Tuesday 18 December 2007

The Philippines

5th - 6th December 2007

manila 050-1 manila 049-1
Manila Bay.

I met up one of my Osaka buddies, Anthony. His room was next to mine when we were staying at the dormitory. He used to be the supplier of nice DVDs on the fifth floor whenever we needed `it`. He was the one who never fails to give ton of laughters during the Japanese lessons. Though we hadnt met up each other after we graduated from the Japanese language school in Osaka, it was nice catching up everything not only about ourselves but gossiping our old classmates as well. It is nice to see him again in his home country.

manila 115-1 manila 110-1

His friend Joel, who was also staying at the dormitory showed up later. He is still remembering me but i nearly forgotten his face. He was a postgraduate student and doing his research in Osaka University.

manila 118-1
Joel and Anthony.

I enjoyed the night life in Manila. Yeah you would probably get bored if the pub or club plays bad music. Luckily Joel is a night life lover and he knows where to go. There i found that how outdated i was. That was my first time to listen to the song named Umbrella. Ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh... Lol. Damn i love this song and would like to dance again with the hot Philippino chicks. Also, i was brought to a famous Gay Bar in Malate area. Had heaps of fun there with Steph and her friends.

manila 063-1
It was damn crowded during rush hour at a LRT station.

Well, i headed to Hundred Islands last Friday with Anthony and Vim, away the throat burning pollution and over populated metropolis of Manila.

Hundred Islands, Alaminos
7th - 9th December 2007

manila 168-1
What an amazing view, taken on top of Quezon`s Island.

Phew, I was brought to the right place to stop my world for a while. Sparkling like diamond, the water gliten as the sun`s golden rays touch the pristen sea. The blue sky casts a bright gleam beneath, the spead of white sand shimmers against the stream that changes hue, from emerald green to turquoise and azure.

manila 197-1
Taken on top of Governor`s Island.

We hiked up to a look out point that was overgrown with grass. The guide had promised a wonderful view of all corners on top of Quezon`s Island. Ancient gnarled trees lined our narrow path and we slipped on green moss as we made our way up. We were speechless when we reach the top. The stunning magnificent breathtaking view made us breathe freely there. We had some modelling snapshots over the blue of a clear and unclouded sky.

Modelling on top of Quezon`s Island. Anthony, Vim and FuFu.

Later, we were delivered to Governor`s Island. It was nice travelling during non peak season here as you could really enjoy an intimate experience and private holidays with only your friends or lover. There was only three of us cruising around the islands. Soak up the sun then swim in the waters the sea while leaving your things on the island without worrying about them being lost or stolen.

manila 189-1
Governor`s Island. Fu Anthony and Vim.

manila 268-1
Children`s Island.

We stopped at a snorkelling site and threw our hot bodies into the cool sea. We ignored the tiny stings of small invisible jellyfish, just to enjoy the snorkelling, and then lie in the water and stare at the blue sky. Then we experienced the magical world of the undersea gardens at the most interesting dive spots, explore the secluded lagoons, colourful coral gardens and the giant clams of the Hundred Islands. It was nice swimming with schools of fishes. I saw group of little nemos chasing each others. I love snorkelling. Would like to try scuba-diving sooner.

After Sun, Sea, Sand and Spa, came the time for Snokerlling.


Nightraveller said...

aiyoh, just started your blog?! unbelievable!!! hehehe!

fufu said...

lixing : hahaha... here is the latest site of mine for somebody. =) i am still blogging somewhere else by the way.

Anonymous said...

very nice photographs indeed...i am more interested on sticky rice craker hahahaha...I think that the pictures that you did are really cool, but what would
really be cool is some more pictures of cute you.....take more pics..take care muahh

fufu said...

anon : well you should write the comment on the right post right?? dont mess up everything here ok?

