Monday, 15 September 2008

Date with my blog-reader

Meeting online buddy or blog-reader is actually a very common dating nowadays. So before officially starting my new job, i managed to meet up one of my readers in Singapore. I have been meeting numerous of cyber friends, but this doesnt mean that i am a random playboy, i dont simply meet a stranger by the way. Take note, i do care of couples of elements and everything counts including the weather before i head out. Anyhow, here is the entry written by Rose, the person i had met couple of months ago.


i knew him through blog-hopping. and he is the last person that i expect to hang out with during my stay. seriously. why would he bother to meet up? we only knew each other for less than a week. he has his life too. anyway, cut the crap. we met up finally.
the first time i met him, i was 5-10 min late. sweaty, smelly, dragging my tired feet, smeared mascara or was it the black eye-bags. Anyway, i am pretty sure i left bad first impression.

based on his description in text, "i'm wearing green+black specs+exit 4+burger king"..i was chanting, okay, green shirt green green black specs, all the way up to the exit. i saw Burger King and there he was, squatting and reading newspaper.

i somehow knew right then he is nice. and no, fyi, i dont judge by the cover. most of my books had bad covers yet they provide the best read around :)

he called me "Roses" so that, i gotta set right. my name is Rose.
(yeah, that bud with red petals which u guys, love to give up to ur gals as an appreciation of love. need i say more, for crying out loud)

the life that he had been through sounds impossible to me before.
like how a young child would look up to elder sibling, i asked him thousand and one questions. traveling and back-packing etc
basically, there were alot of first time for me when i was w him.

i had my joss-sticks burnt, fortune/fate read, first ever mango desserts, and of course, first ever person that i knew through cyber that meet up. it was everything that i had.
he took everything seriously even blogging. he gives a damn about what his readers think of his entries. i think he might be the next KennySia
i enjoyed his companionship so much so that we met up again on the second day.

we separated when i got on the bus home to my aunt's.
he will be starting off with his official job next monday, tomorrow la duh~~
give him lotsa love, shower him with lucks. :)

i never wanted to see his back before leaving, i know i will cry if i had done so

I believe every journey ends off with something and embark with something new and better, always.

a friendship that perhaps might uphold itself few decades down the lane. it is usually too early to assume. in the above picture, i am trying to pout so that my face appears much smaller

I truly has faith that whatever history/background a person might had been through, it is to be proud of and well-respected. a man with history is a man well-molded.

everybody has their own story to tell. life is to be respected.
to live is to be a student forever.


Allow me to add some of the other shots we had taken. Undoubtedly, it was unaccustomed and uncomfortable for both of us at first but soon or later we slowly break the wall and after a while we seems like have known each other for ages though we were growing up from different places, education background, families, etc. But who really care these? As long as we are clicked, we dont need adequate constant conversation like what friends really require, what really matter is the bond that tie us together.

After a marathon talk, we decided to have a drink.

The next day, we had dessert at Bugis Street.

Before eating our desserts...

Oh, i swear i wont try ginger milk curd again.

She looks so cute.

It was my pleasure to have a chance to meet up you Rose. Wish our cyber-friendship could last forever. Also, i would like to meet up more of my readers as i believe it must be fun communicating with readers from all walks of life.


et Shuben™ said...

ET is cuter!

Identify of cute = ugly but adorable.

海市蜃樓 said...


迷迭香 said...

how wonderful!!
all the best to both of u...^_^
there really is true frenship in blogging world ~

~珊姑娘~ said...

ur blog fren r cute.
happy blogging ^o^

sally^^ said...

Blogging really rocks!
i'll be going to singapore dis weekend too.. haha..

Akira 思胜 said...

Blogging world got friendship too! That is so glad!!!

SockPeng said...

cute friend n yummy food!!

YNOT TONY said...

you keeps calling your date "him" and "he"... did she slap you for doing that? :) Or do you just want her to be a guy so badly? :) Let's go on a date! hahaha

Anonymous said...

