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FuFu Travel - The Martial Arts City, Foshan
Monday - 29 . December . 2008

We came to the same dimsum restaurant again.

Siu mai (燒賣).

Dumpling (餃子).

Pork entrails (豬雜).

Spare ribs cooked with potatoes (薯仔燜排骨).

Thousand-layer cake (千層糕).

Taro dumpling (芋角).

Sweet cream buns with milk custard filling (奶皇包).

We back to the hotel, took our stuff and checked-out.

We then got on a train.

Here we came to the Fong Chuen bus terminal (芳村汽車站).

We were ready for Foshan.

The bus heading to Ancestral Temple Bus Terminal (祖庙汽車站).

It's always good to recharge on the bus.

Foshan, here we come.

Foshan is now a prosperous modern city, the third largest in teeming Guangdong Province, complete with five-star hotels, rotating restaurants, electronics factories and direct trains to Hongkong. Its record as an economically successful town goes back a long way, with renowned pottery and ceramics industries that date back to the Tang and Song Dynasty.

The Baihua Plaza.

The Electrical Appliances Stores.

The China Agriculture Bank (from our hotel).

7 Days Inn - one of the leading budget hotel chains in China.

Foshan, (佛山) has its reputation as the home of Chinese martial arts. Wong Fei Hung (黃飛鴻), a legendary martial art hero, and still the popular subject of numerous television series and films.

Foshan Wong Fei Hung (佛山黃飛鴻).

The first martial arts sifu, Ip Man (葉問) who taught Wing Chun (永春, the Chinese martial art) openly and had several students who later became martial arts teachers in their own right, including Bruce Lee (李小龍). Bruce Lee, needless me to describe more, had sparked the first major surge of interest in Chinese martial arts in the West.

The bronze statue of Grand Master Ip Man (一代宗師葉問).

Bruce Lee (國際巨星李小龍) and his sifu, Ip Man.

These three notable persons i mentioned above were originated from Foshan. (Though Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, his ancestral hometowns include Shunde (順德), a district of Foshan.) They primarily practised Chinese martial arts and became master then turned to the iconic hero generally to the Chinese and particularly to those who like martial arts.

The Ancestral Temple (祖庙).

It is said that if you don't visit Ancestral Temple (祖庙), then you simply haven't seen Foshan. It is an artistic palace gathering ceramic, wood-carving, metal-casting, architecture arts of ancient Foshan and an important cultural relic site mainly protected by the state.

It is also the Foshan Museum (佛山博物館).

An essential Foshan attraction, the old temple houses the city's guardian where it has stood for hundreds of years. The temple still stands after enduring many wars and the cultural revolution. Much of its original architecture is still intact. The temple is now used to showcase the martial arts history and currently stage the traditional Canton opera at night.

We first came to Ip Man Tong which commemorates him.

The temple, lavishly decorated and ornate, is part of a larger complex, Ip Man Tong (葉問堂) the museum which contains rich displays and collections pertaining to martial arts.

Azazaza... it's time to show off FuFu Wing Chun.

The exhibits in Ip Man Tong are categorised into Grand Master Ip Man’s wooden dummy, the hundred or so photos and also a video of Grand Master Ip demonstrating the wooden dummy form. And the bronze statue of Grand Master Ip Man along with some candid pictures as well as the photos of Wingchun practitioners, both Chinese and foreigners training in all corners of the world. All of them in their own ways contribute to the promotion of the art of Wing Chun.

Awww... we are Wingchun practitioners.

The happy moment i wont forget.

From what I can see in Ip Man Tong, there is an abundance of information about Grand Master Ip and his students, and you will no doubt learn a lot from the visiting. I highly recommend it to those who interested in Wing Chun and indeed to martial artists of any style. It is definitely worth seeing and please don't be shy to take photos in front of the building.

We followed the tourist route.

The Memorial Hall of Huang Feihung (佛山黃飛鴻紀念館).

Next we came to the Memorial Hall of Huang Fei Hung(Wong Fei Hung) which commemorates him, puts on regular kungfu shows for martial arts fans and Wong Sifu admirers. Unfortunately we miss the performing of the kind of kungfu seen in most modern films. There's a bronze statue of Wong Fei Hung sitting in front of the building welcoming the guests to visit his house.

The ancient Chinese architecture still remained well there.

The legendary master Wong Fei Hung.

