Thursday, 4 November 2010

São Francisco Neighbourhood

FuFu Life in Curitiba - Brazil
30th July 2010 | Part Seven

It's been a week since i had arrived Curitiba on 23rd July 2010. Well, i was still waiting for a confirmation from another host ( while staying with Oldy here in São Francisco area (just next to the Centro area). He has a one vacant room which he would always used for couchsurfers and he was thinking if it's alright to rent it since he has many outstation trips.

On this fine Friday, i came to Largo do Ordem, a square with historical buildings and churches that situated just block away from the apartment. The weekly flea market of the city is taking place here too. Besides hanging around the city centre, i spent roughly half an hour or more sitting at the square watching every movement happened here in Curitiba. Tourists stopped by and snapped pictures, local came and sat on the benches, buses and cars passing by. What a life!

I know most of the people won't do this but i am a world citizen! I wanna know the lifestyle of the local and also everything (bottom up) about the city i am living now. I don't wanna simply waste my time here just doing a research project or enjoying the city like a passer by!

After that, i walked to a park located not very far from the square.

Not trashes, they were from the cotton trees.

Araucaria tree, only can be found in Curitiba, southern Brazil.

Ops, FuFu saw a mosque in Curitiba, Brazil!

It's Mosque Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

Just like any mosque you can find in Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore.

FuFu is not Muslim but felt like at home!

FuFu is a free thinker and respects all religions!

Battery of my DSLR was running out, and i didn't bring the extra one out. Luckily, the sky was painted purely blue the following day. Quickly, before going to school, i took my camera out and walked around the historical area again. A perfect day for photography to kick off after breakfast!

As part of the historical neighborhood, Largo da Ordem of São Francisco covers some of the oldest buildings in Curitiba. It includes, for example, Casa Romário Martins (built in 18th century), the Church of the Third Order of St. Francis (1737), the Red House and construction of the second half of the 19th century and many other century-old buildings.

The Church of the Third Order of St. Francis

Should our pre-war buildings be painted like this?

Wanna have a drink at this bar enjoying the view?

Here FuFu walked to the fountain again.

Hardly you can find anyone here.

So quiet in the morning.

Why the city is always clean? There's people cleaning it.

Simply love the floor-tile!

The consulate of Italy.

Guess what building is this?

It's a police station!

Couple of policemen taking in front of the building.

Not only you, FuFu was shocked to know that too.

Bet it must be later transformed to a police station.

A lovely Portuguese-Brazilian church.

The parking place for motorcycle beside the sidewalk on a street.

So what do you guys think? A lovely neighbouthood right? Lucky enough to be able to stay in the middle of the downtown!

Waiting to cross the road instead of walking the underpass.

Not only FuFu, the locals crossed the road too!

Here FuFu walked to Centro in two minutes.






Going to take bus to PUCPR - the university.


Akira 思胜 said...

Wulalala!!! Sofa! XD

Akira 思胜 said...

The colours of the buildings are so wonderful!!! :)

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : hahaha congrats! well awesome architecture and colourful facades!

Wois said...


fufu said...

Wois : hahaa 還有很多很多照片要跟你們分享的...curitiba 真的很棒 =p

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Luv the Araucaria tree standing tall..huh Polis Station, Wow so groovy looking eh!..Quite nice buildings in Curitiba..tQ

fufu said...

Bananazஇ : yeah i love curitiba... and it's getting warmer now... huuhuuuh :) can go out for pictures anytime i like

William said...

The colours of the buildings remind me of Melaka.

十六 Keaton said...


三吉 said...


Sasa said...


[SK] said...

oh, i like this neighbourhood!! all the buildings painted in bold bright colors, very nice leh..

fufu said...

William : really?? but i think melaka only has very few...unlike curitiba....everywhere :)

十六 : 對呀 :) 就是跟我們的沒什麽分別 =p 我每個星期都回去散步的

三吉 : 我也想是博物館...因爲我要進出看看咯

fufu said...

Sasa : 這裡有很多很特別的建築物 =p

SK : yeah super nice!!! enjoy a lot every time i go to the square =p

Lily Riani said...

aww... a mosque....

the police station is an eye catcher

fufu said...

Lily Riani : yeah like any mosque we can find in malaysia right? lol i was seriously shocked when i know it's a police station :)

行走绿色世界 said...

You really like architecture alot, coz it is you future career someday ya...I'm always thinking being a traveller spend more time to one place, observe more their life, culture etc is always better than being a tourists always rush rush rush for so many place but no i prefer be a traveller...hahahah

edward said...



fufu said...

Winnt : basically i like everything :) just wanna show everything of a place to you guys :) hehehe and it's always good to be a traveller than a tourist when you are still young :) ok? all the best ya

edward : 照片還可以...因爲不是用好的鏡頭拍得 >< 等我的鏡頭來了之後...hahaha 就會好好的拍...那個警察局真的很漂亮!!!

TG said...

I love the photos. Makes me feel like I was there. It's really so colorful, exactly as I picture Brazil. And you're like me, you like to walk around and take pics, ah? Are you a little MKL-ish, FuFu? Or is MKL a bit FuFu-ish? :)

fufu said...

