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FuFu World Tour - Historic Centre of Prague

FuFu Wourld Tour - Europe
5th - 7th August 2007 | Prague - Czech Republic |

Prague is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. It is regarded by many as one of Europe's most charming and beautiful cities, millions of tourists visit the city every year. Also, Prague was one of the few European cities relatively untouched during the World Wars, allowing its historic architecture to stay intact. The medieval buildings with beautiful murals on them could be found everywhere in the city.

These signs lead you to the tourists attractions throughout Prague.

Janette and her friend, Maria (middle) and Susana (Maria's sister).

After breakfast, Janette and i took the tram to Wenceslas square to meet up her Czech friend, Maria who she worked as nanny/babysitter together with in Ireland. Susana was exciting as she heard Maria was going to meet an Asian boy. Most probably they personally hadn't seen any real Asian, they kept saying FuFu was cute, hot and good looking. Well, FuFu is just one common Asian boy after all.

The Wenceslas square.

St. Wenceslas Statue standing in front of the National Museum.

The National Museum.

One of the biggest Museums in Prague, the National Museum is one of the main tourist attractions. A monumental neo renaissance building constructed in 1890, the stately museum soon became a symbol of the national identity. Entry to the Museum is free every first Monday of the month and the museum is closed every first Tuesday of the month. Guess what? It's the first Tuesday on this day.

Pedestrian boulevard was packed with tourists holding the city map.

Anyway from the square, we walked on the long, pedestrian friendly boulevard of shops, restaurants and hotels that leads downhill to the oldest town in Prague that gained its privileges in the 13th Century. This old town became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire when Prague was transformed into a medieval architectural city.

FuFu was standing on a lane in Old Town.

The medieval buildings in Old Town, Prague.

Tourists taking pictures of the church, Old Town.

FuFu enjoyed seeing the western buildings very much.

For your information, FuFu wanted to be an architect actually.

But was offered to study civil engineering by the J-government.

Anyway, FuFu was lucky as he could see the lovely buildings still.

A nice passage with a bridge that connects two buildings.

Online buddies like FuFu and Janette could travel together too.

FuFu's networking is expanding cause he always meets new friends.

FuFu was amazed by this design on the edge of the building.

And surprised to see a golden princess sitting up there.

What a gorgeous architectural ornaments.

Then, FuFu saw a special tower with spires.

That is the well-known Old Town Hall.

The Old Town Hall is one of the outstanding sights of Prague. An astronomical clock of the Old Town Hall was designed and built before it was found out that the earth circles the sun. The dial is poised with three main components.

The Old Town Hall Clock or Astronomical Clock.

The astronomical dial that displays various astronomical details as well as representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky. The figures of Twelve Apostles passing along the two windows in every hour of daylight. And a calendar dial that rotates and gives the description of each and every day of the year with an indication of the current date at the top.

The medallion with zodiac signs describing every month.

St. Nicholas church, Old Town.

Tyn Church, Old Town Square.

St. Nicholas church the most important church in Prague until the construction of the Tyn Church that dominates one side of Old Town Square. The two spires of Tyn Church, a powerful looking Gothic church can be seen from all over Prague. But when taking a close look at the two spires. They are not symmetrical. This is a characteristic of the Gothic architecture of that time and representation of both the masculine and feminine sides of the world.

The masculine side (right) and feminine side (left).

The buildings are a collection of Renaissance style facades.

The street is now largely occupied by souvenir and book shops.

Russia has Matryoshka doll while Czech has these as souvenir.

The Powder Tower.

Then we came to the 65metres tall Powder Tower, the gateway which leads through the Old Town over the Charles Bridge to the castle up the hill. Originally the tower was known as the Mountain Tower, but ever since the structure was used as a gunpowder storage space in the 17th century, it is now known as the Powder Tower.

The notably famed Charles Bridge.

Probably the popular touristy place in Prague, the Charles Bridge connects the Old Town with Lesser Town. Especially during summertime, it is filled with street painters, street vendors and tourists. Resting on 16 arches it was wide enough for 4 carriages to cross at the same time.

Thirty sculptures of the saints were set on the bridge.

Love this sculptural groups of the saints decorating the bridge.

FuFu and two Czech beauties on the Charles Bridge.

Boat cruise definitely a wise choice to better see the historical town.

One the bridge, you'd see the popular Prague Castle afar.

The Old Town Hall either can be seen.

Mc D is the best place to have a rest with a sundae and drinks.

FuFu found out Prague's summer sundae was very nice. Yummy.

