Monday, 8 February 2010

Year of Review - Part Four

FuFu Year in Review 2009
October - December 2009 (Autumn & Winter) | Part Four |

Wake FuFu up when September ends. Yes, on the 1st of October, i woke up anticipationally. I went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport with my sister and mother happily. Again, i left Malaysia to further my study, this time not Japan but Germany. Jetting off with Sri Lankan Airlines because it offered me the cheapest one way ticket to Frankfurt (RM1500).

Actually i had passed the master entrance exam in Hiroshima University, but due to my own very personal reason, i decided to travel around the world first and blew up myself the golden opportunity to continue my research in Japan. Then i realised that i had to upgrade myself in order to achieve higher with a master degree and not working like a machine in Singapore despite of the attractive salary. I quit the job and went back to Malaysia.

I followed my heart to the Postgraduate Education Fair at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, walked aimlessly to the Germany booth. Given the chance talking to the counsellor, she gave me all the information and i found out an interesting course. Without any consideration, i promptly applied and sent everything to several universities in Germany. Couple of months later, i got the acceptance notification from Fachhochschule Frankfurt, University of Applied Science.

Fast forwards to 2nd of October, 2009, with a flight ticket, luggage, backpack bag and Euro €50, i landed Frankfurt safely. Picked up by Caroline, the course's coordinator and brought to the hostel. Spent the weekend with my coursemates. Enrolled as a master student of Urban Agglomerations. Registered as a resident in Frankfurt. Orientation started on the 4th and lectures on the 7th. New chapter of my life started like this way since October 2009 in Germany.

Checked in at counter M2, Sri Lankan Airlines, KLIA, Malaysia.

Waiting at the boarding lounge with hundred of Sri Lankans.

Gotta check in earlier in order to get the window seat.

Snack time while enjoyed watching the blue sky and white cloud.

The sky has no limit! On top of Malacca straits.

Oh... snowflake cracks?! Only at above sea level 5000m.

How's the flight attendant? Well, they all have charming smiles!

Yummy Srilankan bryanni rice with mutton and beans curry.

White wine and cake for dessert, phew what a luxurious journey.

After that, it's movie time. But not my cup of tea!

Going to be landed at Colombo, Sri Lanka for the transit.

Sri Lanka International Airport. Small but neat, clean and friendly.

The toilet's manager passed FuFu tissue then asking for tips. OMFG!

But yay, loved the free internet access. Listen, it's high-speed one!

An hour before boarding, FuFu decided to walked around the airport.

The airport displayed the country's traditional masks and drums.

It's an eye-opener just walking around the airport.

It made FuFu wanna discover the culture of the country more.

The traditional costume of Sri Lankans.

Sri Lankans, FuFu may pay you guys a visit sooner.

Lovely souvenir but way too expensive!

Gorgeous ornamented elephant with mosaic, artificial pearl, etc.

Batik, the pure Ceylon tea, not our batik.

An neh neh.... the language!

Ops, gotta get ready for the boarding to Frankfurt!

The lounge was full of tourists that heading back to Europe.

What a thoughtful airlines!

"Sir we've only left European-style breakfast...". "Sure, it's alright!".

Finally landed at Frankfurt International Airport at 6.30am.

Somebody was waiting for FuFu at the fascination airport in Europe.

The coordinator brought FuFu to the studenthaus (hostel).

Block C 64 Lam Ching Fu. That's FuFu little nest in Frankfurt.

Orientation started with Frankfurt half day tour.

A welcome dinner at a typical restaurant with jug of apple wine.

Picnic by the river with coursemates (to know each other more).

Picnic with nice people, lovely rose, favourite snack and great wine.

Of course also not to miss the cheap German beer in Frankfurt.

Then followed by the first seminar with coursemates in Eschborn.

Really had a great time with all nice coursemates.

Sinidu from Euthopia, Africa. Polyana from Brazil, Latin America.

Erika from Venezuela, Latin America. Majd from Qatar, Middle East.

Juan from Colombia, Latin America. Erla from Iceland, Europe.