Anonymous said...

i've read this one before, it's awesome!!
The island look like the island of the tv serie LOST!! Do you know it???
So have you seen the "others" :D

Ok, I will now go to sleep, thanks again Fufu for sharing the nice pics. I will dream about those beautifull places on earth (with broccoli images going through) hehehe

Can't wait for new posts of you!
And whenever you are in Holland again, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Hundred Islands are much more better than Thousand Island in New York. At least, it is a beach...because the one in New York is actually a neighboourhood. Regene

Anonymous said...

whoaaa, i got stunned with philipines, seriously ..
Hundred Islands, Alaminos is really beautiful !!
but wait, did you really do snorkeling .. ??
you cannot swim right .. ?? hahahaa

Anonymous said...

wait.. a gay bar ??
so you're now a gay !!
LoL.. just a joke man .. hahaaa

fufu said...

maii : hahaha, i have no time to watch the series, well southeast asia is famous for its beaches, you gotta come here maii, i will show you around then!! just let me know in advance and we try to work it out ok? holland, ok i will give you a buzz as i still havent seen the holland windmills, just manage to spent a day in amsterdam and 2nights in rotterdam =)

regene : yeah do you know there is also hundred/thousand(dont really remember) islands near jakarta? it will be something like 100islands in the philippines =p

nus : well, i had life jacket and pair of fins... no worries!!!

nuss : it was a study tour at gay bar! only gay people can go there?? i didnt know @_@

Anonymous said...

oh a beautiful beach
a good place to dive
You chosse a great places to visit

Anonymous said...

What is a "flying pan" fu? Hopefully you will not have a hard time heating the oil in the "flying pan"
1. Heat oil in a flying pan.
2. When hot, fry chilli paste until oil rises.

Just kidding. Its Anthony. Nice blog. We will go to beach this weekend, wanna join? Thank you for promoting hundred islands. It was my first time to go there too. Did you actually tried all those menus in your blog? Good luck in your job hunting! See u in palawan, boracay or malaysia next time

Jessi said...

Hey Fu this is very impressive I hope you get to go to more places I hope someday I can do the same ^^ take care and I love your blog so many places and memories its great


dewa ashita

fufu said...

isa : yeah, we have many nice beaches in southeast asia =) you gotta come here at least once ya

anthony : hihihi, thanks for your compliment! erm well, i would like to join you guys for the beach and get tanned there, but lets make it next time i visit you guys again ok?

jessi : glad to hear that you enjoy reading my blog, jya yoku kitekudasai ne =)

pusangkalye said...

I am so surprised to know that you have been to the Philippines and the Hundred Islands in particular---you see, my hometown is just next to the Hundred Islands so I have been there many time---I hope you did enjoy your trip to the Philippines......

Ayie said...

HI, i was blog hopping and got curious with your blog. Nice entries. I searched for your Philippines trip specifically to drop my first comment. I also have been in hundred islands recently. =)

will see your blog again!

fufu said...

PUSANG-gala : yeah i actually went to visit my friends in manila =p and they brought me to the hundred islands! i loved the place so much... will definitely like to go back again...you gotta show me around then =p and i wanna go to your hometown as well :)

Ayie : hihihi thanks!! wish you would like my other article as well... and yeah i like hundred islands ya...but too bad i dont have time to keep writing about my world tour... ermm will share you guys the pictures later =p do come back for more updates ya

Ayie said...

Hi fu, I like your other posts. I'll have more time to check today. Yesterday I was about to log out already. I was just curious to see your Philippines tour first since i came from there. Btw, it's nice to see you in my blog. Thanks for dropping. I have a hundred islands post there too. =)

fufu said...

Ayie : wish you could read my recent update and do leave me your comment ya =p this post about 100islands was not properly written... will have one better after i have finished my travelling in china =p wish you would come back for it again then XD i will go to your blogs...but too many >.< anyway will try to read when i am free... see you

Ayie said...

I'm actually on it right now fufu. I have the whole for blog hopping in between my work. haha no worries with my blogs...i know it's a lot.

Joemill said...

wow! never been to the islands!...good for you!

maricar said...

fufu thanks for the post... about my country, so proud to be Filipino! hey fufu you should try to go to Camiguin Island next time and visit "white Island".

I will be looking forward for your future trip, so where's you're next destination? ;)

you are one travel bug! nice to meet another traveller ;)

Biyaheng Pinoy said...

Manila is a great place to visit for its historical significance but visiting the provinces in the Philippines is good thing because it is less polluted and less crowded. :)

Darlene said...

What is a "flying pan" fu? Hopefully you will not have a hard time heating the oil in the "flying pan" ---------------------------- Method 1. Heat oil in a flying pan. 2. When hot, fry chilli paste until oil rises. ---------------------------- Just kidding. Its Anthony. Nice blog. We will go to beach this weekend, wanna join? Thank you for promoting hundred islands. It was my first time to go there too. Did you actually tried all those menus in your blog? Good luck in your job hunting! See u in palawan, boracay or malaysia next time

Shashi said...

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