Friday 29 May 2009

Sunset after a Refreshing Cruise

FuFu Travel - Georgetown, Penang
10th - 14th June 2009 + Lap Four +

Okay, what's next after jetty?

Going to Butterworth? Why not!

Hey you, FuFu is leaving to Butterworth.

It's perfectly nice to have a short cruise on this sunny day.

Here, you can see the houses along the jetties over luxury condos.

Wow, the Penang Bridge. Very long indeed.

Komtar, FuFu would be back sooner.

About ten minutes later, the ferry slowly berthing at the terminal.

One ferry carries passengers while the other carries vehicles.

These fishing boats were anchored next to the terminal.

All passengers had left, but FuFu remained inside the ferry.

SIKE. FuFu just wanna kill his time cruising around.

FuFu spotted many brownish (polluted?) giant jelly fish.

Another ferry with vehicles from the island approaching.

Tonnes of people commuting by ferry everyday.

Enough shooting, it's time to get back to the ferry.

Kiss goodbye to Butterworth. "Sayonara."

FuFu misses his previous offshore project in PPT, Singapore.

Butterworth, FuFu will pay you a visit one day!

Never blame the past while reviewing back the history.

Trace back the failures and find out the root of the problems.

March forwards then and never let the problems occur again.

FuFu got inspired on his way back to Georgetown.

Anyway the ferry leaves every 15 minutes.

Linking the people to and fro between Georgetown and Butterworth.

FuFu enjoyed watching the dancing performance by the clouds.

Phew, it's nice to have a free cruising trip along the straits.

Tip : you don't need to pay from Georgetown.

The cars are waiting to be transfered to Butterworth.

Back to Georgetown finally, phew.

Again FuFu was the last one to get off the ferry.

Hopped on the free shuttle bus back to Komtar from Weld Quay.

From Komtar, i took the 304 bus (Penang Rapid) to Gurney Drive for the spectacular sunset which highly recommended by one of my friends. "Penang's evening sky is extremely stunning. The sky got lighted up in a plethora of colours before the darkness descends."

The roundabout that has a sculpture of birds flying.

Came to the right place! FuFu saw his great companions.

Like the birds, FuFu also freely flying high in the sky.

FuFu wanted to have dinner at Gurney Drive hawker food centre.

But he left after he saw the scene a gourmet shouldn't see. >.<
Then, FuFu walked to the Gurney Bay.

Where young and old, boys and girls gather together.

Ops, this uncle too come here enjoying the sunset.

The tide is on the ebb.

So you would see the mud along the bay.

Gurney Drive is real worth you to come over.

It's great to see how the clouds dance in the sky.

As the Sun setting, the sky drastically changed.

Nice recommendation!

While at Gurney Drive on this day, the combination of low tide, sea and sky gave it a great montage. The clouds later came in the play too, dancing with varied styles and decorating up a beautiful sky. It's a great spot for mesmerizing the spectacular view of sunset.

If FuFu come with friends, sure will take romantic pictures here.

Like this in Kota Kinabalu with Peggy.

Or this lovely shot in Pak Nai Village, Hongkong with Jodie.

Or a majestic sunset in Ngong Ping, Hongkong with German.

It's perfectly nice for wedding pictures.

This reminds FuFu his favourite haiku he learnt before.

yuuyake ni kogetsuki souna iwashi gumo
tenba demo parino akizora habatakezu
jyuugoya mo ichiya gagirino haresugata

Coincidentally, it's the fiftenth day of the month the day before.

FuFu wanna write a haiku of the awesome sunset too!

Here shares you guys FuFu's poetic genius.

strands of cloud alight
turning white, blue, red, gold, indigo, black
light fades with the sun

i missed
the sun setting over the ocean
while we were posing

This is the best picture of all sunset pictures taken in Gurney Drive.

The sunset was real splendid.

These vibrant colours gorgeously painted the sky.

Sunset is always quick and it's getting dark.

Unconsciously, FuFu had walked till Pangkor Road.

And he didn't want to walk back to the bus stop.

So FuFu walked all the way back to the downtown from Gurney Drive. Below are series of luxury residential condominiums along the bay i had taken. Just in case you don't know, i love buildings!

Mutiara Villa condo (left) and Grand View condo (right).

Silverton condominium, snapped even the guard stared at FuFu.

Wow, a modern Millennium Tower.

Gurney Beach Resort Condominium.

No.1 Gurney Condominium.

