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Turkish Bath - Istanbul - Turkey

FuFu World Tour

Turkiye 7th - 22nd May 2007
Turkish Bath, Istanbul - Part Eight

Breakfast. Toast with cheese, sausage white cheese and olive.

My first destination, on the following day was Haseki Harrem Sultan Hamam, a carpet museum located at the royal box of Sultanahment Camii (Blue Mosque). It houses a nice collection of historical Turkish carpets. Animal figured rugs, Usak carpets, a fascinating collection of praying rugs are displayed in the two storey building where Ottoman Sultans prepared themselves for hamam, literally Turkish bath.

Haseki Harrem Sultan Hamam

Cemberlitas Hamam, Sultanahmet district.

One of the truly unmissable experiences of a trip to Turkey is a visit to the hamam, literally Turkish bath. The Turkish bath as a method of cleansing the body and relaxation is particularly popular to entertain tourists as another stop in their daily tours. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna, but is more closely related to the bathing practices of the Romans.

I decided to have a bath after fifteenth days of exploring the capital, Denizli, Pamukkale, Antalya and Izmir to clean the entire of my body. Upon entering, a attendant will ask you if you need a bath and scrub or massage. My attendant did not speak much English. I was given the choice of bathing myself or receiving a scrub, or massage. I said yes to all options. My attendant gave me a cotton wrap, or pestemal, and a pair of slippers, or terlik, along with a key to your cubicle. then was brought to a dressing room, which is surrounded by private cubicles where you dress. My attendant told me that once you have removed all your clothing and wrapped the cotton cloth around you sarong style like a skirt, you are ready to go. Ready to go?

I was taken to a warm, humid room with a raised stone platform (goebektas) in the center, surrounded by bathing alcoves, in pretty coloured quartz tiles. The tiles remove static electricity from the air, and help to relax the mind and body. The light, diffused through glass in the ceiling is soft and relaxing. I lay on the platform (but you can sit if you prefer) which is heated, and worked up a sweat. My attendant then lead me to one of the basins, and then i was scrubbed cleaner than i ever have been, and again. The attendant used a coarse mitt to remove layers of dead skin, then came the soap. He used a lacy cloth, like an icing bag, then blew through it to create bubbles. I was covered from head to toe with white frothy bubbles. My hair was piled high, a bit like Marge Simpson`s and i enjoyed a wonderful scalp massage.

Next, i was doused in warm water again and my attendant disappeared. I later learned that was to allow me to clean my private areas myself. Total nudity is fine here, but some men wore underwear. However you cant run naked in the room. Turkish bath is not like Japanese hot spring which you can expose everything proudly. Now it was time for the massage! Back to the stone platform and he pummeled me, quite roughly but it felt so good. After the massage i was handed towels and then taken to the cold room to cool down, and to drink tea.

The room, towel and slippers.

After the rest, it was time to head back to the cubicle to get dressed. Although a scrub and massage generally takes an hour and a half, you can take as much time as you need. It`s about $20 for a scrub and massage. While the massage at Cemberlitas Hamam was a bit rough (although just as good and much cheaper), but you must not miss taking a Turkish bath when in Istanbul, especially after a long, hot day of sightseeing to energize the muscles. Or you can anyhow try the luxurious hamam at any five star hotel in Istanbul.

Turkish bath? Good? *ponders* No freaking idea! Let me try first.

Oh, was wrapped like this. Ops, feel so good now.

I spent two hours enjoying the bath until i forgot the time to go back home. It was late when i arrived home. Seyda and mother had had their dinner. But we had dessert and corns together. The dessert was yogurt with strawberry.

Need to mention about my VIP room in Istanbul. Necla`s mother changed the sheet everyday for me. Treated me like her own son. Being a three daughters` mother, she has longed to have a son. I understand her feeling. And i told her that i will be back in 2010, definitely back! She smiled. She looked so happy. Time flew. It was finally the last day in Turkey. It was the time to say sayonara. We had lavarsh with cheese which is a type of turkish flatbread.

Breakfast on the last day.

I then walked around the residential area before going to the post office to send the postcards out. I met cute Turkish kids. After that i took a short stroll enjoying the view of Sea of Marmara before heading back.

Lunch was Turkish pizza. It was very quiet. None of us talked while having our lunch. I bravely broke the silent by asking how should i go to the airport. I told them not to go to the airport with me. I knew that they would definitely tear the second i step in the entrance of departure hall. Mother called a private taxi for me.