Flavours of the sundae - blueberry, honey, mango, chocolate.

The visitors were drinking beer while enjoying the boat cruise.

Maria was busy explaining every little thing to FuFu and Janette.

Susana had to leave since she had an appointment.

While the rest kept exploring and walking around the capital city.

Well, trams are running here and there across the city.

Prague is clean and a small town with excellent public transport.

From a bridge on Vltava River, you could see the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Also the Tyn Church and Old Town hall.

Alongside the river, stretch of architectural styles of the last 900 years stand side by side, paying tribute to the city's immense cultural and historical heritage. Thus the three of us leisurely strolling along the river bank. There, we stopped for a short break to enjoy the sights from the river and discover the people and places that have shaped this fascinating city.

Was brought to a place that only the local know.

Maria then told us not to miss out the bread the local eat everyday.

Grilled meat? Nah, it's certainly an unique bread FuFu ever seen.

The hollowed out loaf of bread would be nice with cream.

Nothing special but soft. It's popular in Czech after all.

FuFu came to discover how a house that could dance.

It may sound crazy to you with a house that dances? Impossible! But it is real! Located alongside Vltava River, the Dancing House is an example of a deconstructivist architecture, with an unusual shape that strikingly in contrast to Prague's historic attractions. The idea is that a woman and man dancing together, holding their hands, with a skirt that sways to the music. Absolutely amazing. You have got to see it!

There are three main subway lines A, B and C in Prague.

Need to highlight the subway in Prague is clean and artistic.

Must get a day ticket for the unlimited rides (bus, subway and tram).

FuFu was the only Asian boy inside the subway train.

A developed city like Prague still has this old urinal in the subway.

According to the guide Maria, it's the longest escalator in Prague.

It's underneath more than five-storey. Sure die if earthquake occurs.

From the metro station Malostranska, moved on to Lennon Wall.

Previously an ordinary wall in Prague, the Lennon Wall was named after John Lennon when he died in 1980. It's filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and a few pieces of lyrics from the Beatles songs. The wall continuously undergoes changes and the original painting of Lennon is lost under the layers of new paints, poems and more, and it has become a symbol of love and peace for the youths.

Alright, guess it's enough for this entry. The TV Tower and magical Prague Castle will be on the next post. Stay tuned ya my readers.


Furby said...

sofa?!!! :D

The Dancing House very unique!!
Prague looks clean and peace~ love it!

Fufu is really cute, hot and good looking! XD

I plan to have an Europe Trip next year after finished the project in hand....hopefully can travel around there for 1 or 2 months!

Akira 思胜 said...

I saw the scenery before, and some landmarks too! Hehe, it is because one of my best friend went there too!

fufu said...

FuRby : yeah you are sitting on the first sofa... i still have plenty of sofas though....

well, yeah prague is very clean... hardly to find a rubbish on the road/backstreet/etc :)

lol hey...stop teasing me ok? well i am not showing off here, just writing my own personal adventures XD wish it wont make you guys feel uncomfortable

erm... yeah you need at least 1mths to explore europe... after current project i bet there's another one coming up... anyway hope you real would have long holiday to visit europe next year ya

Akira 思胜 : no wonder... i thought you watched from the tv's travel show :p i love the city...will definitely go back again XD

迷迭香 said...

the golden princess is so impressive!! ^O^

迷迭香 said...

love her expression ~

fufu said...

迷迭香 : can find many of these sculptures anywhere in prague :) some of them are simply amazing =p

Suf n Steve said...


never been to Prague! in my Europe tours. it does looks beautiful from ur eyes...

what language do they used?

Che-Cheh said...

Prague... I want to go. One of the many MUST VISIT places on earth.

I love the buildings. And I saw pictures of the country in autumn... so beautiful!

fufu said...

Suf n Steve : hold on a second! who is your darling? lmao!!! anyway erm...well i am speechless now

well thanks dropping by... erm, you can always back to europe again and visit prague ok? you may like to visit eastern part of europe like poland, romania, hungary etc?? those countries are nice too... bet you would love the trip

they are speaking czech :p

杰胜 said...

so nice ya...
now u at tanjung malim?

fufu said...

Che-Cheh : yeah autumn =p is always nice no matter where i dare to say :) i also wish to go back visit prague again... for the second visit i will definitely thoroughly see the city XD ok hope you can go there also ya

杰胜 : yeah i am now at my hometown =p it's raining now >.< you also in tg malim? upsi?

