Monday, 9 November 2009

The Next Stage of Life

FuFu Life in Frankfurt
- Chapter One
2nd - 11th October 2009

Hey folks, it's been a while since i updated my blog here. Life has been quite busy for me the whole October as i am trying hard to settle down in Frankfurt, Germany as well as adapt totally a new life and learn German. I reached Frankfurt on the 2nd and classes started on the 5th with introduction week and presentations kept eating up my spare time. By the way, i am studying Urban Agglomerations at a graduate school in Frankfurt.

Alright, i just got the laptop from the university ten days ago. I am getting used to the weather here. Hence i think i could start to update my blog very often. I need to manage my time with my assignment well so i could share everything that happens here in Frankfurt with you guys. Anyway before i go into details, please have a look of those pictures taken during my first week in Germany.

Round tour of the redevelopment areas around Frankfurt city centre.

Römer, one of the important historical landmarks in Frankfurt.

FuFu and his coursemates.

The redevelopment area of the Eastend Harbour.

Visiting a well known architectural office, Albert Speer & Partner.

A brief introduction of the projects of the company all over the world.

The urban design of the city centre in Abuja, Nigeria.

The master plan concept for an automobile city in Shanghai.

FuFu wish to work in this brilliant company in the future.

The working environment in Germany is perfectly nice.

Ponder if FuFu could be able to work in Germany or not.

Welcome dinner at a typical restaurant in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt.

We had a big jar of Frankfurt's famous apple wine. Great.

Received roses from the engaged couples outside a church.

The coursemates decided to have a small picnic on one sunny day.

The CBD of Frankfurt, and its skyline along the Rhine river.

FuFu planted the roses where they had picnic.

FuFu's coursemate had bought a bottle of wine.

Bread, wine, cheese, chips, biscuit, corns, coke, beer, etc.

Life in Frankfurt is real great.

FuFu loves wine.


It's nice to have coursemates from all over the world.

From Taiwan, Chille, Iceland, Brazil & Colombia (photographer)

Now, FuFu has friends from every continent on this planet.

It's nice to chat with coursemates with beer.

German beer is delicious but FuFu always gets drunk easily.

Visiting the Roman settlements in Frankfurt with Professor and staff.

FuFu shows off his love to Malaysia even visiting the settlements.

The first field trip was great though it's showering once a while.

Ops, it's Sunday. FuFu heading out to downtown alone.

However all department stores and retail shops are closed.

Sunday is very quiet throughout the country in Germany.

FuFu spotted a futuristic department store - Myzeil at Zeil street.

The roof design makes it one very sustainable shopping mall.

The interior is marvelous.

Even the tourists flocked there visiting its nice architecture.

FuFu spent an hour walking around the dead shopping mall.

It's so much to see and snap pictures even the shops were closed.

Remember to visit Myzeil if you ever come to Frankfurt.

One of the best shopping malls that FuFu loves.

Bet you guys would also love Myzeil.

The escalator that brings one up to his heaven.

It's always handicapped-friendly everywhere in Germany.

Street on Sunday in Frankfurt is quiet and empty.

Next, FuFu moved to another shopping mall.

That's the tallest building in Frankfurt.

The motorcyclists gathered together on this Sunday.

FuFu met up his coursemates after lunch.

It's free to visit Deutsches Achitektur Museum.

Photography is not allowed (taken from the entrance).

Visiting museum is one good activity FuFu likes much.

There's number of museums along the river facing the CBD.

FuFu will explore all the museums during his stay in Frankfurt.

The underground station.

Waiting the train back to the student house.


Chi Leong said...


fufu said...

hey long time no see... yeah you are the first visitor lol

Bengbeng said...

Brother, so glad u updated. To b honest, i was a little teeny weeny bit worried about you but you are doing very well which is good :)

Chi Leong said...