The XX hotel. Sorry FuFu really forgot the name!

Akira texted FuFu. "Go to Presgrave Street for dinner."

Hence, FuFu walked to the street from Komtar.

This stall relatively had more customers. FuFu followed the crowd.

It gives an unique ambience ever than any five star restaurant.

The ais kacang topped with red bean, jelly, longan, ice cream, etc.

FuFu was told later this wantan noodle is famous. Follow the crowd!

RM 2.70 for the noodle and RM2.20 for the ais kacang.

The antique table and chairs that FuFu haven't seen for ages.

Well, FuFu recommends you guys come here for dinner!

After dinner, FuFu walked to the red light district. :)

"From Japan? You want girls? Kawai and wakai (young)!"

No thanks! FuFu didn't want to get the disease back as souvenir.

Akira told FuFu that he would pick him up an hour later.

While waiting Akira, FuFu recharging himself with tonic drinks .

What a long day, phew. FuFu had been walking too much.

Finally he could sit down slowly enjoy the Chulia street at night.

Damn, FuFu saw mice fighting in the longkang. Scary.

Trishaw gotta park properly too in Penang.

Otherwise will be summoned?

Akira picked FuFu up and back home together, finally! XD

Home sweet home. Even though not my house, but i could feel the warmth giving from not only Akira, but also his family. It's good to read the newspapers in the living room after shower. Again, thanks a lot to Akira. I owe him a big hug.


kc said...

i m the first one?

kc said...

hiak hiak hiak...

comment on the pics..
all r fantastic..
y u didnt hv ur dinner at gurney drive??
saw anythg wrong there?

fufu said...

kc : wow yeah the sofa is yours!! hehehe thanks! anyway the sky is damn pretty over there... =p otherwise i would not be able to take such great pictures back and share with you guys :) hihihi... i saw the rojak boss sneezing while making rojak... and the worst was he was facing the rojak....errrrr..... so i left quickly because i didnt want to get th H1N1 >.<


fyi, i used to see a lot of jelly fish when i'm travelling with the ferry...but now dunknw still got or not becoz of all those pollution...

btw, i dun really like the sculpture of the flying birds...u think its pretty? eww..., u and ur gf kiss in the pic? so sweet wo...

fufu said...

LeuMaS : yeah i did see many brownish jelly fish there... should be already polluted! but still alive!! GENG!!

the sculpture of the flying birds is awesome man!!!! i love it... i love art too though i am an engineering student :)

hahahhaa...we are all friends =p friends still can kiss right? lol

AliVe said...


fufu said...

AliVe : hehehehe... you should say fufu observes every little thing!!! =p you shall explore penang again =P


huh? i never knw fren can kiss at mouth-to-mouth de... :P

fufu said...

LeuMaS : cannot meh? you should try with you friends more often then lol

tamiya said...



fufu said...

tamiya : sure!!! bring me there next time... hohohoho i love taking sunset pictures =) yeah it's free for me... going to butterworth and back to georgetown, because i didnt go out :p

tamiya said...


fufu said...

tamiya : okokok sure! just wonder you will be free or not at that time nia... =p i have a big tummy so no worry!

佐瑟琳 said...

我又来咯~ ^^
哈哈~ ^^

哇咔咔~ XD

[SK] said...

wow, the lamp posts are very nice.. and how come never show us the food you had in gurney drive?? hmmm, i miss the penang rojak there~~

fufu said...

佐瑟琳 : hahaha yeah good! it's free taking pictures dont be shy...take wherever you go hohoho... i prefer sunset pictures more

fufu said...

SK : gurney drive's rojak?? erm...well thanks! i wont eat that... i didnt have my dinner there...

AliVe said...


tamiya said...



fufu said...

AliVe : lol okok so please see thing thoroughly from now onwards ok?? hihihihi... yeah i guess lamp will be nicer when it's lit up at night... will take the shot when i back there again.... hihihihi

fufu said...

tamiya : huuh?? what?? be your tour guide so no problem... and you guys should pay me the ticket... as i will have free accommodation for you guys in osaka kyoto and hiroshima!!! i have friends and host families everywhere =p

QQ said...

在看你文章的上半部时,就觉得为何你不选择晚上才去Gurney?那里晚上比较热闹,还有表演可以看。。。还可以在湾边吹泡泡。。。但当我再看下去你的文章时,发现原来你选择靠近黄昏的时候去也是对的。。。我还真没那个时间去过,原来傍晚时分的Gurney也蛮有味道的,适合在那里拍照。。。其实Gurney的小食不好吃的,要找好吃的就到Ayer Hitam 吧!!hoho~~~~~

tamiya said...


fufu said...

