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FuFu World Tour


Turkiye 7th -22nd May 2007
Denizli, Izmir and Antalya - Part Five

After having a fun time in Pamukkale, i met up Ozlem, one of Necla`s best friends. Ozlem, a smart and charming girl was working at HSBC under her university internship programme. We walked to a recreational park near Pamukkale University. It was a great time even we just sitting at the park chatting. Our topics consisted of politic, economy, social, education and so on. FuFu travel is not only sightseeing, relaxing, city exploring, food or culture but communicate and mix up with the local as well as experience the real local life also.

Ozlem invited us to have dinner at her house. I was famished after talking and also lack of lunch. When we arrived Ozlem`s house, i was ready to attack the table. But her parents kept asking me questions. You know how it is when you are so hungry and you need to answer the questions and then after you eat a bit, you feel full? Anyway i still managed to eat most of the food i liked. Yogurt is always my favourite. Pickled cherry with syrup was way too good! Yummy!

The next day, Necla and i went to Izmir by Pamukkale express bus. We then went to the popular archaeological site lies three kilometres south of the Selcuk district of Izmir. Ephesus was an Ionian city in ancient Anatolia. The ruin of Ephesus are favourite international and local tourist attractions. If you typed Ephesus in Google, you will get sites which all starts off with `Ephesus, the best preserved classical city on the Mediterranean`.

The Harbour Street.

Even Lonely Planet starts off with the same line. But it is true. It is an awesome sight to see all the preserved buildings of Roman times now in the 21st century. It was a hot, hot day. First view of the city were the remains of the Harbour Street, a marble paved road which was the most celebrated street at that time. I bet it was a grand sight during its heyday with shops,baths and streetlights along its sides and water and sewerage channels beneath.

The marble paved road.

One of the most photographed buildings in Ephesus and i am sure many of you may have seen it before either in pictures, magazines etc is the Library of Celsus. It was built by Gaius Julius Aquila to commemorate his father, Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, the proconsul of the Province of Asia during 2C AD. Celsus is buried inside the library.

The Celcius Library

The Gate of Augustus.

The Temple of Hadrian.

The Temple of Hadrian was built in Corinthian style and later,renovated and was dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian. There are beautiful friezes with scenes depicting the foundation of the city and a statue of Medusa.

Close up.

Hercules Gate.

This gate is easily recognized by the two carvings of Hercules which depict him wearing a lion's skin. Constructed in 4th century AD, it was made narrow to prevent wheel vehicles from entering the city.

The site is large, in fact, Ephesus contains the largest collection of Roman ruins East of the Mediterranean. Only an estimated fifteen percent has been excavated. The ruins that are visible give some idea of the city`s original splendour, and the names associated with the ruins are evocative of its former life. The Roman theater dominates the view down Harbour Street which leads to the long silted-up harbour. It is still used for performances nowadays amidst protests. It was orginally a Hellenistic period building which was later restored by the Romans. It can seat up to twenty five thousand people.

The Roman Theater at Ephesus.

The Odeon.

This Odeon was built in the 2nd century AD and is one of the last few buildings you will pass as you head back. Looks like a mini version of the Roman theater, it was used for theatrical performances as well as a Senate House.

The souvenir shop in front of the exit.

We missed the performance telling the story of Ephesus during Roman Empire period. Luckily, i still managed to take pictures with some of the performers. They were very friendly. After that we moved back to the city, Izmir - the third most populous city of Turkey and the country`s largest port after Istanbul.

Izmir`s famous clock tower.

One of the more pronounced elements of Izmir harbour is the Clock Tower,a beautiful marble tower that rests in the middle of the Konak pier standing 25 meters in height. The tower features four fountains which are placed around the base in a circular pattern, and the columns are inspired by North African themes.

Izmir Port, seen from Konak Pier.

Konak Pier.

Cafes along the historic Pasaport Quay.

We sat down.

Then we had a cup of cay each and enjoyed the view of Izmir port.

Broadwalk at the pier.

Heart of the city.

I saw a special sandwiches with green chilli, tomatoes and cheese sold everywhere and curiously i bought one. Well, it was a strange combination but not bad afterall. I guess it must be Izmir specialty.

Turkish authentic style of breads.

I bought this, tasted not bad.