都是朋友tagged 你的

Xanga 那件衣服应该是你的最爱,




那间shopping mall 好像很大间。

三吉 said...

the design of the shopping mall look so special....好classic噢。。。。。。你在那里生活又是一个新开始了,加油。。。!

✿AиG3L✿ said...


fufu said...

Bengbeng : wow... thanks bb... actually you should not worry about me as i am a world traveller... sure i will live a life no matter where i go lol

Chi Leong : yeah it;s been a long while since you came here ya... erm i have no laptop to update and upload pictures on facebook, but now i have one... so i think i will update more often =)

xanga... well i have many xangan friends so i bring the tee with me to germany, also the i love malaysia tee... because i love msia =p

really a 写意的生活
but it's getting cold here... doubt we could go picnic until the spring :)

三吉 : yeah a totally new life here... relatively slow here if compared to kl or sg or cities in japan... yo i love the shopping mall... so stunning

fufu said...

AnG3L : frankfurt is a nice place to work and live in ya... i will share everything here with you guys... stay tuned :p

Lily Riani said...

i have few friends whom visited germany anf frankfurt before but no one ever said it was nice or talks about it, didnt know they hv that much to over, you;ve made me wanna visit him myself.

Btw, our of curiosity, which nationality are you from?

fufu said...

Lily Riani :well frankfurt is an international city yet the life is good... anyway i dont know how your friends explore a city... if you follow me, sure you would like it erm well you have to come and breathe the air and feel it here ya... bet you would love it...

i have been to your blog but i couldnt leave you comment >< still wish you will leave comment to me ya

erm i am from malaysia lol

Chi Leong said...





fufu said...

Chi Leong : ok sure... come when you are free ok? studying is more important lol

yeah i am still updating my xanga... another place i will go back when i am free =) because i have nice friends there

i will be staying here for a yr in germany... then one international exchange semester overseas before i back to frankfurt for my master thesis =p

sock peng said...


Lily Riani said...

gee... thanks for visiting my blog. yeah, my friends that went to germany happens to be not those adventurous type... hence i only travel with selected people. however being a girl traveler there are certain things i need to be careful about :p

i need your advice on japan - tokyo in specific. i will be going in dec for 5 days (co trip) & am taking this opportunity to reccee before doing a backpacking trip with sis.

btw, keep up posting your blog, how long will you be in germany, am planning a greece & turkey next year, perhaps do a stop over if you still around lar...

ps: i have the "i love msia" shirt as well, wore it in queenstown! 1MALAYSIA! ahhahhaha

[SK] said...

hey, welcome back to the blogsphere!! glad that you've settled down and enjoying your life in Frankfurt..

wow!! i love that shopping mall.. the first photo already got me jaw dropped!! isn't that a hole that looks like a typhoon on the main entrance, cool!! and the interior is just as futuristic as i like it..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hey...welcome back. You study what oh in German? Life so beautiful ler ^^

将鱼宰 said...

frankfurt was nice.
well, it is my next destination!
haha ... hope to meet you soon

annant said... nice..
keep us update with ur uni life eh
and take care there ar ;)

annant said... nice..
keep us update with ur uni life eh
and take care there ar ;)

猪公主 said...

finally u update ur blog!! i nearly bcome giraffe =__=||

haha...u so love Msia even tho in there also wear "i love Msia".*Thumbs up*

wah!!picnic in there look like very field + nice weather + a lot of food = perfect picnic.

shloke said...

Willkommen zurück to the blogging world!

Urban Agglomerations? Tokyo will need fufu expertize. German is the 90th largest agglomerations in the world.

That architect firm is not bad. Got projects in Abuja! Love their workspace - comfy desk with PC. fufu, you can always come back to Malaysia and work in one of our reputed developer firms - e.g. SP Setia, Mah Seng or Sunrise.

Picnic in the park - AWESOME!

That 'spiral' glass departmental store is brilliant - love the futuristic and simplistic interior design. Kind of remind me of the latest Star Trek movie :) Kudos to designer and architect!

