Tuesday, 10 June 2008

World Tour : Prologue

Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), Istanbul, Turkey. (May 2007)

A month after my graduation, i pursued what i was not expected to pursue. A job at a civil and construction company (or something) after getting a master degree from one of the top and prestigious universities in Japan, a steady income and life, in my head, that was what supposed to be eventually laid out in a golden platter for me.

From Di Wang`s observation deck, Shenzhen, China. (July 2007)

Fast rewind, approximately fourteen months ago, i had ticked off my plan to further my research from that list i made in university. So neither did i start working. Of course i did know what life meant and what i wanted in it. I was instead on a new list to fulfill - travel around the world.

Lourve Museum, Paris, France. (August 2007)

And i know this sounds like a lot of chicken soup but life indeed has a big big room for urges, for itches that have to be scratched, for joy and yes for mistakes along the way. "Do whatever now; go wherever now" was the hottest quote in my head. Windows of opportunity dont open that often. Once you had started working, you would never have the chance to explore a country leisurely. Or even if you had money at that time, i bet you would not have time or mood to travel, leaving your works behind.

Florence, Italy. (September 2007)

Thus, without having anything engaged, i decided to jet off on my own to far far away... Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Macao, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, Spain), UK, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, from May 2007 till March 2008.

Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand. (October 2007)

Travelling alone is a loser? Shut up. To be mean, i would reply "Do you have money to travel?". Well, being able to study and as a foreign student in Japan, i was able to meet a number of friends from all over the world besides some of my closed internet buddies. Basically, i was going to meet them in their countries and stayed with their families then they showed me around.

Hundred Islands, Alaminos City, The Philippines. (November 2007)

Of course, sometimes i had no choice but travelled all on my lonesome when i proceeded to the other cities or countries from my friends` places. Nonetheless, i met a bundle of nice backpackers while staying at those hostels. Networking is expanding, as usual.

Skydiving, Taupo, New Zealand. (December 2007)

Although i am still a fresh degree holder now, competing with those young fresh graduate, i have faith that i will beat them easily in both physically and mentally. I have the experiences others dont have. Moreover, i speak five languages (Cantonese, English, Japanese, Malaysian, Mandarin), could easily get a job in Singapore (Yo, i am currently hunting job there).

Sydney`s skyline with the Opera House, Australia. (January 2008)

Lately i have been travelling to Singapore for interviews. Sorry for not being able to update more often. Well, anyway since i am done with the graduation trip and Japan tour guide part, will seriously start posting my World Tour travelogues now onwards. Wish they would not be stale to you guys. Stay connected.

Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia. (February 2008)

Those travelogues would definitely be one of my precious mementoes to read through when i get old and hopefully also be able to give you a clear picture before you head off to any place i had been.

Saysong River, Vang Vieng, Laos. (March 2008)



yonn_nyon said...

yoyo~~ ah fu gor gor~~u're really my idol (after my brother haha)...u kno wat u wan and persist wat u wana do...keep it up...cheers

Rex said...

wao... again nice picture. nice experience man. old man guo ran bu yi yang~ haha =p

even said...


YNOT TONY said...

So many places yet to go... I want to go to Moscow... in winter. :)

Yenny said...


呵呵,今年我也和朋友计划去back packing~ :D

fufu said...

nyonn : wow thanks! dont mention idol! otherwise you gotta pay for the fans club =) yeah wish you had already found what you want ya for life =p

rex : yeah you should try travelling before you start working! luckily i look young sia... *_*v

even : 巴黎吾相像中甘浪漫架
多d相? 慢慢來啦!吾使急嚄
今後陸續有來啊 驚你頂吾住炸 哇卡卡

tony : moscow? cool! the famous red square... i wanna go there too, but need to plan @_M

yenny : yeah where are you planning to go? can i join you guys?

墮天使 - 祥 said...

wah ! so many nice picture here.

古小玉 said...

Wah, u got so much "water" (money), can go so many places!!

Yenny said...

We're going to Vietnam and Cambodia, may be going to Thailand also if we've enough time... Hahaha...

I know you've been there. :-)

even said...


fufu said...

墮天使-祥 : if compared the number i had been taken, these pictures are consider nothing =)

khoo: wanna know how could i travel around the world? stay tuned! you will get the answer here!

yenny : wow that must be very great! travelling from Vietnam is alright to cambodia =) see if you could read my travelogues of those countries before you fly off ya =p

even : 大佬富去旅行 使麽用甘錢吖
我地呢出來行既 醒目既 一定會做個精明的旅遊家既
其實環遊世界未必要準備好多錢 旅行原本就可以豐儉由人
大佬富 花小小錢就可以玩到樂翻天啦
慢慢跟 慢慢學 你都一定可以架

Kimi said...

hi!! =] so how shall i address you as? lam?

well, my blogspot is basically a place where i blog and SOMETIMES complain about my life xD hehe. yeah xanga is just my photoblog i guess.

but yeah, i really like you photos. wow what i would do to travel the world ^_^

calgraden said...

I don't think travel alone is loser. I been travelling by my self few time, I found out is really fun and freedom. Specailly I like travel in budget, I even get met new friends at hostel during the trip...

assamlaksa said...

arghh ur picture makes me dont feel like working now!

fufu said...

kimi : yeah lam is my surname, should be alright i guess =) ok so i will read both then =) glad to hear that you like my pictures, flattered! looking forwards to seeing yours also @_<

calgarden : yeah for the poor student like me, everything gotta always be in budget for next(more) trips

jamy : yeah take it as a break =p

Yenny said...

Hahaha... Ya, I will read your travelogues. ;-)
If there's anything i don't understand i will ask you, ok? :D

Rex said...

brother~ i had change my blog URL to rextheworld.blogspot.com already. But I suggest you use www.rexlee.net direct to my page better =)

POO said...


fufu said...

yenny : lol you are more than welcome to ask ya! i will try to help you =p

rex : why you wanna move huuh?

poo : よっし、今度一緒に行こうね 楽しみにしとるじゃけ

Beverly's Secret said...

Ohh~~ Your life is so wonderful!!!
And you travel a lot!!

This will soon be one of my favorite blog!

Anonymous said...



fufu said...

BeverLy's : yeah yours is not bad at all... just we have different lives =p

vicky : lol 可以可以我会迟一些把'怎么样才能遊遍世界各國'和大家分享。要多来看看哦