杰胜 said...

yaya... now stop dee... haha...
u got msn ya? add me o!

fufu said...

杰胜 : still drizzling here now la... msn?? i seldom msn... why??

Suf n Steve said...

i called each and everyone "darling" especially my students!

so don't feel guilty pleasure!hehehe I'm married lol

will think about la tours de eastern Europe together with conference presentation.


fufu said...

Suf n Steve : oic... okok take it easy my friend!! it must be good to be your student ya... :)

well tour de eastern europe?? can i join?? hohoho... let me know when are you going to europe ok? i may be going there too...

Agnes said...

Nice N Clean!! Prague...i wish i could go there one day!! u know with 2 kids i couldn't travel as i wish...only can travel during school holiday.

杰胜 said...

wanna chat wiv u lo... haha...
add me lo... friday free ma?

kc said...

i like the golden princess~~
thanks fufu for sharing your travel experience in Prague!

fufu said...

Agnes : it's true... after having kids... it's impossible to travel unless during the school holiday, but still with your 2 little kids...should be quite headache ya lol that's why i am travelling now... as many places i could go as possible XD you could always go there when you are free, prague is a nice place to chill out =p all the best....

杰胜 : yeah it's stopped raining now :) sorry... i rarely do online chatting one... erm... friday? not sure yet...probably go to kl or what

fufu said...

kc : it;s alright my pal =p it's my pleasure to share all my travelogues here with you guys... bet you would fall in love with europe like what i did 2yrs ago when you go visit europe... very nice!

杰胜 said...

fri i'm free whole day... wanna meet having lunch or dinner at restaurant fu man? sat i'll be baclk to penang...

fufu said...

杰胜 : wow... fu man lou!!! yeah the food there is nice!! it's good if have more people as it's hard to order if only 2persons....

well if i am free on friday...i will let you know ya... you going back to penang? i gonna tumpang your car to penang also if i dont go to kl

ladyviral said...

Beautiful places! I love the designs of the buildings and the statues! Omg different flavors sundae in McD! No fair?

The bread looks cool.. put some cream inside be nice yea? yum yum!

杰胜 said...

haha... waiting u o... we can order by individual one... erm... i back by bus leh... haha...

William said...

Beautiful clock! So uncommon to find the scene of Jesus' Crucifixion on a bridge! Nice pics.

fufu said...

ladyviral : yeah prague is a nice place! glad it's my first city to visit of my world tour for europe :) lol yeah different flavours of sundae in europe... great!!

yeah the bread is special... i guess with cream or sausage or hem would be nice either... the architecture in europe is very different with ours... very grand one ya over there =p

杰胜 : oic... but it's too far for me to go there... but i wanna go to upsi taking pictures too... we could meet up there...are you coming back next week by the way?

William : yeah the clock is very special and imagine they made it hundreds years ago!!! it's very common in europe ya... i mean the scene of Jesus Crucifixion on a bridge... almost every ancient bridge of every city in europe has

Bengbeng said...

there is so much beauty n culture in the old civilizations

幸福王子 said...

nice sharing~ Another fantastic post!
I m so surprised with the buildings there~ Seems it is from another world. Normally juz can see from the movie ~ But from ur photos, seems they are real. I like it soooo much !


杰胜 said...

i'll be back on 26th or 27th lo...
so this friday how?

fufu said...

Bengbeng : yeah this old town real has series of nice culture =p i wish i could have seen everything in prague... but anyway i will go back again :)

幸福王子 : yeah probably you are fresh with european architecture ya :) that makes you amazed at, so i assume you would fall in love with the city when you are there... and not willing to come back to malaysia lol

哈哈哈 我當時沒有工作
應該會再回去讀書 =p

杰胜 : oic...go back for hari raya?? erm... this friday? i will let you know later ok? i cant promise you now =p

Superman said...

I like those buildings. So classic and nicely crafted. Amazing!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Europe is a nice country to visit ya...

杰胜 said...

ok... let me know tomolo ya...
see you...

fufu said...

Superman : yo... i love the buildings too... they are all gorgeous XD

Somewhere in Singapore : yeah must not miss out europe!! worth spending money there though euro is getting expensive >.<

杰胜 : sure... i will try to let you know by tomorrow

海市蜃樓 said...


fufu said...

海市蜃樓 : prague 就是布拉格???
當然開心 當然有精神咯 =p
哈哈哈 所以我就用 asian boy
雖然現在也是很年輕 哈哈哈

reddishTea said...

woahh. i love the buildings! interesting!