Best Wishes,

fufu said...

sock peng : yeah... finally =p miss you guys so much lol yeah the life here is awesome

Lily Riani : yeah i agree that girls gotta be extra careful when travelling alone... but i think europe is still alright ya :)

japan? well tokyo is a mega city... so many places to go... but i would suggest you select the places you wanna go the most... and leave the rest for the next time since it's a company trip...

erm well just let me know when you wannt come to germany ok? turkey is a nice place.. bet you would love the culture there... erm greece... i will plan visiting soon!

i got the tee last yr when i was in kl... glad i got it so i could wear it everywhere in europe =p 1malaysia!

SK : yeah you are right... the design of the shopping mall is like a twister... cool!!!

yeah i have been taking too much time to settle down here... anyway i am back now... will update more from now on... hihihi

Unique_tHOm@tHOm said...

gor gor~ wow~~~i love the shopping mall u went~~the design just so advance & grand~
huh~~time really flies~~u been went thr for 1 month ady~
wish u all the best on yr study thr ya~
will miss u,

fufu said...

uLi.佑莉 : sorry i have been mia since i arrived frankfurt in october... erm... life is great here and i just get all the 3prsentation done last week... so i can enjoy this weekend =p erm i am doing master here in urban agglomerations/planning

将鱼宰 : huuh? you are coming to germany? erm... let me know earlier so i could try to arrange my time for you... ok?

annant : ok sure... i will keep you guys updated with everything happens in frankfurt ya...

AliVe said...


fufu said...

猪公主 : hahaha...sorry for being mia... i promise i will update more often here... as i have my laptop now lol

yeah i am so proud to wear that tshirts here in germany =p

it was a nice picnic indeed... will have more next year as it's freaking cold now

shloke : yeah i understand the german lol even though i had only attended 4 german classes =p guess i would pick up the language soon

erm... tokyo is well developed already... i think i will go other country and help them to build up the country... or i think malaysia needs me lol ok i will consider working in any of those company you mentioned here

the office is nice... i wish i could work parttime there or internship or what...

erm then shopping mall is great... i think can stand side by side with our starhills =)

SuwEi said...


Candlelyn said...

wow~such a wonderful study trip in german u hv!!look forward to reading ur next blog =D

fufu said...

Unique_tHOm@tHOm : lol yeah i am back brother =p time really flies man... already more than a mth i am here in frankfurt.... miss the life in msia ><

anyway i will do my best in my study here... you also gotta take care ya....

AliVe : yeah it's been a while since you last came here... erm yeah i am still doing good as usual =)

fufu said...

SuwEi : yeah it's always good to be student... but sometime those presentations and reports just annoying ya >< taking too much time

okok i will update more often i promise lol erm the architecture here in germany (or europe) is quite different with ours

Candlelyn : yeah it's nice... i will write more about my study life here in germany...stay tuned... and thanks for the support lol

SuwEi said...

being a student sure hve to do assignments,hehe.jz write them as if like writing stories in the blog..haha!

HanLun said...

hey fufu, long time no see. Is great hear from you again :) Life in German sounds so tempting. Sitting on the green grass n sipping on a fine wine are really enjoying.

fufu said...

SuwEi : i am not study travelling >< i need to read many in order to write a better reports or project... anyway i will do my best

HanLun : yeah life in frankfurt for the first month was indeed a nice one... will try to continue it until i leave the country =p yeah you can enjoy the wine there sitting on the grass while watching the great scenery in kiwiland ya

lock said...

good to hear your latest news all the long way from germany!

your course in germany is conducting in german or english?

i guess it is hard to imagine if we have picnic in malaysia under a hot hot sun!

Ely said...

I envy you... you're living the "breakfast in Shanghai, lunch in Tokyo, dinner in Paris" life! Hehehe

William said...

MyZeil is cool! Seems like you're having more alcohol than water over there!

Anonymous said...