Now, Izmir is the official candidate to host the Universal Expo 2015 under the theme, New Routes to a Better World/Health for All.

Historic street at Alsancak neighbourhood.

Streets of the historic Alsancak neighbourhood must not be missed. Here you can enjoy the various works of architecture thought to had been built in the city during the Ottoman period. The streets were completely paved with stones, and paved streets became preponderant in the city.

The Bazaar.

So the next day, we were heading down Antalya, to one of Necla friend`s hometown, Kalkan and stay at her house.

fufu travel 65
Breakfast at the bus station.

Although it was a seven-hour-journey to Kalkan, the scenery along the way to Antalya was simply amazing. It was too perfect for a breathtaking bus journey with a good bus service.

We changed bus to Kalkan in Fethiye.

We arrived Kalkan at 8pm. Dinner was served on the table when we were brought to M`s house by her father. Whoa, fries was prepared as M`s mother afraid i might not get used to Turkish food. What a thoughtful mother. And because i look skinny, piraf was specially added by the host mother. Later on, fruits and tea were served up too. We called it a night as soon as i finished taking shower.

Port of Kalkan.

What a splendid authentic home dinner.


assamlaksa said...

omg the bazaar is so tempting. if i were there u will see me hop around stalls for few hours.

穎子 said...

wow... 好多以前历史课本里看到的建筑物~~

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh!!!! My sofa!!! Lost again. LOL.

Wow, Fufu... the homemade dinner looks very delicious! I love this post a lot. Please keep up the good work, and take good care of yourself. :-D

I'm going to come here later after dinner and re-read your blog again, because your entry makes me feel so hungry. :-P

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even said...

當時我係training center做!^^


Mei-Wah said...

wow, what a great experience to explore the other side of the world! as we are young, has the energy to walk/run around, grasp this opportunity to see the world... :)

(hahaha, i am trying to apply this "theory" to my life)

-waiseng- said...

ruins are simply stunning!

~珊姑娘~ said...

wao!!!nice place nice view nice look of ladies.
& nice foods, never try turkey meals before!
u make me wanna go there >,<

et Shuben™ said...

How lucky! That's remind me my Istanbul trip last year.

Any hanky-panky thingy to share? He he he... ^^

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Ooo, I already fell in love with all the ancient temples there. It really gives me a mythology feel.(^^). Keep in touch, old friend(^^)

Feeling said...

wow! beautiful place!

Chris said...

I only been to Turkey once only.

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Ah Zhee said...

interesting blog. share more. :)

Anonymous said...

haha, really beautiful。。。很漂亮。


哈哈,我想以前我在friendster 见过你。



Shin said...


Anonymous said...

Im so excited when u told me u r coming to hk again!

U must hang out wf even and me this time! No kidding ~

i already hv 2 foregin frds came and visit me,
we had really great time!

after u confirm the date plz tell me in my diary~

The food in TURKEY is kinda similar to Mexican food , isn't it ?

P.S i add u facebook already

Anonymous said...

forgot to say,
one of u shirt worte on Xanga.
Where did u get it ?

i love ur background music!

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Pete said...

Wow, nice scenery. Good lunch you had at your friend's house. Nice picture of the remnants of Roman Empire.

- yEng - said...

soo envy!!!!cn go here n thr play~~~

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古小玉 said...

Bro, did u go back TM during hari raya ? I balik Kampung last weekend also went to TM to pray the "9 jade emperor"...

我的天地 said...

真爽 ^__^

how are you lately?
plan to change job?

迷迭香 said...

Pickled cherry with syrup....
i tried pickled cherry with chili before, tasted pretty good too ~ ^_^

Calvin Soo KJ said...

way, way too cool man......ffeezingly cool. i want to go there. most probably next year. omg, its like i want to go everywhere. beh tahan lah. pokai

Vincent Cho said...

oh my.. i like this place..

emilio said...

so this is turkey!! i never thought that turkey can be that gorgeous!!

what really capture my attraction is the hercules gate, roman theater and pasaport quay! oh gosh.. i think i may have to update my list.

ET女子 said...


JiaNi said...

i saw alot of spicy foods...they like curry very much??

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iamlz said...

So nice..wish I can go there 1 day! XD
U looked tall beside the girls..are you tall or the girls short? Hahah..