FuFu is cute, hot and good looking ehh? hehhehe. agree. :P

meeting new people and keep expanding network is so niceeeeee!

jim c. said...

好喜欢那些建筑物 =D
一听就觉得好浪漫的说 =3

fufu said...

reddishTea : wonder would you say this again after seeing all the travelogues of most of the buildings in europe look similar bt yeah... we just like the building :) lol hahaha well i am not cute!! how old am i already... lagi cute?? aduh....

yeah i love to meet up new friends so eventually my network would be expanding ya :)

JiM : lol 我的髮型有奇怪??
當時的髮型非常out dated!!

rainfield61 said...


Wow! What a life it is!!!

fufu said...

rainfield61 : wahahahahha
i have plenty of stories hiding behind which i still havent put up here... never judge a book so fast by its cover ok? yah...blame me to have such a wonderful cover... anyhow i will let you guys know asap =p my interesting FuFu Story

Pete said...

The buildings are very well preserved, love it! That bread is indeed special, can use as bangles..ha ha ha! LOL

Anonymous said...

That hollowed bread looks interesting and yummy. Would be nice for tea :)

I like Europe. Would like to visit more countries in that part of the world.

梦旅飞 said...


Yih Yann said...

wow...I never know there is such a beautiful and artistic place in this world...hope can go there one day

fufu said...

Pete : yeah they are very good at preserving heritage... *salute* :) anyway the bread and bangle?? hohoho good idea... bring it whenever you go...and when you are hungry... no worry, at least you have something to bite =p

Mei Teng : the bread was nothing special but special ya XD would be nice if served with cream or sausage... europe is a nice part to explore... wish you could go there after australia lol trust me, you gonna love europe

kampung Orz : 那個涂鴉墙噢
很有歷史性的咯 名人的傑作

fufu said...

Yih Yann : my pal... there are plenty of nice places in this world we havent seen/been yet too... but at least now you knew it ya after reading this entry... hihihi let me know if you wanna go i am planning to go back too =p

Xing Tells You said...

Hey! what to say? nice trip again! hehe~
blog updated finally ~

Jocelyn Jshin said...

我最喜欢dancing house~

SuwEi said...

asian BOY,哈哈。。布拉格有很多带点古老气息的建筑物,赞!

fufu said...

Xing Tells You : hihihi... you can say anything/anything actually =p more nice trips coming though...get ready ya...

✿Yorokobi✿ : 歐洲的建築都是很宏偉的
dancing house 很有藝術感 =p
我也很喜歡 因爲我喜歡建築的
歐洲對我們來講 應該是另一個世界吧 :)

SuwEi : lol 對呀 asian boy
他們都這麽稱呼我的 XD

Nick尼克仔 said...

Is it capital of Czech Republic...?
sorry la bro fufu
well I know my geography is suck...
So next time if I traveling to somewhere
I need you to guide me~
or I think I will lose my way all the time...
by the way
why no matter what country bro fufu go
there must be some girls(usually hot and pretty) accompany bro fufu?
you really do make me jealous...
bro fufu went there two years ago
so do you plan to go there once again? Since bro fufu is going to Europe soon...
First time I comment in English...
ya...I know my English is suck...
all the best o~

♥nOzOmI♥ said...


fufu said...

Nick尼克仔 : what a nice attempt writing me comment in english ya... bravo!! your english is not bad, much better than others i gotta say lol

well prague is the capital city of czech republic :) i bet not all of the readers know about it, no worry... you can always google and get the answer =p my geography is good... you find the right person to travel with lol

well i would like to visit prague again... but i am not sure when you are going there... i may have only 2yrs in europe if i happen to be there from oct onwards...

yeah you noticed too huuh... lol but this time... the quality is not that good... but we are good online friends... wait!! what you are trying to mean? well we are friends ok? just i have more female friends than male ones =p anyway you are male right? so the next time i go to klang, i will look for you as i wanna eat the best bak kut teh XD

♥nOzOmI♥ : 那個麵包很普通罷了
我沒有看過的 =p

Xing Tells You said...

replied ur comment bro~

Faye fly said...

i like tat loaf bread !!! so cute..
must very delicious!

[SK] said...

the bread looks interesting, you just eat it like that, without any filling in the hole?? haha.. and the dancing house is so amazing, magnificent architecture!!

uLi.佑莉 said...

fufu: You got wide angle lens dy ar? Pictures are nice wor those wide angle one :)

fufu said...

