Wednesday 18 February 2009

FuFu Travel - Zhaoqing and Back to HK
Thursday - 01 . 01 . 2009

We had biscuit for our late breakfast.

We slept until 10am, took turn for the toilet, checked-out, and kept our baggage at the hotel before we left the city. If you had extra time for Zhaoqing, take a stroll along the West river (西江) and you will likely come across two attractions mentioned in most guide books that feature Zhaoqing.

Yuejiang Tower .

Yuejiang Tower (閱江樓), literally the River View Pavilion is one of the two oldest remaining structures in Zhaoqing. Originally known as the "Stone Temple", Yuejiang Tower was first constructed in the Ming Dynasty. In 1959, the tower became the museum and memorial hall of the old site of Ye Ting's Independent Regiment. With two stories, the tower covers area of courtyards, rockeries, a fishpond and a typical of ancient garden courtyard styled building.

The gift from the ex-President of China, Jiang Tsemin.

When it was still Kuomintang.

The Songtai (菘臺書院).

Part of the building was reconstructed into Songtai Academy (菘臺書院) and now it has a huge display of the inkstones made by the local artists.

The example of the Chinese ancient courtyard.

We saw a local restaurant while heading to our last destination. Our stomachs leaded us into the restaurant.

It's time to fill our stomachs.

Read the menu written on the board.

The view from the restaurant.

They planted vegetable and caught the river fishes, shrimps, etc.

The workers peeling, washing, cutting, etc by the river.

This restaurant has snakes, frogs, and other animals.

Jodie said those animals were stocked behind the restaurant.

The special menu real has everything. =.="

The sweet shrimp of West River (西江河蝦).

The yummy fish head tofu soup (芥菜魚頭豆腐湯).

The well roasted goose (深井燒鵝).

The fresh scallops (帶子).

The amazing pagoda i have ever seen.

Further down the riverbank is Chongxi Pagoda (崇禧塔), which is just about couples of minutes away from the restaurant. It was first constructed in the 10th year of the Wanli Reign Period of the Ming Dynasty (1582), 57.5 metres high, with nine stories.

Each story has eight angles, on which wind-bells are hung. When the wind blows, sounds of the bells are heard from all around. Legend has it that a pagoda built here could gather fortune and prosperity. There has not much of interest inside the building but it does have that view of the river.

After that, we back to the hotel and bought ticket back to Guangzhou by bus. The six days five nights trip was certainly a blast in part of Guangdong Province. We, nonetheless had plenty of unforgettable sweet memories in Guangzhou, Foshan, Xiqiao and Zhaoqing. Tonnes of pictures would be the evidence.

Both of us were damn tired except Jodie, she took these pictures!

We finally back to Guangzhou.

Overall, China has totally changed a lot compared i had imagined. From the smooth transportation to the magnificent natural sights and mouth-watering authentic local food, China indeed a great country worth you to spend money there.

The station of Guangzhou East.

There's plenty of people heading down to Shenzhen.

Waited ten minutes and we hopped on the train back to Shenzhen.

I am sure we will be able to gather and travel to some other places soon. This is because we will not let it stop that long. I am so looking forward to have heaps of fun with them again, as always!


迷迭香 said...

i heard the prawns are not very big... are they ?
they look big in ur pic though ~ ^_^

Bengbeng said...

i would love to have a pair of the chairs in the 7th pic for my home.

why is it even when i travel the ladies seem to claim they r tired etc but when the guys r tired, they seem to still have lots of energy e.g. take pics of guys sleeping :)

Chi Leong said...


Akira 思胜 said...


Anonymous said...


.:: Ant ::. said...

You really should be paid to travel. Be a travel guide on Discovery network! ^_^








I AM A BLOGGER said...

The pagoda is so so so amazing. Did u go up thre?

Mei-Wah said...

china prawns are like dried shrimp in malaysia - so small and expensive! :)

Anonymous said...

how i wish i had the resources to travel like you. :)

Chin Weng 茶先生 said...


十六 Keaton said...


fufu said...

迷迭香 : well, some of the shrimps are big =) very sweet

bengbeng : erm guess you gotta go to zhaoqing for the furniture! ok not, we still have some old furniture shops selling the chairs you looking for

erm...i have no idea! probably they had taken enough rest when they were tired

that my goal : 中國的寫完了
還有香港的哦 慢慢看 hihihi =)

fufu said...

Akira 思胜 : 你一定有機會去得哦

alma : 哈哈哈 那麽的巧?世界很小

Anton : i really wish to work as a traveller =D but wonder how could i get the sponsorships, but my english is not good enough =(

fufu said...

全 : 不要羡慕 努力讀書然後賺錢去玩
到是看看我的schedule 如果可以的話我也想去玩

xjion89 : didnt go out to the pagoda, need to rush back to hk =)

Mei-Wah : erm....very different with ours one! the shrimps there are pretty big =)

fufu said...

isaiah : well you dont need that much money to travel in china =)

Chin Weng 茶先生 : 崇禧塔很壯觀
那天陽光普照 我們沒有穿外套

十六夜真人 : 你識貨 那個帶子真的很好吃

Anonymous said...


fufu said...

toto : 崇禧塔真的很高貴大方~~ 絕!

