Friday 8 August 2008

Penta Ocean

Well, today is 080808 but i am not going to talk about Beijing Olympics. I assume nearly all of my readers know we have two main oceans on this lovely planet, which is Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. So what the heck is Penta Ocean then? It isnt an ocean by the way, it is actually a construction company based in Hiroshima, Japan since hundred of years ago.

Penta Ocean Construction is a leading Japanese comprehensive construction company with offices and involvement in many very large scale civil and architectural projects worldwide. Penta Ocean is also well known for its technological development capabilities.

The company i am currently attached to.

The company`s civil engineering unit also constructs airports and container terminals as well as dams, bridges, and highways. Work by its architecture unit includes concert halls, aquariums, office towers, and condominiums. Its environmental technology division builds wind power stations and recycling facilities. The company also has research and development operations for all of its divisions not only in Japan also actively taken part by the staff overseas.

One of the concert halls in Explanade, Singapore.

I bet none of you understand what Penta Ocean actually is unless you were in construction or building line. Anyway, make it easier for you to roughly know my company, for instance, Penta Ocean was the major contractor for the Changi Airport reclamation projects, the Esplanade of Singapore, Marina Bay, Jurong Island, etc and now having few major projects with the authorities in Singapore.

Top view of the Esplanade, Singapore.

I have started working since this month. Because i am still a fresh graduate, tonnes of stuff waiting me to pick them up. I am now designated in a Geo-Bund team, working with members originated from China, India, Taiwan and of course Japanese as well. I for the time being, need to go go to the work site everyday, learn and see how the work flow, how my senior supervise the workers and make sure the job is safely carried out and done nicely.

Esplanade in the evening.

Generally, i work from 8am till 8pm, Monday to Saturday. Despite the tight schedule, i have two days off this week as tomorrow will be the National Day of Singapore. I gonna put this weekend off to a good use. I may only be able to update once a week which is Sunday. Thus, if you real wanna sit on my sofa, gotta stay tuned ya.


Roses said...

woo hoo
*cry because FINALLY...

Roses said...

cause everyone is attach to the Olympic and i am the only one who got sick of the countries parade.

yeah, Penta Ocean. looks like a strong company with good history.nice to hear u leech off knowledge there.


墮天使 - 祥 said...

This Building is nice.

I like it, the design is fantastic.

~珊姑娘~ said... sofa gone!!!!
i want sofa!!!!

yoo, so nice view at s'pore, love it.
so means tat u wil seldom update ur blog lo, & seldom come to visit us too??? 'n'

even said...


Beverly's Secret said...

I will stay tuned and ask for more!!!!

p/s: what did you mean by I'm too much?

Miney said...

aww !!!
i love the third picture !!!
really really awesome !!!

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

can sense the sense of belonging to the company and that u like the job tho it is only the first week. And no wonder the update frequency went down haha.

Btw. i think the durians should be spelled esplanade instead. Enjoy your long weekend!

Rex said...

wow... glad to "see" that you start working man. haha~ went to yio cho kang last thursday but forgot to buzz you out for dinner =p anyway~ I resigned yesterday so got more time to hawk friends out.
Hope everything going well yea! I'm moving this sunday! hahah~ where is your working place?

I AM A BLOGGER said...

ooo, I bet it is a very professional company. Well, I am sure that you will pick up your job quite fast. So, keep going on!!! Ooo, just take your time to update ur blog, will be looking forward ur weekly post.(^ ^)

Anonymous said...

opps!!! it's nice.... will stay tune~~

✿AиG3L✿ said...


Anonymous said...

wow that building looks so cool! :D

*gives some gyoza*

Wois said...

"I bet none of you understand what Penta Ocean actually is unless you were in construction or building field."

i know it oh, but i m not in civil or engineering leh.. so famous because of two durians. bleks :)-

sally^^ said...

Happy National Day for Singapore!
im nw aiming ur next sofa~ XD

Anonymous said...

i bet everyone has Google. one button, Penta Ocean pops out filling all the information under the armpit for u..
for those who dont know but bothers to:

Chris said...

wah.... ur work schedule is really tight...

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's an international company you're working with. I'm really glad you like your job, but I'm sure working for a Japanese based company is pretty hard, because Japanese are VERY hardworking. make sure you take a good care of yourself and don't tire yourself out. All work and no play makes AhFu a dull man. Haha.

Anyway,I would like to make a point to tell you that I like your blog better than Kenny Sia's. I owe this to Rose. Haha. We've been 'discussing' about you for some time now in her blog. Don't worry, nothing bad, it's all err, girl's stuff. LOL. I don't know what is Kenny Sia's main attraction to his blog, because it simply does not appeal to me. But got me hooked and glued, though I hardly comment when there's no updates. I kinda hate those well 'famed' blogs through various mediums, because some simply lack good insight and quality, not to mention full of various advertorials that pissed me off to no end. =.=

Last but not least, AhFu, keep up the good work, it'll be staying tune for more updates from you. Gambatte kudasai, FuFu chan. ^-^v

Pete said...

Penta Master in Penang, any relation to this company?

iamlz said...

wow..the top view of esplanade is just..amazing!!

never know the esplanade can appear so nice!!

Roses said...

awww..tat's a very sweet msg for FuFu. hopefully he will be motivated.
PentaOcean 五洋建設 has its'office here in PJ too..
FuFu will come up with something that the next time we pass by his product, we can exclaim, "hey, my friend FuFu plays a part in building this bricks"

古小玉 said...

