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A Fruitful and Wonderful Field Trip

FuFu Life in Frankfurt - Chapter Five
9th - 10th November 2009

Germany (or the European countries) has foreseen the future trend of sustainable development since few decades ago. The government, city planners and architects has been putting a lot of efforts in transforming the country to be one of the top sustainable countries without compromising with the future generations. And this is one of the reasons why i chose here to further my studies in Urban Planning (or Urban Agglomerations).

You can visit the website for the course i am doing now here.

I am glad that we had the chance visiting some of the best example of the sustainable development in Freiburg, Türbingen and Stuttgart. It was a two day one night field trip. Kudos to Professor Peterek and the coordinator Caroline who drove us all the way from Frankfurt to Freiburg early morning at 6am.

Started the journey from 6am and reached the destination at 9am.

Here we arrived the first stop of the field trip.

The grass track bed for the linear train running through the city.

Located in the extreme southwest of Germany, straddled the Dreisam River at the foot of Scholossberg and close to Switzerland, Freiburg was the first destination of our field trip for the course of Urban and City-regional Development. The new district of Riesefeld, situated in the west of Freiburg and providing 4200 residential units for about 10,000 to 12,000 inhabitants, is one of the largest new development projects in Germany in the past few decades.

Freiburg is one of the successful sustainable cities in Germany.

The girls of the full time master course.

The cold current suddenly attacked the country on our excursion day.

Freezing cold, but the professor still patiently explained everything.

The students also paid full attention.

But it's hard to concentrate as the weather was really bad.

Investigating the function of the community facility provided.

Raise up your hand and support the sustainable development.

Let us checked out the development at the residential compound!

The neighbourhood indeed was sustainably plan for the residents.

The concept is somehow applicable to our housing development.

Okay, let FuFu study a bit more first and tell you guys later.

Every household has their own garden at the back.

The traffic calming street is one of the sustainable key elements.

Facade with vibrant colours makes the city more sustainable?

Green facade (prolly 10years later) makes the city more sustainable?

Is the contemporary architecture equally to sustainable?

The scooters are still using in part of Germany.

It's freaking cold after a long field trip.

Fortunately we could have cup of nice coffee to warm up the body.

A cup of super fine Cuppucino (Euro 2.50).

Moved on to another area after the coffee break.

Vauban is situated in the south of Freiburg, in the former area of a French barrack site, being developed as a new district for more than 5000 inhabitants and created 600 job opportunities. All these developments invested around Freiburg are aimed not letting the city from losing its own functions and attractiveness to become a dead or abandoned city.

The next stop was the solar panel showroom.

The Solar Fabrik.

Solar panels set everywhere provide enough electricity to the city.

Having solar panel on top of the roof would destroy the cityscape.

I think Malaysia should utilise the free and green solar energy.

Hopped on the van, moved to the next stop.

On the way walking to the historical city centre.

Posing in front of the little canal in the middle of the buildings.

The famous Doppelkirche of Freiburg.

The interior of the church.

Doppelkirche, in the heart of the new city quarter of Riesefeld, is a quite special buidling with both Evangelical and Catholic church coexist in one building that combined into a single ecumenical church. The city is surrounded by the famous black forest mountainous range.

The building in front of the church.

The stomachs were making noise. Divided in to two groups for lunch.

We chose the restaurant famous for its currywurst (curry sausage).

Set Lunch for Euro 6 (RM30.6).

The food was, however, served before the drinks.

Anyhow it's still a great lunch we had.

Yeah beer is not a must but good for lunch also.

FuFu's hearty yummilicious currywurst.

Currywurst with fried smashed tomato.

Currywurst with cheese and french fries.

Taking this picture while killing the time waiting for the rest.

Hopped on the van and headed to the youth hostel in Turbingen.

On the way, it suddenly snowed.

The professor stopped the van as we screamed over the first snow.

Gotta snapped the first snow in Germany.

Had a happy and funny snowball fight beside phototaking session.

The ever first snow in Europe for FuFu. Yay!