Gule-gule (goodbye) Turkey. Çok tesekkur ederim to Anne, Necla, Ceyda, Sevda, Oslem and those i had met. I will be back and wish to meet you all again in Turkey.

Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey.

Emirates, one of my favourite airlines.

Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), Istanbul.


Darren said...

hey, look like you have a lot fun in turkey! hehe. too bad i didn't get to try turkish bath when i was there..

迷迭香 said...

did u bring back any of the carpets ? they might be heavy but i am sure it's worth the effort!! ^_^

小虫 said...

吃得饱啊 XD

collection of carpet!! got flying carpet ah?! haha~


Gule-gule Turkey~~!! 下一站去哪里啊?

Vin vin said...

the hse u live so special~

the cheese toast looks like sumthing in starbucks~ i owes order that.

by the way, u like watch the simpson also ? haha~ my favorite cartoon show! damn like it! ur pic really a bit looks like...

Akira 思胜 said...

这么多Carpet哦! 好精致的呢!

Unknown said...

I always wanted to go turkey. Do you feel "safe" if you were to travel alone there?

lablue said...

wow... u really had good time there!!

小闷瓜 said...
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summer said...


小闷瓜 said...

“...will be back in 2010.”
相信她等到颈项都长了吧 @,@

Kaijun said...

have a bath after fifteenth days??
I almost misunderstand your meaning..

Say good bye to turkey~~

=啃泥谷= said...

帅哥露点rf rf

Nick尼克仔 said...

哈哈~what a adorable room~

十六 said...


Siao麻雀 said...



Ayie said...

this part is a little said fu... goodbyes are never easy =( so nice that you met such a nice family

毛毛 said...

感觉有点逊了啦,hehe =p

Chris said...

The Blue mosque look awesome.. N same as the sophia as well.
But i heard the carpet there r really nice..

Princess Heathasia said...

Hey FuFu,
Long Time No See~

Looks like having fun there~

Nicole said...

Those pics are way cool.
I love that bath and I wouldn't mind that toast with cheese right now, yummy!
Hope you are still safe on your travels!

toto said...

致楼上的Nick 尼克仔:

shloke said...

fufu, you can also find similar Turkish's carpet and rug shops in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur.

Excellent details about your Turkish bath experience. Cemberlitas Hamam built in 1584 -- that's a whooping 425 years in operation! I noticed the bath is also a prime location for filmmakers and photographers alike.

Your travelogue is getting better. 16 days in Turkey = A homey, fun & exciting trip.

Ed said...

今天一打開電視就看到turkish bath的介紹,
結果一來你的部落又是介紹turkish bath,
真是巧啊.. ='=..

Ken Wooi said...

wow istanbul!! looking thru the pictures gives me a relaxing feeling.. aiyo fufu, i wanna go there la.. haha.. =D


冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ said...

not bad

shloke said...


I stumbled upon this awesome documentary from Discovery Channel - HD Version. Great stuff (food, travel & everything else about Turkey).

Here is the link from Google Video:


Matt said...

The bath experience looks interesting and relaxing. I'm not sure about the pummeling though. You look kinda funny all wrapped up. :-)

奈斯哈乳豆 said...


三吉 said...

the children smile like angle. How could you take such "natural" pic from them...?

紫绵羊的心与情 said...

u really enjoy ur life......

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Lam, great to know you have traveled much. I did too in my teens and started traveling at the age of 18! Sadly back then there were no blogs in 1988.. :)

Now I just travel whenever I can and thanks to the internet, I too can express my travels to the world!

Great work and all the best!

Malaysia Asia

toto said...


旋子笔 said...


Unknown said...

my dear friend, the Toast with cheese, sausage white cheese and olive looks so good. Can bring some back for me :P

I AM A BLOGGER said...

hey, how r u? since in silk road of China?^^ hope to hear from u soon!

TZ said...

hmmm... such as nice trip... I wish i could be in Turkey... :)

teenchefgirl said...

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Ken said...

Turkey people is so nice and sweet. Ur turkey trip seems so captivating!!

Btw, it's time to update ur blog lor...=P

annant said...

wow, ur body build si quite nice *blush* lol

im like have traveled Turkey through ur pics :)

佐瑟琳 said...

天啊~ 你半裸了?
哈哈~~~ XD



北慈 said...
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都市[心]鮮人 said...

看了都肚子餓。。好好吃的 樣子!

Superman said...

The food look so nice. Did you manage to grab a flying carpet? Hehe.

zzhen said...


sultanahmet said...

I had been there.
It is my dream travel.

Anonymous said...

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