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Everything About CSP 8 - 2007

FuFu China Synergy Programme 8
FOR OUTSTANDING YOUTH + 30 June - 16 July 2007 +

Be a Hongkong Citizen, Wanchai, Hongkong.

Commissioning Ceremony, The University of Hongkong, Hongkong.

This annual China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth consists of a series of exploration and exchange activities, which will be held in various major cities in mainland China. As our motto states "Learn More About China and Chinese Culture", the Programme aims at providing an opportunity for outstanding Chinese youths to learn about the current socio-economical, technological and cultural development of China.

Dinner with the government officials of Guangzhou, China.

Terracotta sculptures in Xian, China.

With the pupils in a classroom in a rural area of Xian, China.

During their sojourn in the Chinese cities, delegates will have chances to meet people from different circles, ranging from distinguished persons to local residents. Their knowledge of the history and traditions of China will be much enlightened.

Xidan, a subway station, Beijing, China.

The Prestigious Peking University, Beijng, China.

The Bird Nest Olympic Stadium, Beijing, China.

The Great Wall, Badaling, China.

The 8th China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth will be held from 30th June to 16th July 2007 and cities to be visited within these eighteen days are Hongkong, Guangzhou, Xian, Shanghai and Beijing.

The Great Hall of People, Beijing, China.

FuFu was giving speech in the Great Hall of People, Beijng, China.

The Programme offers a good variety of activities, including :

  • Meeting with top government officials, to understand the latest development of China;
  • Visiting major cities and villages, to understand the living of the community;
  • Meeting with local outstanding youths and prominent leaders, to understand the opportunities and prospects in China;
  • Visiting local and foreign enterprises, to understand the technological development in nowadays China;
  • Visiting historical and cultural sites, to learn and understand more about Chinese culture;
  • Participating in exchanging activities with worldwide universities students, to broaden the horizon and establish friendship.

Yuyuan, Shanghai, China.

Nanjing Street, Shanghai, China.

The Bund, Shanghai, China.

The temple of Yue Fei, Hangzhou, China.

The pretty West Lake, Hangzhou, China.

Eligibility - Candidates should be :
  1. Ethnic Chinese (paternal or maternal origin), and
  2. Full-time undergraduates or postgraduates.
Fees :

The selected participants have to pay non-refundable US 200 dollars to show their commitment to the programme. Successful applicants are required to pay for their own outward and homeward bound transportation to Hongkong, airport taxes, visa fee, travel and medical insurance plus all out of pocket expenses. The organizer will cover all the other costs of the exchange activities as stated in the final itinerary.

Shanghai Jiangtong University, Shanghai, China.

The Closing Ceremony of CSP 8, Shanghai, China.

The Farewell Party of CSP 8, Shanghai , China.

---------------- The Three valuable Presents from CSP 8 -----------------

We, a group of overseas youths who come to China for cultural exchange programme have splendidly spent our ten compacted days. Everyday was a fun filled and wonderful day for us. Through these, i have gained three valuable presents.

My very first present received is Friendship. The journey has provided me a great opportunity to form a long lasting bond with people from different cultural background and country. These friendships have been cemented over our shared experiences and cultures during these 10 days.

Before i came here, i was not very familiar with China's culture, society and economic development. However, as a Chinese descendent, i would like to uncover as well as discover China and its culture where my ancestors had lived before. Bringing this hope and feelings, i came here to find my roots. In China there is one famous adage: "Experience is the best Teacher". Now, stepping my foot on the ground who has breed my roots, i am able to feel the broad and profound of Her history and culture. Seeing Her great growth and success, it has given me my second present.

The third and also my largest present: Nowadays, as we have entered into the world of globalization, and receiving the challenges of the diverse culture and background from other countries, it is very important that we need to learn and accept the cultural differences in order to hold up our competitiveness in the business world. At the same time, i feel that we have to understand our culture in depth, where we would not be submerged by the global development and lose our roots. This journey has given me the biggest comprehension.

In conclusion, i would like to send my deepest thanks to the support of the sponsors, donors and the organizing committee of CSP8, to have granted me three valuable presents to bring home. I believe that everyone will be sharing these presents with your loved ones, and they will be our most treasured assets, which would accompany us on our path of life. I am hereby hoping that our friendship among the delegates will last forever.


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Fufu, yep thank you for sharing all this with us :). Glad you had a great time.

Thank you to all the sponsor and donors for this great oppurtunity too that given us the chance to travel with you throughout your CSP ^-^.

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It's really good that can join such event...I'm really envy you :D

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