We jumped but the pictures were not good.

Alright, it's time to leave after overjoying the first snow.

It's already dark by the time we had arrived Turbingen.

After a short break, we walked around the historical inner city.

The square of the inner city (will be full with stalls during daytime).

The typical medieval German architecture.

Picture at the narrow alley before moved to the restaurant.

Dinner was Mexican food.

The ambience of the restaurant is nice.

Prost~ (cheers in German). Happy hour - 50% for all drinks.

FuFu hearts Mexican cocktails.

They loved their own drinks too.

FuFu had forgotten the name of these yummy Mexican dishes.

Some complained the food was too spicy.

FuFu's Mexican styled chicken spring rolls with salad.

Yummilicous Mexican food.

Overall, 8 out of 10marks was given to Mexican food.

Breakfast at the hostel - buffet style.

Bread, cheese, jam, butter, ham, salami, cereal, yogurt and coffee.

Nice reflection seen from the hostel.

A very nice place to settle down here if you like the German style.

Then, the few of us sneaking away to the inner city.

We wanted see the historical city since we were in Turbingen.

Stalls being set up from 8am at the core of the city.

Walking up to the castle.

Here, we came to the historical castle of Turbingen.

The castle is protected by the stone wall.

Situated above the neighbourhood.

FuFu with the girls in front the old castle.

The guys.

And the girls.

We were standing at higher than anyone in the city.

Obviously, FuFu didn't have enough sleep. Looked so sleepy!

The gerden in front of the castle.

Tower of the castle.

Leaving the castle.

The youth hostel.

The last sustainable housing development we had visited.

Tubingen is a university town located 80km south of Stuttgart. Its population has reached 87,000 and been growing annually mainly due to the in-migration from other surrounding smaller areas. It's expected at least 8,000 inhabitants will be moved to the city by 2020.

The professor was busy showing and explaining us everything.

While taking pictures, FuFu too paid attention to what the professor.

Good living environment is important while increasing the density.

A strong unique identity have to be given to the neighbourhood.

Open space is highly demanded and needed in Europe.

Even the verandah has table and chairs.

We have this in Malaysia but how many of us utilise this facility?

Plastic provided for your dog's shit. Is this sustainable?

Couldn't believe Chinese culture is being well promoted there.

See the sign!

Parken Vertoben = No Parking.

This kind of facade will be a trend in the future.

We need more of this type of compound everywhere in the world.

Piece of picture at the area FuFu loved the most.

Moving back to the starting point where the vans were parked.

Whose idea for this picture?

Ops, FuFu found many chance to have this kind of shot.

FuFu and Carolina from Madrid (Spain).

FuFu and Sinidu from Ethiopia (Africa).

FuFu and Polyana from Rio (Brazil).

FuFu and Ying-han from Taiwan.

The entrance of an apartment. Nice.

Conclusion was briefly done after visiting the few examples of the pattern for sustainable developments. It was really a fruitful field trip related to what we have been learning in the classroom. The trip undoubtedly had left us the impressive concepts over the sustainable elements proposed by the well-known urban planners.

Yeah, the field trip had ended. Headed to the museums in Stuttgart.

Ops, FuFu sitting on the few hundred thousand Euro Porsche.

Alright, for the next post, i would write about both the Mercedes Benz and Porsche Museums. So, stay tuned ya car lovers.


Cassey said...

first person^^
so many photos o,
have to go back the post
& read properly again!

Bengbeng said...

wow. a breath taking post. so much is happening n yr life over there is really taking off. keep us updated

fufu said...

Cassey : yeah you are the fist to leave the comment here... anyway tell me your comment once you have read the entry ok? i will reply you 7hrs later...i gotta sleep now...

Bengbeng : yeah actually i have ton of stuff to share with you guys... but after considering couple of times... i decided to choose the most happening one to put up here... wish you like them =p i have number of pictures lining up to see you guys :) good night

Cassey said...

