merry Christmas from SH Office Tower.

Had been celebrating Christmas during snowboarding trips in Japan for the past five years, FuFu, finally had something special for 2008 - Christmas in Hong Kong. Although it was not a White Christmas, at least, it was a great and cold one.

FuFu, German and Ivan.

Met up my buddies, German and Ivan yesterday for the Christmas countdown. Before dinner with their friends, we took couples of pictures in front of a building dressed with Christmas related decorations in Wan Chai.

Cut the crap, we went to Central after dinner.

While waiting the rest to join us...

We killed the time by taking pictures.

All gathered, could you spot them out?

We walked to Lan Kwai Fong.

On the way going to IFC mall.

I didnt get drunk, but just a picture.

The Chirtsmas tree inside IFC mall.

Phew, i just woke up. Had a fabulous Christmas Eve with gang of crazy buddies who all like to take and pose for random pictures. It was a simple yet awesome Christmas Eve for me. Couldnt show all of the pictures here but anyway they will be posted here later. Okay, wish all of you would have a great celebration tonight if you have missed the countdown last night. Merry Chirstmas to everyone.

Monday, 22 December 2008

FuFu Corner

Hey folks, i am now in Hong Kong. Have been meeting and hanging out with my friends since last Friday. It was nice catching up with each other. I will be celebrating my ever fist Christmas here in Hong Kong with friends. I couldnt upload much photos but please enjoy couples of them first for the time being. I will be right back.

The Christmas tree , Hong Kong Disneyland.

American Street, Hong Kong Disneyland.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A date with a Blogger buddy - Part Two -

Win Soon Cafe.

Yenny, a private tuition teacher, had gone out early in the morning for a class on last Thursday. (That was because we could hang out together the whole afternoon until i go back Tg. Malim at 7pm.) Therefore, i was alone at her house. I did what i usually do once my ass is out of bed. But her house has not filter so i boiled water.

I felt embarrassed as my book shelf has only the old textbooks and Japanese reference books. Why? Because i saw rows of books nicely stand in a line on the book shelf. I, without her permission though, took and read some of the books (written in Chinese) while listening to Hitz FM until she come back to bring me out for brunch.

Located somewhere near Jalan Kuchai Lama, KL.

Here is the place we had our brunch, Win Soon Cafe - famous for its fish head soup noodle. We ordered bowl of fish head mee hoon, fish fillet mee hoon (remember i dont eat fish head) and plate of lobster balls.

As always, we snapped at all times.

The waitress looking at me weirdly, wondering why i took the photo of chopsticks.

Not only me, she did the same thing as well.

Stopped attacking me, the food is served!

Fish head mee hoon.

The lobster balls.


Hey look at my fish fillet (yu wat) mee hoon.

She had fish head meehoon and ice lemon tea.

'Shall we start?'

Okay, but one more, after this picture please.

Then, we moved to Pavilion. It took us an hour to get there from Jalan Kuchai Lama because of the traffic jam caused by somebody`s birthday.

The Christmas tree at the main entrance of Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

I would never miss taking this picture once i see Christmas tree.

Pavilion, the interior - Christmas decor.

Ohh... my white angel.

Pavilion is having its Dancing Angels Repertoire at the forecourt now until 25th Dec, 3pm-8pm. We stepped in at 3pm sharply. The dancing was just starting. I was about to get a drink but once i spotted an angel, i had totally forgotten my thirstiness and attracted by group of angel. After the dancing, the angels would be standing there for you to take pictures with.

The angel so happy when seeing me come closer.

FuFu with two angels, so shiok.

Yenny said this angel is the prettiest.

This angel has a long face.

This angel is so cute.

The only male angel.

Yeah, my type, my type. But she was a bit shy standing beside me.

Erm... she is not an angel, but a nice friend.

I was still looking at the angels.

Once the angels had left, i realised my throat was needing moisture. So we purchased two bowls of soya bean curd and cup of soya bean juice. The bean curd was very smooth but lack of the taste of soya bean.

FuFu, TopMan model-wanna-be.



FuFu and Yenny.

博客之投緣篇 第二部曲


到達Pavilion KL我遇見幾位美天使