It's been very long since I had a picnic. =( very, very long. Since I was a little girl. And your entry makes me think of my childhood memories.

hcpen said...

wow, great you have updates, finally!!! on your new life in germany, the architecture looks heavenly! how long is the masters? 2 yrs?

fufu said...

lock : my master course is in english of course... but i am learning the language hard lol

erm... i wanted to update more but i just got my laptop so now only i share them with you guys... will write more then...

hihihi... how i wish i could do such picnic in malaysia... but no one agree with me... and i didnt want to go alone... >< anyway i will do more picnic with friends next yr since it's getting cold here

Ely : yeah that's my life :p as usual i live up my life... you could do so i guess.... hihihi all the best ya my friend lol

William : you are wrong... i drink 2L water everyday... besides wine or beer... hohohoho

fufu said...

cleffairy : you should go for a picnic tomorrow then... we have so many parks in malaysia... go enjoy the day with nature =p

hcpen : yeah i will concentrate on my life in frankfurt now... while sharing some of the previous would trip... erm yeah the master course is 2yrs but i have 1semester abroad... i will share more nice stuff here in please stay tuned ya

萤火虫*.* said...


Yih Yann said...

Happy to see you doing great over there...keep blogging about your status...take care :)

fufu said...

萤火虫 : yeah i love plants... i have few little bonzai in my room... hihihi

Yih Yann : yeah i am alright here ya... will definitely write more about my studying life here... stay tuned ya...

小雪 said...

你终于回来更新了 呵呵呵

fufu said...

小雪 : well actually showing my room's pictures here is one of the chapter... hihihi...stay tuned and you will see how my room will look like then =)

七仔 CJ said...

good luck and all de best in yr study!!
Must often blog about your life over thr yea.. XDD

Glennis said...

Love your picnic with the planted roses, you had a lovely time.

rainfield61 said...

You are finally back with new experience and pictures.

Best wishes to you.

tamiya said...



calvin said...

Wow, finally an update from Frankfurt!
You seems to be settled down already by now, and enjoying your every moment there, which is great to hear that!
Keep us updated and hope we can catch up very soon on our spare time!

The shopping mall is amazing. I can just go there to enjoy the design and architecture without buying anything from the mall lol!

tunadolphi said...

Study hard and play hard! Hehe..
Enjoy to the fullest in Frankfurt~

Anonymous said...

Hi Fufu,
I did my MSc in Urban Regeneration in London. One of my lecturers was Sir Peter Hall. He wrote a lot of books in Urban Planning. Maybe you've heard of him?

I had my field trip in Berlin too. Berlin is a bit like Manchester!

fufu said...

七仔 CJ : thanks... i will update every little thing here in frankfurt... you gotta come here often to check them out ya...

Glennis : thanks... we were surprised to get the roses from a couple... anyway it made our picnic more meaningful then =p

rainfield61 : yeah will share more about my new life here with you guys... i will enjoy my life here lol

fufu said...

tamiya : lol you can come here on your own though... hihihi europe is a nice place to you would like the culture here ya... yeah i also hope to develop the country well... give me 2yrs ok? i will be back soon... and change the situation!!

calvin : yeah already settle down ya =p life in frankfurt is alright... will definitely share more with you all here... do let me know when you plan to come... yeah the shopping mall is great!! i spent one hour slowly walking around... nice!!

tunadolphi : yeah i will... and play harder.. but i dont have that much $$$ to play now >< i am on my own... gotta spend wisely or i gotta eat bread and drink only water T.T

calvin said...

Will let you know.
But for now, I am waiting for a postcard from you xD

fufu said...

calvin : yeah i am also waiting for your addy in nagaoka niigata =p

嘿嘿 said...

Love to see you back n settled down in Frankfurt。 Wish you are doing well。

It‘s nice pics! Lovely!

Mind you the best white wines are in Germany。 Enjoy yrslf! Cheers!

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : yeah thanks... i am living up the life well here in frankfurt... will slowly put up everyhting here =p stay tuned ya.... yeah frankfurt has a nice apple wine :) some of the pictures not taken by me... as i didnt take mine out ... glad you still like them... hihihi

Ken said...