QQ : hahahha yeah i went to gurney is just for the sunset...not for food actually.... because i heard the food over there is kinda not as good as before... next time i will know where to go as i have so many penangites offer to bring me around for yummy food =p yeah...

tamiya : then you guys gotta get ready a roundtrip ticket for spring?? gotta be naked get ready! dont be shy

Anonymous said...


I like the sunset pic. Cool!

tamiya said...



fufu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fufu said...

Richy : hey guys! i love them all too! glad you like those pictures =p

tamiya : hahahha better dont let this read by the short leg guy!!! or he sure will go kill you in penang!! be careful... hahahha...well you will be given a towel can cover that part ok? no worries!

sock peng said...


桀森 said...

還以為你回來了 ^^

那個人抽煙嗎? :P

所以搭渡輪都要付錢 :'(
就是plastic bags

fufu said...

sock peng : hihihi...i enjoy the backpack life free =p

imjson : hahahaha too lazy to go back to msia...better rest well here for another 1 more day =p 人工水母就是plastic bags?? hahahaha funny! but i did see many polluted jelly fish... pity!! anyway luckily i paid nothing for the cruise =p hohohoho

云之站 said...

YEA...云吞面, 这档的云吞面我很喜欢的。。

fufu said...

云之站 : yeah great!! it's always good to follow the crowd =p very cheap i must say....but my friend said much cheaper in bukit mertajam... =p wish i would have time to go back again sooner!! can wait to try all nice yummy food there =p

pusangkalye said...

colorful reffy---colorful apartments----colorful buses---what else can I say? I would love to see that beautiful bridge~~~~

Kai and Baobei said...

tamiya, fufu, im not blind one k? kekekekeke, i naked every night, so why should i shy about it? XD

jenny said...

hey, guy~
no wander u nvr had ur dinner at there~ the uncle..
haiz~ nowadays everyone scare H1N1
too dangerous le!!
ur fren mension 'hou shan' there got a nice view indeed!!!
somemore, do u like pg laksa?
u can ask ur fren bring u to JAWI to eat~ coz the shop quite famous d~ besides, u oso can ask ur fren bring u to AUTO CITY~
there is a place got many foods like Thai,Japanese,Korean &etc
if u interested in rojak oso can ask ur fren bring u to BM there got a 'hei ren rojak' but now i duno still at there bo? haha^^
m i talking too much?? haha^^
awaiting for u next blog~
where is ur next station?
erm~ r u working? or studying?

海市蜃樓 said...


Serina said...

wow~ Nice picture!
照片都拍得很美~ 这是你第一次去槟城吗?

kae said...

i love sunset pictures~

vialentino said...

fu, thanks for ur comment .... as u busy with my work got time to check and read blog....sorry man if i din reply to u...

i like the effect of the night picture....redish one a bit....chun!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

No picture with Akira?

Jia Xin said...

tis time is 40++ o..haha
the sunset pic very nice...
gt feel o..haha
mayb no go selangor see the firefly jor..
cz tis holiday vey bz gt camp in school...the camp gt lik flying fox dat type the activities...cannot go selangor oso can play the game la..haha...comfort myself...
gt a bit sad n disappointed..haha
bt wil go nxt time de..haha

fufu said...

PUSANG-gala : hihihi.... yeah you should go to penang then if you wanna see such colourful stuff! too bad the bridge you cant really stop and take pictures >.<

Kai and Baobei: hahahahaa okok? so you guys wanna go to the hot springs huuh =) as far as i know...there's one very nice hot springs near kobe, called arima onsen... if have chance can go there actually...only less than 2hrs by train from osaka...even i myself havent been there before >.<

dream : wow...another reader from penang =P anyway guess the next round i go to penang i would be brought to many places for food food and food and only food... hou san is nice?? i wanna go! wont miss it definitely! are not talking much though.... =p erm... i am waiting to continue my master now... wish i could get everything confirmed asap so i would be able to fly to germany in oct :)

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : wahahhaha... yeah i was thinking like you too...that uncle really 識嘆 =) yah... sunset was magnificent!!!