Xing Tells You : huuh? you mean the comment i left on your latest post.. okok will go have a look later

Faye fly : yeah the way they bake?? the hollowed bread is funny =p

SK : yeah we ate without any filling... just a plain bread... tasted like any other bread... yeah the dancing house is simply cool... i was like WTF when i was in front of it... nice concept!!

fufu said...

uLi.佑莉 : nah, these pictures were taken by my lousy canon ixus 800 >.< how i wish i owned a dslr camera at that time XD and even now... i dont have a wide angle lens la... no money :)

嘿嘿 said...

不叫“嘿嘿”了。 呵呵~

Well, Your next stop will be Germany? Longing for your adventurous German report。;P

嘿嘿 said...


shloke said...

The five strips of pictures in your intro are FUNKY, ARTSY & COOL! The picture of Malostranska Metro Station is AWESOME!

The dark brown tourist signboards in Prague are very similar with those in KL & BB. Ours with added arabic words :)

Look like fufu had a blast over there. You know what? That picture of you with the two girls is CUTE!(about expanding network and meeting new friends). Look like long lost brothers and sisters - LOVE the natural smiles.

The buildings are grand and gorgeous. My elder brother is an architect. He is visiting Petra Jordan soon. But, he'll definitely visit Prague for those majestic buildings.

The hollowed breads look like golden brown bracelets! Put in on your wrist and have a!

Looking forward for more Eurotrip goodies!


fufu said...

嘿嘿 : hahaha
人最怕改錯名 =p
你真得要考慮了 :)
hungary 也是一個很漂亮的地方哦
德國??? 還沒有確定
不想更新同樣的東西 :)

shloke : yeah that's my world tour symbol =p lol... just like my turkey, vietnam and cambodia posts =p

yeah the tourist signboards are in czech ya... i wish english is added >.< btw... where is BB??

yeah i had a great time in prague... i real love the city seriously =p and prague was my first european city too... yah... the most precious smile ever... you are funny la...what long lost siblings =)

wow your elder brother is architect... wow... cool!! i always wanted to be :) but anyway i am now a civil engineer... cant change it unless i take the course now... i heard that jordan has many project ya... good! wish he could go to prague and show you the pictures...

hohoho the hollowed bread huuh? not that good la...just special only... but well as what i replied one of the readers here... it's good to be a bracelet and have a bite when you want to

yeah i will try to finish more entries about europe before i leave... :)

gigicutebaby said...

hello~nice to "know" u here~

toto said...


fufu said...

gigicutebaby : yeah glad to see your comment here ya =p

toto : 兩年前的富富有點傻氣
hahaha 那你就去布拉格咯
劉德華喜歡布拉格?? 沒聽説過
anyway 那個電梯很長哦
哈哈哈 我沒有嫌棄他們哦
我是個好人來的 =p

shloke said...

BB short for Bukit Bintang.

成亿 said...

where you find the $$$ to travel around the world???

europe is such a nice place to be...have to go there when loaded...XD

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

那个Dancing House真的很特别,佩服他们的设计概念。

fufu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fufu said...

shloke : okok i got it!! thanks =p

成亿 : hahaha.... money? ok be patient i will let you guys know one day!! =p yeah europe is real worth to go ... very nice :) hope you could go there soon

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち : Prague 噢
我也很喜歡 =p

Anonymous said...

Hello Fufu!

Prague is one of my favourite cities in Europe! I had a great time there. My hotel was actually very close to Wenceslas Square! I think it's right next to their red light district?! Ha ha...

If you like Prague, I think you will also find Barcelona very beautiful!!!! I think Barcelona is, perhaps, the most unusual place in Europe?

Allen Yuarata said...

Prague is love. totally beautiful.

Im a little bit bothered by the depth of the subways, though. Maybe they could serve as nuclear bunkers just like in North Korea. haha.


I AM A BLOGGER said...

haha, u r cute, hot and good looking mah^^

wow, u really hv friends at every corner of the world! envy^^

nxt time, i shud follow u all around....!!!

Prague is really amazing~~~
Churches are really beautiful!

小东 said...




sock peng said...

Matryoshka doll 很可爱

Ice said...

Hey, Prague is beautiful. I saw many photos taken by my friends but their colours are quite poor. Yours are all very colourful. The buildings/architecture are also amazing. Good job!

zzhen said...

你還有兩個美女相伴還不錯嘛 ><

candygan said...

dancing house很特别oh

fufu said...