Claudia from Chile, Latin America. Ying-han from Taiwan, Asia.

Wish all would have brilliant future each and get along well forever.

Went out for the once a month dinner.

Again, out for Italian pizza after a long and tiring week of lectures.

Heading to Trade fair Centre for the world's largest book fair.

China is the guest of honour with its theme Tradition and Innovation.

FuFu wrote his name in Chinese characters (林振冨).

Table tennis is the only sport FuFu enjoyed playing in Frankfurt.

Table football is another good and exciting entertainment!

Three weeks later, buddy of FuFu paid him a visit in Frankfurt.

FuFu enjoyed the Sunday with German hanging around the town!

Also enjoyed every moment taking pictures together.

Myzeil, the famous shopping mall with its stunning architecture.

Got a free ticket to Deutsche Architecture Museum.

Had a great excursion to Freiburg, Türbingen and Stuttgart.

One of the successful contemporary sustainable town in Germany.

Visiting a historical town in Freiburg.

Field trip to a sustainable town in Türbingen.

First snow in Germany on 9th November 2009.

Dropped by Stuttgart visiting the gorgeous Porsche Museum.

Weihnachtsmarkt, a wonderful Christmas market in Germany.

FuFu first Winter in Europe, yay.

Friend from Braunschweig visitng Frankfurt.

Celebrated Christmas in Frankfurt with hotpot.

Boxing's day ended up having beer and playing card at skybar.

Heading south to Munich for New Year.

New Year Eve dinner at a typical pork knuckle restaurant.

2010 was started with fufu made tangyuan.

You may think that my life is absolutely fabulous either after reading my blog or the pictures are depicting it well. But one thing i wanna let you guys know is everything has a price. I chose to come here with all the saving i have. Starting a new life just wanting to upgrade myself is as difficult as XYZ. And now pursuing my dream that i couldn't get it accomplished in Japan is actually financially confined me from travelling around Europe. *I need to get the scholarship!*

I have no idea when i got to know how to make decision. But thanks God, every decision i have made so far really paid me off well. I dream. I think. I understand. I decide. I take action. I work hard. I enjoy. I evaluate. I play. I shape my life. Therefore, wish my decision coming here to Germany, would light up the torch guiding me onto the right track thence to my ideal paradise. All i want is to smile with tears at the happy ending of this new chapter. Very simple!


Glennis said...

I liked all the masks you saw at the airport, and the traditional dres for men and women.

fufu said...

Glennis : yeah i like the masks too... cant wait to visit the country myself and check out their culture and everything =p

Candlelyn said...

i also wish to pursue further study in overseas...but i don't have much saving to do so,all i have to do, is enjoy and appreciate what i have now.
great u have wonderful life there!^^

fufu said...

Candlelyn : glad you are content with what you are having now =p study hard for the degree and wish you could get scholarship to further your master degree overseas :) good luck

Cassey said...

a whole new life for u
study hard &
enjoy it =)

fufu said...

Cassey : yeah =p i will do my best here in germany thanks

将鱼宰 said...

u landed in Frankfurt on 2 Oct 09, and i landed in London on 8 Oct 09. haha , our date is so near. Haha ... Hey, front part of the itinerary is working out already. it might be a crazy things that i will do in my life. i will proceed to Santander, Spain and start cycling from there. after that to Madrid, Barcelona, Nice and until Milan.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Phew~ Finally ended your 2009 review...very good, full with joy and colors :) Can't wait to see your 2010 post :D

Lily Riani said...

you led an interesting life, you have another year in germany? i shall visit you during that time and we go jalan2 whole germany. first need to loocate my ex-school mate there so he can take us jalan2 even more since he' been there for yearssss....

Anonymous said...

"Everything has a price."
Agree with this phrase.
Wish you could get the scholarship.
Good luck

I also wish I could get the full scholarship to further my master degree overseas^^


小煒 said...

today i quite early..

haha,this is the first time i saw flight attendant wearing sari..
because usually they are wear uniform one..^^

so jealous lo,can know so many friends from different country^^

Anonymous said...