I like the buildings in German!
mostly is promoted green roof system
It looks very peace =)

I guess ur frens there must called u as photographer, took so many photos.
But it is good for sharing!
I like the way u wrote about ur life!

Enjoy it^^

fufu said...

Cassey : yeah the contemporary architecture for the new development was just awesome!!! erm glad you like the way i write... hhihihihi erm... i am still an amateur photographer >< well i will post up more pictures here from time to time.. stay tuned ya :)

将鱼宰 said...

Germany was so nice, your post make me cannot help to travel to Europe asap. Haha ... U there started snowing already. So good , i still waiting for my 1st snow here, i heard some1 say probably Jan London will snow. Haha ...

fufu said...

将鱼宰 : germany is not as nice as ik i would say... you should go to the north if you have the chance ya... then slowly travel around europe next year... erm... yeah... it first snowed here in germany early of nov... and because of the cold current, it snowed again couple of days ago in germany =p hohohoho my white christmas is coming

将鱼宰 said...

Fufu, currently me stop writing in my old blog and i got a new blog. Here you go, . Come, Give me your address, i just got a Nice post card from the museum in My town.

十六 Keaton said...



William said...

So cool to have the train running over grass!!!

Suf n Steve said...


there is a relation between architectural design and sustainable energy and germany was among the 1st planning out a proper research and implementation model. you go and learn all these and implement in kl city.

on the other hand i'm doing a minor research on sustainable energy support on retail industries. so maybe you could help me later.

~eRiC~ said...

Kamadelevu Fufu... XD
correct or not ar?
oh, i tink im wrong?

[SK] said...

wow!! that was really a great field trip experience.. nice place, nice people, nice food, nice scenery, and nice snow~~ :p

MSKY said...

what a wonderful life ~

Che-Cheh said...

Didn't know Germany started urban development on sustainable energy decades ago. I thought this is a new thing. Haha An eye-opening topic for me.

Snow fall is very beautiful.
Have a cold and white winter.
Merry Christmas :)

窮光蛋市長 said...

haha……if I live in that house , must don't want come out already!Feel very comfortable~~~ ^^

wow~~~I'm also surprised you said got chinese that!haha……nice^^


Wois said...

wow, so nice... snowing...

how to apply study phd in there?

✿AиG3L✿ said...


J2Kfm said...

Like those shots, esp those MEXICAN dishes.... yummy stuff. Fortunately we have some Tex-mex cuisines over in KL, but sadly not Ipoh.

Akira 思胜 said...

爽咯你, 去到那边收获这么多哦! 呵呵!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...


Indian Myna [मैना]

uLi.佑莉 said...

Merry X'mas to you first, FuFu :)

summer said...



fufu said...

十六夜真人 : huuh really? erm... taiwan has a typical development... but unfortunately you couldnt get what you want..but nevermind, you can go still try it for the master course =p yeah you shall plan a trip to europe... bet you would like the architecture here

William : yeah... very nice!! netherlands, austria, and some other european countries also have it =p

Suf n Steve : yeah of course... sustainable energy and architecture certainly have to be coexisted with each other :) but i am not studying sustainable energy here >< anyway do let me know if you need my help... i could provide some material on retail industry ya... and i may ask my professor...

fufu said...

eRiC~ : what you trying to tell me here? what is kamadelevu ??? ><

SK : yeah i wish to have such trip again not now but next year... because it's damn cold now.... =p

MSKY : yeah enjoying my studying life now =p

fufu said...

Che-Cheh : yeah sustainable development actually has started in the 70's already... probably we are still a baby at that time... so such development is relatively new to us ya =p yeah you have a good christmas there too ya

穷光蛋市长 : hihihi it's very cold here... but worth it after seeing snow =p hohohoho anyway the living environment here in germany is really good... but still need to go out enjoy the life... dont always stay in your room/house :)

Wois : you wanna do your phd here? erm... google daad germany =p or go to the daad centre at jalan ampang... you could also ask for the scholarship :)

roentare said...

fufu, sooo many photographs that I have a very good sense of your travel in this wonderful country.