1ondoncalling : wow you were staying at hotel and very close to Wenceslas Square... a good location ya...must be very expensive one...

erm yeah prague is my favourite city too... i would definitely go back again =p i have been to barcelona =p hohohoho... the city made me not willing to leave!! no kidding!! so happening and energetic ya the city... also i will go back there then head to portugal... if i am there studying in germany!!

Allen Yuarata : pal! prague is beautiful... everyone loves the city :) well probably the soil condition is different over there... or the pilling is every deep there in prague... anyway it's safe enough to travel by subway...

Xjion89 : lol i dont like to called or described as cute though... anyway i am just writing what i had during my world tour :)

already told you guys... i have friends all over the world =p now you guys believed already??

yeah sure you could follow me next time... make sure you have time and energy to travel with me... XD

prague is an old but beautiful town... but i think Zurich has more beautiful churches :p

fufu said...

小东 : hahaha 沒有錯

空氣清新 乾淨 整齊
旺角 尖沙嘴 那一帶比較空氣不好

sock peng : 那個是布拉格的 matryoshka doll 噢 =p

Ai Shiang : hihihi, what camera your friend is using huuh? why the colour is bad?? erm... i was using canon ixus 800 at that time... not a very good camera but still i could have good quality of pictures.... anyway lucky you came here and saw the better pictures of prague... but still...i wish you could go there yourself oneday... closely see the buildings/architecture you like :)

fufu said...

龍貓 : 歐洲真的是另一個世界哦
哈哈哈 真的很浪漫哦
她們一定高興死了 =p

candygan : dancing house...

Beverly's Secret said...

Thanks~~ You still the same too~~ Still traveling around every single corner in the world ;)

vialentino said...

yo fufu...i am back.

uli told me that she is envy that u can travel here and there...i say yes, we wish to change job with u.

btw, i know prague is very beautiful country thou i have not been there....

will u face english communication problem with the people there?

beautiful pics!

fufu said...

BeverLy's Secret : lol yeah travelling is part of my life... but well this world tour happened 2yrs ago =p

vialentino : hey bro! welcome back :) erm... wow what you and uli usually talking about me? i am curious!! so both of you always meet up one huuh? change job? i am one IT-idiot actually... i am sure your boss will kill me!

yo...prague is my darling already!! i decided to find her again if i am in europe again :) erm.. well most of the people could speak little english... prague is an international city, no worry.. you could survive even you travel alone there =p

Vincent Cho said...


小虫 said...

hahahaha!!! FUfu 一向都是那么帅也那么得可爱的啦!哈哈~

那些字怎么看啊?! XD 你明白哦!?

那些建筑物太有 feel 了!感觉好像电影里那么帅!那些 design 更帅!哈哈 XD

那个 golden princess 是不是真的金哦?!真的很特出叻!有故事的嘛??

Old Town Hall Clock or Astronomical Clock 炫到~~~ (@@)


Anonymous said...


Chin Weng 茶先生 said...


fufu said...

Vincent Cho : 如果你親自去的話

嘉CacinG進 : 我不喜歡別人說我可愛的
我們使用英文交談的 =p
無論走到哪裏都那麽的又感覺 :)
至於那個 golden princess
味道就普通咯 =p

The Things We Carried : erm... yeah my darling is always gorgeous =p

fufu said...

Chin Weng 茶先生 : 布拉格很古老了

Ed said...

2007.. @_@
時間被倒數回去了.. @_@

fufu said...

Mr.Ed : 哈哈 不好意思

Donna said...


Kenny Mah said...

Ooh, I was in Prague in 2001, back when I was studying in Munich. Glad it still looks much the same. :)

小煒 said...

i suddenly realize tat
each country hav their own
especailly on their buildings..
its vry unique on the Dancing House
i hav watch it in tv b4
but u got c it real ye...
so gud..

sing said...


所以下次我如果有去欧洲旅行一定要注意这些建筑师所精心设计的惊喜 *笔记*

那个Astronomical Clock的雕刻真的很精致!
还有Tyn Church的spires,经你的图解后还真的好象有感觉到右边是'较壯的'而左边是'较柔的'.

当然还有Dancing House实在是太太太令人叹为观止了!!!建筑师的想象力太厉害了!也很大胆!

那个面包让我想到以前camping的时候的roti lilit,不过这个美多了 XDD

嗯...在想以后你再回去Prague的话,那Lennon Wall必定又是另一番脸孔了~
突然也想在那墙上喷画.哈哈哈! XDDD
你没在上面写字吗? ^___^

十六 Keaton said...


sing said...

p/s: 布拉格是Prague.而《布拉格广场》则是蔡依林的歌~ ^^

Serina said...