I thought the snowflakes were cracks on the airplane window. Wow..have never seen anything like that.

rainfield61 said...



Akira 思胜 said...

好久没见到你了! 呵呵, 几时回来啊?

Suf n Steve said...

what Julius Caesar has said to his army before going to war


So do fufu, you can do it

N/A said...

what msn you talking about?
teasing me right?

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Took Air-India once and would hear "Namaste" every time we board or get off the plane wonder what Sri Lankan's greetings would be?

Oh the Sri Lankan language got lots of round round round characters like dough nuts. Nice flying kiss on the poster.

Haha a mini young UN meeting among the course mates. Great post. TQ

豪少 said...

I love the outer look of your hostel, colourful yet it looks clean! As a return, I wish you all the best in your study and have a great weekend there! :)

William said...

Sarees in the air!

fufu said...

将鱼宰 : hohoho yeah i came first! but well you still wanna cycling around? erm not bad but pls check everything out properly... madrid to barcelona is not that near ok?? lol you will spend extremely unpredicted time on cycling around... but sounds cool!!

uLi.佑莉 : yeah soon gonna start travelling... my january is kinda wasted... i gonna explore frankfurt in march =p hohoho

Lily Riani : yeah i dare not to say my life is interesting but well if you plan to come... gotta before june this year ok? if not next year feb - aug, hihihi i will be away since july 2010 till feb 2011 =p i would like to explore germany but gotta check out my pocket first :)

fufu said...

peizhi : yeah everything has a price! it's true!!! wish both of us could get the scholarship ok? pray hard pls...

小煒司礫 : yeah malaysian ones also wear batik =p nice as they show their costumes to the world =p yeah quite early ya you today!! hohoho top 15? lol erm yupe, it's nice meeting friends from all over the world

Mei Teng : yeah that happened above sea level X000m lol

fufu said...

rainfield61 : i am not young anymore >< so gotta do all quick before i settle down =p

Akira 思胜 : yeah long time no see.. i will be back after sept 2011, 09/11

Suf n Steve : yeah i will do my best here :) wish me luck

fufu said...

希爾門 : what msn you are referring to?? did i mention msn here on my post??

Bananazക : yeah we are really came from all over the world ya =p erm the flying kiss of the flight attendant huuh?? lol nice!! yeah if i remember correctly, they greated namaste as well since sri lankan speak hindi also :) erm their language is quite ya... or probably they purposely make it round?

豪少 : yeah take more pictures of my room for the next update after my exam =p thanks!! i will do my best here in germany :)

fufu said...

William : yeah why not =p

Unknown said...

i like those masks,
look like nice~
and your hotel also look like nice~

fufu said...

ah_man : yeah go to sri lanka then! bet you can get to see lots of masks =p erm yah my hostel is good and cheap... hihihi

Somewhere in Singapore said...

So envy that u get to travel so many places...

fufu said...

Somewhere in Singapore : yeah but i have been visiting europe 3yrs ago already =p now studying here in germany

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, another great review^^
Mr fufu, still tat free? I am guessing u shud be quite busy right now~~~so, take care and all the best in ur studies~~^^

fufu said...

Xjion89 : yeah still gotta stay away from books and journals once a while... if not i gonna have more white hair >< hihihi yeah final review of 2009... thanks! i will have a great 2010, promise!

peizhi said...

Haha...ok...I will pray hard...
Both of us sure can get the scholarship^^

SuwEi said...

U do play hard and work hard for ur year:P Hope u'l get ur scholarship,sure can, dont worry:P

fufu said...

peizhi : i really wish... but if i cant get it... i still will pray for you =p

SuwEi : yeah i am not working that hard lately >< i need a short vacation to recharge =p but well i think i will get well sooner :) i have to achieve well though i dont have scholarship... fight~~

hcpen said...

You are blessed to be able to go to the world's second largest economy, Japan, for your undergraduate and now, the world's third largest economy, Germany, for your Masters.:-)

fufu said...

hcpen : hihihi i also didnt know why i would choose germany... probably everything happened has a reason? erm... i will just do my best here then... i dont really care of the status of world's second or third economy... what i know is china nad india are coming up =p

猪公主 said...


fufu said...