Serina : first time to penang... love penang so much ya =p happy to hear that you like my pictures *q*

XiaoYu : me too =p

fufu said...

vialentino : hey bro! it's ok... just concentrate on your new can always come back catch up everything when you are free... the sunset was real chun!! love the way the clouds decorated the sky =p awesome ~*

Somewhere in Singapore : nope! we didnt take pictures... but next time we sure will take tonnes of pictures... this is because he was nt feeling well that time >.<

JiaXin : oic...too bad you cant go there for fireflies...but anyway you are still young...has plenty of chances though.... just plan to go there next time with friend ok?

jenny said...

continue ur master?
cool~ i think ur education sure great!!! going to Germany in Oct?
last time saw ur comm,
u knew that u r travelling alone~
how u settle all things?
like book hotel? nice places?
or u knew frens at all the placeS?
then they bring u there?
act i m oso planning travel alone~
but my style abit 'sha da jie'
so family not allow~~ scare i lost myself somewhere~ haha^^
maybe i can learn some skill from u!
do u think u wan to write a travel book?

tamiya said...



fufu said...

dream : my lucky star is always with me when i apply for academic thingy =p erm...i dont have a very brilliant result but just normal ya... ngam ngam hor!! erm.. i always wanted to share all my adventures by publishing a book...but i am too busy with my travelling and now master in germany for another 2yrs...i reallly dont have time sit down slowly write them all down... sigh anyway trust me, one day i will make it come true! or i will just publish it myself just for you guys

tamiya : hahaha... yeah still waiting the confirmation only... =p so we may meet up 2yrs later... :)

Agnes said...

ferry ride..that i love to do too whenever i go Penang. Sunset picture is beautiful.

When are you going to Germany? who know i may visit u there next year..hahahaha!!

hey fish said...


fufu said...

Agnes : hihihi yeah i heart sunset very much!! the ride also great from georgetown....if you have nothing to can go there get a free cruise =p hihihihi.... well...germany? see if i am free or not.... anyway germany is big...wonder where you will visit :)

$ ! L 1 e N + : photographer?? no way!! i am just an amateur!! no kidding.... my skill still need to be improved.... anyway thanks i will take it as a compliment ya... hihihi....anyway engineer also no easy to be...btw, can really tell what job i am doing by reading my blog??

Sam Wong said...


都市[心]鮮人 said...

walao ...檳城都可以給你拍到這樣美。。。怎麽以前我都不覺得。。哈~你還有好多景色沒有拍呢。。。下次有機會帶你去。。哈哈~

jenny said...

after ur master~
maybe u can read back ur blog~
then produce the book slowly~
sure d!!
one day, the book sure will be publish!!! kampateh!!!
awaiting for ur next story~~
congrats to u!!! for ur germany

夏娃公主 said...

gurney drive那里的关仔阁,你没有品尝那里的小食?蛮不错的..呵呵..你那些和女生拍的黄昏背景的图片,很有feel..hehe..
但是gurney drive那里的海边不臭咩?我时常闻到咸咸加有点臭的味道!哈哈..

fufu said...

Sam Wong : thanks! really gotta go back once you would like to explore peneng m ore after reading this right?

都市[心]鮮人 : penang is such an awesome historic city man!!! yeah i still have many places havent visited yet... need you guys to bring me around next time... =p penang is not that small after all :)

dream : okok sure! i will let you guys know then!if my adventures ever happen to be published ya guys gotta buy ok??

fufu said...

夏娃公主 : didnt go to 关仔阁 >.< anyway next time sure i will go eat some of the nice food there =p erm...yah...taking those pictures during sunset with girls are great :) gurney drive is not that stinky....very nice though.... or just only that day? because i was there??? lol

Kikey Loo said...

fufu, i know u purposely do the effect for the photos one, but hor, the Penang look so old lah..

fufu said...

Kikey Loo : well i didnt touch the sunset pictures.... just only the contrast mode... anyway penang no doubt is a historic city ya... so i guess it's good if you find that penang is old from the pictures... hihihi =p

~叶小~ said...

Some of da pics r classicism.. I can feel da old times of penang strongly.. Ha^^.. Well.. There r 2 pics which were realy awesome.. Wif good angles.. 1 is da ferry wif da lamp post.. Feel lik a kinda sad feeling of leaving da jetty.. N another one is da seaside wif da blue little boat.. It's realy cool.. Lik someone used to sketch in their drawing books.. Oh ya.. Da dusk scenery was spectacular.. COOL!!

fufu said...