Seems that life is treating u very well. I bet it's not a problem for u to adapt in the new environment.

Love the weather in European countries! Buildings in Frankfurt are just amazing!

Joel,约珥 said...

im so happy can see fufu back,
u look really enjoy when drinking the wine lol,hahaha, i scare fufu will do silly things after drunk oh,hahahha..

Fion Chow said...

hey!finally you're BACK!!!!
long time no SEE!!!how's your life in germany???
can see that Germany is an awesome place as well...
and i like WINE TOO!!!!XD
tell week ago i went to's my 1st time going overseas!!haha...really having a great time in Perth....and drank lots of wine....

Cassey said...

long time did come dy,
happy to c ur post again^^
good job!!

sally^^ said...

it's really been a long time since i last hear from u~~ u really got a long post everytime with bunch of nice photos~~

i wish i got a chance to go to Germany..

Agnes said...

glad to see u update again!! can see that life in Germany is great n u really enjoy it!! take care!

发白日梦^^ said...


Twilight Man said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! The interior photos are so fantastic! I will sure visit Germany when I next head to Europe. How many years will you be there?

四月 said...


Wois said...

i m going to finished my master, now ur turn... wakkaka

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you're starting your studies in Frankfurt. Enjoy! :)

fufu said...

Ken : hey... thanks god giving me a nice life here in frankfurt.. more about my life here will be updated here soon... hmn...the architecture in germany is relatively modern... will show the medieval side later... stay tuned ya

Joel,约珥 : yeah having wine on a sunny and windy afternoon was great!!! we all enjoyed the picnic =p anyway i would be very quiet when i get drunk... n_< so it's alright... i dont do silly thing =p

Fion Chow : erm... germany is a nice country... but on the other hand... some of the system here real sucks!!! anyway i am going to stay here for 1.5yrs =p yeah i bet australia have plenty of different kind of wine... i love wine... yeah i will update more often since i got my personal laptop now :)

MSKY said...

You are back!What a wonderful life there ~

fufu said...

Cassey : yeah long time no see =p wish you are doing well over there ya... please come here for more updates from me in frankfurt ok?

sally^^ : hehehe... this time only with very few pictures though... more to come... hohohho.... well germany is a very modern and advanced country... wish you could come here... then go to historical countries like austria and czech republic

Agnes : yeah i am happy to update here too... it's really my pleasure to share everything here with you guys... i will keep having fun here in frankfurt =p

fufu said...

发白日梦 : hihihi good life here =p erm well they are all my coursemates from all over the world... wanna me introduce them to you?? lol

Twilight Zone : yeah you can find many great modern and advanced buildings here throughout the whole europe ya... erm i will be staying until summer 2011 =p

四月 : ok no problem... come when you have time ok? take care

fufu said...

Wois : lol yeah it's my turn now... i will do my best to get my master... wish me all the best~~ hiihhi

Mei Teng : yooo... i am enjoying very much... still have many stuff to explore here in frankfurt... before i go around the while germany =p

fufu said...

MSKY : yeah i am back... will keep updating my do come here for more pictures and stories from me ok? have a nice day

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...


jam said...

The shopping mall looks great! Hope you enjoy your life there!

renaye said...

amazing. i would love to work in germany too!

梦旅飞 said...


阿Don said...




i like it !

fufu said...

Chin Weng 茶先生 : yeah i was amazed by its architecture too :) awesome

jam : yeah there are many nice shopping malls here though... will try to visit some of them and share with you all... hihihi i am enjoying life wherever i go =p

renaye : hehehe... well i suggest you learn german first ya...before you wanna work here =p

fufu said...

kampung Orz : lol yeah it's my pleasure to show you all about my life in frankfurt germany n_<

阿Don : hihihihi
闻花香尝红酒 is great =p
you should try it ya...
i will do more when the weather is getting warm :)

Scott Cheong said...