猪公主 : yeah gong xi fa cai =p i will get all my work done before 13th!! i wanna rest the whole day on 14th =p before woking on 15th again ><

嘿嘿 said...

I love Ceylon Tea!

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : nice? i didnt try... gotta buy one box if i see any ceylon tea =p hihihi

Ensurai said...

Fabulous photos....and good write up...

May your dreams come true...Being in Germany is already an education in itself. Getting a Masters is the bonus!

Happy Chinese New Year.

Anonymous said...

Your course mates are more interesting than mine! Ha ha... I did my MSc in Urban Regeneration. Is it similar t o your current course?

But all of my course mates were British, some Nigerian, Japanese, Colombian and me. O, I also got one Singaporean "kawan", but she's in Town Planning. Sometimes, we had lessons together.

fufu said...

Sarawakiana@2 : yeah thanks i think you are the one who really appreciate my writing =p hihihi yeah i am learning german as well.. wish the language would help me in the future :) erm well it's great doing master here in frankfurt... i will do my best and complete the course!

1ondoncalling : yeah urban regeneration is similar la =p but are you working there in london now? any lobang so i can also work there? hoohohoho... british, nigerian, japanese, colombian, singaporean... etc also not bad bah... hihihi

夏娃公主 said...

我来了,原来passed by Sri Lankan 哦

[SK] said...

very interesting that you are stopping over at Sri Lanka huh?? so how long will you be staying in Germany btw??

Kenny Mah said...

"But one thing i wanna let you guys know is everything has a price. I chose to come here with all the saving i have. Starting a new life just wanting to upgrade myself which is not as easy as XYZ."

I know the feeling. There is a price to pay for each decision we make in our life, but the rewards far outweigh the risks, I feel.

Looking forward to more FuFu adventures and tales in the Year of the Tiger, mate! :D

Hoobert the Awesome said...

hi fufu! nice. i hope that you have more travels to come this year.

btw, my blog is celebrating its 1 year anniversary today. i hope you can drop by.

Shin said...

读着你的回顾,有点陪你一路走过的感觉 ^^

Pete said...

Good offer by Sri Lankan airlines to Frankfurt!

Kaijun said...

every thing have its price and you paid for it.. so it is wroth that you have a colourful life over the world.. and thanks that you share every things with us in here~~ really feel lucky that i have a blog and i know your blog~~

fufu said...

夏娃公主 : lol yeah lucky there's no a ne ne smell on the plane =p or they are slighly better than those from india :) erm the flight attendants... not bad but quite chubby :p yeah 2009 was great! wish 2010 will be even more awesome!

SK : stopped over sri lanka is interesting? how interesting? anyway i will here in frankfurt until july 2010, then away for about 6mths for internship, and be back again in jan/feb 2011 to do my final thesis =p

Life for Beginners : yeah exactly!! glad you know it!! at least i know one mate who can understand me well ya =p hohohoo yeah i will do my best for 2010 :)

fufu said...

pOot! : yeah i will try to travel around frankfurt... wont go any farther because i gotta save money for other trip =p yeah i will visit your blog later :) 1st anni? keep it up

Shin : hihiihi thanks to be with me :) wish you guys would know me better by reading my blog =p

Pete : yeah if i book earlier... i could get cheaper from MAS... but i couldnt confirm the date so... anyway next time will fly with MAS =p because it's a direct flight

fufu said...

MakE_LiFe_EasY : yeah it's my pleasure to share everything here with you guys... and glad you all enjoy it ya... hihihi and yeah wish my investment will real pay me off at the end :)

peizhi said...

"A person’s thoughts (whether conscious or unconscious) and feelings bring about corresponding positive or negative manifestations.

Positive thoughts bring about positive manifestations while negative thoughts bring about negative manifestations."
quote from a book I read before

Both of us sure can get the scholarship^^

fufu said...

peizhi : yeah thanks =p but if i cant get it i will just do parttime here... if there's any parttime for me :) i am the strongest little grass...