叶小 : yeah glad to know that you like the pictures... hihihi... cool! alright... i will do my best in taking pictures from now on... gonna share lots of nice pictures with you guys later... =p yeah the 2pictures you like also in my favourite list!!

Fion Chow said...

HEY~~!!!really COOL!!!!!!i juz came back frm penang
and this is the 2nd time i visited penang erm since standard 6???
hahaha~~~penang TRIP was AWESOMEE!!!!i really miss penang so much
the food the sea the waterfall the view the ppl!!!!!!
really enjoyed and ya...i finished my assignment but~~~~~yes...i took the 2nd and 3rd assignment already...wish me luck!
ANYWAY...i added you BIG NAME in my thank you list!!!HAHA!!!sorry ya...forgotten you guys~~HEHE

Nick尼克仔 said...


Bengbeng said...

Ah, u went to Presgrave Street. Jus like a true penangite for quality food. Not Gurney Drive lah. Gurney Drive is just for ppl to look at ppl :)

古小玉 said...

How come this time you are alone?

Feeling said...

keke i like this song which duet with vinci lolz

long time nvr been to last visit was 5years back..miss pg food so much..and the beautiful scenery! =)

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...


♥ Dαphïηə ♥ said...


venuskhoo said...



karenc 采茶女 said...

Pak Nai Village, Hongkong <--我很喜欢这张,很浪漫很唯美。

三吉 said...

so cheap and nice food in Penang.
I like ur picture taken.

SuwEi said...

ferry?!小时就常常坐,现在倒喜欢用大桥,省时。。gurney drive的小食应该比较多游客去吧。沿海一带有好多高楼吧,以前常听说什么什么明星住那。。:P

古克石の屋 said...


-KeO- said...

you walked!!??? from gurney to komtar?? wow.....sure tiring...

Florence said...

owww i like the photo u at Pak Nai Village with Jodie. so nice the the tree , love the colouring, love u guys pose !! hahaha full of love ! XD

蒲公英 said...


3ugene said...

i cant wait to go penang!!
the noddle there juz cost 2.70??so cheap compare to KL >,<
i wan to eat penang food !!~

- yEng - said...


Unknown said...

What a nice pic you have... I long time didnt go to penang di... Feel like wana eat the ice kacang... Yummy!!!

Superman said...

Thought the ferry stopped operation in Penang. I took that when I was on a trip to Penang with my parent when I was a kid. Cannot really recall the experience. can see jelly fish? they are the sea survivor. food in Penang really cheap and nice.

寒雨 said...

呵呵!通常一到达码头,大家都会迫不及待地下船,你是唯一不一样滴!;p 有时,放慢脚步,你才会体会到不一样的情景。

我们每次都会在晚上时才到GURNEY DRIVE 那边吹吹风,原来黄昏时的景色才是最迷人的!^0^呵呵!我们总是把最美好的给遗忘了;p

Unknown said...

Although, I'm not the first one. And the sofa is already PACKED like sardine! i'll still be here to give your my support. Don't worry about me, I can just squat down in one corner. :)

Anyway, my friend almost booked a pair of air tix to penang last nite. But I think better offers are coming :)

PS: I like the sunset pictures.

迷迭香 said...

are the pictures photoshopped ?
the first few are quite strong in yellow... :p

迷迭香 said...

i like the pic of the ferry with the lamp post ^O^

Wois said...


gurney drive退潮后,被你看到往大海的河床。。。


Kai and Baobei said...

ok noted ~ heheh, but not this year, might only travel there again mid of next year

vialentino said...

hey fu, i dunwan to be a top person in lagi stress.....have simple working life will do for me.

bluesky said...


Le Nguyen said...

Like my country, Viet Nam

十六 Keaton said...


fufu said...

Fion Chow : glad to hear that you had enjoyed your trip in penang =p erm...i still wanna go back for food and explore the other part of the island =) wonder when i can make it.... anyway hahahha the thank you list?? hohoho FuFu will be listed too? that's my pleasure man :p

Nick尼克仔 : 就算有超過100留言
你都一定要來哦 因爲你是我的跟班嘛
很興奮咯 因爲我的努力沒有白費到
你弄到我太感性了.... lol
anyway... 這一天我真的看了很多東西
暑假就去做工save money =p

Bengbeng : yeah bb luckily akira told me to have dinner there....otherwise i would have missed the chance having dinner there =p

fufu said...