The food is surely incredible and reading your blog is enbroading my horizon.

You really had fun there!

fufu said...

AиG3L✿ : erm... the previous posts also indicating that i am enjoying my life here in germany hohohoho

J2Kfm : yeah i love mexican food =p but your photography is better than mine >< i need to improve mine...

Akira 思胜 : erm... i paid for it, so i gotta take back as much as i could... hihihihi

fufu said...

Bhavesh Chhatbar : yeh extremely cool :)

uLi.佑莉 : hey, hohohoho merry christmas and happy new year to you too....

summer : you are right... we should have both field trip and lectures so we could absorb what we have learned better =p erm it was really cold on that 2days... appreciated the professor who patiently showing and explainng us this and that

fufu said...

roentarre : yeah glad you didnt say every post of mine is TOO long =p hohohoho glad you would have learned something by reading my blog... i will try to show you guys everything about germany from time to time... so please stay tuned ya...

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Nice photos. I see that u r using canon. Good for you.

Frankfurt is really cold. I don't think i can really enjoy myself there. Hahaha

Kai and Baobei said...

i like the scooter !! plan to get one there ? :D can go around by tat (*.*) convenient to bring it around compared to car

fufu said...

Willie a.k.a Reptoz : yeah i am using canon 450D =p still an amateur though :) erm... you should come here once in a life time!! to experience the real winter with snow lol bet you would like it

fufu said...

Kai and Baobei : the public transport is pretty good here in germany to move around... you certainly dont need to have a scooter =p unless you are living in the rural area...

Furby said...

wah! can see that you were really enjoyed the first snow!! I can feel your happiness through your laughing face! :D

Clara said...

The architecture of German so Special!! The public buses also look 'cute'~!^^
SNOW!!!!really wish can see it and feel it one day...

小闷瓜 said...


Anonymous said...

I went to Berlin to have similar field trip as you did.
Interesting to see some modern buildings in Berlin, not far away from some degraded areas...

迷迭香 said...

the church is so beautiful ~

love the pic of u with first snow, it is really cool!! ^_^

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Wow...such a long sharing....
It seems that you quite enjoy your life there now, and from your photos, I noticed that all your coursemates are so sporting.

Happy Merry Christmas in advance~!

海市蜃樓 said...


calvin said...

41 comments in one day.

Anyway, it is amazing that you could make a study trip to sound almost like a vacation. But nice trip you had there.

The Mexican dinner looked great! I have a liking for Mexican food actually, especially tacos :D

"Obviously, FuFu didn't have enough sleep. Looked so sleepy!"

What did you do at night? =P

calvin said...

Oh by the way, how did you guys made ice balls with so little snow? LOL!

fufu said...

FuRby : yeah i had a great time there actually... wish to have more field trip like this =p

Clara : huuh? that's train/tram actually =p anyway both old and contemporary architectures are nice... it's snowing here in germany right now... wish you could come to europe or winter-country to experience the cold winter one day =p all the best

小闷瓜 : lol yeah it's snowing now... it's great.... so pretty... erm yes, they have different facades here, unlike our housing area... all same ><

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : yeah there's plenty of modern sustainable development in berlin...wish i could go there again sooner =p hohohoho

迷迭香 : yeah i love those pictures with snow too... i really had a great time at that moment... the church... too bad i couldnt take many pictures because of the bad weather... and i dont take pictures if i am holding an umbrella ><

GeOk kEE : huuh? not really... some are shy though... anyway they are my lovely coursemates =p hihihi as usual enjoying my life wherever i go :)

fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : erm... only the transporation is free... we paid everything >< wish it's all free field trip :) nonetheless we had a great field trip

calvin : yeah thanks those (including you) who willing to leave comment here =p it's part of our vacation hihihihi =p you like mexican food too? we could have some nice mexican food then... erm we played cards till 2am and gotta wake up at 7am >< well we didnt need that much snow for the snowball... we have mini snowball fight lol

Clara said... fast u reply...
train hor..look like bus...i tot u wrongly typed...but think bac now, impossible la..and after i check bac...really no tires... =p
but can't see the railway wor...hahaha

ya..hope so...SNOW...wait for me~! wakaka

fufu said...