My sofa!!!!! It's gone! :-(

LOL... Rose is featured in Fufu's blog. LOL... yeah, I have to agree, she's very cute. :-D

even said...


Roses said...

ermm...that is me right?!?
okay. i am featured. and you paste my post here. *shy*
so many people reading your blog, i feel "exposed"

anyway, thanks,guys on the "cute" part and thank you even more if you PRETEND on the "cute" part..
take care, everyone..

FuFu, gambate neh...working wise and life wise in Singapore.

p/s: i am currently addicted to Prisoner of Love..and Last friends..

Anonymous said...

Cute write up on the start of a beautiful friendship. :)

Cui Yin said...


Kikey Loo said...

so nice to meet with blogger! I have good experience too! :)

小东 said...

why ur post everytime also is about eating and travel???

Anonymous said...

I had never meet a blogger before.. Waiting for the chances... hehe

古小玉 said...

Yes, pls go home if u can, I m sure your parents miss your much.

Pete said...

Rose is cute and cheeky too. Rose, Rose r u blushing right now? LOL

feline_Jodie said...

"u dont simply meet a stranger by the way."
erm~ 我有點懷疑這句話啦~~哈哈
so is it my honor that we can hang out in shenzhen :p
哈哈~事後想來不知那來的膽量,也是第一次同這位網上朋友見面^^不過,事實證明阿富富是個好人啦~特別的經歷,hope u all the best~繼續經歷這個世界美好的人和事!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

very sweet! You are also very brave to meet up someone that you never meet before. Quite an unique online relationship(^^)

穎子 said...

她笑的时候很可爱,好想捏她的脸蛋。 LOL

Anonymous said...


十六 Keaton said...


Anonymous said...

it's so amazing for u guys that can make ture frds through the internet and go on the date....
by the way im totally understand how awkward it is when the first time u got to meet each other face to face.
(for a girl sometimes it is kinda scary! jkjk )
i think it must be the most beautiful thing that enjoying the process of knoin each other better and better.

hope ya friendship forever !

Mei-Wah said...

rose, you are so popular already! :) hehehee... next time if you wanna go spore again, bring me along, will ya?

JiaNi said...

读着你文章是都是用"HE" 形容,过后看到照片是女生,我还以为我眼花咧~

Calvin Soo KJ said...

walaueh......rose is getting famous by the seconds. i was supposed to meet with pete in kl when my wife gave me a sudden scare of appendicitis. anyways, it good to know more friends right? and btw, i think rose was blushing all the time when she was with you hor.....hahaha. cheers and god bless.

3ugene said...

i use to meet cyber frend also when i study seconday school..hahhaa but more lo..dangerous leh..i mean for gal la^^

3ugene said...
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Chris said...

Oh, u had met with rose b4. So far i only met few blog's frens only.

ang ang said...


- yEng - said...

wah..great life...envy!!!

Yenny said...


small-ugly said...


Anonymous said...

Nice one...quite interesting, in which we could actually see the connection in between two bloggers. Have never read anything like this before.

Btw, sorry for not getting your sms back. I'm good here. Still planning...oh I would say perplexing...hehehe....anyway, I think I can figure out when the time comes. Do ring me up when you are back...miss Ya!Take care ~


艾莉~エリ said...

I wish I could meet blogging friends too...



to be a good friend in reality as well!

POO said...



assamlaksa said...

wait for me! i shall pay u a visit. singapore is very near anyway

fufu said...

et : to me, ET also quite cute =)

海市蜃樓 : 从心发出来的 也要双方面才可以哦

迷迭香 : yeah there`s true cyber friendship, we need to treasure it

~珊姑娘~ : yeah she is cute =p

fufu said...