古小玉 : you didnt know that i travelled all on my own in penang?? you read my first post of penang =p

Feeling : hahaha...i prefer the lyrics of the mandarin version =p

anyway penang is a nice can always go back again ya...since after yrs already...just go back for food :) and if you have time...just walk around ok?

Chin Weng 茶先生 : yeah 當然少了很多咯

fufu said...

DolphinE : 你的“這裡”是哪裏呢??
hahahhaa 檳城的還可以啦

venus : yeah...
你也應該會去看一看了 =p

karenc 采茶女 : yeah 我也很喜歡哦

fufu said...

三吉 : yeah the food in penang is still cheap ya and most importantly yummy as well =p

SuwEi : hahaha
ferry 吹吹風的感覺也不錯哦
我很喜歡吹海風的 =p
gurney drive...可能以前有很多遊客
他們的度假地方吧應該 lol
我也不清楚 =)

古克石屋 : erm.... 都是要感謝檳城咯

fufu said...

KeO : yes i walked all the way back to komtar from gurney...hihih...not that far though... i used to walk a lot when i was in japan :)

Florence : hahaha i heart that picture too in pak nai village, hihihi thanks for all the "love"!!

white dandelion : 恭喜恭喜
anyway 希望你可以有個美好的旅程 =p

fufu said...

3ugene : hahahha it's cheap??
my friend said butterworth is only rm2 or less than that...anyway kl is always expensive >.<

yEng : 檳城真的很好咯
我很喜歡...很想再回去看看 =p

类私理 : hahaha thanks! erm then you should go back visit penang when you are free ya...and go for the ais kacang :)

fufu said...

Superman : erm... i think the ferry will not stop operating between these 2 big cities! unless there is another bridge linking with a better bus system...if not the people will suffer >.< you can always fly to the peninsular ya =p

寒雨 : 我就是與衆不同的咯
hihihihi 因爲我是FuFu lol
anyway 放慢腳步鎮的可以看到很多東西
gurney drive 的黃昏是最漂亮的咯
你們忽略了 >.<
沒有關係 現在知道了還不遲哦

Aaron : hey my friend! i have so many sofas for you guys here! no house is buge =p dont hide at the corner... or i wont see you ok? =p

yeah better offer is coming...or always had promotion!! especially during this period ya...economy is bad+H1N1 >.< so no worry, bet you would get better offer to penang sooner =p

fufu said...

迷迭香 : yeah some is edited... i dont use photoshop just normal microsoft pictures... i wish i know other software better so i could photoshop better >.<

yeah that one is nice!! and how about sunset pictures?

Wois : 對呀
又不一樣的感覺咯 =p

Kai and Baobei : lol we all have different schedule >.< wonder we really can make it or not.... anyway just see if we could meet up in msia or not first... dont talk oversea so early .... hohoho

fufu said...

vialentino : hahahah... anyway dont worry you will handle it well i guess...anyway come here have a look when you are stressed ok? as the pictures will help you to destress =p

bluesky : hahahah
都好噢...因爲可以帶出不一樣的味道 =p

Le Nguyen : which part of vietnam?? i only been to saigon and cantho =p

fufu said...

十六夜真人 : 我也喜歡吹海風的咯
因爲感覺很好...我特別喜歡 =p

Vin vin said...

penang~ miss thr...
nice food, non expensive life style... compare vf sabah~
i miss the asam laksa at thr also!
my fren gurney drive is sell for tourism one, so will expensive, n taste is like so so only.
remember go pantai kerachut o ! nice beach~

fufu said...

Vin vin : erm...yah...penang is way cheaper than kk!!! dont know why kk is so expensive ya T.T anyway i miss penang too...gurney drive is for tourists? erm...but i still saw many locals there...but anyway my friends will bring me for yummy food the next time i go to i dont even care!! hohohoho... pantai kerachut? okok will go there next time

Le Nguyen said...

^_^ hi, jolly-boats, ferry-boats likes Can tho. Family restaurants, pedicabs, building-stock likes Sai Gon

fufu said...

Le Nguyen : erm... quite different though.... anyway you gotta come here and check them out yourself ya... i plan on visiting hanoi though.... =p wonder how hanoi looks like :)

mr-underwater said...


Unknown said...

Thank you! I'll sit in that massage chair then :P

Better offers are coming soon I know...but actually, rite now all I wish to go are Japan & Thailand..hahaha!

Me & my friend are planning a short getaway during new year holiday.

fufu said...