Reddie said...

how did you take those pics with all 3 of u? did you carry a tripod everywhere? IMHO, sugg to keep your wonderful pics in an online album. Picasa / Flickr wld be a good choice. With your kind of volume, maybe can cdr Picasa.

fufu said...

Reddie : i didnt have tripod, but we did put our camera on the handrail, tables, or even on the floor of stairways, etc erm, i am putting them on facebook btw, picasa? dont wanna have so many account =D thanks for the info though... =)

even said...



Ed said... where is ur next station ahead...?

pui0219 said...


艾旅 said...
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艾旅 said...


silentz_sy said...



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Kai and Baobei said...

我也在努力工作,希望可以和你一样到处去 ~ :) 存钱真难 (-_-)"


died said...



u look so cute when u sleep :p

Shelyn said...

Blogs hopping and bumped into your site. Amazing man... you have been to so many places in the world!

小雪 said...


fufu said...

even : 中國近香港 比較方便你去玩
語言都還可以 你一定要暢遊你的祖囯
中國很大 你也要慢慢享受每個地區的景色
希望你可以夢想成真 =)

Mr.Ed : my next target is 西藏 and 絲綢之路 =) before that wanna go to taiwan and korea...but i guess impossible =( anyway 西藏 and 絲綢之路 is good enough =)

pui : 我地應該將森同JODIE拉埋一起!!
不過森的要求很高~~ 同我一樣高

fufu said...

艾旅 : 去旅行一定要看古迹還有风景的 當然也不可以少了美食的哦

silentz_sy : 我們都想看多一點的東西 但是要趕回香港,只好逗留半天,浪費了那麽好的天氣 那天有太陽藍天白雲真的很美 =)

sock peng : 他們在河邊種菜抓魚抓蝦的 很新鮮的哦 海鮮特別鮮甜 =)

fufu said...

Kai and Baobei : 先苦後甜 你一定可以到處走的哦 我每一次去玩都是那麽的細心盡情的 =p

梦想罐头 : 有些是上網看的質料 大部分都是看會照片記回來的哦 可能我的記憶比較好吧 但是我也會寫日記的 然後有看會車票入門票等等 所以才可以記得這麽樣的清楚咯

leumas : hahhaa thanks =)

fufu said...

shelyn : i am just another lucky guy in the world who managed to travel around =) yeah nice to see you here and do come often ok? i still have tonnes of places to put up here later =D

小雪 : hihihi 拍照片又不用錢的 爲何不拍多一點呢? 香港的報導一定會按時放上的 你要守候哦

3ugene said...

still the same comment.....china train more prettier than ours malaysia train +.= haha

[SK] said...

didn't take photo of that 麥香餅?? i'm interested to know what that is worr~~ :p

bearlim said...

really like the building there, hope i can be there one day.

小虫 said...

scallops?!那是scallops嘛?啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊~好有口福咯!!! ><

HansonLi said...


Kikey Loo said...

the pagoda is very nice!

feline_Jodie said...

pui & fu:


海市蜃樓 said...



fufu said...

3ugene : hihihi, yeah we are still way behind china in many parts!!

sk : didnt take picture of the biscuit!! as we just bought it while heading to the river... erm the shape is like the wife biscuit, but there are plenty of different kind of biscuits there, cant actually took all as we only but 2 =)

bearlim : yeah i like the chinese architecture too!! will be there soon i guess

fufu said...

嘉CacinG進 : 是scallops!那是新鮮的scallops哦 很鮮甜爽口 =)

hansonli : 但是每一天都有很多中國人從深圳去香港的 你的樣子可能有點... 或者你不幸運咯 hihihi

kikeyloo : well i say, nice architecture!! =)

fufu said...

jodie : 同大佬富襯d ?? 小心比大佬富d fans 聽到! 不然你就會有麻煩 果日既太陽真係好猛 很溫暖 仿佛很高興的歡送我們

海市蜃樓 : 真的很累 但是還是值得的哦

iruffcookiedough said...

call me along too!!!!

三吉 said...

I heard the prawn's taste very sweet...
haha...But i prefer the "fish head soup"...seem very delicious....

fufu said...

iruffcookiedough : ok sure will let you know, but wonder if you could travel with me or not... you busy man!

三吉 : fish head soup was awesome, i still remember the taste!! wow...i wanna go back there just for the soup =)

Yvonne Sam said...

helloooo.... i'm wondering, how come every time u can wrote those chinese sentence so "ngam" one? Ur mandarin is GENG!! haha XD

fufu said...

yvonne : well can you understand chinese? but i bet you dont know as my mandarin is damn so bad! those sentences with same number of chinese characters are very simple chinese =) if you ask those good at chinese, they know =D

Anonymous said...



fufu said...

男孩 : 你神經病吖?

Nick尼克仔 said...


fufu said...

Nick : 謝謝你的讚賞哦 希望你會多來哦
還有拜托 留言去比較新的文章那裏可以嗎?
我也要多去吧生一趟吃海鮮~~ 你們要帶路哦

Anonymous said...


fufu said...

grace : 謝謝你的留言 如果你喜歡的話可以常來哦 也歡迎你留言給我 我會跟你們分享我的遊記的 =)