Saturday 6 September 2008

Smiles / 笑容

My ever first name card.

In physiology, a smile is a a facial expression formed by flexing those muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth. Among humans, it is customarily an expression denoting pleasure, happiness or amusement, and can also be an involuntary expression of anxiety. Besides that, i found another few more types of smile in my working atmosphere that containing different meanings.

A smile with expectation can always found from your superior or senior when they pass or ask you to handle a little tiny task. Once you have successfully done your jobs, a smile that showing a grateful expression can also be found from them. I think superiors wish their subordinates could help and lessen them the burden. A smile from your superior after a completed task could real push you forwards and achieve higher.

I bet no one like the smile that hidden a sword behind (literally translated from Chinese, 笑里藏刀). Mind you, dont be so naive until you thoroughly trust and appreciate what your co-worker have nicely done everything for you. He/she may have done so with another purposes. This is the biggest lesson i have ever learned so far. Also, apart of doing your own stuff correctly, you have to watch out and make sure you wont fall into the trap in front of you. Even a small mistake may simply spoil your name. Anyhow, even if you are in trouble, dont be panic-stricken but admit your mistake (even it is a trap) directly to your superior. You may get scolded but at least it is worth to see the picture clearly after that.

It is not easy to earn a smile that denoting respect from your workers. They would always have complaints towards their works. Unless you are a good leader having a good interpersonal skill, your workers will willingly follow your command and complete the work for you. The smile of respect can also be found around the eyes. Thus, eyes contact is also one very important element. It is nothing but motivation, no matter how tired i am, whenever i see them smile at me happily after a task has completed, it boosts me up just like the caffeine of cup of coffee. I appreciate their priceless smiles that real make my days.

To be frank, this is only my first month working in this company, in the construction field. I dont mind living up the 8am to 8pm lifestyle temporarily. I am still learning hard at the job site while attending the construction safety course at night. I give myself couples of months to get to know the job, see whether if i could get used to it. Meanwhile, i have to value the current working lifestyle despite the average high salary compared with others. All work and no play makes FuFu a dull boy, so i chase for a balance between my career and life. I miss the days i used to spend on blogging, sorry for not being able to write more often, pardon me for a while ok? I will make the right decision very soon. Just give let me consider every aspect thoroughly.








古小玉 said...

Woo.. This time I m the first one to comment in your page...

Bro, it's normal that the more salary u get, the more u have to sacrify. 8am to 8am ? Do u believe I used to work 8am until 12pm the next day with no sleep in between ? But at the end luckily my boss recognised my hardwork and promoted me to senior post. Well, no pain no gain...

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iamlz said...

i'm still studying, seems that the society university is much complicated from what i expected..

thanks for the sharing! can learn more before entering it! =)

all the best to u!

Roses said...

i am stoopid at predicting between a fake smiles by those harmful colleagues.
i guess everyone has their fair shares..wish that sooner or later, i can blend in with the hypocrites.

glad that u have the satisfaction of earning recognition smiles through your work.

take care while you are there.
hope u found other joy beside than working..

Malim Deman said...

Nice blog, your job sounds challenging.

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Anonymous said...

Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!! THE SOFA! It's gone! Darn! :-S I'm late. Hahaha.

Anyway, Ah Fu, please take it easy. You're juggling between working and also taking up course at night, that's something that I will exclaim WOW for. It's all right if you don't have the time to sit down and blog often like you used to be,everyone here knows that by blogging alone can't make your bank account happy. Go ahead and concentrate on working and take a good rest when you can. Taking a good care of yourself is far more important than anything else.

Keep on smiling that sweet smile, and gambatte kudasai! :-D ( I like your business card!)

Hmm. I must be pretty late checking out your post. Lz, Rose and nenek kebayan is already here. Damn my work! Being able to check out people's blog and writing is indeed a luxury these days! =.=

Pete said...

Wish you all the best in your first job.

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Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

Yaya and sometimes it's so tiring that you have to put up a fake smile everyday just because you are not supposed to be not happy. Haha.

and to a point of time, we will be so immuned to all the fake smile that we received from the so-called 'nice people' and then slowly filter out even the genuine ones..

Anyway, hope you will make the decision that is the best for youself. All the best ^^

Nai Jiew Mil 奈九米二 said...

Yaya and sometimes it's so tiring that you have to put up a fake smile everyday just because you are not supposed to be not happy. Haha.

and to a point of time, we will be so immuned to all the fake smile that we received from the so-called 'nice people' and then slowly filter out even the genuine ones..

Anyway, hope you will make the decision that is the best for youself. All the best ^^

YNOT TONY said...

你终于知道了现实工作中和朋友之间多么的不同哦. 好好干吧, 你是蛮有才的, 他们到头来还是会拜倒在你的脚下...

Beverly's Secret said...

Gambate!!! I bet you'll have a bright future!!!

~珊姑娘~ said...



et Shuben™ said...


工作愉快!欢迎加入 dog-eat-dog-world 的大家庭。

古小玉 said...

Bro, why u don't want to create a message/chat box in your page so that ppl can leave u message easily ?

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! Sure happy to get the first salary~~ Gambatee

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Anonymous said...

A friendly smile can bring sunshine to someone's life. It does wonders.
First job is exciting, all the very best to you! :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you around. :)

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Kikey Loo said...

All the best... (^.^)

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Well, it is inevitable to meet some people with their own agendas. You will be just fine by ignoring them. Wow, your working hours are very long. But, if you have passion for this job, I am sure that you can handle it. Lastly, give you a big smile Happy always(^^)- Smiling is good!

迷迭香 said...

i tot u r going to put up ur smiling face....^_^

Hey, do keep an open heart pls...
not all colleagues are bad,
i do admit some can be really bad and mean! but not all of them... give them and urself sometime and i am sure u will know who is ur fren and who is the ghost !!

Cheers ~

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pintone design said...
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pintone design said...

like the way u write the blog. Im ur new reader now. All the best..

Mei-Wah said...


i am living a 8am - 8pm work life too. although i am not earning big bucks but i am still in the learning stage. i stepped into this working world a year ago and i tried to make myself happy by chatting with my colleague pals. lucky for me, the colleagues (a few close one mainly) i had were true and they helped me so much during my hard times. i truly understand your word "smile that hidden a sword behind". :) frankly speaking, i do not put my trust in my colleagues at first, but as the days gone by, i knew who to trust and who to beware off. i am sure you will be able to know which is the good guy and which is the bad one. but, beware to your surroundings. please don't let this become a barrier for you to look for a true friend. who says colleague can't be a true friend? :)

good luck!

mei wah

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- yEng - said...

wish u 中秋节快乐...

~珊姑娘~ said...

lengzai,come here to wish u 中秋节快乐喔!

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Anonymous said...



老一辈的都说 - 永远不要相信其他同事


pui0219 said...

pui sze

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Anonymous said...

hey fufu~
wow your job sounds difficult by the different smiles :)
and the workingtimes are wow-ing me again. i work from 10am to 5pm and i'm still complaining :D
so how are you doing now on your job, it has been 2 months right?
Is it suiting you more now or has the travelspirit inside you grown more?
:) <- (this is a well meant and supportive smile)
See you fufu!

Feeling said...

working is always related with, should be related with a lot of politicS..lolz

well gambatei ne! Work with smile, you still will find the world is beautiful.

Everyday is a great day..cheers!

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