安德瓦特[稀客] : 你住在檳城的嗎?
好地方! 我也很想再回去看看哦
哈哈 你住了那麽久還不知道這些地方嗎??

Aaron : oic... thailand is a nice place for a short getaway, bet you would love the food as well... erm expenses in japan is very expensive... if compared to thailand ya.... anyway just plan nicely my friend!

hihihi... yeah i have ordered another few more massage chairs this morning...for the new readers... sitting on it enjoying the sunset view of gurney does it feel huuh?? must be great right? lol

Anonymous said...

You have some great photos for this post. I like the one with a few boats and a single one with the tide ebbing. Simple but compelling shots. Nice sunset shots too.

I like Gurney drive. Haven't visited Penang in ages.

阿花 said...


Faye fly said...

pretty sunset fufu ^^ exply with lovely models one !!

toto said...


candygan said...

景色好美好烂漫哦!很想去penang liao ;p

ChiroBie said...

Really amaze with your blog. the passion of taking picture of every corner of your trip and blog abt them.

I wish I will get a travelogue too! A travel blog is always what I wanted too but time is not allowing!

fufu said...

Mei Teng : thanks! i only selected the best to put up here... because i dont wanna overloaded my blog with pictures =p anyway gurney drive is a nice place! wish you could go there again sooner ya :)

阿花 : 雙人照的很浪漫咯

Faye fly : hihihi...yeah the sunset at gurney drive is damn stunning man!! love it so much... wanna go back just for the sunset :) ok and also food!

fufu said...

toto : hahahhaa
沒有夜晚在gurney drive度過
紅豆冰還蠻好吃的咯 =p
檳城真的有很多好料吃 lol

candygan : 哈哈哈
希望你可以去檳城看看吃吃 =p

ChiroBie : taking pictures of every corner is one of the thing i will do... erm...i am now quite free so i would keep my blog so active... i doubt i would have time once i have started my master course >.< because uploading pictures and writing do take time!!
but well i still will try my best to update here... so do come more often ya! you could have a travelogue too...just manage your time properly... update once a week or what... ok?

晴天 said...

好想把你的照片都收藏起来, 张张都很漂亮。。

fufu said...

晴天 : 哈哈哈
謝謝 =p
你可以收藏但是一定要知道誰是他們的主人哦 lol

Ice said...

I just realised that you've added me onto your blog list. Thank you.

Thanks for the introduction and tour on Penang. Feel like I've been there also :o)

古小玉 said...

Bro, who is sponsoring you to China this time ?

fufu said...

Ai Shiang : yeah the best way to get to know the recent update of you guys =p

hihihi... those articles about penang are not that good though >.< glad you like them :) i will try to improve...

古小玉 : is fufu!! well the budget already saved up before i made up my mind to germany, ok?

Lucía López said...

You have really nice pictures.

fufu said...

Lucía López : thanks!! i still have tonnes of pictures waiting to be posted out... you should come here more often then... =p see you

Ken said...

I like the sculpture. Simple yet creative! The sunset colour is awesome. Great. The romantic shots are telling me some stories. And I'm hungry now seeing the wantan noddle.

Btw, hope u don't mind if I ask u a Q. What's ur profession? It seems u keep traveling around. And that got me jealous!! Arghhh!!!! >.<

小闷瓜 said...



sing said...

两年的离别?? 那这两年的时间我要努力存钱,下次当我在京都的导游,好吗? 我超想去那里的.. ^^

sing said...


那堆日文又为何解呢? (搔脑中啊~)

毛毛 said...



Allen Yuarata said...

nice blog. I love the condo pics.

Good day!

古小玉 said...

wau, ah fu really rich. No need to work but yet has plenty of money to spend on travelling. :)

After I retire, I also want to live like you, go travelling everywhere but now can't, money not enough and further more still got a lot of work to do....

How nice if I could have same life with you...

aaaandy said...

well nice, when was this because it's June 1st now :D

Haha yes it's summer here all the time, but it's just the time that i use for excuses for many trips. Great time for parties.

aaaandy said...

well nice, when was this because it's June 1st now :D

Haha yes it's summer here all the time, but it's just the time that i use for excuses for many trips. Great time for parties.

aaaandy said...

woah sorry for double comment, and wow nice profile picture :D I like it a l0t

小虫 said...