好久没来留言了!! 以前在公司上班无聊时都有机会来留言,现在变无业游民后就到处乱跑啦,希望你还没忘记我哦(哈)

maricar said...

fufu! nice name you got there ;)

hello! i'm Maricar from Salitype Society, but i have my own site, flip-flops and backpack, (sorry i'm new in blogging don't know yet how to link my blog :) teehee

anyway nice site you have here fufu, i've been in CZ too last year with my husband, we live here in DE, Prague is a beautiful city, hey! did you went also to Olomouc? there's another Astronomical clock there. Interesting!

calvin said...

"Most probably they personally hadn't seen any real Asian, they kept saying FuFu was cute, hot and good looking. Well, FuFu is just one common Asian boy after all."

Sure you're just a common Asian boy? xD

Anonymous said...


lock said...

prague, a nice place to visit, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Not very expensive.
It's a 4-star hotel too!!

I got the deal from lastminute[dot]com

James said...

Hello Fufu, I looked at lots of your pictures. They are great. You have been to many of the places that I want to see.

Have a great day.

Ayie said...

then you had an architecture feast on this trip, all the richly designed structures must be a real joy to your eyes since architecture has always been your passion.

fufu said...

dolly : 對呀真的很特別咯
還要往上看哦 =p

Life for Beginners : yeah nothing much changes for prague, and kudos to the nice preservation that we all should follow ya... wow munich.. a nice place to visit =p

小炜司砾 : you are right! every country has their own face actually =p from language buildings food to culture.... etc well hope you could go to prague and stand in front of dancing house slowly admiring the architecture ya :)

fufu said...

sing : 歐洲建築都是很有藝術價值的
你要記得哦 那是很多百年前做的

tyn church的spires 的設計也很特別

dancing house 的設計很大膽很前衛

原來我們也有roti lilit, hahhahaa

lennon wall每一年都會有新的臉孔
因爲沒有東西可以寫上去 =p

十六夜真人 : 其實地鉄都是深的

sing : 原來是蔡依林的布拉格广场

fufu said...

Serina : 很久沒有見到你了
沒有忘記你咯 =p

maricar : thanks!! everyone calling me fufu since i was born :)

hey it's my pleasure to know you here ya... i will go to your blog and have a look later =p welcome to this blogging platform

you are now living in DE?? i may be going there soon... wish to see you there and we may travel together =p yeah cz is a country that every traveller must not miss ya... i didnt go to Olomouc, perhaps the next time i plan to visit prague again? hihihi

calvin : yup, a very down to earth asian boy :)

fufu said...

紫 朝 : 那些讀者賞面留言罷了
有留言的我都會盡量回復 =p
因爲他們真的很有心留言給我 :)

lock : yeah i will go visit my darling again sooner =p and share the new pictures with you guys here XD

1ondoncalling : 4 star and not expensive? wow... you must really have lot of budget for the accommodation ya :) thanks for the website.. i will check it out when i need it =p

fufu said...

James : i have tons waiting to be uploaded here... XD but anyway you dont need to see all in one time! take your time and appreciate them ok? erm... yeah i have been to many places already... yet still not enough... i wanna explore more :) then share with you guys here

Ayie : yeah i enjoyed a lot!! couldnt stop taking pictures whenever i saw funny architecture in europe =p it's really a joyful trip ever for my eyes and also satisfied my desire =p yeah you know me very well :) i will not stop paying attention on buildings lol and observe how a city was planned so i could bring the idea back so we have better urban planning in asia XD

梦旅飞 said...


fufu said...

kampung Orz : hahaha
覺得有點怪怪的咯 =p

Siao麻雀 said...



foongpc said...

How come you are blogging about your Europe trip? What happened to your month old trip in China? Finished with that already?!

foongpc said...

I like that Old Town Hall Clock! Very unique!

The bread with holes in the middle! What's the hole for? Never seen a bread like that! So you eat it like that? Or do you apply anything to it like butter?

jam said...

I like those medieval buildings! And the Dancing House is amazing too! Fufu, I had sent you an email to inquire about Tibet visa application. I sent to your hotmail. Did you get it? Please get back to me, ok?

Fion Chow said...

it's beautiful...................
i love to meet new ppl's fun to meet new ppl
prague is really a beautiful place...
love those building....
what main language they are using??ENGLISH??

fufu said...