Clara : yeah it's train =p couldnt you see the track?? anyway bet you would have the chance seeing the snow one... all the best :)

rainfield61 said...

Hi freind, look like you are having an holiday rather than studying over there.


夏娃公主 said...

很美啊,第一次听到有Curry 香肠~LoLL
看到你好像冷到鼻子超级红~ 哈哈..
那个那个Mexican food好像很好吃!哈哈...

Clara said...

the track not obvious lor...never see the train like bus can drive on the 'shua gu'... =p
ya,i also believe my dreams will come true~ ^^

fufu said...

rainfield61 : lol well i didnt show you the part of my studying life...anyway will share them sooner =p i have many assignments to do during the holiday ><

夏娃公主 : erm... both!! field trip and vacation =p anyway the mexican food was nice... i wanna eat again... well it's really cold on that day... because rarely it would snow in nov :) yeah a nice life here in germany... hohoho

Clara : didnt you see the lines?? anyway you would know how it works when you have the chance coming to europe ya =p anyway i heard pavilion has artificial snow... you may go there once ya

hcpen said...

i luv the architecture of the places!:-)

fufu said...

hcpen : about those in australia??

Xing Tells You said...

waa~ seems that you really enjoy your life lo! admire ar!!! you used to the snow and cold weather d rite? haha~

escape said...

wow! first snow drop experience!im sure it felt like one wouldnt want it to end. hahaha...

nice. now you can see mein full envy while seeing every photo.

i like the second photo in thisset. i too like the way you cropped it.

瓶子 said...


foongpc said...

Looks like you are enjoying your stay in Germany! But looking at the photos, it's sooooooo cold! Don't think I can take it! Prefer warmer tropical climate, haha!

小虫 said...

modern country~! the housing design all are in square! ><

Solar Fabrik?! wat that place?
a place tat produce solar energy?!

o.o" amazing church!!!!!

gosh~ ur food make me feel starving leh XD

the Mercedes Benz and Porsche Museums?!wahhh~! tat was coOL!
hey~ i thought u will buy 1!! haha

candygan said...

我几时才能像你酱好命时常吃喝玩乐?;p 羡慕!!羡慕!!

Glennis said...

very big full post, yummy Mexican food along the way.

Ayie said...

I've always like contemporary style so when I design that's my first and foremost consideration but of course with a twist of the client's preference. That's a very nice field trip =)

jam said...

Good to experience white Christmas in Europe! I doubt whether sustainable development could be applied in Malaysian context or not. Our government isn't that 'green' minded after all...

ladyviral said...

Professor patiently explain.. students concentrating... you taking pictures haaha!

First snow! OMG FUN! Lovely, Fufu.

Vincent Cho said...

i wanna try that currywurst so badly! >.<

Sebastian Workshop said...

Fufu is in engineering field, me too :).....seem like German buildings are unique!!

Siao麻雀 said...


but my next target is japan..XD

猪公主 said...



fufu said...

Xing Tells You : yeah enjoying the life as usual ya... erm have been living in japan for 5yrs... i am used to the weather =p no worries

the donG : huuh? you like the tropical climate huuh? yeah i love both hot and cold season :) but you gotta come here for the snow at least once ok? erm yah... the second picture huuh... perfect lol

瓶子: wow are you alright?? erm anyway bet you would feel happy if you come back again when you are calm... be happy ya =p

fufu said...

foongpc : hihihi yeah it's freaking cold now... but if you have warm clothes, it's not that cold though =p

嘉CacinG進 : yeah the new development in germany is really cool!! the historical city also nice... erm i have no money to buy the car lar... unless i am a millionaire (euro) =p

candygan : well you should live up your life there instead of wanting the life like mine =p since we have different background and history

fufu said...