This memorial hall reproduces the style of folk residence and ancestral temple when Wong Fei Hung was alive. The building is divided into a show room, Wong Fei Hung Cinema, a hall and patio for practicing kungfu, all of these represent the charism of the great master the life. As a healer and medical doctor, master Wong practiced and taught acupuncture and other forms of traditional Chinese medicine at Po Chi Lam (寶芝林), his clinic in in Foshan is also modeled inside the building.

After the history lesson of martial arts, it's time to shoot!

Simply like the ancient-styled door.

Wong sifu really once lived in a nice place.

We are Wong Fei Hung's disciples.

We sat on the chair that used for lion dance performing.

The place where Wong Fei Hung and his had their kungfu talks.

Wong Fei Hung is my sifu now.

Jodie wanna learn kungfu from Wong Fei Hung.

FuFu and his sifu greeting everyone a happy new year.

The famous lame pose of Wong Fei Hung.

The famous FuFu Mantis Fist (富螳螂拳).

FuFu Flamingo Fist (富鶴雙拳).

Wong Fei Hung (黃飛鴻) VS Kan Yan Kin (奸人堅).

The three of us enjoyed so much!

The Ancestral Temple (祖廟).

Dont forget to burn the joss stick with blessing written on it.

Part of the temple is under preservation.

We could only take pictures in front of it.

Jodie quickly wished for.... (北帝靈應 有求必應).

The temple is the state cultural relic site.

The Wishing Tree (許願樹).

They are using the plastic mandarin orange.

We only made a wish there (didn't throw the orange).

A photo with Confucius in Foshan.

A newly created fist - FuFu Flamingo Fist (富鶴雙拳).

The gorgeous man-made lake.

We're about to leave for our lunch.

A very eye catching name of a shop (為食貓).

Foshan's Dongfang gourmands corner, (東方美食坊).

The famous soup of pork stomach filled with chicken, (豬肚包雞湯).

Nice to see those old water pot.

Pour the water in it after washing the eating utensils.

She showed us the pork stomach with a chicken inside of it.

The waitress was way too friendly.

The interior of the restaurant.

Our soup was being heated up.

The scenes from the restaurant.

These old buildings are going to be demolished.

The set of our late lunch.

This soup of pork stomach filled with chicken, (豬肚包雞湯) is cooked with types of Chinese herbs, which is cooked unlike Malaysian's style (with black pepper). If you fancy pork stomach, this is definitely something different for a try. The pork stomach expresses a heavy scent of Chinese herbs and pepper. It will keep you warm during the winter time and helps to kick your insomnia away.

The pork stomach chicken soup with mushrooms.

The ultimate soup i had ever had!

The pork stomach was tender and it was sliced to long thin strips and actually looked like shredded chicken strips. The mushroom and the long cabbage matched the soup with rice pretty well. The soup was peppery to the point that it left a heat imprint on the tongue but not so much that it made it numb. YUMMY.

Sum liked the soup.

Jodie's tongue was burning!

The painted fortune god and new year poetry pasted everywhere.

The ancient Nanfeng Kiln (南風古灶).

To get a taste of an ancient trade, you could probably visit the ancient Nanfeng Kiln, where Foshan's legendary ceramics industry originated. Its history can be traced back at least five hundred years, to the Ming Dynasty.

We're late but at least we managed to leave our footprints there.

You'll most likely be impressed by the mere fact that the ancient kiln still functions, most of the original parts are intact, and you can even try your hand at making some pottery of your own. But remember to go there before 4pm or you would miss a truly "hands on" historical experience like us who arrived there at 5.30pm. All the attractions were closed except some of the ceramic shops waiting for the late visitors.

We casually walked around the area.

And we found a beautiful lake.

I failed to make the effect i want, yet still acceptable.

We left with no regret though.

We're back to the downtown.

Entered Ajisen for ramen.

What a shit, no photography allowed for its ramens!

We leisurely walked back to the hotel and called it a night after this shot.


Akira 思胜 said...

哇, 去到叶问师傅的那边哦!!!

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wong fei hung ,ip man , bruce lee,你一次就看完,感觉如何?

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hey!!!!here is the place i love most in ur journey!really love here!
u play Wing Chun,hehe, sure nice!

last time i luv wong fei hong, now sure Ip Man!
envy u >.<

Kai and Baobei said...

原来黄飞鸿是这个样子的,哈哈哈!:P 阴茎阴茎 (cantonese)!对不起,我的文字较粗俗 (-_-)"

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This place is very nice.
Hope one day i can go there...
The photos is very funny ar...hahaha
how come you always go to travel ah?
me...now still in office feel tired n hungry.

