Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Indonesia Trip
Bali, Malang, Bandung and Jakarta
19th February - 3rd March 2008

Hard Rock Hotel, Bali. Can, Nus and Fu.

Lunch at Jimbaran, Bali. Can and Fu.

Dreamland, Bali. Fu, Can and Nus.

Tanah Lot, Bali. Can, Nus and Fu.

Monkey Park, Bali. Fu, Nus and Can.

Naughty Warung, Bali. Fu and Can.

Kuta Beach, Bali. Fu, Nus and Can.

Surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali.

Surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali.

Karaoke Keluarga, Malang. Fu and Citra.

Coban Rondo Waterfall, Malang. Fu, Anang, Citra and Sanjaya.

Coban Rondo Waterfall, Malang. Anang, Citra and Fu.

Jawa Timur Park, Malang. Fu, Citra, Sanjaya, Anang and Rennie.

Kedai Assalamualaikum, Malang. Rennie and Fu.

Kedai Assalamualaikum, Malang. Rennie, Citra, Fu and Sanjaya.

Malang Town Square, Malang. Fu and Rennie.

Malang Town Square, Malang. Citra and Fu.

Paris Van Jawa, Bandung. Jill, Lia, Fu and Bronto.

Paris Van Jawa, Bandung. Jill, Fu, Lia, Can, Bronto and Nus.

Breakfast, Bandung. Bronto, Fu, Can, Nus and Ferline.

Monument Nasional(MONAS), Jakarta, Indonesia. Fu and Estrin.

Observation deck of MONAS, Jakarta. Fu and Yolanda.

Dinner at Kemang, Jakarta. Fu and Estrin.

Lunch at ITC Mangga Dua, Jakarta. Estrin, Febbry, Fu and Yolanda.

I had a great time in Indonesia. Sightseeing, surfing, shopping, clubbing, drinking, dancing, karaoke, chatting, eating and etc. It was a wonderful memory for me! My friends, Chinese, Javanese and Muslim are super great. Love them so much. Thanks for showing me around. Wish to see you guys again in the near future.


Anonymous said...

いいよね...alot gals there ...美しい~!!!lol..最高..!!あと、勇気を貰いました.これからも頑張ってください(>_<)

fufu said...

terence : 勇気を貰いました? what do you mean? bravery? received? i totally dont understand!

Anonymous said...

too bad dat u were not in a fit condition back then...
well..it means someday you'll have to come again.. hahah..

fufu said...

jill : no worries i definitely will go back to indonesia again sooner... you gotta belanja me makan mee kocok bandung then

Anonymous said...

Indonesia looks very exciting!! My friend is from Indonesia, and she made a videodiary when she was there last year. It was sooo nice to see!!

And I like the stairs of Monkey park alot :D!!!

I keep getting more envious by seeing your pics hhahaha Thanks fufu for sharing your pictures and great adventures!


Anonymous said...

too bad the weather in bali was very bad that time
i'm still kinda feel guilty to you till now.. hehee
come back again, next time i'll take you to giliair, lombok island .. !!
and if it's possible, i'll take you to ujungkulon and pulau umang too..
well.. see you again in indonesia ahfu !!

fufu said...

maii : yeah maii, i appreciate your comment! so different =) yeah you should come to southeast asia and explore the culture here, bet you would love it and dont wanna leave lol

nuss : hey i wish the weather was fine anyway i had a great time there eating out with you guys and seriously i would like to go back, lets make it next year, ask jill, bronto, ferline, lia join us...

Stephen 'Ganchan' said...

Helo Lam....
Finally i can leave you a comment....

Lam, are there any FLOATING 'PENGECUT' POLAR BEAR surfing in Kuta Beach..?

lam, when you gonna go to Indonesia again..?
Let's go to Pangandaran Lam....
Let's eat seafood which much better n cheaper than in Jimbaran..!!!

Lam, i think u got really nice blog here...
Just make sure next time we meet u must make a dish like in your blog for me and Nus...

CU Lam...

fufu said...

stephen can : ok i promise the next time we meet up, i will for sure make you guys a good hearty meal... and get the kitchen prepared for me then! ahaha yeah i saw a big polar bear sitting and walking along kuta beach =) well guess most probably i couldnt go to pangandaran with you guys... =(

Jessi said...

Ni hao, Jessica here I promised to leave a comment but i forgot Im sorry but I get a second chance :D. I have to say it's impressive how you have gone to so many amazing places and I bet you have learned a lot from them. I hope you continue to visit more and do what you love to do. I hope to stay updated to see the places you visit ^^ take careee


Anonymous said...

Lam Ching Fu...
Still remember me!I just check your blog, seem that you really have a good life over there. I stil remember the last time i met you. i think it was about 7 years ago...! Do you? your STPM books. Then you told me you going to Japan. Now... i think you have graduated! Congratulation!... Keep enjoying & have great life ahead...


fufu said...

Jessica : yeah thanks you very much! hihihi do come here when you are free ok? the only way to know where had i been in a year =) i will really take my time to post them out here one by one so stay connected =p

Jeci : ohh, i remember you! yeah time really flies, it`s been 7yrs already... anyway how is your life huuh? do come to my blog often ya! you can tell your friends about this site also! so we can stay in touch... ask them write down their names as well, thus i know who is who =) bet you must have started working... all the best ya my friend =p

Anonymous said...

hi lam, how is it going? i'm planning to go singapore at the end of this year. hope u can give me a tour guide there (^_^)v

fufu said...

yolanda : you are coming to singapore end of the year? erm...its still a long way to go... anyway just let me know when you have confirmed the date... i gotta arrange also, as i plan to study overseas for my master course =)

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