Bro, when u become the CEO of that company, don't forget to take me in, any post also will do but I want 5 figures salary.... :)

十六 Keaton said...


even said...


JiaNi said...


YNOT TONY said...

你什么时候能给我造一个鸟巢啊?别忘了设计一个房间专门给你自己留着。。。 :)

emilio said...

i'm finally here! wow your schedule is really tight! 6-12!

nice photos you had here. i enjoy the stories behind the captured.

Fatty Jean said...

nice view from the top for the esplanade.
gambateh ya !

pui0219 said...


chewny said...


迷迭香 said...

ur job seems pretty exiciting...
tks for sharing ya ~ ^_^

Mei-Wah said...

you are into the "sofa" game already! yay yay~~~ hey, since when you into this game huh? ;)

the esplanade's view in the night are breathtakingly amazing!

btw, the Japanese food in Langkawi are superbly d'lish!

Roses said...

since i am back from singapore. kiasu spirit ma

Akira 思胜 said...

Nice place to go neh... The view is simply awesome...

Anonymous said...

kinda busy ne, working with Jpn. Me too, i will know next year, how hard it is.

穎子 said...



even said...


POO said...


fufu said...

roses : hahaha, cry because your first time ya, finally =p i am trying to learn as much as possible from penta coean =) i need the experience for job hopping in the future hihihi

墮天使-祥 : hey i love the architecture as well, so gorgeously made yeah =p

珊姑娘 : hahaha, next time you gotta stay tuned all times if you wanna sit on my sofa ya =) yeah life is slightly busier after started working, erm but well i will still spend some time to read here =p

even : 開工了

fufu said...

beverly : too much on uploading your big-head-pictures =p anyway it was entertaining though, hahaha, i will try to satisfy every reader here ok? will try to come here more often

MiNღ唲 : yeah esplanade is simply awesome =p

奈九米二 : yeah i promise i will not stop blogging =p as it means so much to me =)

rex : hahaha ok concentrate on your exam ya!! erm well i am not staying around yoi chu kang!! my place is jalan kayu and working place is pasir panjang... ok give me a call when you are free...and i gotta check my schedule also so tell me earlier or you will miss it ya

fufu said...

xjion : thanks for your understanding!! i guess the worst will be i update once a week =p but i still will read yours ya =)

choyyin : thanks alot... do come often ya, you may be able to sit on my sofa, or you dont even care =)

蓝色女孩の : 开始工作的
累计经验~~ 做高层一族

erik : haha, that`s one of my favourite =p

fufu said...

wois : wow you are so smart huuh? anyway glad to know that you knew about my company =) wish i will be asked to in charge a bi project in the near future =)

靓靓sally : hahaha ok my sofa will be your next target? it is not that easy you know? anyway wish you all the best then =p

jaded jade : but who will really google it huuh? except you!! lol

chris : yeah it is, but at the meantime i will try to enjoy the life as well =)

fufu said...

cleffairy : kennysia? oh no, we have different style, of course outlook!! i dont like to read his stuff, though some topics are funny but just dont like it as i found that he is copying somebody`s style man!! anyway still has ton of people read his, this means that he has made it =) we all each have different tongues =p

erm well yeah. working in a japanese company is not easy, and somemore this is a multi national japanese based company, ok, i am still learning, hopefully life will be easier later once i have learned everything, but then my responsibilities will become greater and greater

pete : i think no relation as the one based in malaysia is located at PJ =p

limzhi: yeah view from top can be breathtaking also ya =p

roses : yeah you are come you know this huuh? you passed by the office before?

fufu said...

khoo : 5figures? rupiah ok? hahaha
anyway it is still way too fast to talk this topic, on the other hand, dont forget me once you have become millionaire ok?

十六夜真人 : 谢谢

even : 多谢你的支持

jiani : 哈哈哈

fufu said...

tony : 我的收费和昂贵的哦
哈哈哈哈 我要一间专用客房

EmiLio : yah tight schedule yet i will still continue blogging, please come more again next time ya =)

fatty jean : okok i will add oil one! thanks for the support =p

pui : 你都是我人生第一个认识的義工
我一定会用功学习 成为一位出名的工程師

fufu said...

chewny : 薪水还好啦
哈哈哈哈哈 够用就好啦

迷迭香 : 好的东西一定要分享哦

meiwah : yeah good sofa game here!! so all of the readers will standby my blog ya =p great!!!
erm yeah esplanade is magnificent, you should check it out yourself later ya =)

roses : hahaha...kiasuism =) lucky i am not influencing by it at all

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : yeah you shall come here one day...the view is just so good =p

sochea : hahaha, needless me to tell, you should roughly how the work in japan right? anyway all the best ya..and congrats for the shukatsu... so you will know where the will send you by the year? cool! keep me updated ok?

帶刺の蝴蝶 : 蝴蝶宮?我自己还要建个富宮呢 以后有机会一定会帮你的

even : 大家比面姐

poo : 仕事始まった

yienyien said...

wow.. u travel around the world? impresssive. i enjoy reading ur blog. =)

海市蜃樓 said...

嘩,洗唔洗o甘打廣告啊! 哈哈


pui0219 said...


small-ugly said...





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Donaby said...

wow that building looks so cool! :D *gives some gyoza*

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