Glennis : yeah mexican food... holalala i wanna have more :p

Ayie : yeah i know... but here... the development is being discussed and not decided by individual decision =p

jam : erm actually we have number of sustainable office towers but i think in the future... wish we would have more sustainable development

fufu said...

ladyviral : yeah i am the amateur photographer =p snow snow snow ....holala

Vincent Cho : yeah cant you get curry wurst there huuh?

Sebastian Photography : yeah i am now doing master science lar... anyway german architecture is quite unique ya... you will know if you are here

fufu said...

Siao麻雀 : japan is nice also ya... ops... i miss my life osaka and hiroshima ><

猪公主 : scooters? then you gotta go to taiwan =p hihihi the food was so yummy... wish i have more money for more nice dishes

shloke said...

Wah! You are singing praises for Germany. Well, I have no doubt at all. Germany is such a great country. By the way, this country is ranked 7 in Global Climate Change Performance 2010. Check this out:

Solar energy is great...but the cost for new generation solar cells are really expensive. I believe German gov. allocate tax incentive for their citizens to migrate to alternative energy.

We really need alternative energy in Malaysia. Carbon fuels and rampant deforestation are contributing to drastic rise in greenhouse gas.

Btw, is that Mr. Seal (picture below currywurst) LOL!

WOW! Your prof is COOL! Love the snow excursion :)

toto said...


vialentino said...

hey fufu ... did u eat the famous frankfurt hotdogs?

wah...seems like very cold there now.

renaye said...


i don't think i really like german food... coz whenever i look at the menu from german restaurants here ... they look not appetizing; just long sausages and such. i'm hoping german have good desserts. =)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

So many pixs to see and learn, love the castle stone wall, Mexican food and the currywurst looks hot and tasty. Interesting blog learn so much about Germany as compared to those days of "running horses seeing flowers" during a package tour. Kudos TQ

conan_cat said...

wow, i wonder how much time you took to write this post! that is a hell lot of pictures and captions to put! xD

it is true that sustainable development and industry is the key buzz thing that everyone around the world is talking about, but apparently not Malaysia yet! Malaysia is still too busy trying to curb the racial and political problems than to think about sustainability, lol.

and hey, good thing that you're studying about it! malaysia definitely need a lot of talents around it, i see malaysians love to waste too much!

古小玉 said...
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古小玉 said...

Wau, you have so many new friends in Germany, look like this coming Xmas and New Year definately you will be not alone.

P.S. 吃这么多,小心变肥佬。

小雪 said...

除了枫叶之外 最喜欢就是那些房子了

三吉 said...


Unknown said...

Looks like you had a good and fruitful trip!
Love the inside of that church and all the houses with the reflection!

fufu said...

shloke : yeah solar panel is expensive but thinking of the cost we need to pay off (including lives) after those recent natural disasters... those alternative energy are not expensive at all after all =p erm yeah MR Seal? i cant get what you trying to mean here... hihihi ok it's a nice trip anyway

toto : hohoho... the more you would know if you keep reading ya =p as i will share everything here... erm well we certainly need to invest in alternative energy... i will try to do it if i have the chance contributing to the country in the future... erm it's a great excursion but a bit too cold >< but we had fun =p yeah she had gone back to hk

vialentino : yeah frankfurt hotdog... of course i have tried... and other hotdogs/sausages as well =p yeah pretty cold and it's snowing so badly today... i like it hohoho

fufu said...

Anonymous : stop posting this again please...

renaye : erm i find the food here alright though... erm german desserts? any particular stuff? i will let you know if i ever try any sooner ya =p

Bananazക : yeah currywurst and mexican food were nice =p wish i have more money to try out other dishes here... hihihi yeah the castle was a nice one... glad you have learned pretty much from my entries about come back here if you have chance ok?

fufu said...

conan_cat : yeah normally i will spend half a day for a entry =p and the rest of the day reading others' blog :) erm... well sustainable is the trend now...and going to lead the world sooner :p wish malaysia really needs me... i do hope to change the country to a better one... i will be back sooner... hohoho cant wait to contribute to the country

古小玉 : yeah christmas and new year? no worried... i already had a plan for these coming holiday ya... hohohoho erm i wont be getting fat even though i keep eating and eating, if so i would be a fat guy since couple of years ago already.... hohohoho

小雪 : yeah the housing here really nice!!

fufu said...