The food looks tempting..and the ancient buildings caught my eyes!! Esp the library!! Looks like shelf to arrange books!!

Jooyee said...

your pics are nice, and nice to meet u too! thanks for dropping by ^^

Anonymous said...

dude, haven't got time to check your blog for some time
and you've posted lots and lots of cool things
i'm amazed with patara and turkey
you visited a paradise fu.. hehee
take care !!

fufu said...

jamy : hahaha, and see how you bargain with those sellers =)

帶刺の蝴蝶 : 哈哈哈 可能是世界文化建筑物的原因吧~

cleffairy : well, sofa is not that important ok? i have many sofas here for my readers, not only ONE :) anyway not only building or scenery, food pictures also took up lot of my SD memory!!

fufu said...

萤火虫 : 土耳其真的很美~~

even : 我都曾经在standard chartered做过信用卡部门的parttime
我很喜欢吃辣的 但是现在少吃了

meiwah : yeah we indeed should go as far as we could when we are young ya! unless you are strong enough to explore the world when you are getting old... anyway wish we could go as many places as we could =)

fufu said...

waiseng : my next target is Athen Greek`s ruin...

~珊姑娘~ : hahaha, yeah i was so lucky to have pretty girls to show me around :) and you should go to turkey ya... really different with the culture here... get what i mean? the mixture of middle east and europe and the influence of ISLAM *.*

et : oh you went to istanbul... i miss the mosques there, all of them are s gorgeously build!!!

fufu said...

xjion89 : hahaha... yeah i love all those mosques too, because of their unique and gorgeous architecture

feeling : hehehe, damn nice place i would say :)

chris : hohoho, you gotta go back again and explore thoroughly ya =)

fufu said...

yenny : 不要恨我啦,
来个亲一亲的啦 好不好?
我只想跟大家分享分享罢了 呵呵呵

小丑 : 不要不爽啦

ah zee : erm yah i am sharing do come here more often if you wanna continue reading my blog =)

fufu said...

文员 : 记得下次一定要去土耳其哦
anyway 有兴趣的话 就受着这部落格

shin : 那些事物真的很好吃~ 你一定会喜欢的

wahcheung : yeah i am going to hongkong for xmas and hopefully have time for shenzhen and guangzhou as well... erm ok i will see if i had extra time for you and even ya... i have many friends to meet up there...if we cant make it this time, next time ok? hehehe anyway keep in touch my friend

fufu said...

wahcheung : hahaha, i got the xanga tee from one of the founders of xanga when i was in New York last year... =)

十六夜真人 : 世界三大美食,中国,意大利然后就是土耳其了~~

even : 我很少用法facebook的啦~

fufu said...

wois : 简直美到~

pete : yeah love the food there... the ruin of roman is simply great~~

yeng : 你以后一定有机会到处走走的

fufu said...

爱美丽 : 那是我去年去过的地方啦

khoo : tm is famous for "gao wong ye"?? are you sure?? anyway i didnt go back...still struggling in spore..

我的天地 : 是啊 我环游世界一年多了

fufu said...

迷迭香 : hahaha, cheery with chilli sounds good :)

Calvin Soo KJ : so save enough money for the trip ya... really worth you to spend your hardearned money there =)

vincent cho : yeah, Izmir is the 2nd biggest city ya...

fufu said...

EmiLio : i am glad to hear that you are going to adjust your list... hehehe, bet you would not be regret =)

ET女子 : 夜景还好啦,那边的历史文化建筑物比较丰富咯,东西不是很辣,红红的颜色是tomato来的啦

jiani : not curry actually...they use lot of tomatoes one la... hihihi

fufu said...

ang ang : 中东和欧洲合璧的土耳其美食~

sockpeng : 谢谢上天赐我这么多的朋友

lz : yeah i am tall and the girl looks short... hehehe well you gotta go to turkey ya, see the ruins yourself =)

fufu said...

Jooyee : yeah do come here more foten if you like here =)

nus : it doesnt matter if you could come here all the time ya! just come when you are free... erm pattara is ok... quite different with the beaches in bali =) anyway looking forwards the trip in may next year hihihihi.... pondering we could make it or not...

Yenny said...

嗯... 既然你都开口了...
来~~~ *嘟起嘴* 唔~~~

Unknown said...

wah, go travel again?
so enjoy~

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