靓靓sally : too sad i dint have time for you, well bet you must have great fun here ya with your friends =p

akira : yeah penpal from the past till cyber friendship nowadays

SockPeng : hahaha, she cant sleep after hearng all those compliments here @_<

tony : well you gotta read from the beginning once more time, quite disappointed as you only glanced through this entry...

fufu said...

cleffairy : hahaha it`s not easy to sit on my sofa... anyway, leaving a comment here is meant sitting on my sofa already, yah rose is cute and pretty

even : 我lee种叫fit? 我没有胸肌 有d瘦添

roses: hahaha, dont worry rose, you are not the only/first featured girl here... anyway again it`s my pleasure to meet up you in singapore ya, i will try to adjust my work and life here, you gotta take care there as well, i am waitin the day till we could meet up again =p *praying hard*

cc: yeah this is not my first cyber relationship though, i enjoy meeting different kind of people from all walks of life :)

fufu said...

cuiyin : 如果这是你的理由,那你只可以跟女的网友见面罢了咯

kikey loo: yeah glad to hear that you had a great time meeting your blogging friends ya

小东 : 不止美食和旅游记啦,还有关于我个人的哦

choyyin : dont worry you will meet you blogging friends by the time comes =)

fufu said...

khoo : yeah ok i will try my best, at least when i really stop working the current job

pete : i think she couldnt sleep for couples of days @_<

jodie : hahaha, yeah i have been meeting ton of friends all over the world, jodie, you are one of them in HK and GZ =)

xjion : yeah an unexplainable relationship

fufu said...

帶刺の蝴蝶 : 想捏她的脸蛋? 你得要问一问她本人了。。。哈哈哈

紫朝 : 有点不明白呢 anyway 希望你在NZ的生活还好吧

十六夜真人 : 对啊 美人和美食 简直超棒的

wah chueng : hahaha i still remember the first time i met Even in HK also, we didnt really talked much at the beginning =) anyway dont know if we have chance to meet up or not ya, i am going to HK soon, probably this christmas... still planning

fufu said...

Mei-Wah : yeah she was my featured girl =p ok ask rose bring you along when she comes again next time and i will bring you girls out for nice food

jiani : 你没有详细的从头开始读呢

Calvin Soo KJ : hahaha, she became famous overnight via my blog, ok wish you could meet up as much bloggers as possible :)

eugene : you can meet some girl bloggers ok?

fufu said...

chris : erm well few bloggers also better than none, anyway wish you could meet up more nice bloggers in the future ya

ang ang : 你放心 我会好好的珍惜的哦

yeng : yeah enjoy cyber life also ya

yenny: hey my friend, when are you coming huuh? please let me know as early as possible if you really wanna meet up in singapore as i need to arrange for a date now ya =)

fufu said...

小丑 :那你以后要多多来光顾咯

regene : nice to hear from you ya... well i wish i had time to go back TM, anyway you take care too ya, i will try to ring you when i have the chance to go back, lets meet up for drink ya

Ellie_pi : you are still young, take your time to choose who to meet up in your circle ok? do remember take it easy

fufu said...

poo : 了解、あなた以外他の女性と付き合わないからさ(冗談に決まってるじゃん)ところで仕事はどうかい? 順調?バンコックにまた行きたいな~

jamy : come la, "who scare who?" hahahaha, you better bring yenny along ok? so that we can hang around in singapore ya, but gotta inform me earlier ok?

wy said...

hei. nice trip around the world. i wonder how did you manage to go for so many places? did you finance yourself?

Anonymous said...

Come, i intro you this website, dun miss it, very nice

sebastiangan said...

Hai Im new here =D
very enjoy with ur trip rite ?

Unknown said...

I know you are popular, but what's my number for to see Doctor Lam???

102101193854693.....oh thats my number??

Joking la..

fufu said...

nincompoop : yeah i use my own money to travel the world...hihihi =p

Lily : what's that??

sebastiangan : yeah i always enjoy all my trip! =p

fufu said...

Aaron : hahahaha your number? erm....wont be that long la aaron! anyway i am just back home from singapore... erm next time will let you know when i go back ok?