古小玉 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
古小玉 said...

Now I know you are a good drinker. We "饮胜" when you come back to Malaysia

fufu said...

素基辅导员 : ok sure... welcome to blogger =p

古小玉 : i cant drink that much though... can we drink wine? because i dont quite like beer >< lol and you belanja n_<

foongpc said...

Welcome back! Frankfurt looks like a great place! I hope to go there one day!

Wow! I'm amazed at that shopping mall's architecture! But all shopping malls are closed on Sunday? Must be pretty quiet on Sundays!

So you drink beer at every meal? I think you won't get drunk so easily if you continue to drink every day. Haha!

June said...

hey...i luv ur song in the blog

the office is so nice..
I think the working environment is 100% better than the small island :P

fufu said...

foongpc : yeah the beer here is way too cheap =p but i just not so into it... because i am a very romantic person, so i think wine suits me better n_< yeah it's totally a dead city on sunday >< luckily the restaurants still open... otherwise the tourists will not come to germany... anyway frankfurt is a nice place lol

June : yeah the workplace in germany is really good =p the atmosphere here in the europe is very different if compared with asian one :) the song is Guan Yu Wo Men, go search for it, a song of the drama Pi Zi Ying Xiong

~eRiC~ said...

what is this Urban Agglomerations course about? designing urban plans?
Why are all the shops closed on sunday? isnt tht supposed to be day off for everyone to hang out?
and tht tee is from Giordano leh~ ahha

sing said...

嗨!终于更新了呵~ ^___^

Römer看起来很童话.给我很身处于卡通里的感觉.突然想到The Hunchback of Notre Dame.哈哈!我知道那故事背景是在巴黎..可是很奇怪为什么我会有那联想.. ;p

那jar苹果酒也未免太太太大了吧!在那酒被端上来的时候你们也一定吓一跳吧?哈哈! 说真的,我还想喝喝看耶~



那建筑师和工程师都很大胆!赞! ^^

对了..Urban Agglomerations..我还是第一次听到这个字眼呢! 我特地去google了这个字的意思,读了还是似懂非懂.. 哈!有够笨的我.. XDD

恢复学生身份的日子应该也不会轻松到哪里去吧?不过还是那么有心地把照片放上来,嘿,我们这些读者有福咯~ ^___^

fufu said...

erictbk : urban agglomerationsis all about urban/town planning... sustainable cities... infrastructure and transportation planning blablabla... yeah i got the tee from giordano... you have one also?? well i found it strange as they close the shops on sunday... so people will rather stay at home to foster the relationships =p

sing : lol finally... well i will update more often =) anyway i didnt know about the course until i went to the postgraduate edu fair... it's quite interesting, wish to finish the course asap and start working... gotta earn money and start another chapter of life :)

erm the apple wine is very famous here in frankfurt... we drink it with sparkling water... nice! you gotta try if you have a chance coming to frankfurt ok?

yeah myzeil department store are awesome.. i spent an hour there taking pictures plus walking around... hihihi

yeah sunday is a boring day... so everyone will go to museum with family members or just stay at home... anyway there's event occasionally held on sunday =p

romer is a nice place... but the buildings are not the real one... the rebuilt it according the original one =)

anyway will write more about frankfurt ...stay tuned ya n_<

Hoobert the Awesome said...

hi fufu! welcome back to the blogosphere.

yeah. it seems that frankfurt is student-friendly. nice. what course are you taking up btw?

// you get along with your coursemates pretty well. are they from germany? or not?

i have a new entry. hope you can visit it.

海市蜃樓 said...



Mia said...


Akira 思胜 said...


在那边的生活很不错吧? 要加油哦!

ladyviral said...

Looks like Fufu enjoyed himself there while studying.

The Myzeil shopping mall looks huge and really tall. So many escalators! There is even one that leads so far up. Wow~

Missed your pictures and post. Glad you are back :).