MKL : hahaha bet we are both like taking pictures while walking around :) lol erm yeah it's very colourful here... really like my city... and not it's getting warmer... lol :) it's time to walk around =p happy!

Anonymous said...

Love the colourful building blocks.

fufu said...

Mei Teng : yeah me too!! :)


Happy colorful buildings. The people live here are artists I guess. :)

fufu said...

Rizalenio : hahaha or they purposely built like that?? anyway cant wait to explore other cities here in brazil =p

蓝天白云 said...

after surrounded by the water for so many days...the pictures of the colourful building made me realize there r other colours beside blue....hehe....nice!!

fufu said...

bluecloud : hahaha really? pity for you guys there ya >< but anyway good luck =p

嘿嘿 said...

Nice & Colourful! I like it!

London Caller said...

I love the design of the police station - like an art gallery! ;)

fufu said...

嘿嘿 : will go there for more pictures before i leave the city :)

London Caller : lol yes! but cant go inside for more pictures...anyway will try next time i go there again :)

Kenny Mah said...

I really like how you view yourself as a world citizen - maybe that is the best way one can position oneself today when the borders between countries are blurring but the distinct cultures of each place is still intact.

I had lunch today with friends who were discussing working in/migrating to places like New York City, London, Tokyo and more. The world is getting smaller... and bigger at the same time... Bigger cos there is now so much more we can explore! :)

Sam Wong said...


fufu said...

Life for Beginners : hihihi yeah hope everyone can be one good global citizen :) only with this, we can all living together peacefully :) but in one hand, some doesnt really like to be the citizen but rather a tourist >< sad right? erm... the distance is shorter definitely and things to explore are getting more...

Sam Wong : 謝謝你喜歡 :)

SynchingZincInc said...



fufu said...

SynchingZincInc : hehe

Bengbeng said...

there is so much color. we need it too. white so common back home is so drab

古小玉 said...


Ivan Liaw said...




阿花 said...


Malaysia Asia said...

Wow Fufu, really nice! I wish I was in your shoes now.... the places here are absolutely amazing!

David @ Malaysia Asia

micki said...

I like the colorful exterior of the houses there. Those houses remind me the houses in Burano, Italy.

Here is one image online for the Burano houses~~

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

you're so blessed to be living and studying in such a vibrant, exciting city as Curitiba! by this time I'm sure, you've fully adjusted to the pace of life there.

Ayie said...

IT's like a mixture of all cultures there looking at all those structures.

Police station? weird!

einrihs_shirnie said...

all nice picture^^
keep update ya, then I can know more about Brazil without fly there...

escape said...

a town with great diversity but the colorful structures are the most interesting.

Alishel Lee said...


海市蜃樓 said...



San said...


Agnes Valerie said...

really beautiful architecture...

nice reading ur story as well...

how long more are u gonna stay there for ur research/ study?

Ensurai said...

Fantastic photos of buildings...I love the blue skies too...and the colours!! So amazing!

Che-Cheh said...

Wow this has got to be the most colorful city I've seen so far.

The city is clean and orderly (even the parked bikes).

Oh and I love the super cool police station.

fufu said...

Bengbeng : yeah we seriously need to repaint or think how to impress tourists with the facade of our pre-war buildings :)

古小玉 : erm...你錯了...這裡有很多車的....只sho我還沒有跟你們分享 :)

Ivan : perak也有這樣的建築物?? 我要去看看咯 :) hahha 對呀 我從來不會像要匆匆忙忙的去一個地方的...一定要好好地坐下來看看才爽的

fufu said...

阿花 : haha 非洲 :) lol

David Jr : yeah your adventures also not bad ya :) hihihi

micki : well you are correct!!! here has many italian descendants actually... of course got influenced by the italian culture :)

fufu said...

The Nomadic Pinoy : haha of course already 3mths more here... but the weather is what i dont quite like >< not stable ><

Ayie : exactly :) very "european" city :)

einrihs_shirnie : yeah sure :) i would like to do so :) because it will be something new to you guys there

fufu said...

dong ho : yes love the vibrant culture of the city :)

Alishel Lee : 哈哈哈哈 一邊讀書一邊遊玩 :)

海市蜃樓 : hahhaa 這個城市集合了很多來自不一樣地區的人...所以文化有點豐富 :)

fufu said...

San : 還是不夠你的漂亮...

Agnes Valerie : thanks :) yeah i will be here in latin america until 4th april 2011 :) planning to visit me?

Sarawakiana@2 : yeah enjoy sitting at the square looking at these colourful building every week... =p

fufu said...

Che-Cheh : yeah the polica station is something special :) and also the whole area of historical centre is really clean :) impressed

Twilight Man said...

I cannot believe that Curitiba has such lovely and neat buildings line the streets. I would be busy clicking all the micro details as well. Is this place full of tourists?

Rafael Lam said...

Your photos are great! Beautiful blue sky and nice buildings! Let me want to visit Brazil!!