那些船,已经成了小虫心目中~ penang 里一定会看到的 Ferry!! 去 Butterworth 就要坐那船去的哦?! 酱我一定有机会坐的拉~哈哈

Gurney!!!! 听料名字酱久,一定要去看看下!哈哈

啊啊啊啊~~~ fufu 等不及要去咯

shloke said...

WOW! two months of backpacking to Inner Mongolia & other places. It must be a great escapade!

Gurney Drive is a great place to enjoy Penang's food. What type of scene you saw that turn you off? I had a bad experience with a rude hawker there. He tilted the eating table and my camera nearly drop to the floor :(

Sigh...the main gurney drive stretch is still 'dirty'. But, I LOVE your sunset pictures in Penang, KK and HK. LOVELY & ROMANTIC :)

Best Wishes again, fufu for your UPCOMING trip. fufu the true traveler!


foongpc said...

The condos at Gurney Drive - one of those condo unit was owned by Andy Lau right? Also another one owned by Michelle Yeoh. But which one, I forgot last time in Penang someone told me about it.

Sam Wong said...

cannot wait to go there...

fufu said...

Ken : hihihi.... thanks!! well my profession should be a civil engineer...but i am not working now >.< though i was an asst civil engineer in spore until end of 2008 :) i am now waiting the reply from the graduate school in germany...

小闷瓜 : 那些小鳥真的很漂亮
很有感覺咯 =p

sing : 哈哈哈 你可以參加旅行團的咯
haiku 就好像是中國的诗歌咯
哈哈哈 因爲我也不什麽記得了

fufu said...

毛毛 : 我比較喜歡小小粒的紅豆哦
anyway.... 個人的歡喜 =p
希望可以在蒙古看到很多星星 :)

Allen Yuarata : hihihi thanks! do come more often if you like to see more pictures from me ya =p

古小玉 : aiya brother! i have that budget since last yr...just i dont have chance to travel only... not only rich person can travel... erm my travellings are all budget one... if rich i will go stay at the hotel and not dormitory room >.< but well... wish you could travel around when you have retired can enjoy life then :)

fufu said...

aaaandy : this trip? mid of May actually =p well, yeah what a nice excuse for a holiday/party of whatsoever ya :) erm yeah thanks for loving the profile picture ~* it's been a while since i hear from you ya... wish you are doing great as usual

嘉CacinG進 : 希望你可以快一點去檳城
你一定要去坐ferry 哦
gurney哦? 叫akira帶你去咯 =p
一定要玩得開開心心哦 lol

shloke : hahaha well i saw a man sneezing while he was making rojak... erhhhh i wanna try the rojak but...well anyway next time =p

hahaha inner mongolia is a great place ya... wish i could come back in one piece 2mths later =p the stretch in gurney is not that dirty...i see very less rubbish :) or because of low tide? i dont know...ut the sunset was spectacular i gotta say ~* nice!

hehehe... i am not the amateur traveller... still have many out there who have been travelling more than fufu *d*

fufu said...

foongpc : oic... well it will be cheap for them... because they are international superstar =p

Sam Wong : hahaha wish you could go there sooner! enjoy the food ya while travelling around :)

vialentino said...

nice penang trip picture.....

wah bro...u going to travel again on 16th june to tibet....must be an interesting one....u really can set a tv documentary show liow

fufu said...

vialentino : hey thanks ... hahaha... i am not qualified to hold that show la... but get it published might be possible =p anyway will share you guys my adventures sooner ya :) wish you guys would stay tuned!!

sing said...


fufu said...

sing : 這是你個人的想法咯
all the best
hihihihihihi =p
因爲我們會講華語 :)

小虫 said...

超期待~ XD


fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : wow...你會飛去檳城
cool!!!! anyway
一定要拍多一點照片回來給我們看哦 =p

幸福王子 said...


fufu said...

幸福王子 : 我這裡就是很多照片的咯
你一定要去看看哦如果喜歡古跡的話 =p

阿紫 said...


fufu said...

阿紫 : 不需要羡慕的咯
我會拍更多好的照片給你們看的哦 :)

Ayie said...

i love the beach, it's so refreshing to view the sunset and stroll the shores. Love the sky..nice shot!

fufu said...

Ayie : yeah i love sunset =P it's always great to stroll along the shore enjoy viewing the sunset :) the sky was great as well... it made the sunset so splendid XD

zzhen said...

"Another ferry with vehicles from the island approaching."

zzhen said...


fufu said...

龍貓 : 晚霞真的很漂亮 :)
16號會去中國了 =p


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