Xing Tells You said...

wow~~ nice places in Germany~~ no food? Pork Knuckles? haha

Vincent Cho said...

T.T i wish to try on German beer as well!

Nicole said...

Man, you really made Frankfurt look pretty :D
And no, I was never a fan of Frankfurt, but maybe I didn't look deep enough?
Glad you like it there and glad you like the beverages too ;)

We will (Hopefully) be in Egypt some time longer, but you really make me miss Germany :)

Superman said...

Nice to hear that you settled down in Frankfurt now. I guess will be a lots of nice photos of this lovely and artistic city soon from you. Guess you will flood with nice beers and wines in future. Haha. ENjoy!

Nick尼克仔 said...


Shin said...

Myzeil is very interesting!基本上那里的街景對我來說都很有可觀性,看到你的照片我都想去德國了!

Serina said...

你在德国了?! 感觉你过得很好,加油!!:)

Feeling said...

hey hv been weeks u didnt update ur i c u r in germany =)

Shell (貝殼) said...


vialentino said...

hey ah fu...sorry for not visiting u a while...been busy lately. later will fly to krabi in the noon....

will come back here and let u know once i am back....

small-ugly said...


yenling。celest said...


人鱼球球 said...


Furby said...

What a great life!! jealous >"<
Remember update more ya ;)

夏娃公主 said...

那个shopping mall好漂亮啊,每次来看你的照片,都让我羡慕不已,你的人生真的好精彩~

JeNs 阿慧 said...

哇!!Germany!! I only passed by black forest. Nice place!!! You are studying there or working there ??

- yEng - said...


朵麗絲~ said...


aquarius said...

之前你不是读transportation enginnering吗?现在是urban agglomerations/planning。。。感觉好像很不一样。。。不过,都是我不懂得科系,觉得你好厉害!!!

佐瑟琳 said...

哈哈~ XD


Ayie said...

nice to see an update from you!

goodluck on your endeavors fu! take care!

Unseen India Tours said...

Beautiful post and lovely shots !! Seems you had a fantastic time there !! Nice ..

Anonymous said...

i like the last pic..really nice...^^


venuskhoo said...

你的生活真的過得很不錯~~ 真是羡慕你~

Che-Cheh said...

Looks like you're enjoying your life tremendously in Frankfurt. How long is the course?

The shopping mall is very cool. Futuristic.

escape said...

you're almost everywhere. so i should ask "where the hell is fufu going next?" we'll just be waiting for your travel back here. take your time enjoying other countries.

fufu said...

pOot! : yeah my coursemates are all from different part of the world ya =p erm... so far we are getting along well...and wish it would last forever :) yeah i am doing master here about urban agglomeration

海市蜃樓 : yeah first week was pretty tired... gotta get everything done... i am getting better now already =p

Mia : yeah and we were drinking wine in the afternoon... hihihi great

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : yeah thanks... i will post more about the life here in germany while uploading the rest of my world trip =p

ladyviral : yeah i miss you guys too... glad you guys still remember me ya =p hihihihi erm... yah i am enjoying life here in frankfurt... just wish i could handle the assignments and presentations well =p yeah the shopping mall is great... will go back often for pictures with friends next time =p

Xing Tells You : it's too expensive to have meal outside here... i am a poor student >< anyway will try to taste all the german dishes here and of course i will share with youguys here ya...stay tuned

fufu said...

Vincent Cho : hihihi... yeah you should come here for the local german beer and sausages ya =p

Nicole : yeah i am going to explore frankfurt more since i have one year here :) then will show you more about frankfurt ya... erm... miss germany? you could always back ya... glad to hear that you are going to stay longer in egypt... wish you still would be there when i go travel around egypt

Superman : yeah i think i will have wine as i dont quite like beer >< yeah the life in frankfurt is great =p i still have ton of nice pictures to be shared ya...pls stay tuned

fufu said...