Siao麻雀 : 麵包有那麽的好唱嗎??

foongpc : my china backpacking trip? aiya...already posted la... didnt you see my summary of the trip? details one will be putting up here after my world tour ok? if i am not writing my world tour... i would be yrs after that... you know? and since i am going back to europe i wanna finish my trip in europe lol

yeah old town is very unique ya... i love the clock too... it always attracts thousands of people everyday :)

the hollowed bread? erm...just eat like that... without any filling >< but that's their traditional way of eating i assume... a plain one!

fufu said...

jam : oh then i think you would like prague very much...and i think you would not willing to leave... =p yeah the dancing house is extremely stunning... amazing =p

huuh? did you send me an email? i didnt know that... let me check... but btw where did you get my email??? tibet? well just reply you first in case i didnt receive your email... well you have to let the local travel agency get it done for you... by joining their tour or booking hotel via the company.... then only they will get the visa for you =p erm if you dont mind send me again the email ok?

Fion Chow : wow you are so out going too ya... well meeting new friends is always good... but sometimes having too many friends may be quite troublesome too in other sense lol

anyway yeah they are speaking czech... but little english should be alright... =p

Anonymous said...


Ken said...

lots of historical building! Great pictures. The golden princess caught mt attention.

The bread is uniquely captivating!

窮光蛋市長 said...


tunadolphi said...

I alwaz want to visit Prague. Hopefully can go backpacking next year with my little one..hehe

fufu said...

紫 朝 : 什麽?? 聼不明白哦
更新?? 多兩天應該會有

Ken : yeah i heart those medieval buildings too... really wanna go back visit again :) ihihihi... yeah the golden princess too caught my eyes =p

the bread... unique captivating XD

穷光蛋市长 : 當然完全的大馬不一樣咯
你一定會喜歡的 =p
文化歷史豐富 建築有風味 食物特別

fufu said...

tunadolphi : wow nice... you are planning to go there... cool!! it may be difficult for you to backpack with your little one... but anyway hope you would have a nice trip in prague.. the city is really beautiful =p take more pictures ok?

aaaandy said...

Hiii fufu long time no talk.
I've just received your card! Happy that u still remember me.
Your world travelling stories always inspired me so much.

- yEng - said...


冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ said...

I like the buildings!!!

海岛游鱼 said...


jam said...

I got ur email,, the one you left when you comment in my blog. Is this email valid?

annant said...

lurve da buildings, very unique structure :D

fufu said...

aaaandy : yeah, it's been a while since i heard from you andy! of course i still remember you :) you are my best emtrai and guide in saigon =p glad you have got the postcard... but it really took a long while to reach you huuh.... hihihi... yeah this is my previous world travelling though XD

yEng : 哈哈哈哈
yeah... 我一定可以在安頓下來之前

冒牌周武王ΨomsΨ : yeah i love those medieval buildings as well =p

fufu said...

海岛游鱼 : 哈哈
那也難怪你的咯 你也是一個平常人
哈哈哈 每一個人都有自己的人生

jam : oic... no wonder!! but i usually not using that email for comment... but you are lucky my friend!! hohohoho ok send me again... your email... as i already deleted those junk mails

annant : hohoho... there are plenty of nice architecture in europe that you love :)

Fion Chow said...

talking of Matryoshka doll...i have a really small piece when i was lost after several times of shifting's a doll that made in wood then inside got little doll which decrease the size one by one rite????i m not good in describing...XDhaha

小闷瓜 said...

感觉你认识很多人噢 =p

fufu said...

Fion Chow : yeah i know what you are trying to describe =p yeah wish you could have another doll sooner :) it's really beautiful and worth to own it

小闷瓜 : 哈哈哈
很榮欣可以有他們陪伴左右 =p

Nick尼克仔 said...

Bro fufu
"jealous" means I hope I can be like you too~
always got a lot of pretty and hot girls accompany me~
you really think too much~

fufu said...

Nick尼克仔 : okok sorry! because right after that line you wrote is jealous so i thought... lol anyway do you think they are HOT?? wahahhaha your type? i can intro them to you though... XD

Anonymous said...

Did I mention you are living one of my dreams?!

fufu said...

The Things We Carried : nope you didnt tell me =p hehehe but it's still good seeing your dreams here though living by other :) no??

Wois said...


Unseen India Tours said...

Hello Fufu !! Your photos are beautiful !! What is the internet speed you get there? You upload so many photos .Does it takes lot much time?Unseen Rajasthan

C'est la vie said...

Oh yea, I changed my blog address, if you wish to visit, go to: :)

木子 said...

光看照片就覺得很爽, 哈哈哈^^