Sochea said...

hey Fu, it's great that you finally reach your dream. i always admire you from reading your blog, you know.
Anyway, i do believe you be alright with your study there. Hope you can get some scholarship soon.

fufu said...

Sochea : yeah buddy!!! i didnt know that you are actually following me here... glad you spend you time on my blog =p hohoho yeah i will do my best... even no scholarship... i still will survive!! thanks sochea!!!

sing said...

还没读你的文,不过我最近读到一位名叫Friedensreich Hundertwasser的建筑师.



Ken Wooi said...

oh you're studying there.. great! enjoy yourself and learn from german language! =D

幸福王子 said...

sri lanka seems combined of Malay + Indian + European culture...

fufu said...

sing : hundertwasser? yeah i have been to the hundertwasser house in vienna =p extremely nice! will continue my world trip after the exam :) erm but havent been to his hundertwasser house in germany.. will try to go there lol erm yeah come and read this post again when you have time ok?

kenwooi : yeah i am studying in germany now =p and learning german... damn i speak broken german >< wanna master the language... at least i can handle daily conversation...

幸福王子 : huuh? european also? erm i think probably british influence because srilanka is its colonial before ya =p

vialentino said...

fufu...i love ur review...really a long summary....gosh, u travel to so many places ...

i wish i can travel like u but i know i cant right now...

fufu said...

vialentino : yeah so many stuff happened in 2009... gotta divided the review into 4parts =p wish you guys like it ok? erm yeah wish this year i could travel as much as i could also :)

yeah you have dylan now... gotta take care of him for couples more of years then only you can go travel... but all the best :p try to get some domestic trip hihihi

escape said...

now sri lanka! no i think i deserve an explanation as to why you go to so many places. shoudl i start calling you nightcrawler?

sri lanka! wow and the stewardess... wears a traditional dress.

fufu said...

the donG : i just transit at sri lanka... i am now studying frankfurt germany... i would like to visit sri lanka though...hihihi will visit the country next time... yeah i am the world traveller =p but i still think that i havent visited that much places... well yeah the flight attendants wear the traditional costumes.. very nice!

Matt said...

Fufu - there aren't a lot of folks out there who would have the courage to do what you are doing. I remember listening to stories from my cousins who went abroad to study. It was tough mentally and financially. They've pulled through and you will as well.

If you need to chat - you know how to reach me.

calvin said...

Arghhh!!! SRI LANKA.
You know I have fond memories of this country, although I have never stepped my foot on the land yet >.<

I love what you wrote in the last paragraph. I was certainly enlightening to read them and I am still very much impressed with what you have accomplished so far!

Cannot wait to have another tea session with you one day!

佐瑟琳 said...


三吉 said...


pusangkalye said...

I guess there's no stopping your travels Fufu and I guess you have already tried flying most airlines in the world---hehe

Pete said...

Wishing you and your family a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!

動 Orson said...

v exotic.....
envy ur life experience~~~

happy CNY

shloke said...

Hey fufu! I've visited and read this article twice. But, I can only write my comments now. Really like your two paragraphs conclusion. Glad you made those decisions.

Life is short and the world is wide :)

I simply LOVE this quote by famous author Mark Twain:

"20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore." - Mark Twain

Happy Chinese New Year!

CheaHSan said...

Wishing You & family A Happy & ProsFUFUrous Chinese New Year.

Janice said...

Hi. long time didn't drop by your blog. Busy at my new working place. I had applied my master and hope my application can be approved.Cheers and happy new year.

Sebastian Workshop said...

Hi fufu, long time didnt visit to your blog. Both of us having the same situation which is we had quit our job and further study in oversea. But, I am abit upset with my situation in New Zealand because the hostel accommodation never offer me any place to stay..

fufu said...