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宝之林! 哈哈哈!
每次看到你的blog update可是没有标题的?

Mei-Wah said...

omg, the dimsums! %^$#@&*^%*)^% argh... speechless.

omg, wong fei hung! three of you got the style to act in kung fu movies already!

omg, the mouth-watering soup! %^$#@&*^%*)^% argh... speechless the 2nd. lol~

[SK] said...

wow, that must be a very long day for you huh?? looks like Foshan is a very nice place to visit :)

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哇 好多照片~
順便去大吃特吃一下 :D

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i shouldn't have came to your site with an empty stomach :((
yes my lunar new year was fun. how abt yrs?

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IP Man,叶问!!!

Chris said...

哦? 真的有叶问这个人? 我以为是虚构人物。

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OMG... Wong Fei Fu.... lmao... i wanna visit there too, can learn more about those charzcters you watch on kungfu movies.

Miney said...

Do you have to treat me like this ?
I am damn hungry after reading this post T~T

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bearlim said...

my dad said, china always is the best place to visit. after read your post, i really wish i was there lar!! love the decoration and feel of that dimsum shop!

海市蜃樓 said...



fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : 留下超多美好回憶

pui : 衰婆!我都好想同你一起去架
下一次吧 衰婆

that my goal : 感覺很好咯!

fufu said...

ksteeng1122 : 你也可以去的阿
不需要羡慕的 你也可以去哦

珊姑娘 : yeah i love foshan also, a nice place to visit... erm yah i love grand master Ip Man also, influenced by the movie =) yes i played WingChun once upon a time =D

Kai and Baobei : 黄飞鸿就是那个樣子的
哈哈哈哈哈 我也是個粗人
一點也不介意 你盡情的寫吧

Kai and Baobei said...

很好!wuahahahaha! 那我可以随便写哩!文人雅士的生活我不配,哈哈哈!来,一起放屁!(-o-)

fufu said...

幸福王子 : 葉問也是我透過電影才認識的哦
幸好有那部電影 不然我只會黃飛鴻和李小龍罷了 我的家就是有很多美食和美景還有美男美女哦

Xjion89 : 佛山宝芝林黃飛鴻~

khoo : 醬都看到六块胸肌?

fufu said...

龍貓 : 一代宗師葉問 我們都是打功夫的人

梦想罐头 : hehehe, i like to take funny cute photos =) erm, well this is my last trip together with HK one, i dont have that much money fly here and there... =)

爱美丽 : 为食猫~真的好抵死!
他真的很厲害哦 值得我們仰慕 =D

fufu said...

jill : 标题都會在我的能容裏面哦 =)
可能太多照片你看不到吧 =D

Mei-Wah : yeah dimsum my favourite =)
i heart the yummy soup =D
wong fei hung my sife @_<
hahahaha had a great trip there!!!

sk : yah...we enjoyed so much! foshan is a real nice place to visit!! remember to drop by if you ever had a chance to go to guangzhou =)

fufu said...

simmy : 其實廣東省真的有很多美食哦
還有美景 你一定要去一去看看嘗嘗哦

pete : 佛山真的很好

坏男孩 : 哈哈哈哈 我們還有很多機會見面的
以後就讓你請客咯 好不好?不要傷心
好 那你以後就多來看看咯

fufu said...

ET女子 : 有許願哦 希望會顯靈

Invisible : 應該謝我弄到你醬有食欲才對
哈哈哈哈 或吃飽了才來=)

andy : hey emtrai, i had a normal lunar new year @_< lol well please make sure you have your meal before you come here ok? lmao

fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : 那麽多阿阿阿阿
看來你一定要出佛山了 =)

ah zhee : 每一個旅程我都不會讓自己玩得不開心的哦 @_< 所以跟我玩的人都會很開心 很多人想和我去玩~~~

M@onoko : 葉問也是我近期喜歡的人物
我小時候有學過功夫拉 我們玩玩而已
真的很開心 可以在哪兒擺功夫姿勢

fufu said...

chris : 拜托 真的有葉問這個人啦

ah man : hihihihi....

3ugene : 那邊的環境真的不錯

fufu said...

silentz_sy : 哈哈哈 半夜了在外面很難可以買帶東西吃吧!那救助快熟面咯 hihihi 我們玩得很開心很滿足這個佛山旅程

cleffairy : yeah, indeed you could know more if you go to foshan ya...ops wait! most of the explanation are there in chinese, guess you need a translator if you dont read chinese =)

MiNღ唲 : sorry friend, please make sure you are full enough before you click into my blogspot ok? @_<

fufu said...