三吉 : hihihihi yeah how about the pictures of my first snow in germany? anyway i love those food i had during the trip =p yummy yummy

NicoleB : yeah had a blast but awesome excursion lol the reflection pictures? if you were there yourself... it's even much better =p

Rajesh said...

Beautiful. Good to see you having a nice time.

fufu said...

Rajesh : yeah as always =p i wont wasting my time for not being happy :) life is short... so enjoy it

小东 said...

weather look like so cold.
so good.
i like it!!!!

Florence said...

wooo so good can play snow...M'sia here dun hv winter T.T

杰胜 said...

ur life so enjoy o... envy leh...

Ensurai said...

Wow Wow Wow!

I like the first snow pictures....and hope one day I would experience that too...

It has a great sense of environmental well being - the way your pictures and the way the people appreciate the event!!

How appreciative your professor was!

Enjoy your stay!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Maonoko said...

i saw snow!!!(envying, white X'mas?)
The architectural housing and building in Germany are really awesome.
Drooling badly while seeing the currywurst with fried mash potato:D

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year in advance!!!

Bengbeng said...

5 more days to Christmas. Merry Christmas :)

sock peng said...

merry chiristmas

lock said...

seems that u are enjoying good life in germany, i see u are getting fatter, haha, maybe winter time need more energy, take more food?

Unseen India Tours said...

Another beautiful post Fufu !! Seems you ahd a fantastic time in Gremany too !! I really appreciate your blog.

嘿嘿 said...



Shell (貝殼) said...

The architecture of the buildings there are all very unique & new to me.

Pete said...

Cold day for an outing. Nothing beats a hot drink and meal to warm up after that!

Unknown said...

it was beautiful there~
nice food also~^^

Allen said...

wow. Germany must be very lovely. cool.

happy holidays FuFu!

瓶子 said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Fufu... here's wishing you a Merry Xmas and a happy New year. =D

ps: the german food looks so delish!

fufu said...

小东.6am : yeah you would love the weather i bet... hohoho because you hate the sun!!

Florence : yeah glad it snowed so early... and now it's snowing too...hohoho i love the cold weather :)

杰胜 : yeah... i am the expert!! hohoho

fufu said...

Sarawakiana@2 : yeah... my prof is a nice guy!! love him much... appreciate what he has been doing to you :) yeah the course too is interesting ya :p lucky it snowed and made our trip even more meaningful :) hohohoho i love snowing time actually... great

M@onoko~ : hohohohoho curry wurst was great... you gotta try it if you have any chance ya :) the architecture in germany is really nice... or basically the whole european countries have good ones!!

Bengbeng : yeah thanks!!! wish you had a great one already in sibu ya

fufu said...

sock peng : yeah the portion here is quite big... but it depends the price also :p

lock : yeah winter... i need to eat more in order to get more ENERGY... but i am still the same... dont gain weight though :)

Unseen Rajasthan : yeah thanks!! glad to hear that you like the post here... good... hohohoho happy 2010

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : hehehhe... happy new year :)

Shell (貝殼) : yeah new to me as well... was stunned when i first saw the nice planning :)

Pete : yeah we really need beer and food to warm up now... it;'s snowing ya.... happy 2010

fufu said...

ah_man : yeah the food was alright :) lovely country with great food :p

Allen : yeah germany is nice... especially the east part will explore more later :)

瓶子 : hohohoho wish you could be always happy ya... happy 2010... and how's the trip with your family huuh?

fufu said...

cleffairy : yeah happy new year :) wish you had a great celebration there ya...happy 2010

vialentino said...

nice travel pics...hope u will continue to upload more pics for 2010

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