Matt : yeah big bro matt!! thanks for your offer!! i wish i wouldnt need to approach to you... i wanna get those stuff settled by myself... but if it happened so, you will be the first i will talk to lol yeah glad i have the guts to do the stuff i want to do... hihihi

calvin : yeah thanks!! erm i think you should go to sri lanka... it gave me a nice feeling that the people there would be nice :) well the nightmare is just started, wish i would handle it well :p and glad you were enlightened, though not that special... my boring rant and rave! hohoho another tea session? you gotta pay, i have no more money left >< poor student!!

佐瑟琳 : yeah will make it when i have time :) i love red beans

fufu said...

三吉 : yeah but not that good >< i am not good at sports, not even one

PUSANG-kalye : hihihi yeah it's about 10 airlines so far... not that many though... but would like to try star alliances :)

Pete : yeah happy chinese new year... gong xi fa cai =p

fufu said...

動 Orson : hahaha... yeah the nightmare is just started... wonder how it would go... anyway anyway gong xi fa cai :)

shloke : yeah nice quote ya :) sounds like me!! hohoho erm yeah it doesnt matter when to leave comment... just do so when you have time ok? hihihi yeah gong xi fa cai =p

CheaHS@n : yeah thanks!! i am going to be alone this year celebrating cny >< but anyway at least i still have assignments accompany me =p

fufu said...

Janice : wow you are applying for master also? then i wish you all the best :) meanwhile happy working there... and happy chinese new year

Sebastian Photography : huuh? you didnt arrange properly huuh? erm which uni there in new zealand? yeah it's a while since you came here... but anyway just come when you have time ok? have fun in new zealand then

Ayie said...

Hi fufu! I finally get to sneak again after all the things that happened =) Thanks for your greetings too!

those meals you had were quite good in portion and varieties

nice recap, i remember all those images

hope you're doing great there

Siao麻雀 said...

reading your post in my school..teehee =D

micki said...

Hi, fufu
This article is so impressive. I really feel like I have gone on the plane and arrived at Frankfurt too. You have all these wonderful pictures to support each move. I miss Frankfut. I was there especially in some of places you are showing. Do you speak German? You studied in many countries, you must speak more than 2 languages :) Wonderful blog!

古小玉 said...

Halo, Happy CNY to you but I guess this year you are not going to celebrate it. Anyway,hope you are doing great in Germany.

窮光蛋市長 said...

The uniform of a neh neh very sexy!!!hahaha^^

Happy new year!^^

Cannes Rental said...

You explanation is excellent and clear. I was impressed with this post and am looking forward to reading more from you ....

Bookmarked this.. ;)Thanks for sharing...

Bengbeng said...

Do not despair. I am sure yr CNY over there is much better than for a lot of us :)

Hope to play ping pong with you one day. Happy new year brother. Hugs from Benghui. And yes, he pushed out his tongue to you too hahahah. Real cheeky nowadays :)

fufu said...

Ayie : yeah remember to take enough rest ok? hihihihi yeah i love my 2009 and wish 2010 will be greater than 2009... hohoho happy chinese new year :)

Siao麻雀 : lol yeah you should concentrate on your study ok?

micki : yeah i speak more than 2 languages!! i think 5 languages and 2 dialects :) erm so you have been to frankfurt before huuh? good! wish to see you here sooner... or you dont plan to come again? hohoho okok do come often to check out my blog ok? i still have many pictures to share with you guys... thanks

fufu said...

古小玉 : yeah wont be able to celebrate cny here in germany...first i dont have another chinese freidns here except my taiwanese coursemate... she is leaving frankfurt tomorrow travelling with her family >< left me alone here doing assignment >< but i will enjoy it though

穷光蛋市长 : yeah sarees :) very special hohohoho

Cannes Rental : yeah thanks... i will take it as a compliment ok? yeah do come more often then! i still have many pictures to share with you guys... stay tuned!

fufu said...

Bengbeng : yeah i am alright bengbeng!! i dont play pingpong that well... just take it as one entertainment after school =p hihihi and benghui is definitely cheeky... cant wait to pinch his cheek!!! hohohoho

Anonymous : thanks =P

June said...

人生如夢, 築夢踏實 :)

fufu said...

June : 對呀 全部都是我們可以控制的 :) 我們自己可以決定我們的將來 :)