Nick尼克仔 : yeah it's been a long while since you left me a comment here ya... miss you so much =p yeah i will do my best i wanna graduate and get a's time to make money and settle down... i am not that young to wander around already ><

well i am still remembering my promise/dream to get my book published ya... i will not give up... trust me.. you will be able to buy my book in the future... remember to get my autograph then ok? hihihi

Shin : lol well it's very common to picnic everywhere in europe... probably it's not our culture or the weather doesnt allow us to do so... erm germany is a modern country among the rest in europe... you would know if you ever have the chance come here =p

Serina : yeah i am now in frankfurt germany... i doing great here ya :)

fufu said...

Feeling : yeah was too busy settling down in frnkafurt... anyway i am updating now... hohoho more to come though... get ready?

Shell (貝殼) : i am not travelling though... i am here to pursue my master degree though....

vialentino : yeah it's alright bro!! had a great time in krabi? just come here when you are free ok? i will always be here for you guys =p

fufu said...

Small-Ugly : well... in which part particularly?

yenling眼泪 : studying in germany is not that great ok? hehehe... yeah i like the picnic day with friends too... it's real awesome!!

人鱼球球 : yeah it's great to see the world =p i am the lucky one!! hehehe

fufu said...

FuRby : yeah... dont be like that ok? hihihihi ok i will update more i promise =p

夏娃公主 : yeah... long time no see ya :) how have you been up to recently? miss you... hihihi yeah my entry will always full of pictures... wish you dont mind and keep leaving comments ok? thanks n_<

JeNs 阿慧 : i am studying here ya... black forest? i wanna go there too... probably next summer ya =p

fufu said...

yEng : hahhaa... it's one design... gotta ask the architect :)

朵麗絲 : yeah i enjoyed drinking wine on that sunny day ya =p nice

aquarius : yeah transportation engineering is part of urban agglomerations too... erm... well a good and sustainable city needs a good transportation system... got it? erm... yo..the mall is indeed an awesome it so much

fufu said...

佐瑟琳 : yeah...cheers =p i love wine... as wine tastes real great!! hohoho and it's cheap here :) anyway next time you gotta treat me bottle of good wine ok? lol

Ayie : yeah thanks! i will pursue what i want here.. wish me luck ya... thanks

Unseen Rajasthan : thanks! yo... i have a great time here with my coursemates =p wish you could come back often to check out my entries =p

fufu said...

clara : yeah i like it too... hihihi

venus : yeah i am glad i could have such life here in frankfurt... thanks god =p

Che-Cheh : yeah fufu is always enjoying life no matter where he is :) hohoho... the mall is one of my favourites lol

fufu said...

the donG : hihihi... yeah, i will have a blast around south east asia 2 yrs later after i have got my master degree here in germany ya... wish to see you guys in the philippines =p

summer said...


feline_Jodie said...

Frankfurt is a place where classic meet modern, I love the shopping mall, like the flow.
Actually, I am also v busy with my tests and exams...
I need better time managment too, as I hv not upload my blogspot for a while la~
and u drew that sketch? Dun know u like drawing, haha, I sketched in Italy also~ happy experience as ppl like my drawing too:p

feline_Jodie said...

I wanna picnic also!! But no fds agree with me><, they say in hk where can we go picnic, poor, but I will try my best next year! As hk is v cold in these few days~~~

fufu said...

summer : yeah it's always nice having group of people gather together =p we had an awesome picnic ya... hihihi guess we would be busy for picnic in spring

feline_Jodie : well... wish you could get along well with your studies ya... all the best

erm frankfurt is an international city... yet you still could find some medieval building in the heart of the city :)

i cant draw actually... that's only the picture i took when i was at the römer ya n_<

erm... yeah it's insanely hot and ridiculous to have picnic in hk and malaysia either... i know your situation... but you could find those wanna have picnic... spring may be the better time to enjoy the outing

Matt said...

Love the pictures of the mall and the offices too. I think with your background, you could adapt to living and working in any country.

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