小东.6am : 那個許願樹還是不比香港那個咯
如果用真的柑或橙 那就完美了

bearlim : yep, china indeed a nice place and worth to spend money there =) wish you could step on the land and feel the different yourself soon and have the authentic dimsum there =D

海市蜃樓 : 廣東就是出名點心的

fufu said...

Kai and Baobei : 忘了告訴你 我進不到你那個blogspot, 因爲你設定了只是准給一些你想要讀你的日記得朋友進去罷了 我無法留言 如果你想要我看你怎樣放屁 就approve我 讓我可以大開眼界咯 @_<

YNOT TONY said...

那个猪活吞了只鸡, 被你宰了烧汤? 哈哈哈

YNOT TONY said...
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Kai and Baobei said...


Unknown said...

The last fifth photo~~~ nice nice nice ~~~~

fufu said...

tony : 哈哈哈 醬才好吃的呢

Kai and Baobei : 真的馬?可能是你第二個blogspot!!

Pitygirl_st : yeah that one is nice i know =)

Anonymous said...

seems that you'd a nice trip with your nice friends~

Rex said...

my eyes so tired after read just one post you done here... wow... many pics and tons of fun man! hahaha~

nice place, nice food! why never UPS food back sia... =="

Anonymous said...

glad u like the song on my blog! i posted another jap song. hope u like it!

Anonymous said...


ernloy said...

佛山!!!brings back lots of memories :D
i was there almost 7 years ago!!! had a friend there to host us and brough us around! ^.^
i still remember in front of 庙祖,written 广州欢迎你,常回家看看。 is it still there? >.<

阿Don said...



Agnes Sim said...

wow...u got nice photos here. like ur banner.

LAURENCE said...


小东 said...


迷迭香 said...

i just watched the movie Ip Man....^_^
did u acquired some kicks and punches ? :p

the dim sum looks really good ah ~

fufu said...

alma : yeah had a great time with my friends =) miss them so much

rex : hahaha, sorry for that! next time when you come just get ready to see ton of pictures ok? erm... i am a regular customer of FedEx though, couldnt find one there so couldnt send some back =)

renaye : hahaha okok will go there later

fufu said...

sock peng : 那些牌坊真的很壯觀哦

ernloy : in front of 庙祖 i didnt see 广州欢迎你,常回家看看!! what i saw are those bronze statues =) hahaha i miss foshan as well... wanna go back a visit, perhaps 5yrs later

阿Don : 天氣還好啦 不算很冷
玉女神功,如来神掌?? 那些是假的啦 lol

fufu said...

Agnes Sim : wish you all like my pictures =)

LAURENCE : 哈哈哈 這裡就是照片多!
我去玩 一定會盡量玩個夠 不讓自己後悔的
可以吖 10次5張就50張了

小东 : 抛柚子會得到什麽的呢?
感覺很好 第一次 =p

迷迭香 : you watched the movie? damn i am hooked with the movie now... wish the part 2 will be out soon!! cant wait to watch it... hihihi well i have my own fufu kungfu =) okok the dimsums were just delicious =p

Serina said...

很棒的功夫姿势吖~ 哈

fufu said...

Serina : 我們都是一流的武打演員 =)

七仔 CJ said...


祝你一路顺风哦~ ^^

三吉 said...

oo...I think the "Poor stomach wrapper chicken soup" taste should be very delicious...
specially it cook wit the mushroom......yummy!!

Junson Chuah said...


fufu said...

七仔 CJ : 其實我已經環游世界回來了
但是都還會去玩的 謝謝你的祝福

三吉 : 那個豬肚湯真的很好吃
很像我們的豬肚湯哦 我想到都留口水了

Jos~h Chuah : 你應該可以去吧

ChiroBie said...

Glurpppp... 70++ commentsss!!! Wow seems like somebody becoming a professional blogger soon haha!

And you not done with your travel ? ? ? Don't you have to work ? ? ? Haha!

Write less Chinese post, else people like me can only see photos =p

fufu said...

ChiroBie : still a long way to go till i real become a famous blogger =) i worked before but just stopped end of the year, now looking for japanese speaking position job, erm well when i write english my chinese bloggers asked me write more in chinese, and this happened to english too...so what should i do? so i once a while write in both chinese and english =) you should learn chinese =D

Anonymous said...

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