Monday, 20 July 2009

Pamukkale - Turkey

FuFu World Tour

Turkiye 7th - 22nd May 2007
Pamukkale -
Part Four

After five days in Istanbul, after visiting all the tourist spots in Istanbul, after having dinner with Necla`s family, Necla and i headed to Denizli Province, southwestern part of Turkey by the express bus. Out of my expectation, the bus service in Turkey is so unsual. They served hot coffee, hot tea, snacks, wet tissue, the staff would spray the air freshener and clean the bus throughout the journey. The ever world`s best express bus service you could find in Turkey.

After ten hours travelling by bus, we finally arrived Denizli safely. After keeping our stuff in Necla friend`s apartment, we took minibus to Pamukkale, one of the places i was expecting to take those impressive pictures as seen in the magazines and websites promoting Turkey.

Simit, a circular Turkish bread with sesame seeds, our lunch.

The downtown, at the foot of the hot springs, Pamukkale.

View of Pamukkale, from the bus stop.

Oh my god, it's a cotton castle.

Pamukkale (cotton castle in Turkish) is a natural site and attraction in southwestern Turkey in Denizli Province. Pamukkale is located in Turkey`s Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley, which enjoys a temperate climate over the year.

Here is not just a cotton castle, it's a heaven.

It looks so good with nice white travertine pools and blue waters cascading down. When warm mineral water flows down the edge of a cliff, it cools down and deposits its calcium content which will form the pools, terraces and stalacites that you see. Nothing like it elsewhere in the world. That is the reason why tonnes of tourists head there.

The view is just magnificently stunning.

Tourists were swimming and dipping in the mineral water.

Meanwhile, FuFu and Necla were enjoying the sunshine.

FuFu had a nice calcium mask.

It feels so good even only dipping my foot.

Necla told me my face would be smoothened if putting the calcium powder on for five minutes. I followed. She took picture of that. But once i started, other began to follow. I later found out she just simply mentioned it. Anyway, i enjoyed it.

I dont even care this sign. Did any tourist notice this?

The limestone wall, Pamukkale.

FuFu enjoyed being there though.

FuFu wish to stay here for a while.

She obviously didn't put on the sunblock.

Due to the restoration construction work, some of the places were fenced off but we could still go walking on the calcium terraces and take a dip in the pools at the designated sites. Well, remember to take your shoes off though this may be a bit painful as the ridges of the calcium cuts into your soles. I was then told the place is opened all day long, so you can go for those spectacular photo shots during sunset or sunrise.

Hi can i join you girls?

Obviously, she is getting tanned.

Not man-made, it is all naturally formed.

The view of the plains as the background.

The view took my breath away.

The Pamukkale thermal pool.

If you really wanna go dipping or swimming in the mineral water, then head towards Pamukkale thermal pool which is situated nearby the cotton castle.

Hierapolis Musuem.

Lunch time.

Entrance of Hierapolis

We both had a simit while enjoying the great view of Pamukkale. Well, Pamukkale is a famous tourist attraction of Turkey and also recognized as a World Heritage sites together with the Hierapolis. Thus we continued walking to the Hierapolis.

Follow the sign to the Roman Theatre.

Remains of tombs.

Roman Theatre at Hierapolis.

Pamukkale is surrounded by the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis. The site is still being excavated and certain areas are roped off. From the top of the Roman Theatre, you will have a stunning view of Pamukkale over the plains.

The Domitian(Northern) Gate.

Columns at Frontinus Street.

Necropolis of Hierapolis.

After exploring the entire area of Pamukkale, we went back Denizli. Lunch was only Turkish bread. So both of us decided to had a great one for dinner. What we had was Lahmacun, meat with dough known as Turkish pizza, eaten after filled with lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes, onions and others and topped off with kebab meat and a sauce (usually spicy on a tomato base or mild on a yogurt base).

Dinner, Lahmacun.

We then stepped in the local famous dessert restaurant, Bolili Hasan Usta. I ordered Kazzandibi, a Turkish version of tiramisu. Still the original one rocks. Turkish one is too sweet. Necla had Profiterol, a turkish syle pudding topped off with cream and nuts. She couldnt finished it. Guess too sweet for her as well. We later went to meet Ceyda, Necla`s sister.

My Kazzandibi (left) and her Profiterol (right).

Ceyda is studying in Pamukkale University as well. She was taking education, majoring in mathematics, holding her thick calculus textbook when i first met her. I could tell that she is a smart and pretty girl. I followed them back to their campus and we chatted at the park for quite a while with Ceyda`s friends. Later, we went back to Necla friend`s apartment to rest for the next day.

Both Necla and FuFu were sun burned.

Necla, Ceyda and her friends.


Superman said...

Wow, Turkey is really not bad.Your friends also not bad. Haha. Should visit it if can. Things over there expensive or not?

Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, your face looked so white!

Nick尼克仔 said...


古小玉 said...

Hey, so long already still dont want to come back ? Dont tell me your silk road journey until Russia ya..

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

The view of Pamukkale is really amazing!!! I want to go there if hv chance!

shloke said...

fufu, Necla is one great friend and host :)

First time knowing a unique place known as Pamukkale. Thank you for sharing with us. The place is AWESOME!

Love the endless horizon of white 'cotton'. I wonder what will happen (+ how does it taste) if a person stuck his tongue on those cake of white 'cotton' that has a mixture of calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulfate, nitrite and ammonium.

Hierapolis is one great ancient city. Exploring two heritage sites in one day - FANTASTIC!

Got to see Turkey someday, somehow.

Ken said...

Pamukkale is so breathtaking and picturesque! Great view.

小闷瓜 said...

后面的一片紫色~ 是薰衣草吗?

summer said...


seazpark said...

oh my sweet heaven~!!

Sugar Bean said...


Anonymous said...


Wherever you go, there will always a lot of "leng loi" accompany you. So jealous leh... hehehe

lock said...

backpacking in china still have idle time to post previous travelogue, or every post preset?

vialentino said...

wahliow...nice scenery of the pamukkale....very pretty female there too....

how r u doing man?

toto said...


小闷瓜 said...

最长的全日食~ 会持续6分钟;

Ayie said...

more pretty girls fu and oh you're so tanned!

the cotton castle is what i like most in your feature, so nice..

Ayie said...

btw, the's a luxury! the ride must be smooth considering they serve drinks there too

人鱼球球 said...


毛毛 said...

谢谢你~ 带我们看世界;

Shell (貝殼) said...

Turkey, is one of my top 5must go country.

renaye said...

i really miss turkish food especially the kebabs. i thought the turkish gov has banned people from entering their onsen because of vandalisme?

jenny said...

i got watch 'jumper'
i like the ROMAN view so much!!
haha XD

some more the bus service damn good leh~~
here even eat oso cant lor~~
haha XD

will u go there again?

古克石の屋 said...


Pete said...

The sea sure looks inviting. Love to visit the Roman ruins one day!

Twilight Man said...
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Anonymous said...

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