Saturday, 16 February 2008

FuFu Working Holiday
Albany, Aukland, New Zealand
27 December 2007 - 22 January 2008


Gerelja Bros Strawberry Orchard.

The strawberries i had picked.

My friends were busy picking whereas i was busy taking pictures.

Strawberry picking buddy, Syu Jin (Korea).

Strawberry picking buddies, Yumi and Miyuki (Japan).

Strawberry packing.

Strawberry picking buddy, Kimmy (Malaysia).

Strawberry-Jam Washing Team.

In front of Aukland Musuem, Aukland, New Zealand.

Sky Tower, Aukland.

Mount Eden, Joey, Joe, Jack and FuFu.


AL LEE said...

Yes! I am still in Kyoto. Got another year and a half to go. Wow...your adventures sounds damn fun. I wish I could that too!

Spot a Leopard said...

you should try Bacolod's Maskara Festival if you have a's fun and good food is just as easy ay 1-2-3...i hope i can travel alot like you, i bet you're enjoying life so much...haha

fufu said...

ai ling : hahaha, you actually can do that year and a half later! =)

shurikenstuff : lol wish i could go back the philippines again and i will definitely visit bacolod then!

Anonymous said...

lolz..Strawberries!!! one of my fav!! still look handsome hor...lolz..but can see u turnin...em...little more matured liao...lolz...kekekz..


fufu said...

mcpooh : yeah because i am getting old

Anonymous said...

ohh weren't you tired after the strawberry work? It looks heavy working in the sun..


Anonymous said...

everyone growin ler...lolz...


fufu said...

maii : yeah half dead after the picking, but well i managed to get used to it very fast. some girls even picked as much as i did ^a^

mcpooh : yeah as long as we are young at heart =)

Anonymous said...

young in heart but need stay matured in de outside....- -''..hard....a little chilish style come out 'll get scolded by parents for being kiddish....n gt growing up..haiz..susah....


Joel,约珥 said...

wa, got friends accompany work so best.
i oso hope can do the work of picking strabery

Anonymous said...

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